Phoenix’s Flash Summary

Where Phoenix last left off, she was delivered unsettling news from Kai saying he would be relocating to Auburn Grove with his girlfriend Kailyn. Knowing that Kai is Ayana’s father, this news greatly bothered Phoenix. She knew it was time to tell Kai the truth about Ayana. Phoenix watched Kai began to pack up his things, she tried to figure when to tell him. Kai takes notices and hands over his last rent payment to Phoenix. Kai talks about how excited he was about the move and how he’s gonna make things right with Kailyn. He proceeds to tell Phoenix how he plans to ask Kailyn to marry him once they get back to her place. Without thinking, Phoenix blurbs out that he’s Ayana’s father. Kai pauses for a second before turning away and leaving Phoenix’s house.

She tries to stop him, asking him to say something but Kai ignores her and gets into his car. A couple of hours had passed and Phoenix gets worried. She calls Keith asking if he heard from Kai but he hasn’t. Kailyn shows up with a moving truck and question Phoenix where was Kai. Phoenix told Kailyn she was about to ask her the same thing. Phoenix confesses to Kailyn that Kai is Ayana’s father and that’s why he took off. Like Kai, Kailyn takes off without saying a word. As more time passes, Phoenix desperately attempts to contact Kai but to no avail. Keith returns home and asks Phoenix what is going on. She tells Keith how to told Kai that he’s Ayana’s father. Keith had a different reaction and smiled telling her how he always had a feeling. He points out how Ayana has his eye and admits that he did see Kai exit her room shortly before she ended up pregnant. He tells her how he put 2 and 2 together.

After Kai and Kailyn when MIA for 72 hours, they return with some news for Phoenix. They decided that they will remain in town for Ayana.  They just found a house that they can rent. Phoenix was happy to know Kai would be staying however Kai had a coldness towards Phoenix. Phoenix apologizes to both Kai and Kailyn but Kai turns away before she could finish. Kailyn tells Phoenix that they just need some time.



Over time Kailyn was able to warm back up to Phoenix however Kai remained cold and distance from Phoenix. He was no longer interested in being her friend however he only spoke to her when he wanted to spend time with Ayana. For 2 years Phoenix and Kai had an estrange relationship but tried to keep things cordial with Ayana’s sake.

They had their first fallen out when Phoenix planned to attend Boragio’s wedding in Bridgeport. The weekend of the wedding was Kai’s weekend with Ayana. He had plans to take her to meet his family since a cousin was getting married. Phoenix told Kai months in advance that she would be attending her brother’s wedding with Ayana. However Kai didn’t care and felt Ayana should go with him since this would be a family that she hasn’t met yet. Kai was more angered when he learns Keith will be attending Boragio’s wedding with Phoenix instead of attending their cousin’s. Kai accuses Phoenix of uses her magic persuade Keith to go with her. However Phoenix denies Kai’s ridiculous claim before Keith steps in to defend his reasons. Ayana walks in during their argument and began to cry. Kai attempts comfort Ayana only to be rejected. Kai then decides Ayana can go with Phoenix.

Just a month after Boragio’s wedding, Lotus and her boyfriend Jeffrey Dean got married. During the weekend of Boragio and Vega’s wedding, she discovered she’s pregnant and pushed her wedding the following month to avoid being a heavily pregnant bride like Vega.

During Lotus and Jeffrey’s wedding, Phoenix and Kai’s relationship was tested, Kai has been a bit bitter towards Phoenix since the previous month. Kai felt Phoenix was untrustworthy since she tend to make plans with family on the weekends Kai is supposed to have Ayana. Kai has been struggling to form a relationship with his daughter and blames Phoenix for it. During Lotus’ wedding  reception Kai delivers the news that he would be suing Phoenix for joint custody. A huge argument breaks out between Phoenix and Kai, which the reception party turns awkward and brings Lotus into tears. Phoenix blames Kai for ruining her sister’s wedding  and storms off with Ayana, leaving her father and brother Boragio to pick up the pieces.

The following day after Lotus’ wedding, Phoenix tells Kai that she and him need to make things right with her sister cause of their blow out. Lotus was unsure about having a wedding but was persuaded into having a small wedding at the park only to have it ruined. Phoenix takes part blame for the short reception party and Kai felt that wasn’t the place or time to mention about suing for custody. Phoenix and Kai threw a surprise party for Lotus and Jeffrey at the beach. As Phoenix and Kai made plans for the party, it was the first time in a long while since they got along. The party was success and Phoenix and Kai remain cordial. Kai decides that he won’t sue for joint custody and explains he’s been under a lot of stress due to school. As the party winds down, Kai tells Phoenix he plans to pop the question to Kailyn after everyone leaves. He shows Phoenix the ring then asks Phoenix will she be his friend again. Phoenix accepts but finds herself jealous now seeing how everyone around her is getting married.



Lotus and Jeffrey had a set of twin girls named Latrice and Larissa.




During the weekend of Boragio and Vega’s wedding, there was a spark between Keith and Phoenix. Keith was often mistaken to be Phoenix’s boyfriend. After Lotus’ wedding, Phoenix realize how Keith has always been the one person who always been there for her. She then decides to give things a try with Keith since he had been pursuing her for years. However Kai felt indifferent toward their relationship, he finds himself bothered seeing his brother with her. Even after marrying Kailyn, he doesn’t like seeing Phoenix with Keith. Kai has conflicted emotions when he realizes that he feels something for Phoenix.



