The End has came.. Montigo Legacy 2012 – 2017

With a heavy heart, the Montigo Legacy will not be continuing on this year. You may have gotten that feeling with the blog’s name change to Montigo Universe. I have no interest or dire to write any more for the Sims. Events in my personal life had crushed my spirit, I don’t see myself returning after this point. However, the Montigo Universe will go on, slowly since it’s strictly gameplay.

Stay tuned for coming gameplay action.


2 thoughts on “The End has came.. Montigo Legacy 2012 – 2017

  1. I know I’m very late to comment on this, but I just saw recently that you are no longer continuing this story, and I just wanted to let you know I *loved* this story when I read it. Party Montigo and Love For the Ladies had me laughing my ass off, even after countless times of reading them – and that’s saying something, considering I read this when I was deep in my depression. I loved this story so much, and while I’m sad to see its gone, I also wanted to let you know how much joy it brought me.

    Also, I am unsure if you knew this, but when I was going to browse through Party Montigo and Love For the Ladies, I noticed that quite a few pictures were missing. I understand if you can’t reupload them or if you don’t want to. Just thought you should know.

    Thank you for your brilliant work and all the time you put into it,

    • Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you enjoined the stories. I just got burnt out and my life isn’t like it use to be. A lot of depression, so I’m often not in the mood. I plan to post game plays whenever I’m in the mood. I’m aware of my broken pics and have no plans to fix them, sorry.

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