Montigo Tango: Chapter 31, Isn’t she lovely?

Azalea’s first birthday is just a few weeks away. It only seem like it was days ago when Azalea was born.  Azalea had shown signs that she was ready to start walking by pulling herself up and walking around her play table as she holds onto the edges. She later became bolder by trying to walk without holding on. Ming mention to Matius while he was away maintaining Montigo Palms, Azalea would take half steps before tumbling onto the floor. Azalea becomes frustrated but also becomes more determine to walk on her own. Matius felt he should take off some time and work with little Azalea who is now legally his adopted daughter.



“You can do it Zale!” Cheered Matius as Azalea attempts to make a step. Azalea felt slightly defeated and plops down onto the floor. Matius lightly chuckles and walks towards Azalea, standing her back up. “It’s okay Zale, I know you can do this. You been trying to walk for a while. Daddy is going to help you.” Smiled Matius. As Matius steps away from Azalea reaches her arms up, “Dada!” Matius smiles, “I will pick you up once he walk towards me.” Azalea frowns her face up and plops down again, “Dada!” Ming stands in the doorway and watches Matius trying to teach Azalea to walk. “Mama!” Shouts Azalea once her eyes gazed at Ming. Matius turns around, “I thought you said she was ready.” Ming smiles slightly, “She is.. I guess she’s just nervous.”

Matius heads towards Ming and rubs on her very pregnant belly, “It would be too long before this one will be walking too.” Ming pulls away from Matius, “Yeah… You sure you can handle another daughter?” Matius shrugs his shoulders, “I dunno but I have no choice to.” Ming lets out a sigh,” I need to talk to you about something?” Matius notices Ming’s tone sounds a little worried. He only wishes Ming doesn’t have any bad news about their unborn daughter. “What about? Is the baby okay?” Asked Matius with concern. Ming smiles and places her right hand on her belly, “She’s find but I’m curious about how are we going to raise. I planned to live here until Rio is 18 but with this one on the way and I’m with Adam now. How are we going to do this?” Matius pauses for a moment, he haven’t thought about how the living arrangements would be with a new baby on the way. “You can stay here for the rest of your life if you.” Smiled Matius. Ming turns slightly away from Matius and rests her back against the wall, “That’s the thing.. Someday.. Adam and I want our own place.” Matius haven’t thought about them possibly wanting their own place but doesn’t want his daughter living away from him. “Ming.. This mansion is huge.. It’s possible for us to avoid each other.. I can have a special living space build just for you and him.” Said Matius hoping he convinced Ming to stay. “That’s not needed.. We’ll stay but we should let Madison decide who she wants to live with once she gets older. Adam and I want our own place.” Said Ming. That’s not what Matius wanted to hear but hopes Ming would change her mind. Matius doesn’t like there’s a chance of Madison wanting to live away from him as he grew up with closeness with his family. Matius doesn’t want to miss out in any moments in his children’s lives. It’s also clear that Matius haven’t given up on Ming either.

“Matty! Look! She’s walking!” Shouted Ming. Matius quickly sprung around to catch Azalea taking her first steps towards him. “Dada! Mama!” Shouted Azalea as she walks towards them. “She’s walking! I can’t believe it.. She’s walking!” Cheered Matius. Azalea reaches her little arm up towards Matius, “Up!” Matius gladly lifts up Azalea to hug her. “You would have to stay longer Ming.. What about Azalea? You’re basically her mother now. She’s gonna need you. You’re the only mother that she knows.” Said Matius as he sets Azalea down. “You’re right..” Mumble Ming.



After teaching Azalea how to walk, Matius felt like he was on top of the world. Matius decided it was driving lessons time for Rio. Rio was very excited about learning how to drive a car. After meeting a new girl, Janiya at school he felt him driving would impress her. “Ready, Rio?” Asked Matius as he hands over Rio the keys to the car. “I’ve waiting for this day!” Cheered Rio as he quickly took the keys from Matius. Ming rushes outside to shout out the guys before they left. “Be careful!” Shouted Ming as she tries to waddles towards the car. “We will, go back inside and rest up.” Smiled Matius. A very eager Rio was already in the driver’s seat ready for his first lesson. Ming is naturally concern seeing her firstborn sitting behind the wheel with eagerness in his eyes. All Ming could do was worry about her son. “You knew this day was coming.. He’ll do fine.” Said Adam as he stood behind Ming. “I can’t believe my baby is old enough to drive.. He’s gonna be a grown man soon.. I can’t believe it.” Said Ming as she starts to break into tears. Adam holds Ming and tries to comfort her, “You have a little one in there. You’ll have a little once again and maybe in a few years.. We’ll have our own little bundle of joy.” Ming looked into Adam’s eyes, “You want kids?” Adam kisses Ming’s forehead. “Of course I do.. Do you want more kids?” Ming smiles, “With you.. Yes.”

Rio pulls out the driveway as Ming and Adam waved them bye. “Easy now, this isn’t GTA where you can drive all crazy and hit people.” Said Matius as Rio eases out into the street. Rio rolled his eyes as he slowly builds up some speed, “Jeeze Dad.. I thought this was Mario Kart..” As Rio carefully drives the street a little girl darts out in the street cause Rio to quickly slam on the brakes. Matius is jerked back into his seat. “What the-!” Shouted Rio as the little girl run back across the street. “Always be very aware of your surroundings, son.” Said Matius with a fatherly tone. Rio nods his head and carries on with his lesson.

For the next few weeks after school Matius takes Rio on driving lessons. After hitting a trash can and nearly driving on sidewalks Rio was ready for  his driving test. It wasn’t long until Rio gained his driving license. The first thing Rio thought about was taking Janiya on a date.



It was the morning of Azalea’s first birthday and Matius was awaken by Azalea’s cry on the baby monitor. This has became a normal thing for Matius every morning. Azalea’s cry was music to Matius’ ears in the morning. He would happily attend to Azalea’s side for morning kisses and morning. Azalea was always exited to see either Matius or Ming, especially Matius as she’s more attach to him. This morning was different when Matius spots something different about Azalea. Azalea stood in her crib with glowing yellow wings sprouting from her back. Matius’ eyes grew wide and wasn’t sure what to make of it. Matius quickly approached a very cranky Azalea to examine her wings better. Matius reaches out and touches the tip of one of her wings to see if it was real. “These are real.. How is this possible?” Said Matius was he studies the wings before calling in Ming and Adam.



“She has wings! What is she?” Said Matius. Adam walks up to Azalea and picks her up, “Hey little one, I see you finally grew your little wings.”  Matius was curious by Adam’s statement and demanded answers about his daughter. “She’s Fae. Since Jade is a witch-fae, Azalea wouldn’t get her wings until her first birthday.” Smiled Adam as he snuggles with Azalea. Matius haven’t thought about Jade in a while and doesn’t want to be reminded of her. Even when he looks into Azalea’s eyes, he can see a little of Jade in her which disgusts him at times. “Why Jade didn’t have wings and Azalea does?” Asked Matius. Adam sets Azalea down, “Azalea is inherited more fae than witch and Jade was more witch than fae.” Matius wondered if Azalea would casts spells like Jade did. “Unless she was taught, then no.” Adam. Matius was relieved to know that because he knew she wouldn’t be taught how to cast any spells like Jade.



Azalea started to walk around as her little wings flutter in the air. “What do we now now?” Asked Matius. Adam chuckles lightly,”Nothing. She’s fine.. There’s nothing special that you have to do. You can raise her like any other child. I can build her a little fairy house that she can play in.” Matius was relived to learn nothing special needed to be done and thanked Adam for offering to build a fairy house for her. Matius would never admit having Adam around is a good thing.