After landing a job in the journalism field, Phoenix quickly befriends a co-worker named Sophia. She learns how her new best friend is a Gaivania Genie which makes their bond ever tighter. Sophia has a daughter who is the same age as Ayana and they often have play dates. Phoenix admires Sophia’s marriage with her husband Levar and hopes to have something like that one day. However she doesn’t think it would happen with Keith. Phoenix often confides in with Sophia about Keith intimacy issues which is a huge issue for a Navox. Sophia acts as Phoenix’s voice of reason and tries to give her the best advice. But when Phoenix mentions how she and Kai are on very good terms again, Sophia warns her to not get too close. Sophia explains nothing good will happen between them.



Through out the next few years Phoenix and Kai grow closer to each as their daughter grows older. Phoenix and Kai both agree enrolling Ayana into the academy where Kailyn work at as the librarian. Naturally Kailyn puts in a good word in for her step daughter to the school’s dean. Ayana was accepted, however Kai learns the tuition may be too much for his wallet. Kai decides to finally work as a paramedic to help pay the tuition.



Phoenix and Kai were cordial  until Kai learns he has to pay child support. Phoenix tries to tell Kai how the state is making him pay and she didn’t have nothing to about it. Kai refuses to listen and often fights with Phoenix when it comes to money. He now feels the school cost way too much and Ayana should attend public school. Phoenix refuses to remove Ayana from the academy telling Kai to deal with it and told him how the school is great for their child.




Things took a turn during one of their arguments. Phoenix being sex-starved due to Keith intimacy issues with hidden feelings for Kai, found herself in bed with Kai after a heated argument. Kai had the fiery passion which Phoenix seeks, seeing him angry  excited her however Kai felt the same way about her. Their usual fights starts ended with angry sex. Kai began to purposely start  fights with Phoenix as this was now the only thing that turned him on. Phoenix and Kai both agree that they should stop sleeping with each other however they have no slowed down until Kai’s father moved into town.

During a family dinner, Kai’s father Kiran couldn’t help but notice how Phoenix and Kai kept making eyes at each other. After dinner, Kiran confronted them both about their affair as he’s aware of the signs. Kiran ordered Phoenix and Kai to end their affair as it was not fair to Keith and Kailyn. Kiran didn’t care for their reasons and told them how they were being selfish. Phoenix and Kai decided to end things when Kai learns Kailyn is expecting. Kai tells Phoenix he needs to make things right with his wife and be a family man. Kai suggests Phoenix should either work things out with Keith or end things. Phoenix had confessed to Kai how she’s not into Keith due to him lacking passion.



Phoenix tries to keep herself busy with her work. She spends a lot of time with a male name Guy Coy who is the cousin of Sophia’s husband. Kai becomes jealous of Guy and accuses Phoenix being involved with him. However Phoenix denies it and tries to explain how Guy is apart of a project at her work. Phoenix is working on a piece of survivors of horrific tragedies who are living successful lives.

Guy Coy lost his family in a house fire when he was 11. He was badly burned and lost pigment in some areas on his body. The house fire was triggered by racism shortly after Guy’s family moved into an upper middle class neighborhood that was majorly white. Justice was never found for Guy as the case was swept under the rug. Guy decided to become a cold case detective, tackling ignored cold cases of victims of color. Phoenix has taken interest in Guy’s story however Kai is convinced that more is going on.

Phoenix wonders why Kai would even care and ponders if things between she and Kai was more than sex. However Phoenix decided to continue to focus on her piece and Ayana. Phoenix haven’t worked much on her relationship with Keith.  They both keep themselves busy with Keith being a forensic lab tech and Phoenix being a journalist. Keith often works long hours in the lab and is barely home but wants to change that. Keith has thoughts about starting a family with Phoenix.



With a baby on the way, Kai spend as much time as he can with Ayana as he knows the new baby will keep him busy.  Summer had started and Kai takes Ayana to the park to tell her how this was the last summer that it’s gonna be just him and her at the park. Kai tells Ayana about Kailyn’s pregnancy which Ayana becomes excited about being a big sister. Ayana tells Kai how this was one more excited thing. Kai was confused and asked Ayana what does she mean by that. Ayana asks Kai what will she have to call Keith soon. Ayana questions will she have to call him Uncle Step Dad or just keep calling him Uncle Keith. Kai didn’t think much of their relationship and didn’t think it would get to that point. At this moment Kai came to realize his true feelings for Phoenix. Kai mumbles to himself, “No… I’m in love with her…”

Bruce-Lee’s Flash Summary

When we last left off Bruce was spending Christmas with his close friend Linza and his new found family. Bruce was greeted by a mysterious female asking if he remembered her.



Her name is Tri Lee and she is Bruce’s younger half sister from Starlight Bay. Bruce and Tri haven’t seen each other since the day Mariah was born, Tri was 12 at the time and they only spoke briefly before Bruce left town. Bruce was shocked to find Tri at his doorstep, Tri tells Bruce she was in a  town near by spending Christmas with her fiance and his grandparents. She figure she should drop by to see how he’s doing.

