Drama Cream – Ice Cream Shop (Remastered)

Drama Cream is back….again! DC has gone through many changes over the past couple of years. I’ve lost count how many times DC has been remastered but I do adore this version most of all. With the help of a mod by Arsil, it’s functions as a legit ice cream shop at last.


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Like in the previous versions, I did make use of the Katy Perry sweet treats crap but it’s not require to have. I did take the time to make some of the KPST Crap base game compatible. However I made the ice cream arcade for Late Night. There’s a few items from that SP that is usable and didn’t think it would right without them. Drama Cream was route tested and played for quite some time. It was often featured in my 100 baby challenge and nearly destroyed by Cergio a few times lol


Lot Size: 20×30

Lot Type: Arcade

Used EPs: Showtime, Supernatural, Late Night, Generations, Ambitions, Seasons, World Adventures, Pets, University Life

Used Sps: KPST, Outdoor Living

Store Items: Deep Fryer, Gumball MachineNectar Barstool & Wong Way Table  from Lucky Palms (Gold), Straight Laced Window from Roaring Heights, Napkin Holder & Door from the Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner Starter kit

Required Mod: Ice Cream Stand by Arsil (You must have this mod for the shop to function. Although I am using a different ice stand, the mod is still required.)

CC Used: Ice Cream Stand by Sandy (included as package file), Ice Cream Shop items by Mensure (her site is gone, items are included) Drama Cream Decor by me (included)

TOU: No reuploading and claiming as yours

The lot is a package file, place in your library folder.

If from Tumblr, I would love to see DC in your game. Feel free to tag me in your post. You can also use the tag ‘Drama Cream’ or ‘thenay83’


Drama Cream With KPST

Drama Cream With Base Game Compatible KPST

Club Aquarius – 100k Views Gift (Part 2)


As promised, I have part 2 of the 100k views gift. I present to you all, Club Aquarius!

This vivid colored night club set as a Fusion Lounge may be the hottest night scene in your sims’ town. Not too big, not too small, Club Aquarius should be an easy fit in most world maps. Bubble bars, karaoke, casino slots, pool table, and a dance floor equip with a DJ is what Club Aquarius has to offer for a fun night out with friends!


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Lot Size: 30×20

EPs used: Late Night, Showtime, Into The Future, Island Paradise, Seasons, World Adventures, Generations

SPs used: None that I’m aware of.

Store Items: Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine

CC used (not included): Modern Line Windows Set , Transparent Dance Floor 

Note: I set colors on the bubble tubes and some of the lights however there’s a chance the colors may reset. If so the colors I used was: Cyan, Purple & Magenta. Please remember to place the file in your library folder.



Cimarron Square


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Cimarron Square was a request build for a user on Tumblr. It was specially made to blend in Starlight Shores but it could still sit well in other towns. Cimarron Square is a veterinary, grooming salon and pet shop. It’s perfect for storytelling. In the grooming salon you will notice the bathtubs are deco items. It’s to prevent sims form randomly taking a bath on the lot. I wasn’t able to unlock pet bathing on com lots but there’s probably some poses out there.

Lot Size: 40×30

Lot Type: Pet Shop

EPs used: Showtime, University Life, Pets, Into The Future, World Adventures, Seasons, Late Night  (I’m taking a wild guess here cause I really don’t remember.)

SPs used: High End Loft

Store items: Savvy Seller set, Graham’s Pet Shop, 3 tier windows from Lucky Palms

This lot is a package file like my others, you place it in your Library folder



Domino Palace – Arcade & Pizza Buffet

One day while chatting with friends I had an idea to create a lot like Chuck E Cheese while reminiscing about that one time I went as a kid. My gameplay and storytelling is family orientated and I wanted a new and fun place for my sims to take their kids at for a weekend afternoon outing. Since the lot looks like a domino, that how I came up with the name :p




Some store items and third party CC was used. A few of my store items were converted into package files and are included. But if you have the sims3pack version, you will have to set them down yourself. The game will see the item as something different and will replace it cause its in a different format. I used the Moveobjects on cheat when building this lot. Some third party CC were originally in sims3pack format but I converted them into package files and included them. If you rather have them as a sims3pack, I will provide the link below. They were only included due to file conversion. Also I created 2 CC items myself which are included.


Lot Size: 30×20

Required Mod: This lot has a pizza buffet and it requires the Choose Your Resort Buffet Foods mod by icarus_allsorts. The mod also requires that you have Island Paradise installed.

Recommended Mods: My Arcade Tweaks and More Karaoke! 

EPs used:

  • Showtime
  • Late Night
  • Seasons
  • Into The Future
  • University Life
  • Supernatural
  • Island Paradise
  • Generations
  • Ambitions
  • Pets

SPs used:

  • Town Life
  • Decades

Store Items:

  • Wood Fire Oven or Monte Vista (to have pizza)
  • Gumball Machine
  • Ice cream Maker
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Buzzer FreeThrow Machine (included package file)
  • Galactic Simball Machine (included package file)
  • Rock Climbing Wall (included package file)
  • Hak 2 Skool Arcade (included package file)


Third Party CC:


How to install:

Place the Lot’s package file into your Library Folder. Place the CC items  into your Mods Folder.

TOU: Altering the lot for your taste is cool. Reuploading it, is not.