Love. Lust. – Chapter 3: Ask Me

Escasty, Passion & Pain – Ask Me


The evening was Friday, the evening of my show in Auberon. I haven’t played in Auberon in a while so naturally, I was excited. I was hoping to there much earlier so I could spend some time with Mordecai but my time with my oldest daughter Phoenix ran over. I took her on a shopping trip since she already made honor roll. School has only been in session for a week and I couldn’t be any more prouder of her.



It’s also my 15th anniversary and Lindy isn’t very happy with me. I promised I’ll make it to her. I have a special day planned out for Saturday. Dinner, dancing, and a carriage ride to the downtown park. I think she’ll love it. I’m playing it cool and keeping it secret but she knows I’m up to something.



I especially can’t wait to see Nakia tonight. I hope it would be like old times. We dated back in high school. We were high school sweethearts but after she had a miscarriage our Junior year we just drifted apart. I didn’t comfort her like I should have done. Instead, I just wanted to be with my friends and drink. I didn’t really care about the baby, I felt it was for the best because I wasn’t ready. But I was never ready to be a dad. My first child Bruce was born on my 20th birthday then my second child Phoenix was born 6 months after him. My first two baby mothers Sonoko and Louis hate each cause I was dating them at the same time. Needless to say, they both left me when they found out about each other.

I did start dating a girl named Fran afterward and things were getting serious. She had my third child named Leda but got pregnant again when Leda was 6 weeks old and had twins Sapphire and Orianna. We broke up when the girls were a year and then I met Lindy. Lindy was never a fan of Fran and didn’t see what I saw in Fran but we remained friends. One day when the girls were 4, Lindy handed me a letter from Fran saying she didn’t want me around anymore and she and the girls will be fine. I questioned the letter but I was young and decided to grant her wishes. My girls are 15 and I still think about them.



A special show deserves a special outfit. I’m thinking of my famous suit. The ladies love seeing me in my suit although other DJs think it’s too formal. I like to stand out a bit and plus I think Nakia would love seeing me in a suit. She’ll see how much I grew up since high school.



The house is quiet, no one was there to tell me bye or anything. The kids were in their rooms, Lindy was ignoring me, Flo was having her daily chat with her mom. I wasn’t bothered at all. It was fine, no one would ruin my suit after all.




It’s a 45 minute drive from Bridgeport to Auberon and I decided to treat Nakia by driving her there. This is my first time to her house and I see she has done well for herself.




“Aren’t we looking dapper tonight? You look very nice, Borage. Welcome to my home.”




“Thanks. You’re looking fine as ever, the dress is longer than I what like but you look good in anything you put on.”




“Oh stop. Nate will hear you.”

“So what if he does?”

“I’ll have to go to the hospital to visit and then the jail to bail him out.”

“It’s worth it.”

“Boy stop. Ha ha ha!”

“I’m serious.”

“Same old Borage. The flirt.”




The conversation was cut short when her daughter Nicole appeared. She’s the same age as Bora, Luna, and Mordecai. She’s in the same class as Bora cause Bora talks about her. They are already friends.



“You’re Bora’s dad! I saw you yesterday!”

“Yep and you’re pretty like your mama.”

“Thanks. What’s a DJ? My mom said you’re one.”

“A DJ is someone who plays music and makes people dance at parties and clubs.”

“Cool! I like dancing but my daddy can’t dance very well. He looks silly, he dances like a sim!”

” Ha ha ha, funny.”

“Speaking of your daddy, go get him. We need to get. I want to tell your daddy bye.”

“Okay, mom!”



“We’re going, hun.”

“With the suit?”

“Yes with the suit.”

“Um okay. Have fun.”

“I will. Put the girls in bed in an hour.”

“I know. I got a night of binge drinking and gaming to do. I wanna do that alone.”

“I love you, Nate.”

“I love you too, Kia.”

I used to call her that. It’s kinda hard seeing this to be honest.




We arrived at The Grudge in Auberon. It doesn’t look like much and it lives up to its name. It’s grudgy alright. I thought Clarissa would have booked me a better club but I’ll take it if they are paying me a grand.




After mingling with a few party goers and some drinks I start my set. Playing one fire track after another and getting this night pumping.




I felt the energy, the vide of the room. Making sure I kept the dance floor jammed packed.




Banger after banger, this night was going right.




I’ve could have been a personal trainer at a gym. A job that my dad rather have me have. He was never supportive of my DJ career. Even though I produce music too, he’s still not supportive and thinks I should get a real job. I’m getting famous but dad doesn’t care. My brother Cergio is a violinist and my dad supported that but never my DJing. With my mom, things are different. She’s very supportive. She’s my biggest fan.



I took a break while the club’s resident DJ played. Nakia took this time to interview me.

“Ready for the interview?”

“Interview. Sounds so formal. How about you just ask me things and I’ll answer.”

