Show Yourself: Chapter 20 – Party Pants

I woke up early to the smell of food being cooked. My stomach growled as the home cooked breakfast reminded me of my Mom’s. My nephew Mateo was still asleep and I slept on the bottom bunk of his bunk bed. I tip toe out of his room so I wouldn’t wake him. It was a little before 6 AM. I continued to tip toed through the house. I could hear my brother Mordecai chatting with his wife Adria downstairs in the kitchen.

She was making breakfast for my Dad, hoping to have one in-law she could impress. I’m guessing things didn’t go well with Morde’s mother. My Dad has his meeting with the book publicist and Adria doesn’t want to sent him off without a hot meal. That’s something my Mom would do. I got a feeling that I will like my sister-in-law. I tip toed down the downstairs so I could listened on what they were talking about.




“My Dad already adores you, honey. You don’t have to worry sending him a lunch too. Mimi is gonna take him out for lunch. He’ll be cool with breakfast. You gotta take it easy now since you got my little babies in there now.”

“I know but I always felt I could do more. Tristan’s parents never gave me a chance when I was married to him. Your Mom is impossible but at least your step dad is pretty nice. According to your Mom, I did nothing right with Mateo when he was baby but I kinda find that funny given her history with her first 3 kids. Honesty Morde, I don’t buy her story. No one made her leave for your safety. She left because she couldn’t handle it. Your little sisters resent her and basically your step dad is raising them.”

“I really think someone was gonna hurt us if she didn’t go. She did what she had to go do. I’m sorry if you don’t believe that. But she’s like from another planet and there’s a war and she had to go into hiding ya know.”

“I dunno but I think your mother isn’t telling the whole story. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about us, these babies and what are we going to do about Piper and her drama. We should look for a bigger house for our upcoming twins and possibly moving your daughters in. They don’t need to be with Piper at least until she get things together. We don’t have to worry about Reba at least. Adele is doing great and she’ll be visiting towards the middle of July. But we need to figure what to do with Kiara and Kailia.”

“They need to live with us. I got a text from Kiara last saying Piper was screaming at Kailia for no reason. It went on for a few hours until someone called the police. Piper got mad because Kailia left a bowl of rice in sink. Shit is getting crazy and I need to get my girls out of Piper’s house. I knew I shouldn’t have left them with her. Kaia offered to drive up there and pick up the girls in the middle of the night.”

“Really? That’s a 3 hour drive. Did she get the girls? Do we need to go get them?”

“Kaia has them, Piper has passed out drunk and didn’t notice Kaia was there. Kaia has the room for the girls, so they are better there for now. They’ll stay there for the rest of the week until we can figure something.”




“We give Mateo’s room to the girls and split the guest room. Make one side Mateo’s new room and the third bedroom will remain a nursery for the twins.”

“That’s a great idea! That’s what I married you. Cause you got nice big tits and you’re hella smart!”

“So you guys are having another baby?”




“Hey little bro! What’s up?”

“I’m surprised to you see you’re up. I heard you and Mateo up pretty late playing video games last night. I didn’t take you for an early bird, Rai.”

“Your cooking woke me up. It smells good.”

“I wish it would wake up, Mateo! I guess it’s true about the Navox. You guys like food a tab more than the rest of us genies. Ha ha ha ha. We Gaivania genies love to grow food and you Navox genie love to eat it. Ha ha ha!”

“So this baby-“

“Twins! Two heartbeats found! That’s some Grade A Morde-batter at it’s finest. I made two little awesome babies. They are probably in there having a dual of who is gonna be the sexiest. Watch out, ladies! My boys are coming soon!”

“So the babies are gonna be boys? Isn’t it kinda too early to tell? But I kinda don’t know much about pregnancy to be honest.”




“Yes, Rai. It’s too early tell. But I’ve been pregnant before, I had 2 girls before Mateo and this feels like another girl pregnancy.”

“I think these are boys. I can feel it. This was the same feeling I had when you was pregnant with Mateo. I just know!”

“I know my body, Morde. Beside, you come from Navox blood, they have a high daughter fertility rate. You have 5 daughters to prove that theory. Plus with me being Gaivania, we also have a slight high daughter fertility rate. Mateo may be our only son, unless we are like your Dad and have 50 kids.”

“Then let’s have 50 kids!”