The excitement of Azalea’s new occult was short lived once Ming complained about sharp pains in her back and stomach. Ming felt a warm gush of liquid rush out. To Ming’s surprise, she found that her water just broke. “Guys.. my water just broke.” Said Ming calmly. The guys both turned around and rushed to Ming. “Let me take you to the hospital!” Shouted Matius. Ming grabs a hold of her stomach and screams in agony, “I’m not gonna make it!”



Adam picks up Ming and carries her into Matius’ room. He then strips Ming down and lays her on the bed. “Let’s see how far you dilated.” Said Adam. Ming quickly opens her legs. “Shit! You’re fully dilated! This baby is coming now!” Shouted Adam. Matius goes into panicked mode and rushes to Ming’s side. “Then we need to take her now!” Shouted Matius. Adam quickly grabs a towel from Matius’ bathroom, “we have no time! I’m delivering this baby!” Matius stood in Adam’s track as he tried to return to Ming. “You’re not delivering my daughter! Ming needs to go to a hospital!” Shouted Matius.

Adam pushes Matius towards the side, “I said we don’t have time! The baby is coming now!” Matius pushes Adam away from Ming who was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs. “And I said you’re not doing it! You don’t have the proper training for this!” Adam shoves Matius to reach Ming, “I use to work at a hospital plus my mom is a midwife and I watched her deliver several babies! I got this!” Matius tries to get in Adam’s way again. “Will you two stop it! This baby is coming NOW! ” Screamed Ming. Matius jumps in Adam’s way once more, “Fine deliver her but if anything happens-” Matius was cut off by Adam,” You can threaten me later! Ming needs me now!”



Adam stands in front of Ming and checks on her. “Okay hon, I need for you to breathe and don’t push until I tell you to.” Said Adam calmly. Ming nods her head and tries to breathe through the pain. “What do you want me to do?” Asked Matius to Adam. Adam looks over at Matius who stood next to him. “Comfort her..” Mumble Adam. Matius kneeled besides Ming and held her hand tightly. “You’re doing good Ming.” Smiled Adam. Ming started to moan in pain as Matius tries to comfort her as much as possible. “This hurts… I can’t do this!” Cried Ming. Matius pulls himself closer to Ming, “Yes you can. You did this before.. You can do this again.” Ming started to cry, “No I can’t.. I can’t!”

“You’re strong, Ming. I know you can do this. It’s time for you to push.” Said Adam. Ming throws her head back and shouts while still in tears, “No! I can’t! I can’t!” Matius kisses Ming’s forehead, “Yes you can, push.. You can do it.” Adam tried to ignore Matius’ kiss to Ming’s forehead and holds his tongue. “Push hon, push.. You’re doing good.” Coached Adam. Ming starts to push down as much as she could. “Good job Ming, you’re starting to crown. Keep pushing.” Smiled Adam. Ming paces herself before pushing once more. “I can see her head. Just a few more pushes. You’re doing so well.” Said Adam. Matius sits in the bed and places himself behind Ming. He props Ming’s head against his cheat and gently embraces Ming, “See you know you can do this.” Ming pushes for the last time before little Madison Montigo enter into the world. The room filled with the sound of a newborn baby girl.



Adam quickly wraps up baby Madison with Azalea’s old blanket before slipping on some little brown mitts on her tiny hands. “She’s beautiful. She looks just like you.” Smiled Adam as he gazes at the newborn. Ming exhales and smiles, “Thank you.” Adam leans down and hands Madison to Ming. Ming holds her daughter for the first as tears stream down her warm cheeks, “She looks like me.” Matius steps towards Adam, “Thanks man.” Matius extends his had out and Adam gladly shakes his hand only to be pulled into a hug by Matius.



As Ming rested in bed, Matius brings Madison into her new room. Matius rocks with his new bundle as Azalea plays with her toys. He happen to notice Azalea flying a little bit in the air. This made Matius smile as he sat in the room with his 2 daughters. “Look Zale, you have a little sister. Meet Madison.” Smiled Matius. Azalea walks towards Matius, extends her arm out and points, “Baby!” Matius chuckles a little, “Yes, this is your baby sister.” Azalea smiles, “Baby!” Matius faces Madison towards Azalea, “Look Maddy, meet your big sister Azalea. Soon you’ll meet your big brother Rio, Aunt Lei and your cousin Nina.” Madison coos as she snuggles in Matius’ muscular arms. “I’m so glad to have you in my life, Maddy. Isn’t she lovely?”



Because of the birth of Madison, Azalea’s birthday party didn’t go as planned. Instead they invited a few friends over for some cake. Rio invited Janiya over who gladly accepted. After cake Rio and Janiya went outside to work on their homework together. Rio who could drive now was eager but nervous to ask Janiya out for a date. As they study all Rio could think about was asking her out. “What did you get for question 6?” Asked Janiya. Rio gazes into Janiya’s purple eyes and notices how her eyes slimmer under the moonlight. The wind tossed Janiya’s dark purple with gold highlights hair around and she smelled like the sweet scent of vanilla lavender. Rio was in total bliss as he awkwardly gazes at Janiya. “Earth to Rio! Question 6?” Said Janiya snapping Rio out of it. “Oh! I got 49.” Said Rio quickly. Janiya gave Rio a puzzled look, “Are you okay?” Rio started to feel a little embarrassed and started to glow red. Rio sunk slightly into his chair and lower his head down, “Yeah…”

Janiya smirked and knew better. She leaned across the table and playfully stroked her pencil, “What’s on your mind?” Rio swallow a little bit of air in his throat, “I was wondering about something.” Janiya leans in closer to Rio and devilishly smiles, “About?”  Rio exhales, “Would you go on a date with me?” Janiya smiles and sits back in her chair, “Of course. I like you. You’re kinda cute.” Rio was relived by Janiya’s answer and tried not to show any eagerness. “Really?” Janiya nods her head, “Where you wanna meet at?” A smirk grew across Rio’s face, Meet you? I can pick you up with my car.” Janiya’s eyes grew wide and she gasped, “You have a car? You can drive?” Rio had a smug look on his face and nodded his head. Janiya squeal with excitement, “This weekend then?” Rio smiles, “You bet.”



Graduation is near and Lei drives herself to school. As Lei drove she thinks about her plans  after graduation  Lei just got a letter saying she was accepted into a school in Twinbrook.  At first Lei wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave Lucky Palms for Twinbrook. She later realize about all the awful things that happen over in the years. She later learned about her good friend Monique was accepted at the same school. Monique told Lei how her uncle has a place ready for her once she leaves for school.

When Lei told her about being accepting too, Monique tries to convince Lei to stay with her. Lei remember about her parents’ murder, Cira and Niro going missing, Malix killing himself and Jade’s drama she felt like she needed a new start in a new city. Lei agreed to stay with Monique in Twinbrook. Lei haven’t broke the news to her family yet as they embrace to birth of the newest member in the Montigo family. Lei knew she would need to tell them at some point but doesn’t think they would be disappointed in any form. Lei pulls into the school’s parking lot. She saw Monique had been waiting for her. Lei smiles and parks her car before greeting her dear friend Monique.



Bonus shot

Matius giving Madison her first feeding.



Montigo Tango: Chapter 30, Who am I?

Malix turns around to find the mysterious person had approach closer to him. Malix notices the man’s glowing red eyes and knew right away he is vampire. “Hurry now, Malix. Follow me” Said the man. The mystery man lead Malix to a car and they soon took off and headed towards the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Malix didn’t say much as he rode with the guy, not even asking his name. Malix’s only concern was what’s going on and who is he. “You don’t say much?” Said the man. Malix turns his head towards the man, “Who am I? Why was I in the grave yard naked? I feel so strange.” Said Malix. The man smiles, “That’s why I’m here.. To help you figure this out.”



