Show Yourself: Chapter 21- Take A Page

I awaken around 10 am and asked to head over to my brother L2’s house. Selene needed some help around the house and as some form of punishment from my parents, I was sent there to be some kind of service for my sister-in-law. I was wanting to sleep in a little since Mateo and did stay up a little watching some videos online. However I should had known better that my Mom would put my Dad up to something and I would be up early. I was still groggy as I crossed the street to L2’s house. Morde and L2 made sure they would be neighbors so they could see each other whenever they can. I guess that’s cool. My family often live near by each other if they live in the same city.




I rang the doorbell and was told to come in. Selene was alone except for her youngest child Liam Jr. who they nicknamed L3. 

“There’s my helper for the day. I sent my daughters off. I hope you are more useful than they are. Halo is moody and Nichelle can’t stay off her phone. They are driving me crazy and I have so much to do before I can return to work.”

“I guess I can be little helpful. What’s going on?”

“As you might know, I had some health issues just before I had L3. Stress related. I worked too hard and too much. I decided to stay home when I had L3. I had a high risk pregnancy and had to stop working during my second trimester. I haven’t been to work since. Well, I’m ready to go back to work.”

“So you haven’t worked in 2 years? Why you wanna go back? Doesn’t working kinda suck?”

“I love my job, sometimes it can be stressful but I love helping people at the hospital. Being a nurse is awesome although we are overworked and unappreciated. I do love spending time with L3 but we need the extra L3. Living in Brightpoint cost us a pretty penny. And it’s time for L3 to start interacting with other kids his age. I don’t want to sit at home bored and alone.” 




“I guess that’s a good reason to go back to work. I thought L2 was making enough money at the gaming company. Didn’t he get a promotion or something?”

“Yes he did, but with the bills, mortgage and 3 kids, some extra money would help us a lot. We’ve taken in a 4th child whom may stay with as permanently. L2’s son Marco is with us now. With an extra mouth, a genie mouth we need more food than usual.”

“So what do you need me to do?”

“I got a lot of errands to do and it’s hard to do this with a 2 year on hand. L3 can be a bit of a wiggle worm, so that’s where you come in.”

“So I’m basically babysitting?” 

“Yeah, can you handle that?”

“I think so.”





We first headed to the preschool so Selene could enroll L3 in. I kept watch over L3 and she was right, he is a wiggle worm and won’t be still. He kept insisting that we should go play but I wasn’t sure if he was allowed to. One of the preschool teachers saw I was struggling to hold L3 and giggle. “Trouble with your little brother?” She asked. I smiled and corrected her, “He’s my nephew. He wants to go play but I’m sure if that’s okay.” She told me it would be okay, enrolling was going to take a little time and he should have a tour of his new school. The school was pretty nice and kinda reminds me of the one I went to back in Riverview when I was L3’s age.




I entertained L3 during the next three stops, the bank, book store and grocery store. Honestly I never spent this much time with a toddler and wasn’t sure if he was going to like me. I was never left with a baby or didn’t get to hold one much as a child. My older sisters seemed to always been a little nervous having me around their babies. However Nicole felt different, she didn’t seem to mind me around the quads. Since I wasn’t never really allowed near babies, I kept my distance. L3 likes me a lot, I wonder maybe because he’s tired of his older sisters.




“Having you around made things easier. The girls would just whine the whole time. They whine more than L3 does but I have one more errand I have to do.”

“What’s that?”

“I have a doctor’s appointment but it’s Bridgeport. I’ll need for you to stay here with L3 and straighten the house a bit.”

“Okay I guess I could stay with L3 but clean up too?”

“Yeah, your Mom called me and told me you had to, Mr. Party pants.”

“Ugh. She told you about that too?”

“Yep! I grounded Cyrus 3 months for sneaking off to go party. He also made Abby on that night too.”

“Well I didn’t make any babies. I can’t right now.”




“I know but you better not think about making any babies, anytime soon, Mr. Party pants. The last this family needs and anymore teenage parents. L2 was a teen dad and then his daughter Ally. Cyrus had 2 kids at 16. And Kimora having one at 15. I guess we can’t count that one, she was assaulted. It wasn’t her fault. You kids need to be kids. L2 wants Ally here, he think he can break the cycle with Amora now that she’s 16. Amora could be kept busy with activities like what we do with the girls. Nichelle is in cheerleading, mathletics, drama club and chess club. Halo is in the debate club, art & music club and she volunteers at the preschool. She likes working with small kids. “

“Yeah, I know but trust me. I don’t want any kids. They might end up like me. Freaky half wolf monsters.”

