Tango Inferno: Coming in 2 weeks!

Now that¬†University Life is out, Tango Inferno formerly known as Montigo Tango can restart! It’s been a while since I last worked on this story. Gen 1’s story has ended so now it’s time to start for Gen 2 with Rio and Niro being the main focus. Azalea, Madison and Tequila Sunrise from Party Montigo tags along for the ride.


Remember this guy? Rio is all grown up ūüôā


It will start out with Rio, now 25 and Niro who just turned 18 on their way to attend college to gain a degree in Business. After traveling to Simyoko with his step dad Adam Cho, Rio decided he wants to open his own Japanese¬†cuisine restaurant/Piano lounge. Rio enjoins playing the piano and is hoping that opening the¬†restaurant would get him in touch with his Japanese roots. But after watching his father Matius struggle to keep Montigo Palms open, Rio decided he he should attend college. Matius never finished his business classes at the community college which caused him to struggle for a while. Rio didn’t want to make the same mistakes as his father did and enrolled in Business even though he¬†prefers¬†a Fin Arts major since he has a love for playing the piano. Rio¬†convinces¬†his cousin Niro to attend college with him and added him as a¬†business¬†partner. Niro agrees and enrolls. Niro hopes the time away from Lucky Palms will help him with his¬†insecurities¬†of feeling that he doesn’t belong because his father Malix was kidnapped child and isn’t a biological Montigo. Their cousin Tequila Sunrise moves into and wants to be a part of Rio’s business. Tequila learns if she wants to have any ownership in Rio’s business, she must enroll in college too. Tequila has no interest in school and rather party than study. Tequila¬†reluctantly¬†attends college along with Rio and Niro. Janiya, Rio’s girlfriend enrolls in college too, she’s a ¬†Fine Arts major.


With Gen 2, they will have a lot challenges ahead of them as they live day by day. They would be in war with themselves, family and friends.

Rio wants to be in one with his Japanese roots but also has a commitment issue and fears marriage. After school, Janiya pushes for marriage and wants to start a family. When a new borderline racist cousin, Javier Montigo moves to Lucky Palms, he tries to force Rio to be in touch with his Colombian roots instead. Javier brings along a friend Daniella Dias who has a hidden agenda involving Rio.

Niro struggles with not feeling that he belongs in the family and has nightmares about his¬†biological¬†grandfather Malachi Lex though he has no memory of him. Niro hasn’t been the same since he¬†mysterious¬†returned home after being missing for a¬†several¬†years. Niro has no memory of his time with Malachi, Amos and his later mother Cira. Niro notice there’s something different about him, he learns that he’s a genie. Niro wants to know about his later mother Cira’s family in hopes of having a family where he belongs.

Azalea like Niro struggles of not feeling that she belongs in the Montigo. Matius had adopted as his daughter and Madison treats her like a sister but it’s not enough. Azalea wants to know what happen to her mother Jade but Matius keeps a tight lip about what happen. Azalea wants to meet her birth father but gets more than she¬†bargain¬†for.

Madison is pretty and she know it. Madison believes she can get through life with her good looks and sweet, bubbly personality but she’s later slapped with reality.

Tequila Sunrise would be the first Montigo from her side of the family to attend college, but will she succeed?




Montigo Tango: Chapter 35, In the end (Finale)

Malachi went to check on his son Torq but takes a closer look at him. He holds his son away from him but glares at him with a slight disgust in his face. “There’s nothing special about you. I felt Cira would born me the perfect vampire child. You’re nothing but a mere vampire . I spent all this time preparing her and this is what I get? I was foolish to believe she could conceive a¬†Quasizen.” Malachi growled.



Cira was starting to prepare dinner when Malachi stormed with Torq still in hand. “He’s worthless to me as you are too me!” Malachi shouted. Cira was confused by Malachi’s words and pulled away from the corner and question him about his comment. “He’s nothing but a average vampire! I wanted a¬†Quasizen! I sensed in your blood that it could be possible! I prepared you for years and it was a waste of my fucking time! You are a worthless bitch!” Shout Malachi. Cira flung her hands up fearing Malachi would try to strike her. She was still confuse about what he was talking about. Malachi turns away with Torq and heads to his room without saying another word. Cira watches him leave before returning to her task.



Malachi returns without Torq and strike Cira from behind. Malachi drags Cira away from the kitchen and pushes her down on the ground. “Bitch!” Malachi growls as he kicks at Cira as she remains on the ground. “What am I suppose to do now, Cira? What am I suppose to do?” Malachi demanded. Cira looks downs on the floor and starts to whimper a little. Malachi gazes down at Cira while he rubs on his chin. A devilish grin begin to grow across his face as he watch Cira¬†continue¬†to whimper. He remembers how he misses this side of her.



“Can we try again?” Said Cira softly. Malachi smirks before striking Cira across her face. “And risk you disappointing me again?! I think not! You had one chance and you fucked that.” Growled Malachi. Cira holds her cheek and cries softly, “I’m sorry. I’m really am. We can try again.. I can give you whatever you want. I can get you this Quasizen thing. ”



Malachi jumps on top Cira, pining her down and begans to choke her. “A¬†Quasizen isn’t a thing that you can just give me, you stupid bitch! You don’t have in it you! You can’t produce¬†Quasizen vampire! Now I have to get rid of you and that¬†abomination¬†that you gave birth to!” Malachi shouted. Cira struggles for air but he made Malachi’s hold even tighter. Malachi enjoyed watching Cira fight to breathe and gazes into her eyes. He felt that he could watch her life fade away in her eyes. “Mal..chi.. Plea..se.. I..ca..n’t… bre…athe..” Said Cira as she¬†gasped for air.


Amos enter the room and watched in horror as Malachi nearly chokes the life of Cira. For over the years, Amos has always remained loyal to Malachi and followed his lead. He saw Malachi as his only family. However recently, Amos grew some closeness to Cira. Amos is starting to see Cira as family although she is his birth mother. Many thoughts raced through his head as he watched Malachi tighten his hold on Cira’s throat. Amos knew he had no time to think. He had to act now.



“Enough Malachi! Leave her alone!” Shouted Amos. Malachi loosen his grip around Cira’s neck and quick sprung around to see Amos standing behind him. Malachi slowing clap his hands with a devilish smile on his face. “Look who decided to grow some balls.” Said Malachi as he slowly walks towards Amos. “I can’t stand by and let you keep doing this to her, Malachi. Enough is enough.” Said Amos calmly. Malachi steps closer towards him.



“Don’t tell me enough is enough! I decided when enough is enough!” Said Malachi as he grabs a hold of Amos throat and lifts him from the floor. “Malachi! Don’t hurt him!” Cried Cira. Malachi ignored Cira’s plea. “You forget that you are weak and sick. I can¬†easily snap you like a twig! After all I’ve done for you.. Kept you alive, you try to¬†define me? You think Cira is worth dying for? The bitch is worthless to us now.” Said Malachi with coldness in his tone. Amos tries to loosen Malachi’s grip, “She’s…. not.. a bitch! She’s my…mother!” ¬†Malachi grins, “Oh? You’re a momma’s boy now? Malachi throws Amos cross the room.


Amos head hit the kitchen table and blood began to flow from his head. Amaya rushes to his side and tries to stop his bleeding. “Malachi! Why?!” Shouted Amaya. “Don’t start with me child or you’re next.” Said Malachi. Amaya turns away and cradles Amos in her arms. “Dad, I’m gonna save you.. You can’t leave me.. You are all I have left.. Mom is dead.. I killed her.. I had no choice. I’m sorry daddy.” Amaya whispered. Amaya¬†desperately¬†¬†drags Amos out of the house.



Cira cradles young Torq in her arms as she hums to him a childhood nursery as Malachi awaits outside to door listening. Cira whispers to Torq, “We have to go. Daddy doesn’t want us anymore. We gotta find Niro and my daughters. We just gotta go. We’ll be okay little one.” Cira looks up to find the door flying open.



“You’re going no where!” Shouted Malachi before knocking Cira unto the floor. Torq fell along and began to cry. Malachi screams at the toddler,making the tot coward away in the corner. Malachi began to kick and stomp Cira as she laid on the ground. “You think you can just take off? I think not! This city believes you’re dead!” Shouted Malachi. Red in face and nearly out of stream, Malachi took a break and sat in the rocking chair. He watched Cira try to collect herself after his¬†assault. “The city thinks I’m dead?” Asked Cira softly. Malachi cuffed his hands together, “Yes, you’re dead¬†according¬†to Lucky Palms. Your husband Malix is dead after he found out. Remember him? Course not. My spell prevent your heart from loving him.” Said Malachi.

