Known as: Sleeper

Lifespan: Varies

Population: Rare

Abilities: Limited or none

Hypnotica genies are extremely rare. During conception all embryos start out as humans. As the fetus develops during the pregnancy the unborn slowly converts into a genie. However if something has gone wrong during development the fetus reverts mostly back to its human stage which prevents a miscarriage. Hypnotica genies are often consider a survived miscarriage. After birth the baby is consider a human but as the child grows into an adult, the Hypnotica genie may still have some special abilities.

Hypnotica genies still carry genie genetics, what little remain simply when to sleep thus the nickname “Sleeper”. Hypnotica genies carry enough genie genetics to have full genie children. Hypnotica genies are usually born from Gaivania and Navox genies with a human mate. Due to the Gaivania and Navox immortal status, their babies are allowed to revert. However there were a smaller number Hypnotica genies born from non immortal genies. Hypnotica genies are not immortal like their full genie parent. Hypnotica genies do age slowly but will eventually age and die off. Hypnotica genies born from Gaivania or Navox usually have a life span of 150 years. Hypnotica genies born from non immortal genies live an extra 60 years than humans.

Known Hypnotica genies: Liam.2, Mordecai, Mariah

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