Where Are They Now? – The Montigo-Day Family Part 3

Miles Day & Lisa Vega

Miles: Miles is the oldest son of Antonio and step-son of Celsia. Miles was only 7 when Antonio first filed to divorce his mother Leia Williams. Miles has no relationship with his mother and doesn’t care much for her. As a teenager, Miles taught himself how to play the guitar refuse to get any help. His step-sister Chloe made a passing joke about how he wouldn’t have to try very hard getting into the music world being the son of Gr8 Lay, his mother’s stage name. Miles wants nothing to do with her and believes he could find his way in without her. However Miles isn’t looking to be famous but instead wants to work behind the scenes. Miles became an audio engineer for a major record label called, Tiki Treble.

Miles has worked with many musicians with included one of his mother former band-mates. Miles tried to keep things casual with her but soon learns how she disliked Leia as much as he does. Miles soon became friends with her and it’s how he met his current girlfriend, Lisa Vega.

Lisa Vega is a journalist for an internet entertainment and pop culture blog called, Lone Coconut. She mainly focus on music of any genre. Lisa was introduced to Miles and they quickly hit it off. It would be some time before Miles sees Lisa’s temperamental side but overall they mostly work well together. Lisa is much younger than Miles and has a small which Miles doesn’t mind. Lisa was once involved with one of the music producers at Tiki Treble. Luckily for Miles, he doesn’t work much around him.

Like his father, Miles is eager to settle down with Lisa although they been together for a year. This is a natural instinct for most Gaivania genies. Miles isn’t sure if Lisa would be ready and decides to wait to see instead of rushing things.

On the side, Miles is apart of an all genie progressive rock band where he plays the bass.

Lisa: Lisa is originally from California but moved to Konani Tide with her maternal grandmother when she was 17 Lisa is an only child and lost both parents when she was only 6 to tragic accident at their job at a factory plant. Lisa doesn’t remember much of her parents but is often told stories about from her grandmother. Lisa’s grandmother passed shortly after Lisa’s 20th birthday due to health problems. This left Lisa all alone as she doesn’t know any other family members. Lisa got online to search for family but instead find herself on her favorite entertainment blog, Lone Coconut. She soon learns they are looking for a new writer, Lisa barely started school at the community college. Lisa submitted a sample article and was hired on. Luckily for Lisa, the blog’s headquarters  reside in Konani Tide which is one of the reasons why she was hired on, they wanted someone local. This made Lisa a bit insecure about her writings and continued to work on her communications degree.

Lisa wasn’t exactly welcomed into the team because she didn’t have any type of degree. She was later told that she was only hired cause she’s black and a local. The blog needed to meet a diversity quota and was told not to get too comfortable. Lisa was bit peeved learning the truth but was determined to show others that there’s more than her than the color of her skin. Lisa started with the pop culture common and being an animal lover, she searched the web for the cutest animal videos. Lisa also appeared in a videos, showcasing her charming personality which she soon earned fans.

Lisa was soon moved to the music section and often interview musicians. Lisa was enjoying her new title as she also got to meet a few famous musicians as well. She became a frequent visitor at the Tiki Treble studio, where she would meet a rapper/DJ/music producer named Clayton. Lisa was head over crazy for Clayton as she felt he was the most amazing man ever. He got her to meet a few famous rappers and singer and she got to party at the hottest clubs in Konani Tide. It wasn’t long before she became pregnant. After telling Clayton, she found herself all alone again. Clayton denies the baby is his and cuts off all communications with her. Lisa had a son whom she named Terrance. After Terrance’s first birthday is when she met Miles and things started to look better for her.




Emery Montigo

Emery is the youngest daughter of Celsia and has the best relationship with her. Being born different, Celsia gave Emery more attention than the twins. Emery is half Navox and half of an unspecified alien race. As a teen, Emery discover that she has chameleon lizard like abilities where she could change the color of her skin. Emery changed her skin to match her mother’s so she could fit into society. However when under stress, she skin will revert back to its original color until she’s relaxed. Emery is a huge movie buff and enjoys mostly horror and thriller flicks.