“We can do that but only if you agree to change the diapers and do the night-time feedings.”

“I’ll do anything as long as we can have all the awesome sex all the time and I can get some sons! Let’s do this!”

“Have you lost your everlasting mind?”

“Ever since I fell in love with you.”

“Aww. I love you, babe.”

“I love you too.”




“I think I am going to be sick now.”





Breakfast was ate. Adults were at work. My Dad left for his meeting in BP. Now it was just Mateo and I. We spent most of the morning playing with the Foosball table in the den. I won a rounds and he won a few. It was pretty fun and wonder why we didn’t have anything fun like this at home. So I asked Mateo what else was we going to do for the day.

“Are just we just gonna fool around with this thing all day are we gonna do something else?”

“What do you want to do since you are so bored?”

“I’m curious of what do you do during the summer here.”

“Well I was thinking about visiting the library and catching up on my studying.” 

“Seriously? You’re just joking with me, right?”




“Not really. I do like to hang out at the library and study. I know it’s so out-of-place being the son of Mordecai. I come from a long line of playboys. There’s Great-Great-Grandpa Lorenzo. Great-Grandpa Liam, Grandpa Borage and then my Dad.  But we can go do the stereotypical thing. Meet girls and such, it keeps my Dad happy. You know that girl Noelle Sheridan, right? I think she’s really pretty and smart and I kinda wanna ask her out. Maybe you can ask her to hang out with us so I can meet her. I would like to finally talk to her. You think she would like me?”



“Noelle? You kinda have a thing for Noelle?”

I didn’t realize how small Brightpoint was until now. Of course Mateo would know who she is and I shouldn’t be surprised that he would also have a thing for her. Noelle is an amazing person. But instead of calmly telling Mateo Noelle’s no dating rule enforced by her father, I just blew up in Mateo’s face.




“You back the fuck off! She’s not gonna be instead in you! Like you haven’t started high school yet! She’ll be a sophomore and she’s not gonna want to be dating some freshman next year! She’ll not gonna be into a guy who thinks hanging out at a library during the summer is cool! That’s lame as fuck! You are better off staying the fuck away from her! Don’t look at her! Don’t talk to her! Noelle is off-limits! Do I make myself clear?!”

“Dude I’m sorry?! I didn’t know I was pushing any buttons!”

“I’m just warning you!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll back off, I guess. I thought you had a girlfriend back in Italy but whatever.” 




The doorbell rang before I got another word in. It was Zoey, Kimora’s daughter. Mateo babysits her during the summer while Kimora is at work. I recall my Dad telling me Kimora was always a slightly difficult child, however Zoey was a polar opposite of how Kimora was. Although Kimora is single working mother, Zoey is sweet and has a good outlook on life. She’s quick to remind you how she’s still a child with innocence and gullible nature. Our fight was quickly extinguish as soon as Zoey greeted us.


I went outside to cool off for bit.

“Obsessive much.”


“Who else? The boogieman?”

“Well you’re close enough to being the boogieman.”

“Oh ha ha ha. Very funny.”



“I know why you’re here. I shouldn’t have yelled at Mateo. I’ll go tell him I’m sorry and then everything will be cool.”

“No it will not. You don’t realize how insane you sounded. This town is small, very small. All it takes is a small whisper and she won’t talk to you ever again. You seriously to think before you speak. I seriously hate to see what will you do to a guy if the so much take a glance at Noelle if you and her were together. You can’t take claim on a girl who isn’t your girlfriend. You can’t take claim on a girl like she’s a piece of property.”

“I don’t know what came over me. Just the thought of Noelle being with someone bothers me a lot. A whole lot. It makes me rage so bad.”

“Jealousy is not a cute trait. And if the thought of Noelle possibly dating another guy bothers you this much probably means you’re in love with her. Which also means you probably means you need to get rid of Annaliese. Probably would do you some good. Waste of time to be honest.”




“Me in love with Noelle? Well I know I like her and know she’s amazing but in love? I dunno. And I still care about Annaliese. I haven’t decided if I wanted to work things out with her yet. Annaliese is an amazing person too. What am I gonna do?”

“Boys are so dumb. I kinda just told you. But since you won’t listen, let’s fix things with your nephew so he won’t run around town telling everyone how crazy and obsessive his uncle is. Call Noelle and asked if any of her single friends wanna hang Mateo at the park today. Trust me, one of her friends has a crush on Mateo.”

