About the writer

Name: Dené (Da-Nay hence “TheNay”)

Age: Sexy

Birthday: Jan 7, 1983

Location: The blackhole  aka Wichita,KS. Once your leave Wichita you’ll get suck back in.

Occupation: Nanny, DJ, Music Producer, Professional Drunk Diva, Being black, Ninja

Favorite Food: Tacos, Crack aka Pancakes

Hobbies: Art, DJing, Photography, Roller Skating, Shopping, Phone boning, Plotting on how to take over the world, Random Dancing at random places, Drinking Moscato, Getting drunk, Watching horror movies, Trolling, Groping the ladies, Hiding bodies at the lake, Producing music, Producing minions, Writing, Playing the sims.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Pink and Purple.

Favorite Animals: Cats, Dolphins ..I know they are underwater rapists but I still like them :p

Favorite Music: House music, Disco, 50’s/60’s Soul, Jazz

Favorite sim genre: Legacy, ISBI

Favorite number: 7 of course, I hate the number 4

Catchphrase: Keep it Juicy

Favorite created sim: Zinnia Montigo-Taye

Favorite born-in game sim: Malix Lex/Montigo, Borage Montigo-Gelman

Pets: 3 cats, Cali 11, Evil 10, Moo Moo 5  Dogs: Diesel 3, Kelo 3

Favorite Memory: That time where I was chased by a pterodactyl on roller skates.  My Mom said stop smoking so much crack! LMAO

9 thoughts on “About the writer

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