Cira’s eyes widen but something inside of her suddenly snapped, “Malix?! Malix is dead?! This can’t be! Malix! Get me out of here creep!” Cira¬†demanded. Malachi laughed with a sinister tone, “Just saying his name snapping you out? I missed this Cira. I can’t do that Cira. If Lucky Palms believes you’re dead, then I will make it so. You will join Malix and the kid will join you too.” Smirk Malachi. Cira jumped up and tried to attack Malachi but he quickly knocks her down. “Sweet Cira, you had forgotten that you can’t overpower me. You’re weak.” Malachi taunted.



Lurking outside, Jade had lead Malix to Malachi’s house. “This is it?” Asked Malix. Jade nods her head. “Malachi!” Shouted Malix. ¬†Jade tried to hide near a bush but stumbles across Amaya and Amos. “Who are you?” Asked Amaya as she cradles¬†unconscious Amos in her arms. “Oh my gosh! What happen to Amos? Quick! Give him my blood!” Said Jade as she reaches her arm out. Amaya takes a quick sniff and pushes her arm away, “Your blood is¬†poisoned! Get away from us!” Jade steps away from Amaya and Amos.



Malachi heard his name being called and heads outside. Cira follows closely behind him without making a sound. Malachi takes a look at Malix but doesn’t¬†recognize¬†him at first. “Who are you? What do you want?” Malachi asked. Malix steps closer but remains silent.



Malachi’s eyes widen in¬†disbelief and found himself stumbling over his words. “How is this possible? You died! You’re a vampire now? But… how? How the fuck? How?!” Said Malachi. Malix exposed his pointy white fangs, “Anything is possible when you’re a¬†¬†Quasizen..” Malachi was stunned but Malix’s statement. He didn’t think it was possible that Malix is a¬†Quasizen and how did he not know this. He tried to figure out how couldn’t sense this at Malix’s birth. Malachi and Felicia kept Malix until he was 2 months old before he was kidnapped. “Why didn’t I sense this at birth? You’re a¬†Quasizen! This is explains Alexia.. and Torq.. Mere vampires.. I had one shot at this. Taurus knew of this!” Growled Malachi.



“I don’t care about your senseless blabbing! Where is my wife?!”

“Inside! You can take back the worthless bitch!”

Malix knees Malachi in the stomach followed by kicks, stomps and punches to the faces.

“Don’t you ever call my wife that you piece of shit!” Shouted Malix. ¬†Malix pulls himself off from Malachi allow him to collect himself. Malachi coughs up blood and began laugh¬†sinisterly. “You’re strong. But that doesn’t matter, I’m older. You’re still a baby vamp.”



Malachi punches Malix in the face knocking him unto the ground. Malachi showers Malix with more punches and kicks towards his head and stomach. “When I was fucking your wife. She was calling my name!” Malachi taunted Malix as he assaulted Malix. Malachi pins Malix’s head down on the ground with his boot and slowly digs his boot in his face. “You may be a ol’ mighty¬†Quasizen, but I got years over you, pup. You been dead for years. You’re still weak. You’re as weak as you dying son over there in the bushes. Give it up son.” Laughed Malachi.



Malix slowly lifts up while Malachi still had his foot on his head. Malix jumps up and it causes Malachi to fall over. Malix quickly grabs Malachi’s neck and lifts him up. Malix slowly tightens his grip around Malachi’s neck and began to choke Malachi. “You took away the only 2 parents who ever loved me. Then you took away my wife. Why?” Asked Malix as he remain grip on Malachi’s throat. “They took you from me… Your mother and I were happy to learn we were gonna have a baby. They took you. They turn you human. They almost killed your mother.. I had to kill them.” Said Malachi as he struggle for air. “Then why take Cira?” Asked Malix. “I thought ….she could give me a¬†Quasizen. I sense it. ….in her blood. I was wrong…” Said Malachi. Amaya watched Jade enter the house with a gun in hand and spoke up. “Jade has a gun! She’s in the house!’ Amaya alerted.



“You! It’s you’re fault for everything in these past years! I’m tired of everything! You got me¬†poison¬†in my blood that can kill me! I’m gonna end this now cause I’m tired of your shit Cira!”



“Jade! You don’t want to do this! I’m not the one who is doing this shit to you! I’m not the one who you should be pointing the gun at! I have little baby, Jade! Please Don’t! Please Don-……”




With a pull of a trigger, Cira was shot down before she was able to finish her sentence. Jade stood over Cira’s lifeless body and watched the blood flow from her body. “I’m done. If I’m gonna die. I’m taking you with me, Cira.” Laughed Jade.




In a blink of eye, Jade looks down to find Malix is holding her heart in his hand. “If you would of waited, I could of healed you.. Fucking bitch!” Shouted Malix. “Fuck you, Malix… I should of went after you… We could of had a good time together.” Laughed Jade.



Malix pulled his arm Jade’s body, she goes limp falling into the ground. Warm blood gushing out surrounding her lifeless remains, Malix kicks her out the way to reach Cira who appears lifeless as well.




Malix elevates upper body from the ground and Cira make some kind of movement. “Cira? You’re gonna be okay. I’m here now.” Cried Malix. Cira let out a few moans and mumbles. Malix holds Cira close to him and kisses her forehead. “Stay with me Cira.. I can’t lose you..again.” Cried Malix.




While Malix attends to Cira, a fire was set to the home while the remained inside along with young Torq.




Before setting fire Malachi make sure he knocked Amaya out so she couldn’t warn Malix and Cira of him setting the place on the fire. He knew the fire would kill Malix, but it would kill Cira and Torq. After setting his own on fire. Malachi set out to left the Lucky Palms area for good as there was no point of him staying. It’s unknown of where Malachi Lex had taken off to. Any clue Malachi had would of went up in flames in his home which he set fire to.




The Lex was burning, and it was burning quick. It wasn’t long before the fire had reached the nursery where Malix, Cira and Torq were. Malix knew the fire won’t harm him but he needed to save Cira who was slowing dying and little Torq. Torq cried as the smoke started to filled the room. Malix had no time to think, he had to act now with no time to spare.




Amaya woken up to find her home engulfed in flames. Amaya looked around and noticed she didn’t see Cira or Torq. She feared for the worse and cried out their names but no avail. “No! No! They still can’t be in the house! No! Cira! Cira! Where are!” Cried Amaya.




Amaya watched¬†continued¬†in horror as the house burned down. She cried over Amos who was slowly healing from his wounds. “Daddy! I think Cira and Torq are still inside! The house is on fire! Daddy! Please wake up!” Cried Amaya.




Malix busted out a window then pulling out Cira, then he carefully pulls out Torq from his crib. Holding both Torq and Cira, Malix carries them towards the front of the house. Amaya jumps from Amos side, she grabs Torq and cries, “Thank you!” Malix smiles, “I would never leave my wife behind, I’m your grandfather Malix.”




Malix set Cira down and notices she isn’t doing to well. “Cira, you’re getting cold.. Stay with me.” Whispered Malix. “Malix.. I’m.. I’m.. dy..ing..” Mumble Cira. Malix holds Cira tighter, “No! I’m gonna save you! I can turn you.. Stay with me Cira! I can’t lose you!” ¬†“Malix.. No..” Cira said softly. “Please Cira.. Let me turn you.. I love you… I can’t lose when I just got you back.. Please Cira.. Let me turn you..” Cried Malix. ¬†“Malix, You can’t turn her. She’s too far gone. She’s lost too much blood. It wouldn’t work.” Said Taurus standing behind them. “I’m not trying to hear this.. There’s have to be another way… I can’t lose her!” Cried Malix. Taurus places his palms on Malix’s shoulder, “I’m sorry Malix, there’s no other way.” Malix holds Cira to his chest and cries, “Cira.. I can’t let you go.. I love you..”

“I love you..too… Malix..” Mumble Cira as she coughs up blood. “Malix, we need to get the others inside.” Said Taurus.




They arrived to Montigo Manor putting the others in shock. With no time to explain, Malix wanted lay Cira in their bed that they once shared years ago.