After high school, Emery left for college to earn a degree in forensic science. As a child, Emery has always been interested in crime shows and wanted to be a forensic scientist. Soon after graduation, Emery returned to Konani Tide  and joined the forensic team. She’s now a lab tech and learns how the job isn’t as excited as it was on TV. But living on the islands, there isn’t much  homicide happen with it being a tourism town. The lab often help with cases outside of their region.

Unfortunately but fortunately for Emery her job eventually picks up when 5 headless corpses washed up on Trini Beach within a 2 year period. Emery was able to help identified all 5 victims and discovered all 5 were tourists who were close in age, Caucasian, petite and brunette. Emery doubles as a profiler was also help the BAU deliver a profile of the serial killer named the, Trini Beach Killer (TBK for short) since the 5 victims were all found on Trini Beach. With Emery not requiring sleep, she is able to work on the case longer than her co-workers, but is often told to go home once her skin reverts back to its natural green skin.

The team struggles to capture TBK and Emery will not rest until he is found. They are approaching the third year when a 6th body was found. The 6th victim was killed in a slightly different fashion but his signature stayed in tact. One huge difference with victim #6, is she wasn’t decapitated like the previously 5 victims. There was signs that this kill didn’t go as planned and the killer is starting to devolve. However victim #6 struck home with Emery, she knew her. The victim was Emery’s  former college roommate, Gina whom she spoke with 2 weeks ago. Gina told Emery how she wants to visit Konani Tide and see what was the big fuss about. According to Gina’s boyfriend, Gina planned to surprise Emery. Gina haven’t told Emery she already booked her flight when they last spoke. According to the ME, Gina had been dead for a week. Gina was killed on the night she arrived and hasn’t been seen since retrieving her room key at the family’s resort. Emery was more than determined to solve the case, however her boss sent her home and gave her time off to collect herself. Emery continues to work on the case from home.

Emery is currently single and simply doesn’t have the time to date.

Where Are They Now? – The Montigo-Day Family Part 2



Cienna & Chloe Montigo

Cienna: Now grown up, Cienna is living the fabulous life of being a swimsuit and lingerie model and trying to work her way into becoming a runway model. Cienna’s modelling career began at the age of 15 after posting a selfie with Chloe on her Instagram account. She caught the eye of a popular designer who wanted her to be a model for her clothing line, Dos. After turning 18, she signed with the Simply Posh agency where she model for various swimsuit labels before moving onto lingerie. Cienna’s biggest accomplishment is becoming a model for Desire, the most popular underwear and lingerie line. Cienna is a big fan of Desire’s line and boasted how the Desire brand was the only underwear she would wear. In an interview, she mention how her first bra was from Desire and how she fell in love with the brand. She later received a call from the company, wanting Cienna to become one of their models.

Cienna later learns she was mainly asked to join Desire due to her Navox status. Chloe tried to convinced Cienna to decline because she would be used as a marketing tool, using her irresistibility to gain more consumers. They didn’t want her for her talent and appeal but for what she is. However Cienna ignored Chloe’s plea and signed on. Disappointed, Chloe tells her sister that she just signed her soul to the devil and won’t be taken seriously.

After 2 years working for Desire, Cienna got to meet the creator of her favorite makeup line, Abracadabra which is genie owned. Cienna always dreamed to be the face of Abracadabra but learns this could come true if she agrees to do one thing. The creator, Porscha points out the same thing as Chloe once did 2 years ago of Cienna being used as a marketing tool but also learns about the creator of Desire is a Navox who was booted out her own company. She explains how no genie should ever support their brand due to their treatment of genies. Although Cienna is the main face of Desire she gets paid 4 times less than the human models. Cienna was aware of being undercut but remain devoted to the brand.  Porscha would sign Cienna on if she agrees to drop Desire. Cienna wasn’t sure about dropping Desire but after much thought, Cienna decided to was time. However Cienna was told she signed a 10 year contract with Desire and could not break it without having to pay of hefty penalty fine of 50k. Cienna was unaware of the 10 year contract when she was told it would only be 3 years. Cienna feels trapped and is seeking legal advice.


