Paw Pals #2 – Cats!

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A while ago I did a pet set of dogs for a request. Now I did one of cats originally for a veterinary clinic build that was also a request. I decided to share these cat photos. I may share the veterinary at some point but for now enjoy these 2 photo sets of kitty cats.

All photos were found on a public domain, original artists were unknown or unnamed. 


Paw Pals – Part One: Puppy Love


By request I made these photo sets of dogs. Since I was impressed on how well this turned out, I decided that there will be a part 2 with cats for all the cat lovers like myself. I did 5 different styles, 3 of the 5 have a set of 4 prints. The other 2 just have one.



A preview pic with the names on each file is included in the zip, that way you can pick which ones you like better. I’m not sure when I’ll do one with cats since I’m kinda busy with other projects. I might do a set of horses, birds and fish too…someday. Anyway, I hope you all will enjoy them!

TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other sites. You may include them with lots but please link me back for credit.


Medical Posters – Fetal Development

I have been building a hospital for the past year. While looking for medical things to place in it, I notice the lack of medical posters for pregnancy. In ways I pretty much only building this hospital for birth scenes, so I kinda need something like that to hang up in some of the rooms. Seeing how there was NONE, I guess I will make some myself. Originally I didn’t have plans to share these cause I figure no one would want them but after showing what I did on my facebook, I got a few comments hinting that they want these. So I guess I will share them after all.



I made 6 different charts plus a bonus pic of some naked pregnant lady.

I figure 6 would be enough. I didn’t want to over do it.



The price is set pretty cheap and can be found in the wall decor category of course. These are in package format only. I don’t deal with sims3pack.

I may do more medical posters if I feel that I need something. I am kinda taking requests. So if you have an idea for something, don’t hesitate to let me know 😉


TOU: No reuploading on paysites or any other site. You can include it with your build but please link back for credit.



Tropical Paradise















While working on a resort in Sunlit Tides, I needed some tropical wall hangings to decorate the place. I decided that I’ll share it with you all. This set has 32 different tropical photos. It’s great lots and houses in a tropical like world.


All photos are from free wallpaper sites, authors are unknown.




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Awkward Family Photos Backdrops
















One day thinking I was thinking about doing a photo shoot but I wanted a cheesy backdrop from photos done at Walmart. Then I remember the seasons greeting card backdrops! I decided to clone them and place them in my game for future use. I’m pretty sure someone has done this but I haven’t came across them..until tonight LOL. HOWEVER I made mine Base Game Compatible, so seasons is not required to use this.

The backdrops can be found in Decor > Sculptures. They are just 1 simoleon. Pretty cheap like Walmart photos :p Download them all or take your pick 🙂


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The pose for the Spring photo can be found here

The pose for the Summer photo can be found here