Love. Lust. – Chapter 2: Body


Sensitive Content Below

Sergio D’Angelo – Body (Booker T Remix


10 months earlier 




















“Don’t say a word.”



















“It took you long enough, Cergio.”

“Shut the fuck up, Maddox.”

“She’s quite pretty. Prettier in person than she is in the picture.”

“Well, she isn’t light.”

“Put her down, gently. Don’t hurt her.”

“Speak for yourself, asshole.”




“She’s what you wanted. Young, fit, blonde, drug free, no family here, new to town but she has a lot of followers on her social media.”

“The social media thing may be a problem but other than that she’s a perfect specimen. Name?”

“Do you care?”

“I need to make a file.”

“Shila Shilo, age 21. Originally from Riverview. Lives in Brightpoint Island.”




“I guess. What are you going to do with her?”

“That’s my business, Cergio. No need to worry about that. I will wire you your payment to your bank in one business day. It’s good doing business with you.”


“Did you toss her phone?”

“I’m not a fucking idiot. Of course, I did.”

“Depends where you did.”

“In Brightpoint Island.”




“Please! Let me go. I’ll give you anything you want. Just please let me go!”

“Oh, sweetheart you will give me something that I want. Your body.”




“Now be a good girl and take your clothes off.”

“No! Get your hands off me!”

“Don’t fight, you’ll just make things harder on yourself!”

“Please! Stop! No! Please stop!”

“Cergio! Help me get her into the cell!”

“Shit, man.”



“Get her on the bed!”

“Again with this shit?!”

“Just do it, there’s an extra 10 grand in it for you!”


“Please! Please! Noooooooooooo!”



“Did you have to fucking rape her?”

“Did you have to fucking watch?”

“Like I had a fucking choice. That shit is fucked up. She’s someone’s daughter. You have a daughter.”

“Yeah? You helped too. You have a fucking daughter too. What if someone kidnapped her?”

“Fuck you.”

“Yeah, so let’s not talk about shit. However, I am feeling very generous. Would you like to have a go at her too? She’s fucking lovely.”

“She’s been through enough and besides I don’t do sloppy seconds. She isn’t my type. She’s not a mother.”

“You’re an odd one. I prefer mine untapped.”

“Right. I gotta get. Ada’s birthday is tomorrow and my mom is throwing her a party.”

“Tell your mother I said hi.”

“Fuck you, asshole.”




10 months later

“The whereabouts of 21 year old now 22-year-old Shila Shilo is still unknown. She was last seen at the Club Aquarius in Brightpoint Island. If you have any information on the disappearance of Shila Shilo please contact the local authorities.”





“If I ever go missing will you come find me?”

“You will never go fucking missing. I’ll fucking make sure of that.”

“Okay, daddy!”

I know where Shila is. I’m the reason why she’s missing but she’s fine. Well maybe fine isn’t the word but she’s alive at least. Maddox hasn’t harmed her since that night I brought her into his secret lab. Maddox’s dumb ass got her pregnant the night her raped. I knew she was ovulating, I could tell the way she was moving her body on the dance floor. Her body was ready for a baby rather she knew it or not. Truth be told I was a little turned on until Maddox mounted himself on top of her. I didn’t warn him, I wanted him to finally learn a lesson about trying to use his dick to control his victims.

Shila isn’t the first girl I abducted for Maddox. There were 4 others before her. They were either homeless or prostitutes, he wanted women who no one would look for. However, these women were addicted to drugs and didn’t survive Maddox’s “treatments”. He won’t tell me what he does but he pays me and keeps my businesses running. I scratch his back if he scratches mine.

Shila’s followers contacted the authorities when she stopped posting. She has no ties to her family so they never reported her missing. Now she’s been reported missing for the last 10 months and this is becoming a problem. 



“Why do you even care about this missing girl?”

“Shut the fuck up!”

“You always watching the news when she’s mention. I’m so fucking tired of hearing about the bitch! She’s probably at some trap house in Auberon.”

“Fuck off, Kelly! I can’t hear the fucking TV!”



“You never pay attention to me, Cergio!”

“I’m about to put my dick in your mouth!”

“Don’t talk like that around Desire!”

“Hey sweetie go get dressed and play outside.”



“Okay daddy but can we go to Brightpoint Island and see grandma and grandpa today?”

“Yeah, sure.”





“Seriously Cergio, what’s going on with you? You been kinda distance for the last 10 months. Is because we haven’t gotten pregnant yet? I don’t know what’s going on with my body.”

“You’re taking a fucking long time to get pregnant.”

“Can you be a little more supportive, asshole?”

“Suck on my dick. It might make you feel better.”

“Sucking you off isn’t gonna get me pregnant.”

“Yeah? It feels fucking amazing.”




“Choke on it, make it sloppy. Yeah, that’s a good girl.”





“Yes baby, it feels good.”

“Fuck that’s right!”

“Put a baby in me, daddy!”

“I’m about to fucking cum!”

“Give it all to me, daddy!”




We didn’t know it at the time but we made something amazing that day. The bitch finally got pregnant.



8 weeks later

But things changed..

“You fucking bitch! You had one fucking job and that was be pregnant and you couldn’t do that! You loss the fucking baby?! Are you fucking kidding me?!”

“I’m sorry Cergio but the doctor said sometimes these things happened!”

“I don’t give a fuck what the doctor said! No one has ever miscarried my baby! Was it even mines?”

“Of course was! You know I would never do that to you, Cergio!”




“I oughta beat the shit out of you!”

“Cergio! Please! You’re hurting me!”




“Daddy? Mommy?”

“Fuck! Get the fuck outta here, Kelly. Hey sweetie.”

“Did the baby die?”

“Yeah, go play.”




Maddox has been calling me nonstop for a week but I have been ignoring him. I figure I’ll finally talk to him and see what he wants but I know it’s about Shila and the baby they had. He hasn’t been keeping it together since the baby was born.




“It’s about time you answered.”

“What the fuck you want?”

“It’s about baby Violet. I can’t keep her at the lab.”


“Don’t be a smartass.”

“How am I supposed to help?”




“I know you have property here in Auberon. Perhaps baby Violet could stay there with a live in nanny.”

“I bring my family there.”

“We’ll leave whenever you bring in your family.”

“What if the nanny askes questions?”

“That’s what extra money is for.”

“How am I going to explain a whole ass nursey to my wife?”

“Isn’t she expecting?”

“She lost the fucking baby.”

“My condolences. You will try again?”


“Then Violet’s nursery will be your baby’s room.” 



“You got it all figured out, asshole?”

“I am a genius.”

“Right if so then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, asshole.”

“I’ve had a few miscalculations. And I hope there’s no connection to us from Shila’s disappearance. Your trail is clear?”

“Crystal clear like crystal meth.”

“Very well then. Goodbye, Cergio.”


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