Navox Genie



Element: Love

Place of Origin: Navoxia

Symbol: Fertility

Known as: The Lover

Season: Spring

Lifespan: Immortal

Population: Low

Physical Characteristics: Dark or light pink-reddish hair. Dark pinkish or purple eyes. Tan or dark skin. Pointy ears. Muscular if male. Fangs.

Abilities: Irresistible to all living things. Restore or increase fertility.

Preferred food: Desserts.

Wish Grant: Fertility, Beauty, Love with limitations.

Personality: The Navox tend to be hopeless romantics, searching the world for their one true love. The Navox often pull out all of the stops on showing their partner romantic gestures. They often follow their heart which sometimes lands them in a mess. However the Navox have an extremely high sex drive and most end up being highly promiscuous. The Navox tend to be also be polygamous but over the centuries, the Navox try to settle with one lover due to laws against Polygamy. However this led some to have commitment issues. The Navox often marry and usually have a large number of children due to increased fertility. Single births between the Navox are uncommon. A female Navox is often aware of her pregnancy at conception. Some Navox females will experience morning sickness if they have a human parent. The Navox love to party, they often have large weddings as they enjoy celebrating love. The Navox excel in writing, painting and various musical instruments.

Common Traits: Irresistible, Hopeless Romantic, Flirty, Good Kisser, Party Animal, Virtuoso, Social Butterfly, Artist

Preferred Occupation: Music production, Film, Club DJ, Wedding Planner, Journalism

Compatibility: Fernoagate, Gaivania 

Special note: Not all Navox have fangs. Fangs tend to be random and grow in at anything during a Navox’s life. The Navox is the only race that did not originated from earth. Navoxia was a planet that orbited around Venus. It was destroyed during a war.

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