Love. Lust. – Chapter 5: Waterfalls

TLC – Waterfalls

The mornings are a peaceful time by the lake at my property in Auberon. I’m usually here on the weekends with a few of my kids. I have 2 in Auberon. My son Aries and my daughter Coco. Aries is from my first marriage and Coco was from a fling.

I don’t see them much as my ex wife Fayon thinks I’m a terrible influence on my son. He’s a smart, gifted child who plays basketball and pretty stable. Fayon believes it in her heart that I will somehow ruin him. But I don’t let the bitch stop me from seeing him.  I got rights and took her to court. I get visitation on the weekends. 



As for Coco, I don’t see her as much as I should. She adores me and takes after me and that pisses her mother Lacey off. She’s been suspended from school already and the school year just began. Lacey bitches at me saying I need to deal with Coco since she doesn’t listen to her but I’m just too busy with other shit.

When I first met Lacey I told her to not get involved with a man like me. I was too rough around the edges for her cookie cutter life. But she had a thing for bad boys and chased waterfalls. Now she has a child who doesn’t respect her and I’m too busy to care.




Now my property is about to be home to Maddox’s mistake and his ass is paying double for it. This is supposed to be my weekend getaway retreat where I practice my violin in the buff. It pisses off my neighbor but I don’t give a fuck.



“Hello, Cergio this is Vivian our nanny for baby Violet.”

“Hola, Mister Cergio.”

“Be a friend and help Vivian with her bags and get her settled in.”



“Help your own fucking self.”





“It’s okay Mister Cergio. I can get my own bags.”




“No need to be fucking rude, Cergio. She’s our nanny. She cooks, cleans, and will even watch your kids too.”




“I’m not exactly thrilled you’re moving in your bastard child in. I enjoy the peace and quiet on the lake. Your screaming mi-mi will be bothersome.”



“Vivian is instructing to leave when you come with your family or alone. Vivian knows the rules.”

“She does? She isn’t going to ask questions like where is the baby’s mother?”

“Vivian isn’t exactly legal. Too many questions will lead to a phone call to ICE.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Anything to protect my family and yours.”

“That’s shitty.”

“You would do the same. Don’t give me shit, Cergio.” 




Vivan seems nice and too bad she’s wrapped up with Maddox’s shit. She does what she’s told and doesn’t ask questions. She cares for Violet and cares for the lake house.




I can’t believe this asshole gets to be a new father without even trying. Kelly and I been trying to have a baby for a year and failed. It’s almost not fair, why this asshole and not us. His own wife doesn’t know about this child and I don’t know how long he plans on keeping this a secret but I’m not keeping her forever.




There was a knock at the door. Vivian answered it and it was Camille. She is Maddox’s oldest daughter from his first marriage. He’s been married 4 times during his whole lifetime.

He was young when he married Ebony. He left her to marry someone else who died shortly after marriage due to cancer. His third wife left him. I have no idea how he got Petra to marry him and have 2 kids with him.

“Hi dad. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you.”



“Camille, how did you know I would be here?”





“I told her. Start answering your damn phone.”




“I need to talk to you about something important, dad. You been avoiding me for way too long. This can’t wait any longer.” 




“Let me guess. This is about money? It’s always about money with you Camille. You only come to me when it’s about money, never to ask how I’m doing or to see your younger sister and brother. How much do you need this time?”




“It’s about my culinary school tuition! You stop paying it! I can’t finish culinary school if my tuition isn’t paid! They called you about it! That’s what I came to talk to you about, dad!”




“Yes, I did stop paying it! Culinary school is a joke! You are smart and gifted! You should be going to school in the field of science like your mother and I did! Until you change career paths, I am not paying for shit! Every since you have gotten with that boy, you, you just threw your life away!”




“I didn’t throw my life away! I’m following my dreams! You don’t like Caleb cause he’s black! You always had a problem with me dating a black man! You won’t even see your grandson Chaz! Guess what dad?! My mom is black too! Is that why you left us?! Do you have a problem with black people, dad?!”




“Don’t be ridiculous Camille. I realize your mother is black! I married her and that’s not the reason why I left, My only problem with Caleb was I didn’t think he was good enough for you. And I was right! He left you with a small child, didn’t he? You could have been something but you decided to throw it all away and get pregnant at 18. I wanted much better for you, Camille!”




“If this is gonna turn into a screaming match then go outside!”




“My dad is being ridiculous, Cergio!”

“The only one who is being ridiculous is you, Camille.”

“You both are.”

“I’m just mad cause I can’t finish school!”

“I’m not paying another red cent for it!”




I left and took my boat out on the lake while Maddox and Camille worked out their differences. It was such a nice fucking day out and I would rather be out on the water than listen to those two brickers back and forth.




I figured things didn’t get smoothed over cause Maddox is an asshole. I asked Vivian to make dinner and I invited Camille over for dinner. I had a plan.




“Thanks for inviting me over for dinner. I didn’t have to worry about cooking today.”




“Well, I wanted to talk to you about something. I figured things didn’t improve with your father.”




“Not at all. He basically told me to drop out of school and find a job since I ruined my life by having Chaz so young. I’m gonna talk to my mom about helping me get a student loan.”




“No need for that. I’ll pay for your tuition.”


“Yes. Have I not did things for you in the past?”




“Oh my God! Thank you Cergio! This means a lot to me.”


“Do I need to pay you back?”

“Not at all.”

“Wow. You know you always been more of dad to me than my own dad has. This takes away my stress. I can relax now.”

“You just owe me a meal after you finish school.”





I have always been there for Camille since she was a little girl. It’s not because I care about her but I always had a thing for her mother Ebony.

I was involved with her before Maddox came into the picture. I wasn’t ready for anything steady and then Maddox came in and took her. So when Maddox fucks up, I step in to make myself look better and get in good with Ebony. Being the fatherly figure to Camille is my ticket to Ebony’s heart. You see this thing is, I love her.




“It’s so nice of you to pay for Camille’s school. Why the generous offer?”




“I have always been there for Camille. Your ex is a dick. He doesn’t give a fuck about her.”




“You have. That’s true. More than Maddox. I wanna thank you.”


“Maybe dinner?”




“I was thinking about we could finally fuck.”

“I don’t know about that. Sex before a relationship isn’t ideal.”

“Haven’t I proven to you that I’m not going anywhere? You’re not chasing waterfalls.”

“I guess so, Cergio but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.”

“I care about you, Ebony.”




Just one kiss leads to a night of pure passion.




I’ve been waiting for this very moment for years.




When I look into her eyes, I feel nothing but joy. However, she has no clue that I’m married. I don’t wear a wedding band as much as Kelly wants me to. I can’t be branded. But maybe if I was with her, I could.




“I’m about to fucking cum!”

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.”


“You seriously gonna question me now?”

“Uhh! Fuck! I’m done. I wish you weren’t.”

“Excuse me? I don’t want a child right now.”

“We’ll talk about this later.”



“What do you want, Maddox?”

“Where are you?! Are you at Ebony’s?”

“Why do you care?”

“You butt-dialed me, you asshole! I heard you fucking my ex wife! You gotta be fucking kidding me, Cergio!”

“So what if I did fucked Ebony? What the fuck are you going to about it? Not one God damn thing! Shut the fuck up!”


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