The car stopped and parked right beside of a building that appeared to be a grocery store at some point. “Why are we at a store?” Asked Malix as he opens his car door. The man chuckles, “It’s not a store.. Well not anymore. It’s home for now.” They both enter inside and Malix takes a quick look around his new surroundings. “It looks nice.” Said Malix. “Why thank you, I do my best.” Said the man as he turns around to face Malix.  “Now were in light, I see your unmentionables.. I have some clothes ready for you in the room behind the bathroom.” Chuckled the man. Malix blushes and quickly tries to cover himself up, “Thanks..” Malix quickly shuffles into the room and puts on the clothes that was waiting for him.



Malix returned the front room fully dressed in his new attire. “Not really my style but I like the color. Thanks.” Said Malix once he walked in the room. The man smiles, “You’ll get use to it. It’s your new vampire appeal.” Malix was confused by the man’s statement, “I wasn’t always a vampire?” The man sat on the couch and motions Malix, “Have a seat, Malix.” Malix walked towards the couch and sat next to the man but focuses on the man’s familiar face. “You look like me. Are you my dad?” Asked Malix. The man lets out a loud chuckle and smiles.



“I’m your blood Uncle, my name is Taurus Lex.”

“My blood uncle? What do you mean?”

“Malix, you were adopted.. Well actually.. You were taken away from my twin brother Malachi and his wife Felicia when you were a infant.”

“I was kidnapped as a baby?”

“Yes, you were taken by the Montigo family and raised well.”

“Oh so I guess you wouldn’t know much about me.. I want to remember who am I.”

“I know much about you, Malix. I know about your family. You have a wife and 4 kids but you knew only 3 of your kids.”

“Why only 3?”

“Your eldest was born when you were about 16. Your baby died soon after birth, he was born very early. About 15 minutes after death, your baby came to life but as a vampire. Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms and the doctors had plans to send your baby away without saying what happen. They led you and your now wife to believe that your baby had died, which he technically did. My human Aunt happen to work there and notice the vampire baby was related and took him. The hospital panicked at first but since it was a vampire baby, they really didn’t care what happen. She brought the baby to me to raise but Malachi got a hold of him.”

“I’m confused.. If vampires were illegal then why was I living there? How did my son become a vampire?”

“You were born vampire and lived in Bridgeport with your birth parents. When the Montigos took you, they turned you human but you kept your vampire genes. It passed down to your daughter Nyx and your son Amos.. however Nyx was born vampire and Amos was born human before turning Vampire.”



 “This is a lot for me to process… How… did Amos turn vampire? How did I turn vampire if I was turned into a human?”

“It’s cause of who you are. A Quasizen Vampire. You’re a very rare type of vampire. Vampires believe if they were to turn human, when they die they don’t come back as vampire. This is true if you’re a normal vampire. A Quasizen vampire is pretty much immortal. You can never truly die. You died as a human, that’s why you’re a vampire now. You returned to your original state, vampire. However since dying as a human, it would take years for you to return to your original form. And because of that… your memory was erased but it can be restore, it will take time of course.”

“Wow… this is crazy.. It’s almost hard to believe. But tell me about my family, my wife and the family who took me. Were they bad people?”

“Ah…the Montigos.. They weren’t bad people.. They actually raised you well.”

“Then why did they take me?”

“You see the Montigos were having a time conceiving a child of their own. They were able to have one child but was told they couldn’t have anymore. They seek out to adopt a baby. They met a guy during their visit to Bridgeport who promised them a special baby boy. The guy happen to be a friend of the family who we known well. The baby who he had promised was you. My father learned about his plans to steal you from my brother after you were born but my father Magnus killed him. The Montigos learned about the death of the guy they were devastated cause they wouldn’t get the baby they were promised. They became desperate of having another child and got information on your location. They hired someone to abduct you but something went wrong. The man walked in on a late night feeding and had no choice to attack your birth mother Felicia. The beating was so severe and Felicia was suffering from a rare illness… She wasn’t able to heal on her own and her vampire life was ending. Malachi had no choice but to turn her human to save her. Felicia was turned human but Malachi couldn’t love her as a human and left her.”

“That sounds awful about my real mom.. They should of let me be with my real family.”

“Sakura Montigo had every much right to have you as well as Felicia and Malachi.”

“What do you mean?”



“Felicia later confessed to me about something that my own brother still doesn’t know about. “

“What could that be?”

“It’s hard for vampires to conceive children. Many resulted to raping a human female and erasing her memory of the attack. Once the human gives birth to the baby, the father returns to kidnaps his child. As for females, they seduce a human male then erase his memory of the encounter. Later in the years a human-vampire surrogate mother service was open to prevent the rapes and baby abductions. They later learned about how unique vampire DNA was. They would take a egg from the vampire mother and a sperm from the vampire father and fertilize it. Then they implant the fertilize egg into the human host to insure the baby conceives. As the baby grows, he or she adsorbs DNA from the human host. The child is born with biological parents. They later discover if a human egg is placed in a vampire female, she’s likely to conceive and carry the baby herself. Her DNA fuses with the human egg and the child is biologically hers.”

“So what are you saying?”

“Felicia confessed to me before her wedding with Malachi, she had a human egg implanted in her. We were overjoy when we learned Felicia got pregnant on the first try. After you were taken, Felicia then told me about the human egg she used. I worked as a scientist in the lab of the surrogacy service. I later discover who’s egg Felicia had used. The egg belonged to Sakura Montigo. For reasons unknown, I don’t know how Sakura’s egg ended up in Bridgeport. The one who implanted this egg in Felicia was the same one who promised the Montigos a baby. I found it ironic Sakura ended up raising her own biological child. But then I again, I believe this was planned by him. He’s dead now so we’ll never know.”



“You’re saying I have 3 birth parents? This sounds so far fetch! How do you expect me to believe this?”

“I know it sounds that way but trust me it’s real. I want you to know about your past before I restore your memory. You nothing of this before your death.”

“I’m a immortal vampire who can’t die unless I’m turned human.. But I’ll just come back as a vampire with no memory? I don’t believe this shit.”

“Give it time to take in this information. I do have books on this if you would like to see for yourself. Unlike me, you’re able to walk in the sunlight without being weaken. You’re a special kind of vampire.. Malachi doesn’t even know. He went bat crazy and M.I.A. after you were taken. He’s been searching for you for years. He learned that you were here and watched you from a far. He killed the Montigos.”

“Why? Killing them won’t solve anything. Couldn’t he just reconnect with me?”

“Malachi turned crazy over the years.. He thought process is fucked up. Killing them would even the score in his mind after having to turn Felicia turn human. Felicia is dead in his eyes. He thought if he killed them, then he would reconnect with you.. But of course he’s crazy and became fixated on your wife, Cira.”

“Tell me about my wife.”

“I don’t know much of Cira but you and her were in love until Malachi took her. Malachi was blinded by his lust for Cira and decided he wanted nothing from you since you were human. Malachi set out to have the perfect vampire baby and picked Cira as his host. There’s something about Cira that made her different from humans and it made Malachi wild.”

“What is it?”



“That.. I don’t know..”

“What about my kids?”

“You have 2 girls, Nyx and Nina. You also have 2 boys, Amos and Niro. Niro is your youngest. As far as personalities . I can’t say.. I haven’t been following them around as I am busy with my own thing.”

“Please help me get my memory so I can return to my wife and kids!”