“How do to know that?”

“I’m a ghost, I spy on everyone. That’s what we do. You’ll thank me.”




Jada left but I wasn’t alone in the backyard.

“Who was you talking to? Was it your imaginary friend? I got one of those too! It’s okay if you have one, cause I got one too. His name is Frank O’ Noodles and his favorite is yellow and he likes to eat pizza! What’s your’s name” 




“Um her name is Jada.”

“Cool! What’s her favorite color and what does her like to eat?”

“I guess she likes the color white. I never asked what was her favorite food.”

“Maybe Frank O’ Noodles and Jada can play together and have a picnic!”

“Yeah. I’ll ask her when I see her again.”




I took Jada’s advice and called Noelle. She was right, Noelle does have a friend who happens to have a crush on Mateo. We agreed to meet at the Hidden Haven park around noon, taking Zoey along. There was playground there, she wouldn’t get bored or anything.




Noelle told us they would be on the other side of the fishing dock under the big tree. Mateo hasn’t had much experience with females and I could tell he was getting nervous as we got closer to the girls. 

“What if she thinks I’m a geek. I’m not a super playboy like my dad was. I’m not a charming love genie. I’m just a veggie growing Earth genie.”

“You’re gonna be fine. Noelle said Kayla already likes you. She thinks that you’ll think she’s the geek.”

“That’s insane! Kayla is like super awesome!”

“Then go tell her that, nephew. You got this.”




“So who’s the guy with the white hair?”

“That’s Raiden. He’s Mateo’s uncle, he’s from Italy.”

“Ooh the way you smile when you say his name. You must like him. I can see why. He’s cute and kinda look like he could be a bad boy. So Italian huh? Mmm.”

“Well part Italian, he was born in New York, lived in the Midwest for a while before moving to Italy.”

“Looks like the boys are ready to hang out with us.”




Mateo and Kayla wandered away so they could chat alone. That let me alone with Noelle. Remembering my talk with Louis I was ready to confront Noelle about possibly telling her father about my secret. Jada suddenly appear before me, glaring at me, reminding to watch my temper. Jada has never appear whenever I was in front of anyone and was afraid Noelle would see her. But then I remember that only I could see Jada. I took a deep breath and calmly asked Noelle if she did or not.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Did you tell your Dad about my secret?”

“No. Why would you think that. I promised you that I would never tell anyone. We pinky swear. I did tell my cat, Boots but I don’t think he’s gonna tell anyone. I would never break my promise.”





“Your Dad gave me this big speech how you weren’t allow to date but I got the impression that he just didn’t like me. I thought he did like me. Then I thought maybe you told him my secret and now he doesn’t want me around you!”

“Oh don’t be silly, Sunshine! That’s just my Dad being a dad! He doesn’t like any boys around me but trust me, he does like you. He doesn’t trust you cause you’re a boy! Ha ha ha ha!”

“So he’s just being a dad and nothing more?”

“Yeah silly! Isn’t your dad like that with your sisters too?”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

“See. There’s no big deal. You’re worrying about nothing.”

“Oh. Now I feel like an idiot.”

“It’s okay. You’re a guy. It happens! Ha ha ha!”




We hanged out with a while and chatted. We had fun for the rest of the afternoon. Zoey started to get hungry and wanted to eat at her favorite place, Drama Cream. Noelle and Kayla wanted join but they both had to go home. Kayla had to be home before her little got home and Noelle had to go do some things with her mom. We said our goodbyes and planned to hang out again tomorrow afternoon. Mateo and Kayla hit it well.



“Looks like you and Kayla were hitting it off well. Told ya that you got this.”

“We got a lot of things in common. It’s almost crazy. I asked her out on date for tomorrow evening. But I’m kinda nervous about it. I was wondering maybe you and Noelle can double date with us?”

“Uh well. I guess I can if she’s okay with it.”

“Where you going to take her on a date at? If I had a boyfriend, I would want him to take me on a date to Disneyland!”

“I don’t think you’ll find too many boyfriends who will do that, Zoey. Ha ha ha!”

“But I’m really, really nice. If I ask nicely Mommy said one might do it.”