Chloe: Chloe is the black sheep of her family and doesn’t mind being so. Chloe always had a love of fire which she set her mother’s house of fire when she was a child. Due to the losing the house to Chloe’s mishap, they relocated to Konani Tide and stayed at the family’s beach house mansion.

As a teen, Chloe got into music and wanted to get her first guitar. Chloe learns the owner of the music store is her father Travis Thorne, whom she hasn’t seen since she was a toddler. Naturally Chloe resented Travis when he attempted to bond with his daughters. Cienna was more willing than Chloe as she believed Travis is nothing but a deadbeat. Travis admits to being scared when Celsia told him that she was pregnant. The timing was poor due to his mother becoming ill. He returned to Konani Tide to care for his mother until she passed. Travis felt when his mother got sick, this would be his “out”. Travis admits to being a coward but it ready to do the right thing. Chloe reluctantly allows her father to help her pick out a guitar and teach her how to play.

After turning 18, Chloe cuts Travis from her life and attends school in Newbrey. Chloe returns to Konani Tide with a degree in communications. Chloe applies for a radio broadcast assistant at her favorite radio station, KTide 106.9. Shortly after landing the job, Chloe become a radio personality in a show called, Don’t Kill The Radio. Originally Chloe was used to poke fun at by the two host of the show. However listeners enjoyed her spunk and witty come backs where she soon gained a fan base. She was nicknamed, Clever Chloe and became the show’s third personality.

On Chloe’s birthday, Travis called the show to wish her a happy birthday which placed Chloe in an awkward position. Chloe haven’t spoken to Travis since turning 18. The call prompt to walk off the show during Travis’ call making things awkward for everyone. Celsia suggests Chloe should make nice with her father explaining nothing turns a decent man away quicker than a female with daddy issues. Chloe knows Celsia is right and should make nice with her father although he’s been trying to have a relationship. But Chloe has yet to do that.

During the show near Valentine’s, one of Chloe co-hosts announces that Chloe is single and ready to mingle, although Chloe isn’t looking. They set up a little contest for the best date for Chloe on Valentine’s. Chloe announces she is a Pan-sexual like most Navox genie, hinting females could joined too. The winner is a male from north of the island. Chloe and the winner was sent off to a romantic date at the Suvadiva Resort Island. Chloe enjoyed her trip but not her date as he was a bit pushy. Chloe locked him in a closet for half of the trip because he refused to behave like a human. Chloe returns telling her co-host, never again.

Chloe remains single and isn’t looking nor have the desire to do so. She calls herself a loveless love genie. She focus on her job and her all genie progressive rock band called, Element, which each member is from one of the 5 genie races. Chloe represents Love, although it’s not truly an element while her step-brother Miles represents Earth.




Unlike Chloe, Cienna is currently dating an inspiring rapper, club night DJ and music producer, Clayton Holbrook. Travis doesn’t approve on Cienna’s relationship with Clayton, telling her that he’s nothing but a womanizer. Cienna told her father that her relationship with Clayton is not big deal and how they only just have fun. Clayton is arm candy and they looked cute together on social media.

Clayton felt the same way as Cienna at first, their relationship wasn’t a big deal and it was for show. However Clayton is discovering he has feelings for Cienna and thinks they could have something real. Clayton has made several attempts to have a serious conversation with Cienna, only to be shut down. Cienna is aware of Clayton wanting to have a serious talk about their relationship but thinks he’s trying to break things off. Cienna believe if she could avoid the conversation, then he’ll see breaking up would be a bad idea.



Where Are They Now? – The Montigo-Day Family Part 1

Celsia, Antonio & Ricardo Day

Celsia: Celsia spent 7 good years proving to her grandparents, Genesis and Lorenzo that she could possibly run the family’s resort with little of her help. This would allow Genesis and Lorenzo to finally to retire. Things were going well until there was a shift in what Celsia wants to do with her. A well known TV producer checked into the resort and told Celsia has a natural look for TV and was told how there needs to be more genie actors in television. This prompt Celsia to start taking acting classes which she began to slack on her duties at the resort.