Bruce invites Tri along with everyone else that they could stay for the night, however Linza felt she would be in the way and told Bruce she would go home for the night. Just before Bruce attempts to convince Linza that it was okay, Tri jumps in saying he could share his bed with her.

Fraine bakes a pie and tells Bruce that he should delivery a piece to Linza. Bruce walks over to Linza’s and was greeted by Linza wearing a very reviewing nighty. Bruce nervously tells Linza that he came over to drop off some pie. Linza smiles and told him thanks. She attempts to rush him and Bruce was curious of why she wasn’t inviting him inside. Bruce could hear a voice of a man asking if everything was okay. Linza nervously tells Bruce that she has company. Bruce told her enjoy the pie and heads home disappointed. Once returning home Bruce tells Fraine that Linza is entertaining a guy and finds himself bothered by it. Bruce admits to Fraine that he is falling for Linza and asks for Fraine’s advice.

As time go by Bruce and Lakey’s relationship begins to unravel while Bruce’s relationship builds. Bruce tries to fight his urges around Linza  but felt like it was a losing battle. Bruce calls his father seeking for advice, he’s in love with Linza but doesn’t want to leave Lakey cause she’s pregnant. Bruce didn’t think his father would be any help but Borage surprises him by giving him some useful advice. Borage advise Bruce to go for it and to not stay with someone cause it’s convenient. He reminds Bruce about his relationship Lois and tells him he doesn’t want Bruce to make the same mistake he did. Bruce still doesn’t feel right to leave his pregnant fiancée but Bruce reaches the breaking point during a heated argument with Lakey.  Bruce was stun to learn about Lakey’s affair with a much older male. Lakey announced she was going to move onto her lover’s ranch and how he will be the one raising their child cause she feels he’s a more responsible man.  Lakey tells Bruce he can go run off to city since she knows that’s where he wants to be. Bruce yells at Lakey telling her that he’s not going to let her walk off with their child. Lakey confesses that the child may not be his, she admits she begin seeing the guy shortly after they settle into town. Bruce tells Lakey to get out and Lakey tells Bruce that he was worthless before exiting.

Bruce rushes over to Linza’s house to break the news about his relationship. Linza tries to comfort Bruce, he gives into his urge and attempts to engage in sex with Linza however he was stop short by a phone call. Bruce was informed that Lakey was in a serious car accident which left her in a coma. Bruce rushes off to the hospital where he learns they are about to do an emergency C-station due to one of the babies is in distress. This came to a shock to Bruce because the ultrasound only shown one baby boy.

The twins were delivered and Bruce was asked to come see them however remembering Lakey confessed how he may not be the father, he was unsure. Linza convinces Bruce to see the twins via text message. Bruce approached the tiny set of twins who were doing well. A nurse asked if he would like to hold one but Bruce was hesitant to answer. The nurse comments how she never seen genie infants before and was surprise how much they could eat.  This confirms that the twins are his since the only other genie he met in town is a female. Bruce removes the head cap off of one of the twins, exposing his pink hair. Bruce smiles as he knew the boys were definitely his. Bruce’s visit with the twins was cut short when he was approached by a doctor.

Bruce was delivered news that there was some complications during the C-section. Lakey had a stroke and is now brain dead. Bruce was in disbelief as the doctor spoke with him. Bruce tried to grasp onto the doctor’s words before breaking down. He was then told about another patient who needed a heart transplant and Lakey was a perfect match. The doctor told Bruce he would give him some time to think about his option but mentions the other patient doesn’t have much time.

Bruce delivers the news to Lakey’s parents, when arriving they spoke to the doctor about their options. Bruce wanted to pull the plug so the dying heart patient could have a second chance at live however Lakey’s parents were against it. They didn’t choose to believe that Lakey was brain dead.  Bruce and Lakey’s parents fought over rather to pull the plug or not. Since Bruce and Lakey weren’t married, Bruce had no say. However over the course of 3 days, Bruce was able to convince Lakey’s parents to pull the plug.


Lakey’s parents stayed in town to help Bruce with his newborn twin sons, Brandon and Benito. However Bruce didn’t get along well with Lakey’s mother and asked her to leave. Lakey’s parents reluctantly returning home leaving Bruce alone with 2 newborns. Bruce struggle trying to care for the twins as he attended school and worked. Bruce decides to put school on hold but his sister Tri surprisingly offered to move in and help out.

Tri who is now married leaves from Star City for Auburn Grove with her new husband Micah but they both struggle with fitting in the small and quiet horse town. Bruce told her sister that she doesn’t have to stay but she insist in staying and helping. Bruce was able to continue with school and work without much issue.

Bruce’s relationship with Linza had come to a stall after Lakey’s death. Bruce was unsure when would be the right time to be with Linza. Bruce decided to put some distance between himself and Linza until he figure it was time. However Linza began to be involved with the male she had over that previous Christmas. Bruce haven’t told Linza about his feelings for her and didn’t make much of a fuss when he learns about Linza’s relationship with another guy. With Bruce being busy with school and the twins, he didn’t have much time for Linza. A couple of years had flown by and Bruce begins to date the one other genie in town named Juanita who is a Gaivania genie. Things between him and Juanita were going well into her abusive ex boyfriend had come back into her life. Juanita breaks things off with Bruce and returns to her ex.