“I will in due time but it’s going to take a while. Right now you need to rest and I have to train you.”

“Train me?”

“You’re a vampire.. All vampires need training before setting out in the world. You’ll gonna have urges that you need to learn how to control.”

“I’m ready now!”

“We will start training and restore soon but you need rest.”

“Fine.. but I’m so hungry..”

“Come with me.. You haven’t ate in years, I think you’re due for a meal. Follow me.”



Malix sat at the dining table and waited for Taurus to return with his meal. “Here you go. I’m not sure which blood type you like. This try type B.” Said Taurus as he hands Malix a bottle of plasma fruit juice. Malix grabs the bottle and takes a sip, “Hmm.. not bad.” Taurus smiles, “I’m glad you like it.. I have type A and O if you want to try those. I don’t have any type AB, those are hard to come by. And for desert  I have some Fae plasma if you want to try.”

Malix finishes his bottle, “Yes please! I’m starving!” Taurus smiles and fetches a few more bottles for Malix to drink. “You have our Lex appetite alright.” Chuckles Taurus. “I’m a Lex?” Asked Malix. “Technically.. You’re also a Montigo since Sakura married Santiago.” Said Taurus. Malix pauses for a few moments. “Do I have any brothers and sisters?” Asked Malix. Taurus sets down his drink, “Yes.. Sakura and Santiago had Matius before you and had a little girl named Lei after you. Felicia had 2 daughters, Collette and Alexia.” Malix finishes his bottle and grabs his third, “What about Malachi?” Taurus sat back in his chair and sighed, he knew Malachi may already gotten Cira pregnant but wasn’t too sure about it.

“I do know of one.. Alexia. Malachi hoped to create another perfect vampire with Felicia even she was human now.. However Alexia was born a girl and Malachi rejected her.. Felicia has no idea that Malachi is Alexia’s father. He erased the memory of their encounter..” Said Taurus. “I would like to meet Felicia.” Requested Malix. Taurus finishes his drink and smiles.. “You will soon.”



It was near dawn it was time for Taurus to retired for the night. Malix found himself feeling drained after filling his belly. “Your room is where you found your clothes in.” Said Taurus as he yawned. Malix nods his head and returns to his new room. Malix relaxes for a little bit thinking about everything his uncle had told him. “I think I can trust him.. I hope he can restore my memory.” Said Malix before drifting off into his silent slumber as the sun rises.



Montigo Tango: Chapter 29, Birth of Torq Lex

Months earlier….

With Niro following Jade to Malachi’s house, Malachi knew there was no way he could keep Niro locked up without Cira noticing. Malachi then decided to glamour Cira by telling her that Niro was here to live with them as a family cause Malix had left with Nyx and Nina. With Cira under another spell of Malachi, she now believes Niro is living there with them. Since Niro is just a child, Malachi can’t risk glamouring Niro fearing the process could possibly harm his fragile mind. Niro being a mere child, Malachi knew it would be easy to convince him to staying and not saying a word to anyone.



Malachi carefully unlocks the cell room that once held Cira. Niro cowering in the corner looks up to see Malachi now standing in the room. “Who.. who are you?” Asked Niro as his bottom lip trembles in fear. Malachi smiles at a frighten Niro, “Calm down my boy.. You don’t need to be afraid of me. My name is Malachi Lex, I’m your real Grandfather.” Niro focus his teary red eyes on Malachi’s face and notices he looks similar to his father Malix. “You are? But why am I locked in this room? It’s very cold in here…” Said Niro with child like innocence in his tone.  Malachi reaches his hand out to help pull up Niro from the cold cement floor.

“I’m sorry about that son, you see that door gets stuck sometimes.”

“Where’s my Mommy? I know she’s here.”

“She’s waiting for you.”

“I wanna see her!”

“You will but I must tell you something first.”


“Your mother is staying here with me and she wants you to stay with us.”

“My daddy said mommy was kidnapped.”

“I know but she wasn’t really kidnapped. She ran away and she came to me.”

“But why? Mommy loves daddy. My daddy was sad when mommy was missing.”

“It was all a act.. Your daddy was hurting mommy so she ran away. I saved your mommy from your daddy. He was a mean man.”

“My daddy was hurting mommy?”

“Yes, son.”

“I’m confused..”

“I know son, but now you can stay here but you can never leave this house. Some other bad people are after your mommy too and they want to hurt her. But promise me you won’t say any of this to your mommy. It would upset her, she doesn’t want you to know about this. Okay son?”

“Okay.. I promise but what about school?”

“We will home school you. Want to see mommy now?”




Malachi opens the door and Niro races towards Cira with his arms up in the air. “Mommy!” Shouts Niro as he hugs his mother tight. Cira was in tears as she holds her son for the first time in years. “I’ve missed you so much!” Cried Cira. “Me too mommy!” Said Niro as he pulls away from Cira. Cira ruffle her fingers in Niro’s hair, “You’ve gotten so big.. You’re looking more like your Dad.” Niro smiles be remains silent when he glances over to Malachi who stood still behind them. “I will get you a sleeping bag for you to sleep in until I have that old room fixed for you, Niro.” Said Malachi. Niro nods and Cira heads to the kitchen to fix something for Niro to eat.

Malachi walks into his room with his phone in hand. He then dials Jade’s number and waits for her to answer.

Hello Malachi.”

“You listen here.. You get whatever money you can get from Matius and have this room fixed up for a kid since this is your fault!”

“Okay..fine.. He’s out of town but I’ll see what I can do.”

You’ll see what you could do? You will do what I say, cunt! I need that room expanded and kid friendly now!”

“Okay, okay. I will get you the money and have my people fix the room up for you.. But what do I say when Matius returns?”

“Not my problem!”

Malachi quickly hangs up on Jade.



As Malachi gets Niro settle in for the night Amos returns home with a pink haired teenage female. “Malachi.. we have a little problem here..” Said Amos. Malachi turns around and fixate his eyes on the teen. “What is she doing here?” Growled Malachi as he motions Cira and Niro to leave the room. “I’m sorry but I didn’t know what to do.. I had to bring her with me.” Said Amos trying to act brave to Malachi in front of the girl. “Chillax Gramps!” Scoffed the girl as she rolled her eyes at Malachi. “I don’t care.. What did you bring her here?!” Snapped Malachi. “Her mother went missing.. And she drank her care taker dry.. She needs training so I brought her with me. I figure it would be okay.. She’s my daughter.. I missed most of her life already..” Said Amos with a little emotion in his tone. “Oh how heart warming… You suddenly wanna be a daddy? The child goes back! We don’t have room for her.” Scoffed Malachi. Amos made a step towards Malachi, “I’m not taking Amaya back! She has no one in Bridgeport !” Malachi took a step back and laughed, “Getting bold in front of your kid, now? Touching.”



Amaya stomps her down and made a step towards Malachi, “Why are you such a douche! Some loving  Great-Grandfather you are!” Malachi raises his hand up as he were to slap his great-granddaughter Amaya but Malachi saw a glimpse of Amos and decided to back off. “Watch your mouth little girl! I can change my mind and send you both out into the streets! Try having to find a special source of blood to feed you both on your own!” Shouted Malachi. Amaya frowns her face up, “What do you mean?!”

Malachi started to laugh with a sinister tone, “You carry the same illness as your father. You and him both need a special source of blood to feed on. Fae blood. I had Fae blood shipped to your home back in Bridgeport and here once I had no use of Jade. That wasn’t regular plasma juice that you were drinking all these years. So yes I am that loving great-grandfather!” Amaya rolled her and scoffs at Malachi. “You best start behaving around here. Since you’re now staying here, you’re not allow to leave this house ever.” Said Malachi. Amaya stomps her foot down, “And why the fuck not?!” Malachi growls at Amaya, “Cause I said so! Vampires are illegal in Lucky Palms but were in the outskirts, were fine but I still don’t want you to leave this house! Do you hear me?!” Amaya rolls her eyes as she folds her arms, “Whatever..”



