Hurricana Genie



Lifespan: Long, 250+ years

Population: Rare

Abilities: Create hurricanes, thunderstorms, hail storms, floods

Hurricana genies are an extremely rare hybrid genie born between a Hydronia and a Niyolair genie. They aren’t consider a Disa genie due to them having different abilities than their parents. Hurricana genies are easily notice at birth. They usually have dark blue hair with white tip, gray eyes and pale to medium tone skin. Hurricana genie babies are difficult as they often cry and don’t sleep often. During the child stage they often show a rebellious nature against auditory. The older they get, the more difficult they became. Hurricana genies enjoy causing chaos among their peers. They often take pleasure in others misery. They often isolate themselves away from others. Hurricana genies are antisocial and rarely leave alone. Most Hurricana genies are asexual and don’t have children of their own.

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