Party Montigo: Chapter 16, Baby Talk

“At last, peace and quiet. I think our daughters blacked out with their excessive drinking. I think we should be a ban of alcohol in this house.” “No Gen, I mean I like to have a drink time to time. We could just limit it, not take it away. They would just leave to drink somewhere else and get…Read more »

Party Montigo: Chapter 13, We’re back!

    “What the hell are you wearing, GB? You look like slut!” “A cheap slut or a expensive slut? This is a important question! I have to keep mom proud.” “Doesn’t matter!!! Go put some pants on! You can’t walk around in your panties!” “But daddy, these ARE shorts!”  “Yeah, slut shorts!” “Whatever…hater.”         “I’m…Read more »

Party Montigo: Extras Part 2

Liam thinking: She can play the guitar well. I having that she can play with.       Liam: Hi June. Acacia: June, whatever you do.. Stay away from that guy… June: Okay.         Damn.. blocked  by a child.. Still want that girl. I’m in love.     I wonder why Rosette insisted that…Read more »