“That’s what an interview is, B.”

“This is supposed to be a date. Want a drink? Want to drink?”

“I have a series of questions I need to ask you. This isn’t really a date. You know I’m married. You met my husband, Nate.”

“I like to think of this as a date.”

“What made you want to be a DJ?”




“I always liked to play music at parties since I was a kid. My parents always threw parties when I was growing up. My Aunt Rosette got me my first turntable set on my 9th birthday and I’ve been DJing since then. Ya know my Aunt Rose is married to the famous singer Finn G.”

“Seriously? I love his songs.”

“Yep. Good old Uncle Finn.”

“With your latest album Forever, what was the inspiration behind it?”

“It was about someone special. Someone who was special and who still special to me. I reject how things turned out. I was stupid and selfish, not caring about her needs. I was so caught up with other shit that I couldn’t see what I had in front of me until it was gone. But I still hold her in my heart because she will always remain special to me forever.”



“Wow, that’s deep.”

“You know who I’m talking about?”

“I could use a drink. Mmm yeah.”


“Yeah and maybe we can dance a little. I still have more questions.”

“I’ll go get you that drink.”





One drink turned into 4 but not before she finished interviewing me. The drinks loosen her up a bit because before I knew it she was dancing on me and I was loving every second of it.




Nakia was having a great time with me but I had a treat in store for her.




I get signed a few autographs that night. It’s pretty awesome every time I sign one. Nakia’s sister Danica wanted one and I was happy to get her one and my number in case she wanted to chat. Let’s be honest, I always thought her sister was hot.



I also do the vocals in my tracks and sang one of the tracks from my latest Forever that’s titled Forever. I watched Nakia’s eyes moved to tears as she knew this track along with the album was about her. I reject losing her.




She was speechless when I approached her. I gently held her close to me. It’s been ages since I held her like. I’m feeling a way that I haven’t felt in ages. I don’t feel this way with Flo or my wife. This is a feeling that I’ve been missing and I find myself reevaluating my feelings towards Flo. Am I ready in love with her or do I just love the sex? She believes Forever is about her and I let her believe that. Lindy believes Forever is about me and I let her believe that too. I know Forever is about Nakia and I believe it’s what my heart wants. But can I have her once again?




“I know it’s about me. I always knew.”

“Then you’ll understand that I want to kiss you.”

“Borage, I can’t.”

“I don’t see you pulling away.”



“Borage! What the fuck?! You are seriously ignoring me now? Who is this?”

“Hey Clar-Bear, what’s up?”

“Don’t Clar-Bear me! Why are you ignoring me?!”




“I’m not ignoring you. I just haven’t been checking my phone. I didn’t know you were coming.”

“I wanted to surprise you. I see you’re busy.”

“This is Nakia, she’s been interviewing me.”




“I didn’t know an interview requires kissing. So I see you already moved on.”

“You were the one who left me, why you tripping? Besides she and I are just friends.”

“I’m sorry, I just assume. You two seem to be really close tonight.”

“There’s nothing going on. Besides its none of your business, you made your made up.”

“I guess you don’t wanna hang out.”

“Not if you’re gonna be that way. We can all hang out.”

“No thanks. See you around. Nice set by the way.”





“You care to explain what was that?”

“An ex but she’s also my agent.”

“Your ex is your agent but you’re married?”

“It’s complicated. Now, where were we?”

“It’s getting late. I should get an Uber and head home. My toddler wakes up very early.”

“I can drive ya back.”

“No. I think its best if I get an Uber but I had a great night.”

“One more drink before you go?”

“A shot.”

“I’ll take it.”




I got home pretty late. I stayed till late then went to an after party at Danica’s. I was greeted at the door by Flo.

“You’re home late. I was getting worried. You never stayed out this late before.”




“Shit I didn’t know I had a curfew. I was in Auberon it’s a long drive. I stayed until closing then went to an after party. Then I also got some bomb ass tacos if you were wondering.”




“You smell like you been around woman. Who is she? How long have you been seeing her? Am I not good enough for you?”




“Look, I’m tired. Lindy is still up and I need to go be with her. I can’t do this with you.”

“Who is she?”

“Good night, Flo.”




“What took you so long, Papi.”


“You silly Papi. I have a spicy taco for you.”

“You do?”

“Si, Papi.”

“Lemme have that taco.”




I don’t know what’s going on with Clarissa and Florance. I don’t know why are they acting jealous tonight. The only one who isn’t acting crazy is Lindy and decided she deserved my attention. I’m bitter I didn’t get to kiss Nakia when I was so close but I can’t help but think how different the night would be if Clarissa didn’t ruin it. 

As I made love to my wife Lindy, all I could do was think about Nakia the whole time. I pretended Lindy was Nakia and it was the best sex we ever had so far. I don’t even feel guilty.

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