Niro didn’t want to sleep in the sleeping bag and asked if he could just sleep on the bed. Malachi allows it and Cira asked Niro if he like a bedtime story. “Of course mommy, I’m not too old for bedtime stories.” Smiled Niro. Niro gets comfort as Cira picks out a book for Niro. Cira read Niro a story until he fell asleep.

Cira watches her youngest child snooze away before giving him a goodnight kiss. Cira took a moment to remember when Niro was just a tiny infant and thinking about her daughters Nyx and Nina when they were little. Cira misses her daughters dearly but doesn’t understand why doesn’t she just leave. She has this uncontrollable desire to stay near Malachi. Cira doesn’t think much of Malix anymore as she still doesn’t know about his death. Cira struggles off the odd thoughts and returns to Malachi’s side.



“It’s time.” Said Malachi as he makes his way towards Cira. “Time for what?” Asked Cira. Malachi smiles and bites down on Cira’s neck before drinking Cira’s warm blood flowing from Malachi’s puncture made from his fangs. “Our baby. You’re ready.” Smiled Malachi. Cira didn’t say anything for a moment. “A baby?” Smiled Cira. “Yes my love, a baby.” Said Malachi as he holds Cira against him. Cira liked the thought of having a baby after seeing how much Niro had grown up. She felt that Niro would like being a big brother, she missed holding her 3 of her 4 kids as babies. “Let’s have our baby then.” Smiled Cira.

Malachi slowly undressed Cira which was odd of him. Malachi usually gets straight to business but Malachi wanted to take his time with Cira. Cira knew it was odd of him but didn’t say anything about it. It wasn’t long until they were both undressed and on the bed. Malachi mounted Cira on top f him and they loved the night away.



Months had passed and Cira watches Niro play outside in his new sandbox along with his niece Amaya. Cira rubs her growing pregnant belly. Niro looks up at his mother with a smile. “Is the baby a boy or girl?” Asked Niro. Cira rubs her belly once more, “It’s a boy. You’re gonna have a little brother.” Niro smiled with delight of the thought of him having a little brother. “I’m gonna have a little brother?! Cool!” Smiled Niro.



Cira smiled for a little but then frowned as she thought about her twin daughters whom she haven’t seen in years. She’s confused of why they never made a visit to see her or Niro. Cira doesn’t realized that she was abducted many years ago. Niro had kept Malachi’s promise by not telling Cira of what Malachi had told him. Niro felt if he did, then he wouldn’t see his mother again. The thought of running to the police haven’t crossed Niro’s mind yet. Cira told Niro to stay in the yard before returning inside.



Amaya scoffs as Niro plays in the sand. “Why haven’t you ran off to the police to tell them you and your mom was kidnapped?” Asked Amaya. Niro turns his head back and smiles, “Cause were weren’t. Mommy is hiding from the bad people.” Amaya laughed with sarcasm, “Hiding from the bad people? We are the bad people!” Niro rolled his eyes at Amaya, “Malachi said you’re a liar and I shouldn’t listen to anything that you say.” Amaya threw her arms up, “I’m the liar? Go figure! I hate that guy and you’re a idiot for believing him!” Niro remained quiet played in the sand.

Amaya stands up and furiously brushes the sand off from her bottom. “I’m leaving. I’ll be back in a bit. Tell no one.” Said Amaya. “But Malachi said we aren’t allow to leave. The bad people are looking for us!” Shouted Niro. Amaya laughs at Niro, “You’re such a loser. You listen to everything Malachi says? Don’t be such a goody good. I’m out, loser!” Amaya walked off as Niro watches her. Niro shakes his head, “She’s gonna get in trouble.”



Cira’s pregnancy was near it’s end and Malachi listens to his unborn son move around in Cira’s womb. “He’s gonna be a fine boy.” Smiled Malachi as he still hold his ear on Cira’s belly. “I can’t wait to meet him. What are we going to name him?” Asked Cira. Malachi lifts up and a grin forms on his face, “Torq. Torq Lex.” Cira wasn’t too keen on the name but she could see that name made Malachi very happy. “Nice.” Lied Cira.


One morning Cira woke in unbearable pain. She doesn’t think she ever been in this much pain with her other children. Cira arises from bed and waddles towards the kitchen. Cira was half way until she felt a warm gush of liquid flow down her legs. Cira looks down to find herself standing in a puddle. “My water just broke..” Mumble Cira before a sharp pain went across her abdomen. “Malachi! It’s time!” Shouted Cira. Malachi jumps from his bed and races to Cira’s side. It was only a few minutes until Cira and Malachi welcome a little baby into the world. Cira was amazed by how fast delivery of her now youngest child was. Cira wraps her tiny and wet baby in a blue blanket that was laying near. “Welcome to the world little, Torq.” Smiled Cira as she holds her newest addition.



Bonus Shot:

Torq as a toddler


Montigo Tango: Chapter 28, Tried for your love

A few months had flown by and Ming’s pregnant continues to grow. Ming’s worse fears were confirmed when she learned her due date, her child with Matius was conceived after their trip to Sunlit Tides. Ming spent many hours on the phone with Adam but didn’t dare to tell him about her pregnancy. She knew she wouldn’t be able to hide it much longer but she was waiting for the right time to tell him.

One day the doorbell rang, Ming who is 6 months pregnant waddles over to the door to answer. Without peeking out the window, Ming flung the door open to her surprise it was Adam. Adam stood there with a smile across as he gazes at Ming’s face of shock. “Hello beautiful.” Smiled Adam. Ming leaped into Adam’s arms, “I didn’t know you were coming!” Adam holds Ming tightly, “I wanted to surprise you.” Ming invites Adam into the mansion.

Adam takes a quick look his surroundings and zeros on Ming’s growing belly. “I guess that’s a result of your “pretend” marriage with Matius back in Sunlit Tides?” Asked Adam as he points at Ming’s belly. Ming just realized that she haven’t told Adam about her pregnancy yet and started to panicked a little. “..Uh..yes.. This was the result..” Lied Ming nervously. Adam grew quiet and just smiles at Ming. “This doesn’t change anything… Does it?” Asked Ming as she lowers her head down. Adam takes a step towards Ming and places her palm against Ming’s warm cheek, “Of course not, I love you Ming. This happen before I came into the picture.” Ming nervously smiles and nobs her head. “How long are you in town for?” Asked Ming. Adam wraps his arms around Ming, “I’m staying.” A smile grew across Ming’s face and she hugs Adam.



Ming and Adam embraced each other until Matius enter the room. “Hey Matius, You remember Adam right?” Asked Ming. Matius rolled his eyes at Adam, “Yeah. I remember him.” Adam said nothing as he could tell that Matius wasn’t happy to see him there with Ming. “Do you mind that he stay here until his place is ready?” Asked Ming. Matius scoffs, “I guess so.” Ming could tell by Matius’ tone that he wasn’t pleased about Adam’s presence at the mansion.



Matius walks away from Ming and Adam but stays in the room with them. Matius watches Ming and Adam chat and kiss from a distance. Matius’ heart filled up with hurt as he watches his love with Adam. Matius couldn’t say anything but watch them together. Adam had went to grab his bags and Ming notices Matius lurking in the back of the room.

“Are you okay?”

