In Tigoverse, genies are magically creatures that are allowed to live outside of the lamp. There are 6 different races of genies all with different and unique powers.  They can grant wishes, with limitations. Conjure food, instantly clean a house, mind control humans and banish others to another location or dimension. Genies love food and then be gluttons, however they never gain weight. They are heavy sleepers.

Origin of the first Genies

The Jin-ni were the first kind genies that existed. They originated from Saudi Arabia. The Jin-ni once walked freely on Earth until they began to be capture and sold as slaves when an Arabian king learn about the Jin-ni powers. As the Jin-ni began to go into hiding, a Kyelite Witch took advantage of the situation by offering a  safety lamp for the Jin-ni. They were conned into purchasing the magical lamp where they could hide in plain sight. However they weren’t told once entering the lamp, I couldn’t exit unless the lamp is handled by human hands. To be completely free from the lamp, the human must wish for their freedom. The Kyelite Witch hated all Jin-nis and buried all of the lamps through out the Middle East. The Kyelite made it difficult for the lamps to be found, however a few lamps were recovered a century later.

Story of Icecia

The first lamp to be recovered contained a Jin-ni  named Icecia. Icecia’s new human owner wasn’t interest in asking for wishes, he only wanted a companion as he lived alone on an island west of Morocco. Icecia and her human owner fell in love. As time passed, Icecia release time began to decease from a couple of days to couples of hours to only a few minutes. Over time, Icecia tried to convince the human to wish for her freedom. The human was afraid if he release her, she would leave him for good. With Icecia’s release time being shorten to a few minutes, the human began to be depress. Icecia could only be released once a day. The human finally gave in and wished for Icecia’s freedom. To his surprise, Icecia stayed with him and they soon moved to Morocco to start a family.

Icecia had fallen into a depression after learning the truth about the lamp. Icecia was the only one of her kind who was free while the other remained locked in lamps that were hidden and hard to retrieve. Icecia couldn’t live with the fact that her people are trapped. Icecia then decided to create a new race of genies with unique abilities to improve life on Earth. They are known as the Gaivania, Earth genies.


Wish Command

Naturally all genies can grant wishes but since Icecia, there are limitations to prevent genies becoming slaves. The wish command can only be used by humans and its kept secret from them to prevent abuse of power. The wish command can only grant minor wishes such as if the human wished for happiness. Each human have a limit of 10 wish commands, most humans are unaware of the command and rarely exceed their limit. Genies can grant bigger wishes but only the ones tied to their special ability.

Genie Races











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