Malix gazes at Cira’s blue eyes that slowly started to lose it’s life and sparkle. Nina and Niro sat on the other side of the room as the watch the final moments of their mother’s life slip away. “Don’t leave me Cira.” Whispered Malix. Cira struggles to take Malix’s cold hand, “Malix.. promise me you’ll care for Torq like he was your own.” Malix nods his head and kisses Cira. Cira smiles and exhales. “I love you.” Cried Malix. Cira smiles and tightens her hold on Malix’s hand, “I’ll always love you forever, Malix.. Take care of our kids..” Cira took her final breath and her hold on Malix’s hand loosen. Malix let out a¬†mournful cry as he drapes himself over Cira’s cold body. Soon Nina and Niro join in with tear filled eyes. Taurus gave the rest of the household that Cira had passed on.

Within a few days Cira was laid to rest in a very private memorial service that was hosted in Montigo Manor.




It’s been weeks since Malachi’s attack and Amos is slowly healing. Niro has no memory of Amos but Amos remembers him. Amos is curious of why Niro has no memory of him but figure it may be another spell of Malachi’s. ¬†Things were explain and Niro knows Amos is his older brother. Niro would sometimes check in on Amos and see how he was feeling. Niro told him how he always wanted a older brother and was happy to have him around. Niro could sense Amos was a sickly vampire and had a offer for Amos.

“Does it suck having to have special diet?”

“Honestly… Yeah.. It’s harder to get my supply now without Malachi.. For once it would be nice to be a normal vampire.”

“I think I can help.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can heal you.”

“Heal me? Are you some kind of healer?”

“I’m not sure what I am.. But I know I can heal and restore. Let me help.”

“Only if you do that same for my daughter. My sickness passed down to her.”

“Sure. We are all family now.”

Niro clapped his hands and a cloud of purple smoke surrounded Amos’ body. Within a manner of seconds, Amos started to feel different. He felt strong, stronger than he ever been. Amos jumped out of bed and felt pumped up. “I feel.. I feel normal! Wow! You healed me!” Cheered Amos. Amos never felt happiness in his life and felt a little¬†overwhelm¬†and expressed his joy with Amaya who was soon healed as well.




With Amos now healed Malix knew it was time for them to leave, being a vampire within the city was dangerous. Matius had a feeling Montigo Manor was being watched by police. While Amos healed, the brothers used this time to caught up and had things explained. Matius hates that he now have to let his brother go once again.

“Where will you go now?”

“Bridgeport, bro. The city of my peoples.”

“Oh yeah? Fang city?”

“Yep, that’s where I was born. I’m going back to my roots.”

“I hate to see you go but you have to choice. Stupid laws.”

“You can come visit me. Maybe meet a nice vamp lady.”

“Ha ha ha. I got Cindy now. I’m good. I’ll miss you bro.”

“Me too, keep in touch.”

“Will do.”




The next night Malix loaded a car with a few bags taking Amos, Amaya, Torq and Nina to a 13 hour journey to¬†Bridgeport to start a new life as a vampire. Niro decided to stay behind cause he felt Lucky Palms was where he belonged. Niro didn’t wanted to be too far away from Cira’s grave.




As time passed on, Azalea and Madison grew into school aged girls and had many pillow fights and giggle over cute boys in class.




Matius and Cindy had a son named Miles. They were married but their marriage didn’t last long. After 3 months, Cindy was ready to call it quits, and left Montigo Manor. She left Miles behind.




Adam next his relationship to the next level by asking Ming to marry him. He asked for Matius’ blessing first, which he granted. Matius was Adam’s Best man their wedding.




Newly weds Adam and Ming soon had twins, Akito and Mya Cho. They were born a day a part of Miles.




After Matius’ third failed marriage, Matius decided to give it a rest and focus on raising his 3 young kids while helping Rio and Janiya in college. Matius¬†continues¬†manage Montigo Palms but ending up selling Cherrysicle. He hopes one day his family will regain ownership of Cherrysicle one day. His only hope is that Lei would return and take it back.




And that’s all folks! Stay tune for Gen 2! Tango Inferno!


Montigo Tango: Chapter 34, A night to remember

It was a bright sunny Saturday afternoon and Rio spent a few hours in front of the mirror. With freshly cut hair and his nice clothes laid out, Rio prepares himself for his first date with Janiya. Rio tried his best to calm his nerves and finding himself drinking a whole carton of orange juice. “You can do this. It’s just a little date.” Said Rio to himself. It was near time for his date and Rio dresses himself. Rio checks his phone to see if Janiya text him her address but instead Janiya text saying she’ll meet him at his place. Rio thought it was odd for Janiya not sending him her address so he could just put her up. Rio grew more curious about Janiya’s home life. Is she hiding something?

“Rio! Janiya is here.” Shouted Ming from downstairs. Rio finishes touching up his hair and head downstairs. Janiya wore a plain black dress with her black gothic lolita boots, in Rio’s eyes she was stunning. “You look very beautiful.” Said Rio as he smiles showing off his perfect white teeth. Janiya blushed and thanked him. “Shall we go?” Asked Rio as he held the front door open for Janiya. She nods and exits. Rio lead Janiya to his car and they headed off for their date.

“Where are we going?” Asked Janiya. Rio had a smug look on his face and turned to Janiya, “It’s a surprise.” Janiya’s eyes sparkle with delight once they reached their destination. “The art gallery! I’ve been waiting to see this place!” Cheered Janiya.


Like any gentleman Rio opens Janiya’s car door and lead her into the art gallery. Rio and Janiya told their time glancing and admiring some of the displayed art work. “I wish I could have my art in a place like this.” Said Janiya as she stared at a painting. “You could some day.” Smiled Rio. Janiya sighs and looks away, “I once did art before but now.. It’s not possible. I dreamed of going to a art school but that’s unlikely.. It’s just-” Janiya stops herself in mid¬†sentence. Rio could see some hurt in Janiya’s bright purple eyes, “It’s just what? Why you don’t think you could get into a art school?” Janiya turns towards Rio and looks him into his emerald green eyes, “Nothing.. It’s just nothing.. I’m just rambling about nothing.” Janiya’s behavior spikes some¬†curiosity in Rio, he knew something is bothering her. Rio decided not to put the issue and leads Janiya over to another painting.

Rio wasn’t sure what he was looking at. It was a purple painting that appeared to be either a flower or a eye but in Rio’s¬†immature¬†mind it looked like a female’s private part. Rio didn’t dare try to crack a joke about that fearing Janiya would be displeased by his comment. “This looks like a purple vag.” Said Janiya causally. The comment caught Rio by¬†surprise, he could do nothing but laugh along with Janiya. “I know you were thinking the same down. You don’t gotta be all proper ya know. You’re a 16 year old boy with raging hormones who thinks about pervy things. I’m not like those in girl who are all prissy and have a fear of burps and farts. Be yourself.” Said Janiya. Rio grins at Janiya and thinking how cool Janiya is, he doesn’t have to try to be someone that he isn’t. “Totally looks like a purple vag.” Joked Rio. Their laughter was short lived the the sound of Janiya’s growling stomach. Janiya almost felt¬†embarrassed by her growling stomach. She knew it has been a day since her last meal. “Ready to eat?” Rio asked. Janiya nods her head.



Rio drove Janiya to local bistro, he loved how this place had a nice view of the mountain side. With the sun soon setting, Rio felt this place was perfect other than the diner that was closer to the art gallery. Rio remained to be a gentleman and pulls out a chair for Janiya. “You know you don’t have to.” Janiya blushed. “I’m just a nice guy.” Said Rio. The young couple placed their orders and soon their food was given to them. Janiya quickly dove into her veggie rolls being anything than lady like. Rio wasn’t sure what to think than she was very hungry. Janiya caught Rio staring at her and realizes she’s in a public place. “Gosh.. I feel like such a pig.” Said Janiya as she placed her fork down. “It’s okay, I can order you more food…” Said Rio. Janiya pushes her plate away, “I had enough.” Rio raises his brow and knew something was indeed going on with her. Rio pushes her plate back to her, “Please. It’s okay.” Janiya played with her food with a moment before finishing it.

“Janiya, What’s going on? I notice you seem hungry a lot and very sleepy at school. I’m not trying to get into your business but I’m your friend and I’m concern about you.”

“It’s nothing.. Really.”

“You can tell me.”

Janiya sighs and stay silent for a moment.

“I’m a runaway..”

“Are your parents looking for you? Why did you run away?”