A week after his relationship with Juanita ended, Bruce saw a moving truck at Linza’s house. It had been a year since he and Linza had spoken and Bruce heads over to see if Linza needed some help. He finds Linza in tears in her bedroom, attempting to pack up some things. Bruce asks what was wrong and Linza explains it was everything. Linza explains about a month ago she got married and things were great until she realize her bank account was cleared out. Her new husband took everything and skipped town. She cried hysterically telling Bruce that she was scammed. To add insult to injury, her marriage to him wasn’t valid. She had to leave and go live with a relative in the town near by until she can get back on her feet. Bruce took this opportunity to confess his feelings for Linza, he hoped this would keep her in town. Bruce told Linza that he’s in love with her and always had been. Linza was surprised that Bruce had felt so strongly for her, she felt that she was just a fling cause he was unhappy with Lakey and he never really explained why he kept her at bay after Lakey’s death. Linza confessed that she still had feelings for him too. Bruce asks Linza to move in and she happily accepts.

It wasn’t long before Linza was settled into Bruce’s home and began a relationship with him. However Linza wasn’t quite comfortable knowing Bruce once shared this house with Lakey. It never felt like home to her. Tri mistook Linza’s discomfort as a sign that she wanted her and Micah along with their new baby to leave.  The couple moved into Linza’s old house so their son will be close to his older cousins. Once Tri and Micah left, it started to feel like a home to Linza. As soon as Linza was finally at peace, Bruce pops the question and they were soon married.

5 more years had gone by, the twins are now 7 and had been enrolled int an academy in town.  Brandon and Benito got a dog named Gia on their 7th birthday. Bruce felt they were responsible enough and all their other friends have a pet too. The twins often call Gia their “sister” as they often hinted they wanted a little sister to play with and protect from the “shadow people” who they created with their overactive imagination. Unknowingly to the boys, Linza has been struggling to keep a pregnancy for quite some times. Fertility isn’t an issue for Linza since Bruce is Navox but just keeping a viable fetus has been a struggle. Due to Linza’s witch status, the dying fetus cannot covert into a Sleeper. This process can only happen if the mother is human since humans are known as a blank canvas.

Linza and Bruce decided to get a surrogate mother after previous 5 miscarriages.  Linza struggle to pick a surrogate whom she felt was perfect. Bruce finds a surrogate who lives in a town near by who he felt would be perfect. Her name is Tischelle Michaels and she’s a Navox with a perfect pregnancy track record. Tischelle treats surrogacy as a job and doesn’t allow herself to get too attach to the pregnancy or the family. Linza was unsure but agreed to choose her. Since Tischelle is Navox and the baby will be too, Tischelle agree to act as a wet nurse for a year since her breast milk carries a special hormone the Navox infant will need. Tischelle explains to Linza that the artificial hormone in the genie baby formula isn’t a replacement for the real thing. She also explains how the baby will always be starving. Tischelle will be required to move in which is no issue for her. Tischelle’s husband had passed away years ago and her children are all adults. Tischelle works from home, so there’s nothing holding her back.

After Tischelle moved in and the surrogacy took place, things were moving smoothly. Linza finds herself jealous of Tischelle as she carried their baby. Bruce began more attentive to Tischelle and they began to bond. Although Tischelle never formed friendships with the other couples, it was different this time since she lives with then and as she and Bruce are both Navox, it’s natural for them to bond. Tischelle finds herself bonding with the baby but she couldn’t help it since the child is Navox as well. This may pose a problem for Linza but that’s just the beginning of things.

After a routine doctor visit, Linza learns she’s pregnant and is nearly 14 weeks along. This has been the longest she’s been pregnant. After a genetics test, the baby is perfect and Navox but the doctor has some concern for Linza’s health. Her body may not be able to handle the pregnancy. Due to Linza’s witch status, she was refer to an Occult doctor in the town over. Linza learns her pregnancy is high risk and was order strict bed rest and take some special herbs for her heart and blood pressure for the remainder of her pregnancy. Linza has yet to share the news with her family.

After leaving her appointment with the Occult doctor, Linza has no choice but to mention her pregnancy and the strict measures she has to take for her sake. But Linza’s pending announcement was derailed when Tischelle and Bruce announced that the baby is a girl. Linza was furious that Bruce and Tischelle had the gender scan without her, but Linza looked at her phone to see Bruce had called and texted her asking where was she. Linza then realized she forgot about it when she went to her own appointment. With all the excitement knowing the baby is a girl, Linza doesn’t know how to share her news. Linza took her doctor’s advice about being on bed rest.

Bruce was wondering why Linza is suddenly being “lazy”, Linza tells Bruce she’s having a sympathy pregnancy, explaining that she feels what Tischelle feels. Bruce thinks she’s joking and Linza just tells him that she just isn’t feeling well. She hoped that would make Bruce more attentive towards her but instead he sends Benito in his place. Naturally Benito reluctantly comes to Linza’s aid cause he rather hang around Tischelle. Linza is upset how Bruce is still more attentive to Tischelle. However Tischelle senses this and tries to come to Linza’s aid. Linza rejects Tischelle but she then senses something else about Linza.