“You don’t know that. They could be genies.”

“Well it’s a chance that I’m not willing to take.”

“Okay. I just hope your parents plan to have the “talk” with you.”

“The “talk”?”

“About the birds and the bees.”

“Oh that. Can’t wait.”

“Ha ha ha! We get to have that chat again with Marco in a few years. We already had it with the girls recently. First time for us, so uncomfortable. We failed to have the talk with our first born kids and they both ended up having kids at a young age. We can’t make that mistake again. I better go so I can catch the ferry to BP.”



Selene told us goodbye and made her way to the ferry to visit her doctor. She said she would be gone for about 2-3 hours and hoped that would be fine. L3 seems to be cool with me, it wouldn’t be the problem. She gave me a spare key if I wanted to take L3 to the park near by. She told me to wait until Marco got home, Marco was at day camp and wouldn’t be back until 1:30. That’s about thirty minutes from now, I’m in no rush taking L3 to the park.

“I guess it’s just you and me, little guy. So whatcha wanna do first?”




“I go pooped!”

Just my luck…




Selene failed to mention L3 isn’t quite potty trained just yet and I had to clean up his gross diaper. I never changed a diaper before so I called my Mom and asked. I whined the whole time while she laughed at me. She asked if I learned my lesson and I told her yes. After today, she said me I could enjoy the rest of my vacation. After L3 was changed, I started cleaning up the house. I never imagined I would be doing this on my vacation, becoming my brother’s housemaid.




It was L3’s lunch time and Selene said there was some spaghetti in the fridge. I warmed some up for L3 and was happy to feed him some since spaghetti is my favorite kind of food. However L3 didn’t seem to be interested in it.

“C’mon L3, you gotta eat this.”

“No! No want!”

“You gotta lunch your lunch.”

“Uh uh! Yucky!”

“It’s spaghetti! Spaghetti is awesome! It’s yummy. You gotta eat it.”

“No ‘ghetti! No ‘ghetti! No!”

“Look, I’ll eat it. See it’s- Oh. Never mind man. This is bad. Your Mom really don’t know how to make spaghetti. You gotta come to Italy and then you’ll know what real spaghetti is. I dunno what this is. But I’m not gonna make you eat. Want some PB and J?”

“Yea! Sammich, please!”

“You got it, little man.”




After lunch I hanged out with L3 for a bit. He was happy with his sandwich and was happy with hanging out with me in general. I haven’t had much issue with L3, he’s a pretty easy-going kid other than him not wanting to eat the gross spaghetti lunch and he can be a little antsy.




The door opened and a squeaky voice followed behind it.

“Are you Raiden?”


“I’m Marco! I’m staying here for the summer but I might live here. I hope I do. I wanna stay with my Dad.”

Marco’s existence is a mystery to most of the family and was to L2 himself for some. I wasn’t told the full story but what little I was told L2 got April pregnant for a second time but she left town and gave the baby up. However the parents who adopted Marco fell onto hard times. L2 found out about Marco through April’s Mom. He was upset and wanted Marco back but was talked out of it. But when the adopted parents fell onto hard times, they reached out to L2 for Marco’s sake. Now Marco is with L2.

It’s clear that Marco rather stay with his biological father than his adoptive family. I feel the complete opposite towards my biological mother. I want to stay as far away from her as possible. I wonder how bad things are with his adoptive family.



“So you like it here better than home?”

“Yeah! Way better! There’s so many kids at home. My moms have foster kids and I gotta share my room with 2 other kids and it’s super lame. I know I gotta share a room with a baby but its better than those 2 other kids. They are annoying and they aren’t my real brothers. And I like being with my Dad. I’m like him and he makes video games and I get to play them. Plus kids don’t make fun of me here. I have a normal family. A mom and a dad. Not 2 moms.”

“So you don’t like having 2 moms? I kinda have 2 moms but not in the sense you have.”

“I do but I also like having a Dad. Plus one of my moms is really, really sick and might die. So they let me come live here for a while. But I don’t wanna go back ever. I don’t wanna see my mom all sick. It makes me sad.”

“You should probably see your mom at some point, it will make her feel better.”

“Nah. I’ll be okay if I stay with my Dad.”