“I lived in¬†Bridgeport¬†with my dad. My mom passed away when I was little. Since my mom’s death, my dad has been a raging drunk. About 2 months ago my dad never came home from his trip to the bar. I’m pretty sure a vampire got a hold of him. He hated vampires and was very vocal about it. I didn’t want to be in foster care so I took whatever money I could find and took a bus here since it was the cheapest. Once I got here I was sleeping on a park bench but a couple found me and took me in. They happen to live with the wife’s father. Apparently he’s a racist asshole and calls me awful names when the couple wasn’t around. Me being a witch didn’t make it any better either. The couple started to fight with him when they heard him call me something offensive. They all been fighting since… I decided to sleep in the tree house in the backyard and shower at the fire house. My only meals come from school. I’m afraid to at anything they give me, fearing the old man placed something bad in the food when they weren’t looking. I got tried of it so now I’m back living in the park.”

“That’s awful, Janiya.. Is there anything that I can do?”

“Just be my friend. That’s all I need.”



Rio thought about Janiya’s¬†situation¬†and thought having her move in with his family. The thought of Janiya being homeless hurts Rio as he finds himself starting to care about her. As night fell he notice how Janiya kept gazing at the stars. Rio wanted Janiya to feel comfortable and happy as he can see Janiya is having a good night. Rio looks up into the stars and thought this was the perfect night to watch the stars with Janiya as she shows interest in the¬†galactic¬†skies. “Want to chill here for a moment and star watch?” Asked Rio. “You’re into¬†astronomy too?” Janiya asked. Rio rubs the back on his neck, “Well can’t say that I do but I like watching the night sky.”

Rio and Janiya sat down on the warm pavement and looked up into the starry night. Gentle night winds tossed Janiya’s deep purple locks around. Rio¬†gently¬†brushes Janiya’s hair from her face and gazes deeply into her eyes. This causes Janiya to flush with red as she starts to feel a bit warm by Rio’s touch. Rio was making a bold move on Janiya but felt like it’s now or never. Janiya felt butterflies in her stomach and shyly turns away from Rio, she points up at the sky trying to throw the¬†focus¬†off her. “Look right there, you can see Lunar Lakes.” Said Janiya as she still points up. “Were about to close.” Said a man from behind. Rio lift up before helping Janiya up from the ground.



“I guess we’ll be going now?” Said Janiya with a nervous smile. “We can stay for a little bit.” Whispered Rio. Janiya tries to turn away from Rio but he stops her by placing his palm against Janiya’s cheek and gently strokes it. “Janiya, come stay with my family and I. I can’t turn you back into the streets.” Said Rio as he moves his face closer to Janiya. “I.. I can’t do that. I’m fine where I’m at.” Said Janiya with a nervous tone. “I won’t be happy with that.. I’m starting to care about you.. Stay with me. These streets can be dangerous.” Said Rio as he tries to convince Janiya. “Will your family be okay with this?” Asked Janiya as she lowers her head.

“This? What do you mean?” Asked Rio with concern. “Me being black.” Mumble Janiya. “My grandpa is¬†Colombian, my grandma is Asian and my other grandma is¬†Swedish¬† Your race doesn’t matter, besides.. my parents already like you.” Smiled Rio. Janiya smiles asks if Rio was serious about him caring about her. Rio admits he already cares about her especially finally sharing her story with him. Rio didn’t want Janiya to feel he only cares about her cause he felt sorry for her. He¬†insists his feeling is¬†genuine¬†and thought about her a lot¬†prior¬†to their date.



“You really do care about me? I haven’t been told by anyone besides my mom that they cared about me. This makes me feel-” Said Janiya before she was cut off. Rio feeling confident pulls Janiya near his lips. “Rio..” Janiya whispers. Rio presses his lips against Janiya’s and embraces her with long passionate kiss. Janiya quickly jumps back. “You don’t like it?” Asked Rio, he felt that he had done something wrong. Janiya smiles ear to ear, “I’ve never kissed a boy before. I liked it.” Rio felt some¬†relief and holds Janiya against him. “Let’s go home.” Rio whispers into Janiya before kissing her once more.


Chapter 34.5 – Back to my life.

Malix is still in the guidance of his blood uncle Taurus who has shown him nothing but kindness during his stay. Over the matter of months the two began to form a special vampire bond. The uncle and nephew would spend many hours chatting about anything that comes to mind. Malix hopes to regain his memory and believes Taurus will help him achieve that goal.



During the months, Malix start to live his life as a vampire which he began to grow a custom of since he still has no memory of his past life.¬†Taurus began to train Malix his vampire skills as he slowly preps Malix to have his memory restore. Malix learned how to feed from a human without killing them and controlling his strong but sometimes violent urges. Taurus is pleased with Malix’s fast learning and feels it will be soon before he’s strong enough to have his memory back.


During Malix’s off time, he would spend this time studying about his vampire roots and learned that Taurus wasn’t pulling his leg about the things he had Malix months before.



Taurus notice Malix had the¬†ability¬†to create new memories, he knew Malix’s mind is well enough for ¬†mind restoration. “Malix, it’s time.” Grinned Taurus. Malix was little put off by Taurus’ grin and became slightly nervous. “Time? ..For what?” Malix asked. “Memory restoration. You’re creating new memories in your mind. You’re 100% healed now.” Smiled Taurus. Malix stepped back a step, “Will this hurt?” Taurus chuckles lightly, “Not a bit. Just hold still, clear your mind and focus on my eyes.” Malix stood in front of Taurus and gazed into his eyes, “I’m ready.” Taurus smirks a little,” Oh I didn’t know you were that into in me! Staring me down like that!” Malix’s jaw dropped as he jumps back, “What?!” Taurus starts to chuckles loud and hard, “Now now, boy. I’m just joking with you. You were quite a clown in your human life. I hope that returns. Stand still and let me work my magic. Glowing neon green lights flowed out of Taurus’ fingers and into Malix’s glowing red eyes. Malix’s memory restoration had began.






“I remember. I remember my life. Cira.. I have to find my Cira.. I know they said she’s dead but.. I don’t believe that.. Why do I shot myself..” Said Malix as all of his memory had been restored. “Malix, that’s cause Cira is still alive. I need to show you something.” Said Taurus as he lead Malix into their shared room.



Taurus opens the door and Malix saw Jade sitting tied up to a chair with her head bowing down. “Jade.” Malix growled. “She will lead you to Cira.” Said Taurus.



Jade slowly lifts her head and focuses on Malix’s face. “Malix? ..You’re alive! Please help me!” Jade softly cried. Taurus steps behind Jade and leans down, nearly resting his chin on Jade’s shoulder, “Darling, he’s not here to help you. You’re going to help him. You’re the reason why Malix is the way he is…” Jade starts to cry, “What? What do you? I didn’t kill him!” Taurus smirks, “But your actions did. You lead Cira to Malachi and he took her. Malachi tried to throw police off by making it appear she’s been killed. You lead Malachi to Malix’s parents. Sakura was actually his third biological parent. You caused so much pain in others lives. Even Malix’s brother, Matius.” Jade furious shook her head, “No! Don’t believe him Malix! It’s all lies! I didn’t help Malachi! I don’t know him!” Taurus hisses and slaps Jade across her face, “Stop with your lies!”

Malix wasn’t sure what do think of this but remembers never having a good feeling of Jade. “What’s going on? Is this true? Did Jade lead Cira to this Malachi? Did Jade have my parents killed?” Malix asked.

“It’s true Malix, I have no reason to lie to you. Read Jade’s memories. You have that ability.”

“I can? But how do you know about Jade?”

“Jade and I go back. Jade was once the love of my life until she decided I wasn’t good enough for her. I wasn’t just going to let her go. I wanted to know why she didn’t want me anymore. I worked my ass off for this woman and she throws everything in my face! For what?! My brother! I followed them both back her. Remember those strange calls after you married Jade? That was me! I will make sure you will never ruin anyone’s life but first you’re fixing Malix’s!”



“How do I see Jade’s memory?”

“You’re a Quasizen, you don’t have to try hard. Just look into her eyes. You’ll see what she saw.”

Malix leans down to look into Jade’s eyes but she quickly shuts her eyes. Taurus¬†forcibly¬†opens Jade’s eyes allowing Malix gazed into them. Malix began to see everything Jade did and see. Malix quickly jumps in Jade’s face and growls, exposing his fangs. “Bitch!” Hissed Malix. “Malachi¬†impregnated¬†my wife? My first child is still alive?! You had my son Niro kidnapped?! I hate you.. I hate you… fucking bitch!” Malix hissed. “I’m sorry!” Cried Jade. “Save it!” Malix shouted as he turns away from Jade.