Tischelle is aware of Linza and becomes overly excited, she asked how far along is she and was this the reason why she missed the gender scan. Linza denies being pregnant but Tischelle knows better, she reminds Linza what she is. Linza confesses that she’s almost 17 weeks and the baby is fine but her health in endangered. She explains to Tischelle how the other doctor put her on bed rest and she have to take a combination of special herbs for her health. The pregnancy could possible kill her. If the herbs and bed rest don’t help, she may have to terminate the pregnancy to spare her life.  Linza doesn’t want to tell Bruce or the boys until she knows she’s in the clear. Tischelle understands and promises to send Bruce her way however Bruce continues to run to Tischelle’s aid although she often tells Bruce to check on his wife.

Linza is under stress with a difficult hidden pregnancy and a drifting husband. Linza takes her anger out on Tischelle, accuses her trying to steal her family. Tischelle denies trying to steal anybody and told Linza she’s been trying to send the boys to her. Tischelle explains that it’s starting to become overwhelming for her. Linza apologizes but Tischelle tells her that’s no need, and jokes how pregnancy will make you a little crazy. Linza smiles and heads to bed for the night. Linza’s sleep was cut short when she was awaken by sharp pains. Linza lifts herself out of bed to find a small puddle of blood on the sheets. Tischelle notices the blood and orders a sleepy Bruce to rush  Linza to the ER. Confused, Bruce scurries with Linza to the ER. Before Linza got into the car, Tischelle tells Linza that she have to tell him now.

Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 4

 I didn’t sleep well last night after my encounter with Nico. It was just the last thing he said to me that gave me the creeps. What does he mean by letting me enjoy a few more weeks with Jade? What is he gonna do? Is he going to hurt Jade? Should I tell Jade about this? I’m really scared now…




 I brewed some coffee and got to work on the blog. My boss will be happy to see that I came through with my promise. I gave Waylon’s 4 and half stars, however the location isn’t a nice area in BP but overall it’s a fun place for a drink after work. I don’t see it as a place to go party at on the weekends. It carters to an older crowd more than anything.




 I tried to get ready for the day. Jade was still sleeping, so I tiptoed around only to trip and fall. I told Jade many times that we need to clean this place up but she kept telling me to use my magic. I’m not gonna do that when both of our arms and legs work perfectly fine. She made most of the mess anyway. My fall woke up Jade and she fussed at me a bit. I didn’t wanna fight and just kept quiet.



 I got a text from Kirby asking me to meet her at The Perc for breakfast before heading to Drea’s. I told her that I could meet her in 20 minutes. She said that was fine, it was enough time for her as well.




 “I’m glad you talked me into getting the cinnamon rolls. These are pretty good.”

“I could eat these all day long and never get tired of them.”

“You gonna review these too, Mimi?”

“Ha ha ha! I really should. Do you come here a lot?”

“Yeah when I’m doing some writing for The Port. I’m glad to be doing the blog now with you. It would be nice to get out of the office.”

“So you’ll still work there too?”

“Yeah there’s not much for me to cover anymore. They like Anna’s stuff better and the blog covers most of the entertainment stuff. I like entertainment a lot.”



 “So the boss said we both write the reviews. What about the other stuff?”

“We both do everything. We’ll have different takes and opinions on things.”

“Oh okay. I have a good feeling about this. Us working together.”

“Me too but enjoy it while it lasts.”

 “Why do you say that?”

“Two more bloggers will be join us but I think we will still be partnered up likes this. Team A and Team B.”




“Have I really been slacking that much?”

“One person running a news blog is too much. It needs to be more active. 3-5 posts per day, one person alone can’t do that. I guess boss lady didn’t tell ya that.”

“Um no…”

“I guess she’s just easing ya in. But it’s gonna be fun. The two other bloggers will be 2 hot guys.”

“Oh.. Cool.”

“Oh, you’re taken huh?”

“Yeah. I have a girlfriend. But I do like guys too but I’m committed to my girlfriend.”

“That’s cool.” 



 We both caught a cab to Drea’s for our first assignment. Kirby seems nice and I think we will get along well. I wished that I was told about the other changes about blog. I guess it won’t be so bad with extra help. I can’t keep it very active with me alone. Having 3 other bloggers could be a cool change.




 The shop looked nice and neat. The selection was pretty nice. I could see myself shopping her time to time. They are having a sale and of course I took advantage of it. I love shopping for cute clothes anyway.




 “What do you think about this shirt?”

“It’s kinda cute. But I think it’s better in yellow.”

“Seems a little bright.”

“I like bright colors. It reminds me of home.”

“Where are you from?”

“I was born in Konani Tides but raised here. I still call it home. I visit there twice a year.”

“Oh cool. I have family there. I’m from Star City.”

“Oh Ms. Hollywood!”

“Ha ha ha.”



 “How do I look?”


“I like being comfortable.”

“I figure with you being from Star City you would like things more flashier and tight.”

“I do but I really like cat sweaters.”

“Me too. I think the outfit is cute on you. I’m not sure if I can pull that off.”

“Maybe in yellow?”




 “I’m going on a date tomorrow night. I need a cute dress. Whatcha think about this?”

“It fits you nicely.”

“Nice and tight, right? It gotta be tight so he won’t notice my pancake booty. Ha ha.”

“It’s tight in the right areas ha ha ha. I don’t think you have a pancake booty.”

“Oh you checking out my booty?”

“Oh no! I wasn’t.. Sorry!”

“It’s okay Mimi. I like girls too.”



