Main Characters (Montigo Tango)

Malix and Cira Montigo

Malix and Cira have been married for 3 years and currently have a set of 1 year old twin girls named Nyx and Nina. Malix is 25 years old and Cira is 26 years old. Malix first met Cira at his family’s ice cream shop when they were teenagers. While Malix grew up very wealthy and Cira grew up poor while in foster care, the two fell in love with other. Malix is the second oldest of 3 kids while Cira was a only child. Malix was adopted at 2 months old. They both have different backgrounds but it didn’t stop them from being in love. Malix’s father, Santiago  wasn’t too happy about Malix dating Cira. Santiago fell that Cira was using Malix for his money. Malix didn’t believe Cira was a gold digger and felt that she was down to earth. Malix is a the DJ at Montigo Palms while Cira helps out at Cherrysicle (the ice cream shop). Malix grew up in the night life and is a bit of a party animal. With Malix being a DJ, he’s a bit of a flirt with the ladies. Malix spends a lot of this time near the club but since the birth of his twin girls, he spends a little more time at home. Malix enjoins trolling his older brother Matius. Malix often plays pranks on him which Matius doesn’t enjoy so much. Malix tends to have a gambling issue as well. Cira can be a little bit of a party animal too however she doesn’t hang around the casino/club so much since the twins. Cira loves to cook and enjoins working at Cherrysicle with her sister-in-law. Cira likes to create new flavours of ice cream. Her latest creation is called Cira Swirla, it’s a big hit at Cherrysicle.

Matius and Ming Montigo

Matius met Ming at Montigo Palms. Matius was impressed by Ming’s dancing skills. Ming soon became a regular at Montigo Palms, scoring a VIP pass. One night led to another with Matius and Ming and they soon hooked up. After a few drunken nights, Ming became pregnant with Matius’ child. They soon had a son named Rio who is now 2 years old. Ming grew up in a strict Asian family and was told to wed Matius. Two months before Rio was due, Matius and Ming got married. Matius and Ming barely know each other and learn something new about each other everyday. Matius can see Ming is still a big partier as she still often party at Montigo Palms leaving Rio in the care of his Nanny. Matius is a bartender at Montigo Palms and is the oldest of 3. Matius become working at Montigo Palms when he was 16 years old, now 28 Matius grows tried of the night scene but still enjoys mixing drinks. Ming is 23 years old and still loves to party. Ming is very clumpy and can be clueless sometimes. When Rio was 2 months old, Ming almost dropped him a few times . After this event Matius hired a Nanny, he doesn’t trust Ming with their son. Ming had set a few fires in the kitchen and is now banned from cooking. Matius has doubts about marrying Ming so soon. Between Matius and Malix, he is the most serious one. Malix often plays pranks on Matius. Matius is annoyed by this and feels that Malix is too childish.

Lei Montigo

Lei is the youngest of 3. Her two older brothers are Matius and Malix. Lei just turned 7 years old and she’s a bit of difficult child who is about to approach her teenage years. Since Lei being the youngest she was often spoiled by her parents. Lei isn’t really close to her older brothers due to them moving out long before she was born. Lei is a miracle child. Lei’s mother Sakura Montigo, gave birth to Lei at the age of 65. Lei was born 3 months early and only weighting 2lbs. Lei’s parents were told that she would not survive. Lei spent 4 months in the hospital before coming home.  Lei’s parents also told they wouldn’t be able to conceive another child after Matius, reason why they adopted Malix. Lei likes to swim in her family’s pool and bake goods in her toy oven. Lei often hangs out at Cherrysicle but isn’t allow to hang out at Montigo Palms. Lei is very popular at her school by being one of the richest kids attending. Lei does tend to be a hot head at times and throws fits if she doesn’t get her way. Lei dreams to be the lounge singer at Montigo Palms when she gets older. Her father wants her to attend college instead.

Rio, Nina and Nyx Montigo

These 3 toddlers are the first of generation 2. Rio is the oldest, being 2 while Nina and Nyx are a year. Rio is the son of Matius and Ming. Nina and Nyx are the daughters of Malix and Cira. Nyx is the oldest between her twin Nina. Nyx and Nina are identical but Nina has pink hair like Cira while Nyx has blue hair like Malix. Nina was born with yellow eyes while Nyx has Malix’s red eyes. When the twins were born Malix and Cira knew right away that Nyx was a bit different. Nyx’s skin appears the have a light glow and she hates sunlight. Nina appears to have darker skin than Nyx. Nyx cried very often whenever a window shade was left up while Nina didn’t cry so much. Malix and Cira are curious of why does Nyx hates sunlight so much. As the twins got older, more signs of Nyx being different were shown. Nyx likes biting her dolls necks while Nina likes to snuggle hers. Nyx has often tried to bite Nina’s neck many times. Malix talked to his parents’ about Nyx’s odd behaviour. Malix request to track down his birth parents to find answers. Malix’s parents often acted strange whenever he mentions Nyx’s behaviour or wanting to find his birth parents. Malix has a feeling that they are hiding something. Maybe they know what’s going on with Nyx. Nyx tends to be mean to Nina by taking toys and bottles away. Nyx enjoins making Nina cry and laughs hysterically. Nina is a sweet child and very happy most of the time. Nina loves the sunlight unlike Nyx. Nina is very close to her Mother Cira and often follows her around. Rio is a sweet child as well. He likes playing with Nina over Nyx. Nyx tends to be mean to him as well. Rio is the only child between his parents and is basically being raised by his Nanny. His father is busy working at Montigo Palms while his mother is busy partying at Montigo Palms. As a infant his mother almost dropped him a few times. Rio cries whenever Ming holds him, fearing that she might drop him. Rio is closer to his father Matius.

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