Jade¬†continue¬†to cry while still bond to her chair. Taurus rolled his eyes in disgust, “Stop that annoying sound Jade! You got yourself in this shit!” Malix faces Jade and Taurus. “Take me to Cira.” Malix said with calmness in his tone. “No!” Cried Jade. Taurus yanks Jade’s head, “Yes you will!” Jade starts crying more, “Why me?! Why me, Taurus?! Why are you doing this to me?” Taurus began to laugh devilishly.

“Oh poor Jade. Why me, why me. Shut it. You wanna know why? You cause so much pain in other lives. Especially mines!”

“So I broke your heart and got with your twin brother! Get over it!”

“Trust me, I’m over that.. It’s what you did afterwards..”

“What did I do?”

“You know what you did.”

“What?! Tell me!”



“Our child.. You killed her!”

“But.. I… I..didn’t! I didn’t kill her!”

“You let our baby in the burning house!”

“I didn’t! I tried to get her!”

“Stop with your lies! You left our child in the fire!”

“I swear I didn’t kill our baby!”

“Do Malix need to read your thoughts?”

“No!… I’m sorry.. I’m really am but.. I couldn’t bring that¬†abomination¬†into my family! I won’t be out cast by bring in a vampire freak!”

“My child is not a abomination! I told you the chances of our child being born vampire was high!”

“I’m glad she’s dead!”

Taurus slaps Jade¬†several¬†times. “Cunt!” Hissed Taurus.



Malix steps in, “Easy now.. I need her well enough to lead me back to my wife.” Taurus back away from Jade. “I won’t help you assholes!” Shouted Jade. Taurus yanks Jade’s head back again, “Yes you will if you want to live. You will lead Malix back to Cira if you want the antidote for the¬†poison¬†that I have coursing in your blood.” Jade’s eyes widen, “I’ll take him.” Taurus carefully unties Jade from the chair, he pushes her towards Malix and he grabs her arms. “I’m making sure you don’t escape.. Take me to her.” Said Malix. Jade nods and they head out the door into the night.



A week earlier..


As Nina, Rio and Janiya were about to head to school they made a discovery..

“Oh my gosh! Niro! Somebody get help!”




Nina lifts and hold Niro close to her, “Niro! What happen? Are you okay! Oh my gosh! Please tell me that you’re not hurt!”

“Nina… I don’t remember what happen…”


One chapter left, peoples! I dislike this song but it goes with the chapter.

Montigo Tango: Chapter 33, Celebration!

Late in the morning after the teens went out to school there was a ring at the door. Matius wasn’t sure who could be possibly be here as once again he wasn’t expecting anyone. To Matius’¬†surprise¬†it was his first cousins Ramiro and Zinnia standing outside. Matius’ remember Ramiro is vampire, he quickly allow his cousins to enter into his home. “Ramiro, Zinnia? What are you guys doing here?” Asked Matius. “Lei’s graduation of course. I haven’t seen her since she was a toddler.” Smiled Ramiro. Matius wasn’t sure how Ramiro knew about Lei’s graduation let alone how did Zinnia even find out. “I kept in contact with Nyx while she was in Bloomsville and she told me about it. I wanted to be there and of course¬†escort¬†Nyx back home with me. You know she tried to carjack the cab to the airport twice during her travel to Appaloosa Plains? We can’t allow that to happen again.” Said Ramiro. Matius shakes his head in displease, “That child… is too much sometimes. Have fun with that..” Ramiro chuckles, “I’ll do fine, I have twin daughters back at home so I’m no stranger to parenting.” Matius was still confused about how Zinnia knew about the graduation.

“I didn’t know Matty! Max, Rosette and I were on our way to Starlight to visit my son¬†Borage. But I lost them in the airport and found out I was in Sunset Valley. I met Ramiro at the airport and followed him here. Max and Rosette ended up in Lunar Lakes. They got on a space¬†shuttle hoping to get there faster.” Said Zinnia causally. Both Matius and Ramiro tried their hardest not to burst out in laughter but failed. “I swear you guys need a adult where you all decide to travel.” Laughed Matius. “I am adult! What’s that suppose to mean?” Zinnia demanded. Matius and Ramiro laughed without explaining to Zinnia. “I’m glad you guys are here but Ramiro.. How were you allowed in the city?” Asked Matius. “Special visitor pass since Lei is graduating. I can only stay for 3 days but I shall be leaving early to take this one back home and get the others back from Lunar Lakes.” Said Ramiro as he stares Zinnia down. Matius had the butler take their bags and get them settle in.



After Ramiro and Zinnia settled in Matius wanted them to meet his daughters since Rio was at school. “This is Azalea, she just turned a year.” Said Matius as he picks up Azalea. “Oh she’s pretty like the flower. I can see she’s a Hendrix.” Smiled Ramiro. Matius tilted his head slightly when Ramiro mentions he could tell Azalea belonged to the Hendrix family. Matius grew curious of how did he know when they haven’t kept in contact much. “How do you know?” Asked Matius. Ramiro tickles Azalea a little as she remained in the arms of Matius, “The eyes. They all have the same eyes. We use to have some Hendrix in Sunset Valley, they were awful people. You can never trust a witch fae. There’s only one Hendrix who wasn’t a witch fae. She was created in a lab by a Hendrix male. He used his daughter’s DNA and her doll to created another child. Since she didn’t¬†inherited¬†any witch fae powers she was out cast from the family. Only her creator¬†accepted¬†her as his child and she grew up to be well adjusted unlike her DNA host.” Matius thought for a moment and remember that Jade has a sister who was a polar¬†opposite¬†of Jade. “Jeni.. Azalea’s aunt. She must be the one.. Jade often refer her as the black sheep of the family. I guess that’s what she meant. She used to work at Cherrysicle but I was told her left Lucky Palms. Azalea will never get to meet her aunt. She is a sweet person, nothing like her sister Jade.”



As the guys chatted Zinnia picked up little Madison from her crib. “Aren’t you a little cutie!” Smiled Zinnia as she tries to snuggle with Madison. Madison wasn’t having any of it and started to cry as Zinnia held her in her arms. “What’s wrong with this baby! It’s crying!” Whined Zinnia. Matius walks over to Zinnia and takes Madison who suddenly stop crying. Matius smiles and told Madison everything will be okay. “I had 6 of those things and they never made this much noise! I would leave a cake on the floor for the babies and they were happy all the time! I see you didn’t leave any cake on the floor for the babies. You’re not being a very good daddy, Matty!” Scoffed Zinnia. Matius rolled his eyes, “You can’t be serious? You left a whole cake on the floor to feed your babies?” Zinnia felt proud about her parenting skills and gave Matius a smug look, “Damn skippy I did! My kids grew up to be happy and wonderful!” Ramiro laughed loud, “Seriously doubt it Zin. I heard about Borage.” Zinnia frowns her face up and places her hands on her hips, “What did you hear about my baby?!” Ramiro said nothing and¬†continue laughing. Zinnia flips her hair and rolled her eyes, “You’re just haters!”



Once the day enter into evening a dinner was prepare for the celebration of Lei’ graduation and 18th¬†birthday. The Montigos along with Ivory and her kids, ¬†Rio’s guest Janiya all sat down together to have dinner. Everyone chatted among themselves enjoying their delicious meal as one huge family. They talked about old memories and catching up on each other lives. Ivory felt as she did belong there and wonder if things were different as in if Malix would of married her instead. She pictured that family dinners would be like this as she sat between Rio and Lei. Ivory couldn’t help but smile as she glances around her surroundings.

Lei never wanted her 18th birthday or graduation into a big deal but is glad that Matius made this evening happen. Lei thought to herself of how he wished her parents were still alive along with Malix and Cira. She wished that Niro was here. Thinking of Niro still being missing made it slightly hard to celebrate. She could tell in Nina and Nyx’s eyes they weren’t in a celebration mood knowing their younger brother is still missing.

“I’m glad everyone is here for this special¬†occasion. It’s been years since the Montigos hosted a family dinner. I see this was overdue.” Smiled¬†Matius¬† Everyone had agreed with him but Nyx and Nina remained silent as they finish their meals.



