Fernoagate Genie



Element: Fire

Place of Origin: Egypt

Symbol: Power

Known as: Flame Thrower

Season: Summer

Lifespan: Extended, 500+ years

Population: Medium

Physical Characteristics: Orange/Gold/Red hair. Orange or Red eyes. Tan skin. Fangs.

Abilities: Create fire. Raise temperate. Immune to heat.

Preferred food: Spicy

Wish Grant: Fortune

Personality: The Fernoagate are powerful and make great leaders. However they have issues with auditory. The Fernoagate often have a short fuse and can quickly turn a little thing into a big deal. Although they may be hot tempered, they are very friendly and make friends easily. The Fernoagate often host parties for the large circle of friends. Most of the Fernoagate come into good fortune, they use their own money into starting up their own businesses. The Fernoagate preferred to in warm and dry climates, they aren’t a fan of cool or wet climates. The Fernoagate are excellent cooks and they love to cook meals with their family and friends. Some Fernoagate are passionate lovers.

Common Traits: Hot-headed,  Natural Cook, Grumpy, Evil, Party Animal, Friendly, Flirty, Charismatic

Preferred Occupation: Fire fighter, Culinary, Law Enforcement

Compatibility: Gaivania, Navox

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