State Of Tigo *4/20/16*

It has been a month since I last posted on here. My family suffered a loss of beloved one last month and I took it pretty hard. It’s still pretty hard but I am returning to my sim writing. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing the chapter of Ciderwood that I previously delayed. As far as Season 2 of Show Yourself, I decided that still won’t start until June of this year. I haven’t been able do any work on it since February and I wanted a good portion of it already written before publishing anything. I hope I can return to my schedule of writing 2-3 chapters per week then I can get back on track. However lately life has been throwing a lot of curve balls at me. So I just gotta do the best I can do for the rest of this week and next month.


Also I wanted to show some pics of a town that I set up called Brightpoint Island. This town will be feature in the second arc in season 2 of Show Yourself. It’s also reasons why I haven’t been able to work on anymore chapters since February. The town is empty and needs to be built up. I built all of the community lots and the townhouses. As for the residential houses, I just downloaded those or took them from so other world and dressed them up. Save building takes time of course and this town took more time that expected. But I love how it looks now.



Forced Hiatus

Due to unfortunate events in my personal life, both my WordPress and Tumblr blogs are on hiatus for some time. I did had a new chapter of Ciderwood in queue for this week but decided to cancelled it, events in that chapter would be poor timing for me personally. Season 2 of Show Yourself was due to start in 2 weeks but I decided that will be pushed back until May. Once things settle, I can return to writing.

Hello, hello….

Hey guys. I know my blog has been a bit quiet as of late but I am still around! Currently season 2 of Show Yourself is in the works. I’ve decided to hold off releasing chapters until I’m finished writing the whole season. Why? Mainly because setting up a the main save for Season 2 nearly took a month. I felt if I write out the whole season and queue it, that will give me time to set up saves for Season 3.

Unfortunately this means it could be a few months before I’m done writing Season 2. I’m trying to keep a strict schedule of writing 2 chapters per week but failed last week with only writing out 1 chapter. Life likes to throw in random things. I will try to squeeze out a couple more chapters of Ciderwood when I need a break from Show Yourself. But I really need to figure what I want to do next with that story before doing so.

I need 2 more saves for Season 2 and with one being in “Sunlit Tides” and realizing that the Montigos in that world haven’t had their lives progressed in 2 years -_- I made some half attempt last June, finally aging up Celsia’s twins to teens when they should be YAs long ago. So I got around to doing so this weekend, updating households and such but only got to do one household this weekend. I guess I will do one household per weekend cause the bulk of Gen 2 live on the islands. With that said, I will be making a post for family of where are their lives now. I won’t get to focus on their lives much but it will give of picture of their current status. One of this first things to do was kill off Finn.



Poor Finn wasn’t ready to die. But I was a bit peeved of the game resetting his life bar once he was towards the end. It happened twice already.  Sorry Finn, but you gotta go. It was long overdue.



Amore Di Genio Villa House Tour

Happy New Years, everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe new years. As I mention in my last blog post that I was working on building a house for Gen 3’s story in Monte Vista. Well I’m finally done with the house and I like how it turned out. It has 10 bedrooms but only 9 is shown and it has 3.5 bathrooms. It could be a nice legacy house, however in my legacy, they move around a lot but this is one of the houses that is seen as “home”.

The Outside

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First Floor

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Second Floor

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The Basement

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