State of Tigo 4/29/17

It almost feel like centuries since I last posted on here, but it is time to announce a few things.

My 100 BC is still going on in the background, I just haven’t been updating nor have I been able to play as of late. I recently spent 2 glorious weeks in Florida and took some time to prepare for that trip. Now that I’m back home, time to try to get some simming done. I decided to not post updates of my BC again until the goal is completed. So for now, updates are paused.

As far as my stories go, I knows it been months since they have been updated but sadly I decided to pull the plug on one. I’m not inspire to continue on with Show Yourself but I won’t leave you, the readers hanging. There’s one more chapter to be posted and of course I will be making a summary of how the story was supposed to go. I decided to do this because I found myself more eager to start Gen 4 than to write Gen 3. With my recent trip to Florida just encourages me more with Gen 4’s story being base in Florida (Roaring Heights/Roland Heights). Hopefully I can write out that last chapter and have it out by Tuesday.

And what about Ciderwood? I’m still gonna keep that going, I just don’t know when will I update it again.

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