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State of Tigo 4/29/17

It almost feel like centuries since I last posted on here, but it is time to announce a few things.

My 100 BC is still going on in the background, I just haven’t been updating nor have I been able to play as of late. I recently spent 2 glorious weeks in Florida and took some time to prepare for that trip. Now that I’m back home, time to try to get some simming done. I decided to not post updates of my BC again until the goal is completed. So for now, updates are paused.

As far as my stories go, I knows it been months since they have been updated but sadly I decided to pull the plug on one. I’m not inspire to continue on with Show Yourself but I won’t leave you, the readers hanging. There’s one more chapter to be posted and of course I will be making a summary of how the story was supposed to go. I decided to do this because I found myself more eager to start Gen 4 than to write Gen 3. With my recent trip to Florida just encourages me more with Gen 4’s story being base in Florida (Roaring Heights/Roland Heights). Hopefully I can write out that last chapter and have it out by Tuesday.

And what about Ciderwood? I’m still gonna keep that going, I just don’t know when will I update it again.

State of Tigo 10/9/16

It’s been a while since my blog has been updated. My queue ran out and I have been busy with life. I decided to take some to announce that this blog is on hiatus until January or so. I’m just not interested in playing sims 3 or any sim game nor  do I have the desire to write. My focus has been on my music & DJ career and I’m planning on bringing in a DJ from Germany for a show, that’s gonna take months of planning and such. My mind is else where but I will return soon!

State of Tigo: 6/1/16

It feel like ages since I last post anything on here. Just been busy with background story work and real life stuff. I had some rough patches, late winter/early spring but that finally had passed. Things in my personal life had gotten better and I hope it stays that way for a good while cause I could use a good long break from the rain clouds.

To make things even better, it was best if I move from my current place. I’m having issues with the new management and with my last run in with them confirm that I should go. I thought apartment hunting would be fun this time around but it’s as painful as hunting for perfect home for the sims lol. It’s not like I could just build my own place when I can’t find nothing, which I usually do. But in the real world, you can’t do that :p Things were looking bleak, like there were almost no one bedrooms available in my price range. According to a friend who does background checks, a lot of people were moving in apartments between the months of March & April which probably explains the shortage of one bedrooms. Plenty of 2 bedrooms, oddly when it’s usually those being the shortage but it’s just me, my cat Mosley and my betta fish Eric,  I don’t need a 2 bedroom.

I did eventually find a place, it’s  fairly nice, bit too small for my taste as I don’t have normal furniture all of may not fit, the kitchen is tiny and my cat loves to always follow me everywhere. The kitchen is way too tiny for her to follow me and I’ll end up playing cat soccer :/ However it does have a balcony that faces a duck pond. Nice sounds but I hate ducks lol. At least my cat can enjoy the outdoors once again. She become an indoor cat by choice, so I dunno if she would go out on the balcony. And Eric, I hope I can find him a spotlight spot like in my current apartment, he’s the first thing people will notice when entering. Eric is a diva and must have everyone’s attention lol. For a fish, he’s has a lot of personality lol. He’s also expensive, reasons why I say he’s a diva. Nothing pleases him lol. But he does  likes attention from strangers.


So what does this mean for my blog? My blog will remain active while I am busy moving/settling into my new place later this month. As promised I planned on starting Season 2 of Show Yourself this month. Since it’s been a long while since Season 1 had ended (back in Dec) I’ll write out a refresher and will possibly have it tomorrow. But Season 2 will start June 7.

As far as Ciderwood, I dunno when will the next update will come. Probably after I am settled into my place. Because I have several chapters of Show Yourself written in advance that I will be queuing up in a bit, if I do decide to work on Ciderwood, that story will be release on Thursdays until the SY queue ends, but we shall see until then.

State Of Tigo *4/20/16*

It has been a month since I last posted on here. My family suffered a loss of beloved one last month and I took it pretty hard. It’s still pretty hard but I am returning to my sim writing. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing the chapter of Ciderwood that I previously delayed. As far as Season 2 of Show Yourself, I decided that still won’t start until June of this year. I haven’t been able do any work on it since February and I wanted a good portion of it already written before publishing anything. I hope I can return to my schedule of writing 2-3 chapters per week then I can get back on track. However lately life has been throwing a lot of curve balls at me. So I just gotta do the best I can do for the rest of this week and next month.


Also I wanted to show some pics of a town that I set up called Brightpoint Island. This town will be feature in the second arc in season 2 of Show Yourself. It’s also reasons why I haven’t been able to work on anymore chapters since February. The town is empty and needs to be built up. I built all of the community lots and the townhouses. As for the residential houses, I just downloaded those or took them from so other world and dressed them up. Save building takes time of course and this town took more time that expected. But I love how it looks now.



