I use to always make a lot of water like art with my painting program whenever I got bored. However I’m not able to find my older work so I made a new one that I called Aquarius. Β It has 3 variations as I couldn’t decide on which I liked better.


Natural Beauty

These are personal photos that I taken and made them appear as paintings the best I could. They were taken on a trip to Nashville,TN back in the summer of 2012. It was fun and I miss that place. Lonely rose was taken in mom’s backyard back in 2006 or 2007. It’s lonely due to one of my cats had a habit of eating roses. It stayed alone until the evil cat ate it too >_<

I have 4 photos that come in one, Chasing Waterfalls while the others are alone. You can download them all in one go or take your pic.

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Cream Dream

Cream Dream, Mariah is probably dreaming about having ice cream for breakfast like most little kids haha. I made this pic back when Myspace was the shit. I had a bunch of friends decide to go on diets and I made this to be evil in hopes they would break their diets. It was my background. It worked LOL But I think a few of the settle for fat-free ice cream so not much harm was done :p

This would be cute for a girl’s room or for a ice cream lot. I’ll be building a another one and this pic would probably go in it. I’ll be making more tasty treat wall art soon!