“Sure, I enjoy watching the woman that I love and who is carrying my child love on another man…”

“I’m sorry Matius but we talked about this for the past few months… I don’t have the same feelings for you like I use to..”

“I just wish you gave it a try.. I tried for your love..”

“Sorry… I’m really am… I just hope one day that you’ll find the right woman for you..”

“I had… I found her..”

“Matius… it’s not me.. I’m sorry.”

“But.. I love you..”

“I know. I love Adam now…”

Adam enters back into the mansion with all his bags in hand, “So where do I put my stuff at?” Ming steps away from Matius and heads towards Adam. “Follow me.” Said Ming as she lead Adam upstairs to her bedroom. Matius remains quiet and later heads to Montigo Palms.



Matius spent the night drinking away at Montigo Palms along with a lady seem to fancy him a little. Matius engaged a small conversation with her before bring her home with him. Once they enter his bedroom, the clothes went off before Matius even knew this lady’s name. A broken heart Matius didn’t care at this point, he didn’t care what her name was. Matius was on a mission to forget about Ming by filling his stomach with mixed drinks and killing off time with random sex like he did before meeting Ming. As for the mystery girl, she didn’t seem to care with her drunken state. All she knew Matius is a Montigo and very attractive.

After Matius beds her, they stumble over to his bed and slept the night away.  Matius is trying to forget about Ming, it’s clear that he really isn’t as the female wears her hair just as Ming once did when they first met. Matius carefully selected this female to be his mate for the night but he wouldn’t admit that. Her dark braided hair and piercing blue eyes reminded him a lot of Ming with her braided light brown hair and piercing green eyes.



Ming spent her first night with Adam in her bedroom. Adam had stripped Ming down for this is his first time with Ming. Adam told Ming how much he wanted to enjoy her before having her. However it wasn’t long before they were both stripped down on top of Ming’s soft bed. Adam took his time kissing and caressing Ming.  He found it hard to avoid Ming’s pregnant belly as he caresses her. Ming doesn’t know how could Adam still want to be with her when she’s carrying her ex husband’s baby. Adam gave up on avoiding Ming’s belly and proceeded to kiss it. Ming smiles as she blushes red when Adam kisses her tummy. “I don’t care if this baby isn’t mines.. I would still love this child as they were my own.” Smiled Adam. This comment filled Ming’s heart of more love towards Adam as she embraces him with a sensual kiss. The 2 made love until they both grew tired.



The next morning after sending the teens off to school Ming came across the female who Matius had brought home the night before. “Good morning.” Greeted Ming. The female smiles and greeted her good morning before exiting and heading home. Ming wonder who could this woman be as she left in a hurry. Ming doesn’t understand how could Matius declare his love for her and then have another female spend the night with him. Ming tried to struggle off the thought but found herself confused and curious.



“Who was the girl that I saw leaving?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m just curious..”

“Just mind your business. If I wanna bring home a random girl to fuck, that’s my business.”

“Random girl? Did you even know her?”

“Nah.. Didn’t bother to catch her name.. But I don’t give a fuck now.”

“You didn’t know her name? Are you having a relapse?”

“Relapse? No! My sex addiction was cured! Just cause I fucked one girl doesn’t mean I had a relapse!”

“I’m sorry.. I’m just looking at out for you.”

“I don’t need a babysitter! Your only concern with me is that baby. We haven’t picked a name yet.”

“I’m sorry Matius.. I guess you’re right.. The doctor said the baby is a girl.”

“You can name her whatever.. I don’t care.”

“Matius, you should care.. I want you to have some input.”

“I named Rio, you can have this one.. I don’t care. I don’t care if Adam names her.. I just don’t care!”

“Matius! Stop! Just cause things didn’t work out for you and I doesn’t mean you can run around careless and  self destructive.”

“If you wanna know about that girl so bad.. I’ve slept with her and I hope I got her pregnant so she’ll marry me like you did and I can forget about you!”

“That’s not a smart thing to do.. You want to give her a baby so she’ll marry you? If she decided not to marry or worse.. Have a abortion or give the baby up.. Then what? At least get to know this girl… She seems nice.”

Matius became quiet and thought about what Ming had said. There’s no guaranteed he would have the same results with the new girl like he did with Ming if she fell pregnant with his child. Deep down inside Matius knew Ming was right.

“You’re right.. That wasn’t very smart of me… I’m just hurt.. I don’t like seeing you with Adam.”

“Do you want him to stay somewhere else?”

“No.. He can stay.. If having him here makes you happy… Then I’m happy for you..”

“Thank you Matius.. You should try to get to know the girl.. Give it a try.. Try for her love..”

“I think I will.. but what are we naming our baby?”

“I was thinking Madison.”

“Hmm… Madison Montigo… I like the sound of that.. Our baby has a name.”



A week had passed and Matius along with Azalea went to his old business school to sign Rio up for pre college classes. After he finish enrolling Rio in Matius spotted Jade in the classroom. It’s been months since he last seen Jade with them being divorced over 6 months ago. Jade hasn’t bother to see her own daughter since she left the house. Azalea’s first birthday is a week away and no word from Jade.

“Hi Jade.”


“How have you been?”

“Why do you care?”

“I’m just curious of what haven’t you bother to see your daughter.. Her birthday is next week.”

“Unless you plan to take me back.. I could careless about that brat.”

“How can you say that? She’s your daughter.”

“I only had her so I could marry you. I was hoping she was yours but you can keep her.”

“You want me to keep her?”

“Yeah.. I don’t want her unless I have you.”

“I can’t believe this.. You don’t want her unless you can have me?”

“That’s correct.”

“You’re twisted in the head.. I’m glad our marriage is over..”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.. I sent papers out.. We are signing our rights over. You can adopt her.. Now get that abomination away from me.”

Matius was stunned and left speechless by Jade’s cold words regarding her own child. Azalea began to cry and Matius tries to comfort her. Jade scoffs, “That thing is your problem now.” Jade exits the room leaving Matius alone with a crying baby. Matius felt Jade’s words could of possibly hurt Azalea but she’s way too young to understand.



Under the night sky across town, Rio meets with a new girl who he saw at his school. Rio found himself intrigued by this new face. While he was about the leave the arcade room he happen to spot the mysterious new girl waiting outside for something. “You’re the new girl that I saw at school. My name is Rio Montigo.” Smiled Rio as he extends his hand out to the new girl. “That would be me.. My name is Janiya Erva. It’s nice to meet you Rio.” Smiled Janiya.



Montigo Tango: Chapter 27, Nothing at all

After a long flight from Sunlit Tides to Lucky Palms, Matius, Ming and Rio returned home. Ming and Rio went to go unpack while Matius was stopped by Jade. “How was your trip?” Asked Jade with a smile while she holds Azalea in her arms. Matius sighs and doesn’t answers Jade right away. Jade was confused why Matius was acting strangely towards her. Jade moves closer to him and reaches out but Matius pushes her hand a way. “What happen to your hair?” Asked Matius as he gives Jade a odd look. Jade rolls her eyes, “Nyx and her pranks. That girl gave me nothing but trouble since you were gone. She’s been asked to leave city since she flooded the school and they think she had something to do with the mayor’s wife being sent to the ER. She almost died.” Matius brow raised, “I left you alone for a few days with the kids and one is being asked to leave the city? How on earth did you allow all of this to happen? Where were you when all of this happen? Out with another guy paying for your services?” Jade was stunned by Matius’ last question, “What do you mean a guy paying for your services?”



“Don’t play dumb Jade, you know what I’m talking about!”

“Seriously, Matius! I don’t know about you’re talking about!”

“I know the rumors about you being a hooker is true!”

“You know people say shit about me all the time. It’s rubbish!”