I get the impression they only sent Marco here just have more for money medical bills and not for Marco’s sake. I also get the sense that Marco feels rejected once again and it’s true why he doesn’t want to return. At least by staying here, Marco knows he is wanted and wants to stay.

“Can we pretty please go to the park? We gotta go! There’s a girl named Keely and she’s really pretty and she said she’s gonna be up there and I gotta there. Evan is gonna be there and he might try to be her boyfriend but I can’t let that happen! I really, really like her and she HAS to be my girlfriend and maybe my Dad will make me stay if he knows I have a girlfriend. He can’t break us up because that would mean!”

Kid logic is hilarious but I told him we could go to the park.



We were at the park for a while and I didn’t notice Noelle was there with her little brother Evan. I was still without a phone and would be getting it back after today.

“Hey stranger.”

“Hey Noelle!”




“Where you been?”

“In trouble. I got my phone taken away. I wasn’t ignoring you or anything. We got so wasted that night. Apparently I called my Mom then she called my Dad and they found a creative way to punished me while on vacation. How much trouble did you get into? I guess your friend don’t wanna see Mateo anymore, huh?”

“I figure you had to be in trouble or something. But no, I didn’t get in any trouble. I stayed the night with Kayla and her parents were out-of-town. She wants to go on another date with Mateo.”

“So Mateo and I were the only ones who got in trouble. Oh great.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It was a bad idea to go to the club. We shoulda stuck to the original plan.”




“So who is this little cutie pie?”

“Oh this is Liam Jr., we call him L3. He’s my nephew.”

“Aww he’s so cute but why L3?”

“Oh we call his Dad L2. For whatever reason my dad named him Liam.2 cause my grandpa is name Liam and I guess adding .2 was supposed to some upgrade or something. Just made him more nerdy. I’m just glad my Dad had no part in naming me. My grandma did.”

“That’s actually clever. Nice to meet you, L3. I’m Noelle, I’m your uncle’s friend.”

“Hi! I two!”

“You are? You’re a big boy!”




“I’m gonna tickle ya!”

“No tickle! No tickle! Ha ha ha!”

“You’re so good with little kids.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I watched you play with L3 for a bit before I came over here. You’re gonna make a great Dad one day. You’re gonna have the cutest little kids ever.”



“Like wise. I’m not having any kids.”

“Why not?”




“You think the world needs anymore freakish monsters like me roaming around? The last thing that I want to do is spawn a creature and have it feel the same kind of pain I do. It’s better that I don’t have any kids. I knew ever since I was a kid myself that I wasn’t going to have any kids.”

“You don’t know what your child is going to be. Your child could be a full genie or a full wolf. Your child could be normal.”

“Or my child could be a freak like me. Why does that even matter to you?”

“Don’t you remember?”

“Remember what?”

“The promise that you made? We would have kids if we ever gotten married.”

“Seriously? We were just kids. Dumb little kids, I only agreed so you would shut up. You can’t possibly take anything we said as kids seriously.”



“So you just agree to things so I will just shut up? What other things did you just “agree” to so I will just shut up? How many other things are there, Raiden?”

“It was just that one thing, Noelle.”

“I don’t believe you, Raiden! You’ll just say anything so I’ll shut up, huh?”


“I gotta go!”




Noelle stormed off, taking her kid brother with her. I sat down in the sand with L3 and knew I screwed up. I expected to see Jada at any moment, however she didn’t appear. I guess this would be a problem that I would need to fix on my own. Jada told me once before how she won’t be fixing all of my messes, I would need to fix some of my own. I guess this would one of my own.

“Well L3, I screwed up big time. Take a page from my life and never agree with a female just to get her shut up. It’s gonna come back and bite in the butt.”


“Yeah owwie. Especially don’t admit that you agree just to shut her up too. That’s asking to screw up things but I’m an idiot.”




“How the hell am I going to fix this?”

“Give cookie?”

“If only things were that easy, kid”

“I have cookie?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Yay, cookie!”




I returned back to the house and watched some TV while L3 played with his activity table and Marco plays outside with one of his friends. I heard a car pull up in the driveway and figure it must be Selene coming back from the doctors. I thought it was odd how Selene stayed in her for some time before entering the house. However I didn’t think much more of it and kept on watching TV until the front door finally opened.


I turned around to find Selene a blubbering mess.

“Selene? What’s wrong?”




“So things at doctor was going fine but I had to do one last test. I didn’t think it was a big deal but I peed in that damn cup.”