One day another well known producer came to the resort scouting for genie talent for a new show. She spotted Celsia and thought she would be perfect for the role of the genie in a new show called, Lamped. Celsia was excited and audition for the part but unfortunately for Celsia, the role went to her own mother, Zinnia who she didn’t know was auditioning too.

Although Celsia was bitter about losing to her mother, she went with her to the studio to for the taping of the pilot episode. However the makeup artist was late which pissed off the director, as he’s not too keen with the makeup artist himself. Celsia offered to do her mother’s makeup, along with the rest of the cast. The director and producer were unsure about allowing an amateur do the actors makeup but they were already behind schedule and allowed it. Celsia impressed the production crew with her makeup skills, which one actress told Celsia that she never looked this good. Once the makeup artist arrived, she was promptly fired and Celsia was handed the spot. Although Celsia may not be in front of the camera, she’s happy that she has something to do with the show. During the first season of the show, Celsia was given another job to handle Zinnia’s wardrobe as they felt only a genie could dress another genie.

Before working on the set of Lamped, Celsia got back with an ex-boyfriend, Antonio from the early part of her adult life. Antonio has been the only guy whom she had a serious relationship and is the only guy who her grandmother approves of. Antonio was ready to settle while Celsia wanted to live like her mother did, which included, heavy drinking, partying and stripping. When Celsia reject Antonio’s proposal, Antonio moved on.

Fate brought them back together when Celsia stopped at a cafe called, Coconut Ave. for lunch. She learns its owned and run by Antonio. She soon realize there was still a spark between them and soon entered into a relationship. A week before Celsia became pregnant, Antonio asked Celsia once again to marry him. Without any hesitant, Celsia said yes knowing she may not find love like this with anyone. However the wedding won’t happen until almost 4 years later. This caused Antonio to worried and they finally agreed to marry on June 24th. But this would not happen as this was the same date which her twin brother, Borage’s wedding at the Suvadiva Resort which is on an island 75 miles away. Celsia fought with Borage over the date for 3 months until giving up when Borage already given the resort a non-refundable deposit. Celsia and Antonio wed July 8th, 2 weeks after Borage’s wedding at the family’s resort. Celsia is currently happy and planning for a huge party for her 10th wedding anniversary as it is Navox tradition.

Antonio: Antonio Day is a hard-working man who’s running his late mother’s cafe, Coconut Ave.. The cafe is known for his mother’s famous coconut creme, banana creme and key lime pies. Antonio grew up in Richdale but was born in Konani Tide. His mother a Polynesian human while his father is a Gaivania genie. After the birth, they relocated to Richdale to where his father is from. Antonio’s parents split after his 19th birthday where his mother returned to Konani Tide to opened her cafe. It would be years before Antonio followed his mother as he attempted to be with Celsia.

After Celsia rejected him, he moved on and met a female named Leia Williams who was the lead singer of a punk band. Antonio soon married Leia and hoped to start a family soon. However Leia’s music career was starting to take off and soon Leia and her band began their 43 state tour. Antonio finally got his wish 5 years into the marriage when Leia became pregnant with his son, Miles.

Motherhood didn’t slow Leia down, Antonio was often left with Miles as Leia went on tour. She only appeared to be a good mother for a photo-op. During an interview annoyed, Antonio called out his own wife telling the interviewer how Leia is only a mother when a camera is around and their own treats Leia as a stranger. He also states she’s selfish and sometimes forgets Miles’ name. Naturally this caused a rift in their marriage and it was a start of damaging her image. Shortly afterwards the media reported how Leia was abusive towards Miles, calling her the worst mother of the year. Antonio had no choice to clear Leia’s name since he started the fire. Antonio denied any abuse and how Leia has been spending more time with their, which that part was actually a lie.

The marriage grew sour over the years and Antonio finally filed for a divorce. However Leia dragged it out, refusing to sign any papers because her band was working on a new album. After 2 years since Antonio filed, the divorce was granted. Antonio set his eyes on Konani Tide and looked forwarded to moving into his mother’s with his son Miles. Tragically struck when Antonio’s mother was killed in a car wreck just a week before he was to leave.