“Ming saw you with your client..”

“You’re seriously believing your jealous ex wife over me?”

“Yes I am believing her over you. You’re a lying cunt!”

“Matius! Why would you say that about me? You love me!”

“I don’t love you… I never loved you. Your little witch spell tricked me into loving you. You really think your spell would last?”

“My witch spell?”

“Stop playing stupid, Jade! I know about everything about you! Your spell, your hooking and I know Azalea is not mines.”

“That’s not true! Azalea is your daughter!”

“Seriously Jade? Look at her.. She looks nothing like me.”

“She favors me more now. Azalea is your child!”

“She favors you and her real father. I had a DNA test done when she was born. She’s not mines and her DNA matched Donovan Steel’s.”



Jade became quiet not being able to say anything else with Matius telling her about the DNA test. The silence was cut short when Nina ran into the house in tears. “Niro! Niro is gone! He was never at his friend’s house! Jade you said he was staying with a friend!” Cried Nina. Matius grew even more mad once hearing that his only nephew went missing under Jade’s care. “I’ll handle this, Nina. I need to speak to Jade alone.” Said Matius calmly. Nina nods and runs to her room still in tears.

“Where is Niro?”

“I…I..I.. don’t know.. He said-“

“Stop lying to me! WHERE THE FUCK IS NIRO?!”

“I don’t know! I just don’t know! He went missing!”

“What! Missing? Have you reported it?!”

“No.. I got scared.. I didn’t know what to do.. I’m trying to deal with Nyx!”

“A 10 year old child goes missing and you don’t report it?!”

“I figure he was pulling a prank like Nyx.”

“I can’t believe you!”

Matius pulls his cell out of his pocket and calls 911. He reports Niro had gone missing a few days ago. After Matius gets off the phone with 911 and coldly stares Jade down. “You disgust me.”



Jade sets Azalea down and tries to touch Matius’ shoulder but he quickly jerks away. “Get away from me.” Growled Matius. Jade makes another attempt to comfort Matius. “I’m sorry Matty.. Is there anything that I can do?” Asked Jade. “Yes there is something that you can do… You can get the fuck out of my house and my life. I never want to see your face again.” Said Matius with coldness in his tone. Jade breaks down in tears, “What? You don’t mean that! Tell me that you don’t mean that.. I love you.. You love me..” Matius turns his back towards Jade. Jade drops to the ground in tears and sobs but Matius ignores her and doesn’t give in. “I hate you, Jade. I never felt that way about anyone in my life. I wished that I never met you.” Said Matius with his back still facing Jade. Jade began to sobs more and grabs onto Matius’ leg as he tries to walk away.

“Let go of me!” Shouted Matius. Jade grabs a hold of his leg tighter, “Matius please! I am sorry.. I am sorry about everything! Please… I beg of you.. I can fix this!” Matius kicks his leg away from Jade. “Get out.” Said Matius with a stern tone. “But.. where do I go? I have nothing to fall back on. You’re really kicking me and Azalea out?” Cried Jade. Matius picks up little Azalea, “No, just you. You’re not fit to raise this child and I can assure that the court with agree with me. Until you can get your shit together, Azalea can go back to you. ” Jade wipes her eyes, “I guess that’s fair.. but you’ll regret this…”



Jade lifts herself from the floor, she heads into the bedroom and packs her belongings. Without kissing Azalea good bye, Jade loads her bag into Donovan’s car. “I knew it was a matter of time before you’ll be running to me.” Said Donovan with a smirk. Jade tries to wipe away the dried up tears from her eyes, “He’s keeping our daughter until “I get my shit together”.” Donovan shuts the trunk of his car down, “Let him keep her, she’ll just be in the way. You know that I don’t kids, besides he always wanted a daughter and now he got one. She’s better off here.. You had no problem leaving your son with the last guy.” Jade smiles at Donovan and kisses him, “You’re right, she’ll be in the way.. Matius can keep her for all I care.. I only got pregnant so I could have him.. Azalea is worthless to me now.” Jade and Donovan loaded into the car and drove off.



Before Matius headed out to the police station to speak to the police about his missing nephew, he was stunned by Azalea. “Dada! Dada!” Said Azalea as she reaches her little arms up towards Matius. Matius knew he wasn’t his daughter and wasn’t sure what to say. He picks up Azalea and she hugs him, “Dada!” Matius kisses her on her forehead before handing her over to the butler. “You know you’ll be the only father that she’ll ever know.” Smiled Maranda as she takes Azalea from Matius. Matius said nothing but smiles slightly before dashing out the door.



Matius returns home and sits at his bar. He tries to collect his thoughts about Jade, Ming, Nyx being kicked out the city and his missing nephew. Matius is feeling defeated and doesn’t know what to do now. “What do I do now… I wish Malix was still alive..” Said Matius to himself quietly. Matius looks down to see that he’s still wearing his wedding band. Matius quickly removes it and throws it across the room. “Why didn’t I listen to Malix and Ming.. How could I be so blind… How did Jade cast a spell on me? How am I going to find Niro? What am I’m going to do with Nyx? This shit is too much..” Said Matius to himself. “Matius? Are you okay?” Asked Ming from behind.



Matius turns around to find Ming standing behind him. “No.. Niro is missing, Nyx is booted from the city and I’m divorcing Jade.. I just kicked her out.” Said Matius. Ming steps closer to Matius and places her hand on Matius’ shoulder, “Oh my.. What are you going to do about Nyx?” Matius shrugs his shoulder and gets up from the bar. “I just don’t know what do to anymore, Ming.  I wished that I listened to you and Malix about Jade. I should of never left her in the care of the kids.. What am I going to do?” Said Matius as he steps closer to Ming. Ming smiles and hugs Matius, “We will figure this out. You still have me.” Matius moves closer towards Ming and backs her into a wall, he cups Ming’s face with his hands.

“I’m sorry Ming… Why did I let you go..”

“It’s okay now..”

“No it’s not.. I can’t sit here and let you go again..”

“What do you mean?”


“Oh… but Matius-“

“Hear me out.. I’m still in love with you. It’s real, not no spell like Jade cast on me. This love is real.”

“I’m sorry Matius but I don’t feel the same way about you anymore… I have Adam now..”

“But without you Ming…. I have nothing at all. I just can’t let you go to Adam..”

“But Matius.. I can’t-“

“Shh Ming… Just kiss me.. just kiss me…”


“Let me love you… Let me still love you..”

Matius pulls Ming into his embrace and he places his lips on Ming’s. Matius  kisses Ming with great passion but Ming doesn’t try to fight away from him as guilt runs through her head. Once again Ming find herself unable to break away Matius’ embrace. She starts to think maybe she still have some lingering feelings for Matius. Matius takes their sweet embrace one step closer.



Matius kisses Ming her neck as she allows him to continue on. “Let me have you once more..” Whispered Matius into Ming’s ear. Matius pulls Ming away from the wall and runs his palms up and down Ming’s back, pulling her closer to his body. Soon Ming finds Matius undress her before undressing himself. Matius slowly sits on the ground while he pulls Ming down with him.  “Right here?” Asked Ming. Matius smiles at her, “Just sit on my lap” Ming looked down to see Matius’ exposed erection. Still having thoughts of guilt racing through her mind, Ming still couldn’t break away from Matius’ hold. “Ming..” Said Matius as he grabs Ming’s hand and slowly pulls her down onto his lap. Matius embraces Ming in his arms as he gently kisses on her neck. “I’m never going to let you go.” Whispered Matius into Ming’s ear.