Forced Hiatus

Due to unfortunate events in my personal life, both my WordPress and Tumblr blogs are on hiatus for some time. I did had a new chapter of Ciderwood in queue for this week but decided to cancelled it, events in that chapter would be poor timing for me personally. Season 2 of Show Yourself was due to start in 2 weeks but I decided that will be pushed back until May. Once things settle, I can return to writing.

Hello, hello….

Hey guys. I know my blog has been a bit quiet as of late but I am still around! Currently season 2 of Show Yourself is in the works. I’ve decided to hold off releasing chapters until I’m finished writing the whole season. Why? Mainly because setting up a the main save for Season 2 nearly took a month. I felt if I write out the whole season and queue it, that will give me time to set up saves for Season 3.

Unfortunately this means it could be a few months before I’m done writing Season 2. I’m trying to keep a strict schedule of writing 2 chapters per week but failed last week with only writing out 1 chapter. Life likes to throw in random things. I will try to squeeze out a couple more chapters of Ciderwood when I need a break from Show Yourself. But I really need to figure what I want to do next with that story before doing so.

I need 2 more saves for Season 2 and with one being in “Sunlit Tides” and realizing that the Montigos in that world haven’t had their lives progressed in 2 years -_- I made some half attempt last June, finally aging up Celsia’s twins to teens when they should be YAs long ago. So I got around to doing so this weekend, updating households and such but only got to do one household this weekend. I guess I will do one household per weekend cause the bulk of Gen 2 live on the islands. With that said, I will be making a post for family of where are their lives now. I won’t get to focus on their lives much but it will give of picture of their current status. One of this first things to do was kill off Finn.



Poor Finn wasn’t ready to die. But I was a bit peeved of the game resetting his life bar once he was towards the end. It happened twice already.  Sorry Finn, but you gotta go. It was long overdue.



Amore Di Genio Villa House Tour

Happy New Years, everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe new years. As I mention in my last blog post that I was working on building a house for Gen 3’s story in Monte Vista. Well I’m finally done with the house and I like how it turned out. It has 10 bedrooms but only 9 is shown and it has 3.5 bathrooms. It could be a nice legacy house, however in my legacy, they move around a lot but this is one of the houses that is seen as “home”.

The Outside

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First Floor

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Second Floor

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The Basement

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State Of Tigo *12/24/15*

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week. I felt it was time to announce a few things. As some of you know I have a 100 baby challenge going on just for fun and I have been reblogging it from my other blog. As of now, I will no longer will be reblogging it on this blog. So if you still want to follow it, please start following my other blog, Montigo Extra. I created that blog specially for my game plays that I do for fun. I felt like my game plays posts were cluttering my legacy blog.

Also I want to mention that I am accepting daddy donors for my BC. CC is fine as long as it is just skin, hair or makeup. Sliders are fine too. Just no berries, aliens or mermaids. Other occults are fine.

I don’t think I ever mention that I have my story, Show Yourself split up in seasons. I did this so I could write up summaries for new readers who come in late in the game. They won’t be so overwhelm with trying to catch up. Also I’m doing this cause there will be some extended breaks between each time, gives me time to set up new saves and taking a break from writing would be nice too haha. Close to the beginning of starting the next season, the summary would gloss over the previous and can be used as a refresher as I also mention, there will be extended breaks. I’ve been working on Season’s 2 save for almost a month, it takes time.

So when will Season 2 start? Honestly I’m not sure. I just finished on making over the community lots and currently working on the house. Here’s a peek of the house.

You can also see the lots that I makeover and built on my facebook page.


I hope that everyone is having a fabulous holiday or whatever you’re into!


State Of Tigo *9/9/15*

All downloads are publicly available. It seems as most people are able to behave and not try to steal anyone’s content and making profit behind it. But if my TOU is violated once again then I’m removing everything forever. So please act right, don’t ruin it for everyone!

I’m about 98% done of setting up things for Gen 3’s story. I hopefully I can start on it next week. I plan to publicly publish the start of Gen 3 next month! Looks like things are back on track. *crosses fingers* I am behind that what I originally planned but hey….things happen -_-


I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the 100k views gift, which is suppose to be a night club. Honestly I don’t know when I will build that. I’ve been so busy building up things for Gen 3’s story and such. I just reached 300 followers on tumblr and this would had been the right time to have it available. But other things come first. Plus I don’t make much of a big deal of follower count on tumblr anyway. People do all the time and I’m just meh…whatever.. IDGAF. I would be content with just 5 followers hahaha. But one of these days, I will have Part 2 available. I have some ideas of how the night club should be. If you have any ideas, or a name for it, please drop a comment. Don’t be shy :p After all, the build is meant for you all! You should have some input and such.

I also have some new mods and objects coming out pretty soon so be on the look at out for that.

That is all for now, have a great week!