 Kirby is really cool. We got to know each other as we shopped. I almost felt embarrassed when I was checking her out. Now I know that it wouldn’t bother her but she knows I’m with Jade. I felt comfortable with Kirby but not comfortable enough to tell her about Nico. I gotta figure out what am I going to do with him.




 We went to go see a new horror movie that came out. It wasn’t assignment but we figure we could review it anyway. I wasn’t always given certain assignments, sometimes I reviewed whatever I wanted. Since this is a new movie, I would be asked to review it anyway. It was cool spending more time with Kirby.




 “Don’t go in there! Why do they always do stupid stuff?”

“Cause they enjoy making us yell at the movie screen.”

“This movie could be solved in 5 minutes.”

“That wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Yeah but this mess is freakin’ ridiculous most of the time. She coulda still have her face if she didn’t go in that room.”

“Ha ha ha! Well someone needed to lose their face. It wasn’t called Faceless for no reason.”




At the end of the day, we headed to The Port and wrote our reviews together. Normally I blogged from home but it would be nice to blog together at the office. I wonder if I gotta start coming up here for now on.




 I had a fun day and headed home only to be greeted by Nico. He’s really starting to creep me out now. He won’t leave me alone and now he’s stalking me.




 “Can I get a kiss?”

“Go away! Why can’t you just leave me alone! You are being so creepy!”

“I missed you. I needed to see you again and see if you’re okay.”

“I don’t need you! Just go home and never come back!”

“I thought about you all day. I just wanna hold you.”

“No! Go fuck off! I don’t like you and I will never like you! You have issues!”




 “Look here you stupid bitch! I’m not going anywhere and you need to get that through your thick skull! I’m trying to show you that you need me!”

“But I don’t fuckin’ need you!”

“The fuck you do, bitch! Now what you are going to do is invite me in.”

“I’m not doing that!”

“Yes you are! I’m gonna show you how much I care about you.”

“If you really cared about me then you wouldn’t force me to anything!”



 “I don’t want to force you but you are being difficult!”

“Just go! I’m gonna call the police!”

“Don’t you dare. You will regret it if you do. Now just be a good little girl and invite me inside. It’s cold and I can warm you up.”

“No, Nico! Go home! Please!”

“Bitch! I am not going anywhere! Don’t make this more difficult! We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice, Miyoko!”

“You wouldn’t…”

“Don’t make me..”



 No matter how hard I fought Nico, it just made him more persistent. Over the next few weeks he followed me everywhere. When Jade wasn’t home, he forced me to invite him inside for sex. It wasn’t long before Nico finally broke me down. He wasn’t gonna stop until I gave him what he wanted.

Usually it was just sex or sometimes he just wanted to cuddle. Then he started to take me out on actual dates. Like dinner and a movie. He seemed quite nice when I didn’t fight him but never enjoyed a second with him. I always felt sick to my stomach when I had to be around him.



 I started to literally be sick suddenly. I was actually throwing up. I figure it was the stress from Nico. Jade had no clue what was going on. I tried to tell her but I was afraid. She’ll get mad at me or Nico will try to hurt her. He keeps telling me that the final days are near and I’m not sure what that means. I’m stressing out bad.. I’m really worried of what’s gonna happen.




But a natural instinct kicked in. This sickness isn’t from stress of Nico…

I’m pregnant….

Montigo Extensions: Miyoko – Update 3

 My weekend was super crazy between Jade and Nico. Monday evening I had to meet up with my boss at The Port cause she wanted to speak to me about something important.




 It made me little nervous cause she sounded very serious in the email. I usually don’t meet up with her in person unless its something bad. I know I haven’t been updating the blog as often as I should. Maybe she’s gonna fire me? I just been slacking so bad at my blogging job for The Port. I was supposed to do a review about Waylon’s since it’s under new management. But my night was filled with drama and I didn’t get to check out the bar.



 “Hello Miyoko. How you been?”

“Pretty good.”

“That’s good cause I was starting to get a little worried. The blog has been a little quiet. Didn’t visit Waylon’s like you promised?”

“Kinda but the night kinda got crazy.”

“Hmm, we need something from you ASAP.”

“I know but I will check it out tonight.. Alone.”

“Good. I do wanna speak to you about something.”

“Am I in trouble?”

“No but I think you could use some help.”



 “Help? What do you mean?”

“I think if you had a partner, things would be easier. The blog will stay more active.”

“So someone would help me with the blog and visit places with me?”

“Yes. Kirby Wise will be your partner. I think you two will get along well. Kirby’s first assignment is to review the new clothing shop in town called, Drea’s tomorrow. I will give you Kirby’s number and you 2 can plan out the visit.”

“Who will write the review?”

“Both. It would be nice to read things from 2 different people.”

“Oh okay. I guess it would be fun.”

“I hope so. I need to go finish up and head home. You take care.”

“You too.”



 I headed to Waylon’s like promised. I figure I should let Jade know where I am so she won’t start any drama with me. But I wasn’t sure if I should tell her cause she might show up. I decided to call and tell her anyway.




 “Jade, I’m gonna be at Waylon’s tonight. I really gonna do a review on this place. My boss is riding my ass about it. I thought I should let you know.”

“Okay. My shift is almost over. I’ll head up there. I need a drink.”

“Oh? Well-“

“You don’t want me to come?”

“You can but Jade.. This review-

“I know, I know. I’ll stay out of your hair. I won’t stay long anyway.”