As Matius and Ming made love on the floor, they were unaware that they were being watched by their son. Rio’s eyes grew wide as he watched his parents. “Um.. Mom…. Dad?” Said Rio nervously. Matius and Ming quickly turned their heads to find Rio standing there with a awkward look on his face. “Oh my gosh, Rio!” Shouted Ming as she quickly tries to cover herself. Rio’s cheeks flushed red as he quickly turns his back towards his parents. “Oh hey.. Rio.. What’s up?” Matius nervously chuckled. Rio remained silence for a few moments. “I just wanted to tell you that the police are waiting downstairs to take more info on Niro.” Said Rio. Matius and Ming quickly dressed themselves and met with the police downstairs.



The first night of Jade being away was hard for little 7 month old Azalea but Ming was there to comfort her. “It’s gonna be okay little Zalea, Matius and I are still here. Azalea quickly taken a liking towards Ming as she holds her. Ming smiles as she holds Azalea in her arms. “You know.. I wouldn’t mind having another one of you little ones. I know I said I only wanted Rio but I think I’m changing my mind. I know Adam…” Said Ming before pausing. “Adam…” Sighed Ming as she thinks about what her and Matius just did hours before.



Ming’s phone suddenly rings, she looks at her phone to see it’s Adam calling her. Ming still feeling guilty doesn’t know if she should answer his call or not.

“Hello, Adam.”

“Hey babe, how are you?”

“I’m good and you?”

“Good but I would be great if I was there with you. I miss you Ming.”

“I miss you too..”

“I put out a transfer so I should be moving to Lucky Palms in a few months.”

“That’s great.. I can’t wait to see you again.”

“Me too, hun but I have to go now. I’m on break. I love you, Ming.”

“I love you too.”

Ming hangs up and sighs, “Zalea, I feel bad… I did a bad thing with your step father… If Adam knew what just happen… he would have nothing to do with me..” Said Ming to Azalea.



In the morning Matius made a call to his cousin Ramiro to see if he would still take in Nyx.

“Hey Miro, I was wondering would you still take in Nyx.. She got into some trouble.”

“Sure, but what happen?”

“She flooded the school and almost killed the mayor’s wife…”

“Oh wow… “

“Are you going to change your mind?”

“No, a promise is a promise. I would be glad to take in Nyx but only if I can send her something first.”


“There’s a horse riding school called Bloomsville’s Equesterian Centre in Appaloosa Plains. I think that place would be good for Nyx, sounds like she has some anger problems.”

“That sounds like a good idea.. How much in enrollment?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover it.. That’s what family is for.”

“Thanks Ramiro, you’re a saint.”

“Anytime, cousin.”

After hanging up with Ramiro, Matius sat Nyx down and told her about sending her to the riding school and then to Sunset Valley to live with Ramiro in a few months. Nyx didn’t put up a fight and remained silent. Matius felt that was too easy.



A few weeks had gone by and Ming finds herself not feeling so well. Ming figure it was just food poison but the sickness continue on for a few more weeks. Ming had discovered that her cycle is awfully late. Ming starts to fear that she’s pregnant.



As for Matius, he return to Montigo Palms working behind the bar. He soon had his marriage with Jade annulled and wanted to pretend that their marriage didn’t happen. The news didn’t sit well with Jade as she tries to plead with Matius to take her back. Matius ignores her and carries on with his life. Ming and Matius haven’t really talked since they last made love, Ming tries her best to avoid Matius while he remains busy at the club.



The teens all relax in the hot tub and Nyx announces Matius’ plans for her.  “My first stop is to Bloomsville’s Equesterian Centre in Appaloosa Plains.. Some riding school. He said it will be good for me.. I needed to work out my issues before I go to my new home.. I guess.” Said Nyx. This news didn’t sit well with Nina. “You’re leaving? You can’t… I’ll be lonely.. Mom and Dad are dead.. Niro is missing..” Cried Nina. Nyx tries to comfort her twin, “Don’t be silly, you still have uncle, Ming, Rio and Lei. Remember them?” Nina nods her head, “You know what I mean…” Nyx smiles a little, “Uncle, Lei and Rio is still family… even Ming.” Nina smiles, “You’re right.. I’m just gonna miss you.”



Ming enjoins Matius as he finishes his breakfast.

“Where you been this morning?”

“At the doctor…”

“It’s everything okay?”

“Yes.. I’m pregnant.”

“What? Pregnant? Is the baby mines?”

“Yes.. Adam and I haven’t slept together yet..”

“Well this is a sign.”

“What do you mean?”

“We should be together.. for our baby.”

“Matius… you know I can’t.. I’m with Adam now.”

“You weren’t with him when you were with me a few weeks ago.. when we made this baby..”

“I’m pretty sure I got pregnant in Sunlit Tides… I’ll find out once they know the due date for sure.. But this.. It have to stop Matius. I want to be with Adam.. It’s not gonna work between us.”

“We can at least try..”

“Remember when I wanted to try?”

“Yes but I was under that spell..”

“I know but you were right the first time.. It won’t work.. I’m sorry Matius.”



3 months had went by and Ming was starting to show. Ming could no longer hide her pregnancy from the kids. “You got a bun in the oven I see.” Smiled Nyx as she rubs Ming’s tummy. Ming smiles at Nyx, “Yes.. I’m pregnant. It’s your uncle’s.” Nyx chuckles a little, “I figure that.. Rio told us what he saw. Get a room! Wanna know the gender?” Ming was curious about the gender but didn’t think she could find out this early. “Sure.” Replied Ming. Nyx rubs Ming’s tummy once more, “It’s a girl.” A smile grew across Ming’s face, “A little girl? How do you know?” Nyx smiles at Ming, “It’s a vampire thing.”



Time has came for Nyx to head to Bloomsville Equesterian Centre before making her journey to Sunset Valley. Nyx told her family good bye before entering the cab. Nina took Nyx’s exit the hardest. “I’m sorry it has to be this way.. You can visit her once she settles in  Sunset Valley with Ramiro.” Said Matius as he tries to comfort his depressed niece.




3 Months earlier…

It was a warm night in the cemetery in Lucky Palms. The winds were calm and the night stood still. The dirt on the ground started to crumble as a hand unearths from the ground. As the moonlight glazes over the quiet cemetery another hand unearths before a head emerges from the ground. There’s been rumors of a zombie apocalypse but this is anything but. Soon a whole body arises from the warm ground. The figure grunts and coughs up dirt as it crawls near the headstone. Who is the figure? Someone that would recognize.



After being laid to rest for 8 years, Malix emerges from his grave. Malix sits up and brushes the dirt from his nude body as he coughs up more dirt. Malix looks up into the star full sky in amazement. He takes a glance at his glowing skin as his red eyes now glow in the night. “Where am I? …Who am I? … Why am I so thirty?” Said Malix in confusion. Malix has no memory of his previous life and sat alone  near his grave. “Finally.. You’re awake Malix.” Said a voice coming from behind Malix. Malix quickly turns around. “Is that my name?” Asked Malix. “Yes, your name is Malix Montigo.. Please come with me..” Said the dark figure lurking in the shadows. “Why do I feel so thirsty? What’s going on?” Asked Malix as he stood up. “It’s cause you’re back in your true form.” Said the dark figure. “My true form?” Asked Malix curiously. “Yes Malix… Your true form.. Vampire, a Quasizen Vampire.. not a average vampire but I’ll shall explain later.. Come with me, Malix.. You’ll catch your death out here.” Said the dark figure. Without any hesitation Malix follows his mysterious visitor.


Read  and see little glimpse of Nyx’s stay at Bloomsville Equesterian Centre in the Oh Lord Legacy with Luna Lord by Fruhurricane. Gen 5 chapters 8-12