Niyolair Genie



Element: Wind

Place of Origin: Denmark

Symbol: Innocence

Known as: Free Spirit

Season: Winter

Lifespan: Long, 170+ years

Population: Low

Physical Characteristics: White or Pale blue hair. Pale blue, Gray or White eyes. Pale fair skin.

Abilities: Control all weather. Create snow. Create wind. Lower temperate. Immune to cold.

Preferred food: Anything cold.

Wish Grant: Youth Restoration.

Personality: The Niyolair tend to be flighty and unpredictable. Sometimes very unreliable and forgetful. However they are very friendly and fun loving. They love to socialize and entertain their friends. They can be excellent pranksters and they enjoy joking around.  They get along with kids better than anyone. The Niyolair tend to live in cold climate areas, they dislike warm climates. During the winter, the Niyolair spend most of their time outside, especially when it snows. The Niyolair are excellent in sculpting however they prefer to create ice sculptures.

Common Traits: Unstable, Insane, Childish, Savvy Sculptor, Social Butterfly

Preferred Occupation: Daycare, Video game developer, Professional Blogger. Fortune Teller.

Compatibility: Hydronia

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