“Gross and?”

“I’m pregnant. I’m supposed to be going back to work. I can’t be pregnant! Liam and I were supposed to be so careful. We were advised to not add any new additions into the family. Not even a goldfish! We been seeing a marriage counselor, one your mom recommend and right now we don’t need to have another baby! L3 was the baby who brought as back together and this baby could break us apart. We are just getting better and Marco is dropped into our lives. When I look at Marco, I’m reminded over and over when L2 cheated on me. Now the child is living with us.”

“Oh I didn’t know that. L2 didn’t seem like the type who would cheat. You guys always seems so happy.”

“L2 gets drunk and he gets stupid. He’s also a Mr. Party pants. We were having issues, I got involved with a co-worker, he found out, got drunk and slept with April. She leaves town, has Marco and gives him up. L2 didn’t know about it. Marco’s adoptive parents just gave up their rights. They don’t want him, they gotta pay for medical bills. I just checked the mail and found out. Now we got this baby and Marco for good. We don’t have the room! I know L2 is gonna be pissed at me!”

“Why? He doesn’t want a baby? He can’t get mad at you. Maybe he should pull out.”

“No. When we first moved to Brightpoint, he wanted a bigger house but I wanted this house. He said we should get a 5 bedroom house so Ally and Amora could have a room to stay in when they come to visit. And Marco could have a room to stay in during the summer. But I wanted this 3 bedroom house, only because Cyrus and Sara won’t be able to move in and mooch off on us. I love my son but I can’t stand to have him live with me. I feel like a bad mother thinking that way but if I let Cyrus and Sara stay with us, they’ll never leave. Thankfully they get to mooch off of Sara’s dad instead.”

“Dad said he was gonna have a talk with Cy and make him go find a place for him, Sara and Aimee.” 




“Borage will be wasting his time. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Where am I going to put this baby? The girls will still be here for another few years. There aren’t that many available houses in town. I know he’s going to berate about not buying the bigger house. This house is too small for 5 kids.”

“You’re not the only one worried about finding rooms for kids.”

“What do you mean?”

“Morde and Adria are having twins. And Piper is acting crazy so they are trying to bring in Kiara and Kailia.”

“Twins? Oh no. What if I’m having twins? I forget L2 comes from a Navox family. I could be having twins! I don’t feel good!”

“Relax, Selene. It’s probably just one baby.”

” My sister Shae is having quints! So I could be having triplets!”

“I’m going to make you a glass of lemonade and you’re gonna relax. Okay? Let’s not think about what your sisters are having. Watch some TV and chillax. Marco has a little girlfriend outside, she’s cute.”

“Thanks Rai. Can you do me a favor?”


“I want you to be here when I tell L2. You’ll be my buffer. Maybe he’ll won’t get mad.”





Selene relaxed in front of the TV until L2 came home from work. I think I was more nervous than Selene once I heard L2’s car pull up in the driveway.

“Hey Rai. Talkin’ to the cute ladies on the interwebs?”

“Uh; no?”

“Oh. Cool sticks.”

Not sure who’s more awkward, me or my brother.




“Honey, you know I had to go see the doctor today.”

“Yeah, how did that go? Did everything checked out fine?”

“Yes for the most part but the doctor did find something. But you have to promise me that you won’t get mad or yell or do anything dramatic. Your kid brother is standing right there.”


“Um, okay. I’m getting a little concerned. What’s going on, Selene?”

“I’m pregnant. I’m not sure how far along I am yet but I have another appointment in 2 weeks to find out. I know weren’t supposed to have another baby but we going to have one. Please don’t get mad or yell at me about not buying a bigger house but I had my reasons why. Right now we don’t need to fight. We made so much progress. Remember, Liam. Your brother, right there.”




“Well I was wondering when was you finally going to admit that you were pregnant. I mean I kinda figured you might be because your breast are more bigger than usual. Not that I’m complaining. I’m really enjoying it a whole lot. Have you notice how I fondle them a lot more? I was trying to rush home so I could possibly give you a breast massages. So is that okay?”

“Liam! I just told you some serious news, we are pregnant!”

“I know, I know. We will figure this out. Breast. Massage.”

“Well guys, this is getting awkward. I think I’ll check on L3 and Marco. Have fun, congrats and good luck.”

I see just saying whatever comes to mind runs in the family. I’m glad it’s just not me.



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