“Okay. See ya then!”




 I spent some time at the bar alone before Jade showing. So far it has been fun. The bartenders were friendly, the drinks were good and the bathrooms were even clean. I had fun mingling and getting to know new people. It has a nice vibe, friendly atmosphere and laid back. It’s more drawn to the older crowd and it’s probably why it’s so laid back. Jade walked in as I was doing karaoke.

She smiled at and decided to play shuffleboard with one of her co workers. I just hope Jade will stay calm. 



However it wasn’t long before got into a fight with some girl. I’m not sure what happen but I really don’t need this. I tried to stay out of this by sneaking off outside for a bit.




 “Jade! Seriously!”




 “Why Jade?”

“That bitch said something about my hair. She had it coming.”

“Who cares what she thinks about your hair. Did you see her outfit? She doesn’t know what’s good. I can’t have you starting fights over stupid shit!”

“I’m sorry. But I had to put her back in her place. It’s all good now.”


“Yeah, let’s do some karaoke and then I’ll be outta here. Early shift tomorrow anyway.”




 We sang a few songs before Jade headed home. She promised to behave for the rest of the time and she. I stayed for another couple of hours at the bar. I enjoyed my time there and have a very good review to write about it in the morning. I think now having a partner for these type of things is gonna be kinda fun, ya know. I hope Kirby is a fun person to hang out with.



 I caught a cab home and didn’t notice I was being followed. I’ve seen that guy at the bar, he stood mostly in the corner watching me all night. I didn’t think much of it until I got home and there he was.




He said a few things to me but I couldn’t make  out what he was saying. I found myself too scare to make another step. A millions thoughts raced through my mind. What do I do? Do I call the police? Do I call my sister or Jade? Why can’t I just run?




 But I felt another unwanted presence near by..







 “What are you doing here asshole!”

“Just following the pretty lady.”

“Go fuck off! That pretty lady is mine, creep!”

“Well then. Maybe you would like to share her?”

“Are you fuckin’ insane?!”

“Yes. It wouldn’t be the first time you shared her. Right?”

“Who the fuck are you?!”

“You’ll know soon enough.”







 “Are you trying to get yourself hurt?!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“If I wasn’t here, who know what that creepy vamp would done to you!”

“I can take care of myself!”

“No you can’t! You need me and tonight proves it. You got stalkers following you and you need me to kick their asses.”



 “Stalkers huh? You’re a stalker! You live across town and you show up from out of no where! You’re stalking me!”

“I’m not stalking you. I’m looking out you.  I’m protecting you. You are special to me and mine.”

“You are stalking me and I’m not yours! I told you that I’m with Jade!”



 “I told you that you and her are done. It’s you and me now. You know that you need me. Tonight made that clear. I can protect you. Jade can’t protect you. Jade will put you in danger. She’s fuckin’ nuts!”

“You’re fuckin’ nuts!”

“You don’t mean that. Let me show you how much I care about you.”

“Keep your hands off of me!”

“Mimi, don’t be like that. Let me love you.”

“No Nico! Just go away please!”



 “I could never leave you. I care about you. You and I belong together.”


“Kiss me.”

“Get off-“



 “You really shouldn’t try to fight me. It turns me on.”

“You’re a creep! Just stay away from or I’m gonna call the police!”

“You wouldn’t do that, baby. In time you will see that you and I belong together. I guess I could let you enjoy a few more weeks with Jade. Then it will be you and me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’ll see, baby.”



 I have a bad feeling in my stomach….


Montigo Extensions: MiKaia – Update 4

Christmas was a week away and the gym in the apartment complex had finally opened up after being remodeled. I felt that I needed to looked my best since landing a weekly gig at Dynasty. Mimi and Jade often joined me which was kinda fun. Jade for once wasn’t a total crazy bitch like usual.

Mimi and Jade seemed to be doing well for that past few weeks. I just hope the calm lasts for a while cause its been peaceful. But I rather have Mimi be with someone else than Jade. I still believe Jade isn’t right for her. I keep my opinions to myself, I don’t wanna ignite a fire.



 During my working out, I started to feel a little off. I felt this unpleasant feeling in my stomach, something that I haven’t felt since I was a kid. I quickly raced towards the apartment, trying to hold down whatever is coming up from my stomach. I didn’t make it, the ride in the elevator made the queasiness worse. I headed to the bathroom and searched for Jade’s upset stomach meds. Before I was able to take a dosage, I felt the queasiness once again. This time I was able to make it to the toilet.

I headed towards the sink for the medicine and to brush my tooth. I didn’t think much of this but it’s odd. Genies don’t get sick..


 I changed out of my workout clothes and relaxed in the living room. I pulled out my tablet so I could Skype with Mason. We do this everyday around the same time. I enjoy chatting with him and getting closer to him. It’s nice, I never got this close to guy before.



 I’ve been singing in the lounge area at Dynasty for a few weeks now. It’s a wonderful feeling, singing in front of a crowd, doing something that I am very passionate about. Sometimes when I am on stage, I pretend that I’m performing a concert on a big stage. I use to do the same when I was a child.

Daddy use to take me the club he worked at on karaoke nights and let me sing. It was the only time I had an audience. My dad was almost fired for bringing his kids to the club but after a while, the owner was okay with it as long as we left before 11 pm.  Daddy taking me to karaoke night was our little special time although my older sisters usually came along.