After dinner the butler brought out a cake for Lei. The other remove themselves from their seats and gather around the table to watch Lei blow out her birthday candles. “Make a wish.” Said Rio. Lei thought for a moment about what to wish for. ¬†“I wished for a¬†fabulous car for my last birthday and I got one..” Lei thought to herself. She could wish for anything that she wanted but she looks up to glance over at her nieces Nyx and Nina who both appeared sad. Lei isn’t a selfish person and knew what she wanted to wish for. “I wish for Niro’s safe return.” Whispered Lei to herself as she blew out her candles.




“This is so awesome! All we need is a wall and this could be a real bomb ass party!” Shouted Zinnia. Matius and Ramiro gave Zinnia a strange look. “What do you mean a wall?” Asked Ramiro. “Back at home, we got a party wall. You guys need one! It ain’t a Montigo party until there’s a wall involve!” Cheered Zinnia. Matius laughs, “Go to bed Zinnia, you are drunk.” “Am not!” Snapped Zinnia.




As the others celebrate Lei becoming a adult….




Nyx and Nina struggle to appear happy for the family gathering. “Family time.. Hardly.. How can we celebrate when Niro is still missing?” Nyx thought to herself. Nina forced a smile on her face whenever someone looked in her direction, not wanting to be a damper on the party. The family all laughed, talk and ate cake together until the evening turned into night. It was a eventful night for the Montigos as they watched another member reach adult. The butler started to clean along with the help of Ivory. She couldn’t stand the thought of watching someone clean and felt helpless. “You’re a guest, you don’t need to clean.” Said Maranda the butler with a smile. “No I¬†insist¬†in helping.. I just don’t feel right.” Said Ivory as she picked up her plate. After a hour, the house all retired for the night.




After breakfast, Lei sat down with the others adults. Lei planned on telling everyone her plans after she graduates high school the next day. She started to feel slightly nervous about Matius’ reaction of her plans to move away to a city that she’s never been to. “So you have something to say to us, Lei?” Asked Matius. Lei nods her head and carefully clears her throat before speaking. Lei glances around everyone’s face and nervously. “You’re not telling us that you’re pregnant are ya?” Said Matius as he raises his brow. Lei blushed red and quickly shouts out no in her reply. “I wanted to talk about my plans after graduation. I was accepted into a art school in Twinbrook and I plan to move there with my friend Monique.” Said Lei before finally exhaling. “A art school? That’s wonderful, Lei.” Smiled Ming.

“I remember when you drew all over my book when I visited her when you were 2. I always knew you’ll be a great artist someday. I’m happy for you.” Said Ramiro. “I’m also taking a business class too cause I want to open my own art gallery too.” Lei added. Ming and Ivory expressed how that was a good idea and were very proud of her. Lei notice she haven’t gotten a reaction from Matius yet. Matius sat at the end of the table in silence. Lei was nervously that Matius may not like her plans. “Matty? You haven’t said anything..” Said Lei as she bows her head down. Matius remain quiet for a few moments before a smile grew across his face. “It’s hard to believe my baby sister is grown up and have plans for her future. Smart plans I may add. It’s gonna be hard to let you go. I’m gonna miss you little sis.” Said Matius. Lei’s eyes instantly flowed out tears and she jumps from her chair to hug Matius. “I’m gonna miss you too, Matty!” Cried Lei. “I’m proud of you sis.” Said Matius as he hugs Lei.




After Lei’s good news, Ivory felt they should celebrate with her famous apple cobbler. Zinnia offer to help and Ivory allowed her after Matius and Ramiro said that wasn’t a good idea. “What do you need for me to do?” Asked Zinnia. “I need more apples.” Replied Ivory. Zinnia tried to search the kitchen for the apples, she came across a black box and opened it. Zinnia into the box to find some glowing red fruit which she thought was apples. Zinnia grabs one from the box and started to bonce it around in her hand a little. “I got a apple!” Zinnia¬†announced before it slipped from her hands. Zinnia quickly tries to catch the fallen fruit with her hands. “Oh no! Don’t drop apple!” Shouted Zinnia as she catches the fruit.

Ivory turns around to see what Zinnia is doing. “Zinnia, that’s not a apple.” Ivory laughed. “Huh? It’s red and looks like a apple. I thought it was a special apple.” Said Zinnia. Ivory chuckles lightly, “No sweetie. I’ll look for the apples. Here mix this flour in the bowl while I find the apples.” ¬†Zinnia sets down the wooden spoon she was given to stir with and grabs the mixer instead. Zinnia fires up the mixer and soon flour flew up in her face. “What the fuck!” Shouts Zinnia. Ivory quickly races to the kitchen. “Zinnia? Why do you have the mixer?” Asked Ivory. “You said to mix it.” Replied Zinnia. Ivory realizes she should of listen to Matius and Ramiro. “That’s why I gave you the spoon.” Said Ivory. Zinnia bites her lip, “My bad..”



Ivory told Zinnia that she finish the rest on her own and gave her a break. “All this work is making me hungry.” Said Zinnia as she picks up the glowing red fruit. Ramiro steps into the kitchen and catches Zinnia about to bite the fruit.

“Zinnia! Don’t eat that!”

“Why not? It’s so pretty and glowly!”

“Cause that’s a vampire fruit! It will make you sick if you eat it.”

“So? I got fangs like a vamp so I’ll be okay.”

“Please trust me on this.”

Zinnia takes a big bite of the fruit.

“Mmm, this is juicy!”

“Damn it Zin! I told you not to eat it. That’s a plasma fruit.”

“I just ate a blood fruit?”

“Yes, Zin.”

“Gross! Now I’m gonna turn into a vampire!”

“No… You’re not gonna turn into a vampire after eating plasma fruit.”

“So I can eat another one? Cause there’s like a box full of them.”

“No! You’re gonna be sick!”

“I’ll be fine.. I’m gonna eat this other one.”

“Stop it Zin.”



“I don’t feel good!”

“What did I just tell you!”



After dinner the guys all sat down and watched a football game for some male bounding. Rio talked about Janiya and asked for advice on what to do for a first date.

Rio: I need some advice for a first date. I never taken a girl out and Janiya is the first.

Ramiro: Janiya? She’s cute. I’m not sure about that.. I don’t do well in that department. Ramiro laughs.

Adam: Maybe a dinner and a movie. Can’t go wrong with that.

Rio: That’s what I was thinking but that’s what everyone does..

Matius: Take her to that art gallery. Does she like art?

Rio: She does take a lot of art classes.

Ramiro: There ya go, take her to a art gallery.

Rio: Then what shall we do afterwards?

Matius, Ramiro, Adam: Dinner!




As the guys chat, the women chat as well. Zinnia felt the need to talk about her family and excellent parenting skills.




Zinnia: I got 6 beautiful kids who are all still alive! I had 2 by my husband, 2 by a sexy guy named Liam and 2 by some chocolate man who was a frog but turned into a chocolate man after I kissed the frog that came out of a well. And then Liam is also the father of my sister’s kids so they are like brother-sister cousins! How cool is that! If you want happy kids, leave cake out!

Ivory: Wait.. You had kids with 2 other guys while married? And one was a frog from a well who turned into a chocolate man? And you and your sister share a baby father? You only fed them cake?

Zinnia: Yep! If you saw Liam, you would want to have his babies too! My husband and I got married again, engaged 3 times but married again now. I also had more kids with Liam but I don’t remember how many more kids I had with him. Rosette thinks she’s gonna marry him but she’s already married! Cake is the key to happy kids!

Lei: And I thought I heard it all… No wonder Borage is the way he is..

Zinnia: What’s going on with my son?!




Nyx and Nina relaxed upstairs and soon Maliya had joined them. “So were like sisters now.” Maliya smiled. “I guess so..” Sighed Nyx. Nina smiled at Maliya but didn’t say much. “I think it’s pretty crazy that my dad suddenly had 2 other kids before us. You guys do look like us..” Said Nyx. “I always wanted to have a sister. Now I have 2.. Pretty cool.” Smiled Maliya. “Your twin seems pretty cool. Him and I are kinda alike.” Said Nyx. “I say maybe you 2 were suppose to twins.” Joked Maliya. Nyx laughs, “Yeah, you seem gentle like Nina.. Maybe you’re really her twin.” Maliya and Nyx laughed and Nina soon joined in. “I’m glad we got to meet you and Mal. I just our little brother Niro was here. He went missing.” Said Nina. “I hope he would be found safe..” Said Maliya as she bows her head.




