Hydronia Genie



Element: Water

Place of Origin: Southeast Asia

Symbol: Purity

Known as: Fish Whisperer

Season: Summer

Lifespan: Long, 200+ years

Population: Medium-High

Characteristics: Various shades of blue hair. Various shade of blue eyes. Pale to tan skin.

Abilities: Purifying water, Control rain, Control sea life. Immune to heat and cold.

Preferred food: Seafood.

Wish Grant: Peace.

Personality: Like the Gaivania, the Hydronia spend a lot of their time outdoors however it’s almost near water. The Hydronia tend to live near large bodies of bodies of water. The are excellent swimmers and fishers. Fish find the Hydronia irresistible and they often leave a fishing trip with a large number of caught fish. The Hydronia tend to be calm and relaxed like the ocean on a nice day but can be ruthless like a hurricane on a bad day. For the most part, the Hydronia are fun loving and relaxed. They often avoid conflict as much as possible.

Common Traits: Angler, Loves to Swim, Loves the Outdoors, Athletic, Sailor, Discipline

Preferred Occupation: Fisherman, Marine Biologist, Surfer, Lifeguard

Compatibility: Gaivania, Niyolair 

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