Gaivania Genie



Element: Earth

Place of Origin: Morocco

Symbol: Life

Known as: The Healer

Season: Autumn

Lifespan: Immortal

Population: High

Characteristics: Dark brown/Dark Green hair. Brown or Green eyes. Tan to dark skin.

Abilities: Growth of plants, trees, and flowers of high quality. Rapid healing of illness or injury.

Prefer food: Organic, Vegetarian.

Wish Grant: Resurrection, Extend lifespan.

Personality: The Gaivania are nature loving and eco-friendly. They mainly tend to be vegetarians however some still add meat into their diets. The Gaivania spend most of their time outdoors and prefer riding bikes over driving cars. They excel in painting and playing various musical instruments. The Gaivania have a natural gift of raising children and animals. They often have large families and marry often.

Common Traits: Green Thumb, Nurturing, Family Oriental, Artist, Virtuoso, Vegetarian, Eco-Friendly, Loves the Outdoors.

Preferred Occupation: Daycare, Medical, Education, Gardener/Farmer, Painter, Photographer.

Compatibility: Navox, Hydronia

Special note: The Gaivania is the oldest race that descended from the Jin-ni. They are the most common genie type on earth.

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