After Lei’s graduation the family had dinner at the near by bistro. Matius was¬†surprised by a¬†familiar¬†face.



¬†“Hi Matius. Haven’t seen you in while. How have you been?”

“Pretty decent.. My little sister just graduated from high school today.”

“That’s wonderful to hear. I haven’t heard from you since that one night…”

“I’m sorry. I was being a jerk.. I didn’t bother to know your name.. I feel like a ass. I was just going through a hard time…”

“It’s Cindy Robbs. I know how it is. My engagement was broken off during that time. I wasn’t myself either.”

“You have a pretty name Cindy. I was going through my second divorce. But I’m better now. I’m busy raising my kids.”

“That’s good. I’m doing better too. I just got promoted at the hospital.”

“I’ve been wanting to find you again..”

“Why is that?”

“So I could take you out on a proper date.”

“Really.. I was hoping to run into you again.. I would love to go on a date with you.”

“Tomorrow at 8?”

“Sounds like a date!”




Zinnia joined her younger cousins hoping to have a girly chat with them. Nyx rolled her eyes once Zinnia sat in the empty chair. “Whatcha girls talking about? Boys?” Asked Zinnia. “No.” Scoffed Nyx. “Ya know, you’ll never get a boy with that ‘tude. Don’t be all scary and stuff.. You’re just showing you’re insecure!” Zinnia snapped back. Nyx’s eyes widen as Zinnia who is usually¬†dimwitted¬†was actually¬†correct¬†about something. Nyx would never admit to feeling insecure about herself and wonders if anyone else notice this besides Zinnia who isn’t too bright. Nyx sunk down a little in her seat and slightly blushed. Nyx hides her fears and unhappiness about herself by acting like a rebel. She felt that would be a good front.

Zinnia: I will tell you girls the secrets of getting a boy.

Maliya: How?

Zinnia: Pull out on the first date!

Nina: Have sex on the first date?

Zinnia: Yes! Pull out every time! If he offers money, take it. Men like it when they don’t gotta work hard. They are very lazy.

Nyx: So being a slut will get us a guy?

Zinnia: Slut? Oh no! Don’t pull out to every guy. Just the sexy ones. Never fuck a ugly man.

Nina: I don’t think this is good advice.

Zinnia: This is great advice! If you don’t listen to this then you’ll be a whiny virgin for life! Do you wanna die a virgin?!

Nina: No..

Zinnia: Then give it all up on the first date and you will keep him forever unless you suck in bed and then you get him for a hour.

Nyx: You’re a idiot.



The next morning all of the guest left and returned home. Ramiro taking Zinnia and Nyx and Ivory leaving with her twins. Everyone had said their goodbyes but it was time for Lei to take her journey 389 miles away to Twinbrook. Lei knew saying goodbye wasn’t going to be easy. Matius dreaded for the day for Lei to leave the Montigo Manor. He never counted on Lei leaving the city as well. “Well it’s almost time for me to go.” Said Lei as she sat down next to Matius. “Okay.. You got everything packed?” Asked Matius. Lei nods. “Are you flying or driving?” Asked Matius. “Were driving, it’s a 7 hour drive.” Replied Lei. Matius reaches over to hug Lei, “Drive safe. If anything happens or you gotten into some trouble.. Let me know and I will be there for you. I’m still your big brother.” Lei nearly shed a few tears, “I will. I love you Matty.” Matius hugs Lei tighter, “I love you too Lei Mei. Stay out of trouble.” Lei nods before returning to her room to finish packing her things. Matius helps Lei load her belonging into her chair and told Lei and Monique good bye before they set off for Twinbrook.





Montigo Tango: Chapter 32, Josephine

Night had fallen onto the skies of Lucky Palms as heavy rain flooded the busy streets. A¬†glimmer¬†of light from a car’s headlight shine across the wall of Montigo Manor. Matius walked towards his window to see 3 figures standing in the pouring rain in front of Montigo Manor. Matius wasn’t expecting any guest during this time of the night. As he headed for the door he could hear muffle voices from outside. As Matius took a deep breathe he open the door to see who were these 3 mysterious people are. Matius’ eyes focused on the person standing closet to his home. “Josephine!” Shouted Matius with delight. He motions the 3 people to enter into his home.



“You still call me that? I go by Ivory now.” Smiled Ivory. Matius laughs lightly and rubs the back of his neck, “I don’t care if you switched your names around. I will always know you by Josephine.” Ivory smiled at Matius as she tries to ring out the rain from her soaked jean jacket. Matius is quite¬†surprised¬†by Ivory’s unexpected visit as he haven’t seen Ivory in¬†several years and she’s his late brother Malix’s ex girlfriend. He was even more curious about the 2 teenagers whom she brought along with her.¬† “I never thought I would ever see you again since Malix choose Cira.” Said Matius. Ivory slightly lowers her head down while biting the bottom of her lip.

Malix and Cira didn’t always have a perfect relationship as many believed so. Malix found himself torn between females who happen to be best friends. Whenever Malix and Cira had a fall out, Malix would find himself into the arms of Cira’s best friend Ivory at the time was known as Josephine Ivory Jones. Cira and Ivory once shared a special bond and were close like sisters. Cira’s middle name happen to the same of Ivory’s first name, Josephine. Their friendship began to shift when Ivory shared a night with Malix after they recently broken up. Soon Malix began to date Ivory in order to hurt Cira and make her come back to him but Malix found himself catching real feelings for Ivory. Over a course of years Malix started to have off and on relationships with both girls who later became ex friends. Malix felt bad for ripping their friendship part but knew Cira was the one who he really loved. After dating Ivory for 5 years straight, Malix felt it was unfair to stay with her when his heart was for Cira. He ended the relationship, he and Cira wed a 3 years later leaving Ivory with a broken heart.

“What brings you back in town? I heard that you left soon after Malix got married.” Asked Matius. Ivory looks into Matius’ eyes, “Because I’ve keeping something from your family.. Can we still and talk?” Matius nods and lead Ivory and the 2 teens into the front room.



The four took a seat on the sofas in the front room. Matius glances over to the teens and notices how the male looked very similar to his late brother. Matius had a feeling that he knew what Ivory had been keeping from his family.

“You see these 2 kids here?”

“Yes, are they yours?”

“Yes.. They are also Malix’s kids..”

“I had a feeling they were. The boy looks alike like him at that age.”

“I learned I was pregnant with Maliya and Malix Jr. soon after we broke up. When I learned about Malix and Cira’s¬†engagement¬†. I left town without telling him about the pregnancy. I felt they would be better off with him. How could he forget me so quick.. We were barely broken up for a week before he was back with Cira. He told me that he loved Cira then left me alone in our apartment.. I moved to¬†Bridgeport¬†hoping to give my twins a better life.. But I see that’s not true.. Raising 2 kids alone without them knowing who their father is hard.. especially one is a vampire. How is my son a vampire? Malix was clearly not one.”

“Malix’s past before he came to our family is a mystery.. His daughter Nyx was born vampire which we didn’t know about for years. Apparently Malix must of been a vampire who was turned human as a baby but then again.. I’m not sure if it’s true. I do remember Malix being a difficult baby who cried when he was in sunlight and suddenly he stopped that when my parents took him to the science lab. Maybe he really was a vampire. According to my ex wife, he still carries vampire genes.. It’s hard to believe that lying whore but she may of been telling the truth about him. When I look at Nyx, sounds right. How else he would be a vampire?”

“They had a daughter?”

“Twin girls then a little boy.”

“It must be nice.. to have a family.. I knew I should of told Malix about his twins with me.. That’s why I am here. To make things right.. Sometimes I would think he should of picked me.. I’m sure Cira had her dark¬†secrets¬†that¬†Malix¬†doesn’t know about that would hurt him. I have a feeling..”