 It’s almost silly to still play pretend in my head while singing at the lounge. But becoming a famous singer is another one of my dreams. I’m content just being a lounge singer, even its temporary. I still give it all my.




 Over the last 2 weeks, the crowd has gotten larger since I began to sing there. I don’t think the crowd has ever been this large when the regular was singing. For the most part, the dance club area had the most people. They are starting to come upstairs just to watch me. But honestly I’m not sure if I’m pulling a crowd cause of my talent or my irresistibly. 




 I’m cheered after each song, during breaks I’m approached by others who tell me how much they loved my singing. Maybe it is my talent that is bringing the crowd and it’s possible that my irresistibly may be helping a little. I try not to think about that as I perform for the night.  I’m just glad to be singing in front a crowd.

If only daddy could see me now. He would be proud.




 During one of my breaks, I got to meet Tiara once again. I haven’t seen her since the audition. She seemed happy to speak with me on this night.

“MiKaia, it’s nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you again.”

“I’ve been wanting to speak to you. It’s kinda important.”


“Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble or anything like that.”




 “That’s a relief.”

“We notice you have been bringing a large crowd lately. It’s quiet impressive given the little promoting that has been done. Again we are sorry about that.”

“It’s okay.”

“You are very talented and we had been very impressed lately. I know this gig was supposed to be temporary until Maya returns but we would love to have you permanently. Maya has never brought in a crowd like you have.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. We like Maya but lately she has been bit of a diva. She hasn’t been so pleasant to be around.”

“Oh wow I wasn’t expecting this but I would love to do this full time.”



 “I’m glad to hear that. Our busier nights were usually on Friday and Saturday nights but since you, business is really picking up. “

“I’m glad to help out but what about Maya when she returns?”

“She’ll be singing on the other nights since our other singer will be moving soon.”

“What nights would be my?”

“Thursday, Friday and Saturday, those are our prime nights. Maya will have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We plan to have karaoke night on Wednesdays soon.”

“Karaoke night? That sounds like a lot of fun. I use to go to the karaoke nights back in Star City.”

“I remember you mentioning that is your hometown. Would you mind being the host on those nights? People seem to like you a lot. We been getting positive feedback about you.”

“I would love that!”

“That’s great to hear that. I will call you tomorrow with more details.”



My break was almost over but I felt a little rumbling in my stomach. I made a mad dash towards the restroom, trying to get there as quickly as possible. I couldn’t worth to throw up all over my gown after making an impression on one of the club owners. 



 It’s been a few days since I last had toilet prayers. I know it’s not something that I ate. I shouldn’t be getting sick like this. It’s uncommon for genies however I’m not a full blooded genie, my mother is something. I just wish I knew what she was. Maybe what ever she is, might be the reason why I’m allowed to feel illness.



But then again…. There is only other reason why a genie could have illness. I’m not trying to think about that right now..




 The show must go on…




 The morning was different than my usual. I tried to act normal as possible as I got ready for the day. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and watched the timer. In 3 minutes I will know the reason of my sudden illness. These 3 minutes were the longest 3 minutes ever. Then finally the timer goes off.



 It’s positive. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there frozen, staring at the positive pregnancy. I should have known instantly, being a symbol of fertility but I guess I was too high in the cloud of denial. 




I’m going to be a mother… How am I going to tell Mason this? We met barely a month ago and now we are expecting a baby. Things were starting to look up for me. I now have a full time gig at the lounge and now I’m going to have a baby? Why wasn’t I careful?




 After staring at my phone for 2 hours, I finally got the courage to call Mason. I wonder how he would take the news however he had unexpected news for me.

“Hi Mason, I hope it’s not too early for me to calling you.”

“I’m glad that you called cause I need to talk to you.”

“Really? You missed me, huh?”


“Well what?”

“I shoulda been honest with you when we first met. There’s something that I need to get off my chest.”

“Okay, I’m not liking where this conversation is going.”

“I really like you Kaia. You’re a great person but if we met during a different time, I would love to be with you. But you see.. I kinda have a girlfriend…”

“You kinda have a what?! Either you do or you don’t! Which is it, Mason?!”

“My girlfriend and I were on a break.. We kinda broke up for a little bit cause we were having issues. But now we wanna work things out. I found out that I’m gonna be a dad. I’m really sorry MiKaia. I shouldn’t have led you on. I hope we can still be friends.”



“You’re an asshole! Never talk to me again!”

“I’m really sorry! I feel like a-“



 I hung up on Mason. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This whole time I thought maybe this could be something real. I crawled up in the corner and cried my eyes out. I’m hurt, confused and feel like a fool. How could I be so foolish. No guy really wants to be with me! They are afraid to have freaky purple babies one day. I cried for hours it seemed like but I knew I couldn’t stay in my room and cry.



I was even more hurt that Mason only choose to work things out with his girlfriend or whatever cause she’s pregnant. Would things be any different if I told him I was pregnant too? I decided that I wasn’t going to tell him about the pregnancy.  This baby doesn’t need to know his or hers father. I would never see him again, he’ll never but I then realize his best friend Nico works at the studio and seems to be hanging out with Mimi a lot. Nico will take notice, and he’ll tell Mason. I’ll eventually have to tell Mason one day…