State of Tigo 10/9/16

It’s been a while since my blog has been updated. My queue ran out and I have been busy with life. I decided to take some to announce that this blog is on hiatus until January or so. I’m just not interested in playing sims 3 or any sim game nor  do I have the…Read more »

State of Tigo: 6/1/16

It feel like ages since I last post anything on here. Just been busy with background story work and real life stuff. I had some rough patches, late winter/early spring but that finally had passed. Things in my personal life had gotten better and I hope it stays that way for a good while cause…Read more »

State Of Tigo *4/20/16*

It has been a month since I last posted on here. My family suffered a loss of beloved one last month and I took it pretty hard. It’s still pretty hard but I am returning to my sim writing. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing the chapter of Ciderwood that I previously delayed. As far as Season…Read more »

Forced Hiatus

Due to unfortunate events in my personal life, both my WordPress and Tumblr blogs are on hiatus for some time. I did had a new chapter of Ciderwood in queue for this week but decided to cancelled it, events in that chapter would be poor timing for me personally. Season 2 of Show Yourself was due…Read more »

Hello, hello….

Hey guys. I know my blog has been a bit quiet as of late but I am still around! Currently season 2 of Show Yourself is in the works. I’ve decided to hold off releasing chapters until I’m finished writing the whole season. Why? Mainly because setting up a the main save for Season 2…Read more »