10 weeks after burying his mother and relocating to Konani Tide, Antonio finds out Leia is pregnant after watching an interview on TV. Leia announced she’s expecting and joked how she gave her ex-husband a good-bye fuck before he relocated. When in reality, Leia took advantage of Antonio’s grief of losing his mother by spiking his drink with Viagra and getting him drunk before sleeping with him. Antonio was outraged to learn about the pregnancy this way. Antonio was soon asked for a follow-up interview which made him more angry and he knew he couldn’t tell them how Leia basically raped him on the night he learns about his mother’s death. Antonio declined and dodged calls from the media.

Leia gave birth to another son named, Kilo whom she named after his late-grandmother, Kilonah Day. She told interviewers it was a name whom she and Antonio decided which was far from true. Antonio felt she named him Kilo as another publicity stunt to make her look good, however he does like the name. Antonio attempted to get full custody since he has custody of Miles. Leia decided to fight Antonio on keeping Kilo, to repair her image, she felt that she had to raise Kilo. Antonio told the court how Leia only wants Kilo for publicity. When Leia told the court that she’s nursing Kilo, she was granted custody as the judge is very family oriented and felt no infant show be taken away from their nursing mother. Antonio didn’t believe Leia is nursing as she refused to nurse Miles. However Leia was telling the truth, telling Antonio how Kilo won’t drink formula. Antonio does find out Leia had used the wrong type of formula for Kilo. Since Kilo is born genie, he could only drink formula made for genie infants. It’s something that she would had known if she actually cared for Miles.

After marrying Celsia, Antonio made a few more attempts to get custody of Kilo but failed. Leia was actually a good mother towards Kilo but not towards Miles. Now Kilo is 18, Antonio doesn’t have much of a relationship with Kilo as Leia painted a bad picture of him for most of his life. This doesn’t stop Antonio from trying as he’s attempting to invite Kilo to visit Konani Tide. Kilo mention about wanting to be a chef because it felt natural but is discouraged by Leia. Antonio knows he needs to get Kilo away from Leia so he asks for his older sister, Miranda for help.

Miranda is planning to relocate to Konani Tide to help Antonio run the cafe. Miranda was happy to report that she convinced Kilo to join her after he finishes high school. Antonio only hopes Leia won’t get into Kilo’s head until then. There’s just a few months of school left. With Antonio’s youngest son, Ricardo now 15 going on 16, Antonio is wanting another child and hopes for a daughter. However Celsia has no interest in having another baby since she had 3 daughters before marrying Antonio. With Miranda moving into town with Kilo and her family, he promises Celsia that she will have lots of help. Antonio leaves little teddy bears, baby toys and other baby items around the house to get Celsia in the mood to have another baby. Antonio learned if a female Navox sees baby items, it triggers a natural impulse to have a baby which makes the female extremely frisky and fertile. Antonio’s trick may actually worked since he’s not getting much sleep at night lately.

Ricardo: As the youngest of both parents, Ricardo gets away with murder but is usually a good kid. Unlike his siblings, Ricardo was born as a Disa genie being equally a Navox and Gaivania genie. Ricardo often brags to his siblings about being a double genie cause he has the best of both worlds. This also annoys them. Ricardo is interested in help running the cafe and usually works as the busboy on the weekends. Ricardo is making plans to attend a culinary school after high school. He wants to be more than a busboy. Ricardo began taking cooking classes from his dad and sometimes at the Rikki Hut Cafe when his dad is busy.

During the summer, he spend most of his days at the beach, surfing and flirting with girls. Ricardo tends to be girl-crazy and almost always has a girlfriend by his side. Ricardo has no problem charming a girl, with his look goods and excellent cooking skills. During the summer when he was 14, he won a grilling contest and has every summer since. Ricardo is also a competitive eater holding the current record of 107 hotdogs. However Ricardo isn’t allowed to enter the next annual eating contest due to his genie status. They felt that he had an unfair advantage as it’s common for genies to eat excessively. Ricardo doesn’t let that break his spirit and will continue to enter the summer grilling  contests.

Ricardo also likes to skateboard, swim, play video games and prank his sisters like most typical teenage boys.