Matius thought about Ivory’s words about Cira having a dark¬†secret¬†that could possible hurt Malix. She could be so right, he thought. Matius started to flashback on a time with Cira many years ago…




Matius was snapped back into reality by the sound of Ivory’s gentle voice. “Earth to Matty! Are you there?” Smiled Ivory as she waves her hand in front of Matius’ face. “Sorry.” Said Matius. Ivory looks over to her kids and then looks over to Matius. “Like I said.. I want to make things right for my kids as they deserve to know who their father is. Where is Malix? I want him to meet them.” Said Ivory. Matius frowns and looks away from Ivory, “You’re a bit too late for that..” Ivory was puzzled by Matius’ reply and wonders how could it be too late for Malix to meet the kids who he never knew about. “What do you mean?” Ivory asked. ¬†Matius looks into Ivory’s eyes with sorrow on his face, “He passed away years ago..” Ivory gasped as she couldn’t believe the words from Matius’ mouth about Malix had passed away. Ivory’s heart sunk as she thought she waited too long to reveal her twins with Malix. Tears started to stream down Ivory’s cheeks as the words echoed in her mind. Ivory is still in love with Malix and doesn’t want to believe. “I’m sorry.. We would of told you but we didn’t know how to contact you.” Said Matius as he gently touched Ivory’s shoulder.



Malix Jr. hunches over his lap as he folds arms and rolling his eyes at his mother. “Great. We traveled all this way and you didn’t even bother to check if this man is even alive. What a waste of time, Mom. Sounds like we were better off without him.” Maliya quickly¬†elbows¬†her twin brother in his side, “Don’t be a jerk, Mal!” Malix Jr. scoffs at Maliya, “Just telling it what it is. You failed us once again Mom.. Poor living and now a dead dad who we never got to meet. Way to go..” Maliya pinches Malix Jr., “Gosh Mal, really? You had to go there? Our living is fine. Like mom was suppose know he’s dead.” Annoyed by his sister and her small¬†psychical attacks, he rolled his eyes before looking down on the floor.

Ivory had done her very best to give her kids the proper care in which they needed and a stable home. However life in a big city where she knew no one and with very little money was hard for Ivory. Upon moving to¬†Bridgeport¬†by herself and very pregnant, she tried her hardest to make ends meet by holding down 2 jobs. She moved into a small and run down apartment when first enter the city. Ivory didn’t bother to take¬†maternity leave when it came close to the end of her pregnancy. She knew she had no money saved for her to live on until her babies arrived. Ivory was in for a big¬†surprise¬†when the doctors deliver 2 babies instead of one. She was told during her 24th week of pregnancy that she was having a baby girl. When arriving home with 2 newborn babies, Ivory knew she needed extra help and a bigger place to raise her twins. With the help of a church, Ivory was given all the baby items that she needed and a bigger place but it was still no gem.

Ivory didn’t complain and happily accepted the place as her new home. Her new home fell into a shady¬†neighborhood¬†with a lot of gang violence and illegal¬†activities. With a heavy heart Ivory knew this place wasn’t a good home to raise her young 2 children and set out to find a new home. Soon Ivory was fancied by a new gentleman who took her out of the rough neighborhood. However after a while, the¬†relationship¬†failed and Ivory was forced to stay in a homeless¬†shelter¬†until she was able to find a new place. Ivory found a small house near the shipping docks. It was quite a noisy place but it was a lot better of where she was before. As the twins grew Ivory held¬†several¬†jobs to keep a roof over their heads. Over the years Ivory gained a new friend who often looked after her young kids as she worked many hours. It got to the point where Ivory barely saw her kids. By the time the twins were teens, they seemed to be a bit of a handful. Ivory gotten down to one job with a decent pay. After being away from her kids so long they tend to resent her, especially her son. That’s when Ivory realize her kids needed their father in their lives. She remembers them asking about him when they were kids. As the twins 18th quickly approaches, Maliya asked once again about their father. Ivory knew it was time they knew.

“It’s okay Maliya, your brother is right..” Said Ivory as she bows her head down in shame.



A set of headlights danced across the wall before the front door flung open. “I’m back!” Shouted Nyx as she stomped her into the front room dropping her luggage. Nyx notices 3 new faces were in her old home, “Who are these people?” Matius wasn’t sure how to break it to Nyx as he was¬†surprised¬†that she arrived in town early for Lei’s graduation. She was granted special¬†permission¬†to attend the graduation of her aunt before moving to Sunset Valley with Ramiro.

“How was Bloomsville?”

“It sucked. Who are these people?”

“Not sure how to tell you this but those 2 are your older sister and brother, Maliya and Malix Jr.”

“You gotta be kidding.”

“No Nyx.. 3 years before you were born.. Your dad had another girlfriend before marrying your mom. Malix didn’t know about this.”

“Hmm.. ¬†Well you guys missed out on a awesome daddy.”

Nyx walks off to greet her twin Nina and catch up on each other lives.

Matius shakes his head as he watches Nyx exit, “I see riding school has done nothing for her. Ms. Nyx is my problem child..” Ivory started to chuckled a little, “She reminds me of so much of Mal.” Matius smiles, “After all.. They are siblings.. They got that¬†rebellious¬†nature from Malix. He gave my parents a hard time as a teen.”



Matius chatted with Ivory for some time and the twins announced their boredom to the 2. Matius asked Ivory how long she would be in town for. “Until tomorrow I guess.” Ivory replied. “Lei’s graduation is in a few days and since Nyx is in town.. Why don’t you stay so the twins can get to know about their sisters, Nyx and Nina.” Said Matius. Ivory agreed but was curious why Matius haven’t talked about Cira and Niro. Matius then explains about Cira had gone missing and was declared dead and now Niro had went missing a few months ago. Ivory hated Cira for many years due to jealously but she wouldn’t wished anything terrible to happen to her or her family. Ivory later learned about how Malix died and shed a few tears. She always thought Malix and Cira where out having a better life than she was. After learning their lives were cut short, Ivory feels guilty for every evil thought she had about them.



The next morning Nina was introduced to her new older brother. The silence surrounding the room as they had breakfast. Nina was dumbfounded to learn about Maliya and Malix Jr. Nyx and Malix Jr. soon found themselves flashing their fangs at each other before busting out in laughter. Nina found the behavior to be a little odd but thought it must of been a vampire thing. “Wanna set some trash on fire at my old school?” Asked Nyx to Malix Jr. . Malix Jr. gives her a devilish grin, “You too? I do that at my school.” Nyx found herself smiling at her brother, “I once almost drained the mayor’s wife for mocking dad’s death. That’s why I was sent away and gotta live somewhere else.” Malix Jr.’s eyes sparkle with delight upon hearing Nyx’s words, “That’s so awesome! You should live with us! I think we could have a lot of fun. ¬†Bridgeport has a lot of bars and clubs. I like sneaking in and getting drunk. Too bad we can’t do it here.” Nyx laughs, “Are you kidding? You’re a Montigo, we own a club! We can drink without having to sneak in!” Nina isn’t liking what she’s hearing. She hoped that Nyx’s stay at the riding school would of improved her behavior.

Nina started to frown up her face. “Nyx.. I thought you were going to stay out of trouble? You were given special permission to return. I don’t want you to mess this up. I was so happy when I found out that you were coming back. ” Said Nina. Nyx hugs Nina from the side, “I’m sorry Nina.. I guess setting the school’s on fire and drinking at Montigo Palms wouldn’t be a good idea. I’m not sure what came over her but I just got these urges to do bad shit. I’m sorry Nina..” Malix Jr. sets down his bottle of plasma juice down, “Is Nina your voice of reason?” Nyx nods. “Nice.. Maliya is my voice of reason.. I have those urges as well.. It’s really hard to ignore them but I try my hardest for Maliya.” Smiled Malix Jr. Nyx pulls away from Nina, “That’s the best thing of having a human twin.”



As Rio was about to head to school he watches Janiya zoom pass his home riding on a broom. Rio had to do a double as he didn’t believe of what he just saw. Rio had heard rumors at school about Janiya being a witch who rides on a broom. He figure they were trying to talk bad on her and they knew he was trying to get close to her. There’s a mystery the surrounds Janiya and her past. Janiya is never seen in town with any of her family. Other rumors were that she lives in a tent in the outskirts of Lucky Palms. Rio doesn’t believe in such of thing but is curious about her family. With the few times he chatted with her, she never mention once about her parents or any kind of family. He notices Janiya tends to always appear tired and very hungry at school. He wonders if she may possibly be a homeless runaway teen. After watching Janiya fly back him on a broom he’s convinced that the witch rumor is true. He doesn’t care rather she’s a witch or now, he likes her for who she is. Rio’s mission to woo Ms. Janiya but he doesn’t find himself curious about Janiya’s home life. Why is she always sleepy and hungry? Is she on the run from home?



Bonus Shot:

Azalea checks out her new fairy house. She enjoys throwing fairy houses parties at the tender age of 1!