“Ha ha ha, okay Zoe!”



The next day the date was set, dinner at the Sonata bistro and some dancing afterwards. However Mateo had plans that I wasn’t aware until shortly before the double date.

“Hey there’s kinda a change in the date.”

“What kind of change?”

“We’ll still be having dinner at Sonata but we’ll be dancing somewhere else. My Dad can get us in at Club Aquarius. I think we would have more fun there than upstairs at Sonata.”

“Seriously? Man that would be awesome.”

“Yeah. I think Kayla would be impressed. My Dad would be chaperone us though.”

“Morde’s cool. I guess that’s okay.”

“Do you think I look okay? I’m wearing my party pants. It’s showing off my best assets.”

“Party pants?”

“Pants that will make girls look at my package and my ass. My Dad call them Party pants. Plus you’ll look good dancing even if you can’t dance at all.”

“Well I guess these pants are my party pants.”




We met the girls at the Sonata Bistro and had dinner. The food is good, the conversation was interesting and so far things were pretty great. I never imagination I would be going on a date with Noelle. However I’m not sure if I can exactly count this as a date. We are kinda tagging along Mateo and Kayla’s date.  Mateo explained to the girls about the changes in the date. They were pretty excited about going to Club Aquarius and were on board. Once we were finished eating Mateo texted Morde, he picked us up and we headed to the club.




While Mateo and Kayla went to go dance, I played pool with Noelle. Neither one of us are any good at it. I did have fun playing pool with Noelle.




“Hey little bro. You guys having any fun yet?”

“Yeah, this place is pretty nice. How did you get us get in here?”

“I helped out the owner of the club a while back with a financial situation. So he was okay with this, as long as you kids don’t try to drink anything alcoholic. I got tab open under my name, you guys can order drinks but they’ll be virgin drinks and sodas.”

“Okay cool. I’ll let the others the know.”

“Alright. Have fun but not too much fun.”




I got a couple of drinks from the bar, one for me and one for Noelle. 

“Hey I got you a drink.”

“How? Is this alcohol? We’re gonna get in trouble!”

“Relax. Morde has a tab and all of the drink are virgin drinks.”

“Oh well I was gonna hoping it was.”

“You drink?”

“No but I’m curious ya know. Ha ha ha.”




There must had been some miscommunication with the bartender when ordering the drinks from Morde’s tab that night. After that first drink, things were a bit blurry and I didn’t remember much after that….



























“Heyyyy Mom! Did I wake you? I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I’m having fun. Wanna talk to Noelle?”

“Hi Nakia! I’m Noelle!”

“Raiden Enrique! Do you realize it’s 7 AM here? And are you drunk? Are you in a club? Where is your Dad?”

“I”m wearing my party pants!”

“Lemme talk to your Mom!”

“Mom? Mom? Mommy? I think she hung up!”

“Awe man!”




“Hey Borage, are you staying in BP for the night?”

“Yeah, I’m staying with Mimi. Is Raiden at the house?”

“No, he went on a double date with Mateo. Morde is chaperoning it, I thought you knew.”

“Yeah, I knew. They went dancing at the Sonata Bistro, right?”


“Well I got an angry call from my wife saying she got a call from Raiden and it sounded like he was drunk and like he was at a dance club.”

“Oh really. I think I know exactly where they are. I’ll go handle this. Thanks for the heads up.”  




“You got some explaining to do! This doesn’t look like the Sonata!”

“I thought the kids would have more fun here.”

“Of course they would. They could get their hands on alcohol easier here!”

“They were supposed to be getting virgin drinks! I don’t know what happen! I swear! This won’t happen again!”

“How did you even get them in? They are only 14!” 




“Well I kinda told the owner they were 17.”

“Why would you do that? Mordecai, you gotta stop trying to be the cool dad! It’s time to grow up and be a parent! We are about to bring in 2 more babies into this world and have Kiara and Kailia live with us full time. You can’t keep doing things like that is.”

“I know but it was Mateo’s first date and I wanted him to have a great time.”

“Getting him and his date drunk isn’t the way to go.”

“It wasn’t my intention. Things got out of hand.”





“Look at these kids, Morde. It scares me how we are about to have twins when you can’t handle these 4. Maybe we should take something parenting classes together before the babies are born. I seriously think you need some retraining. You got lucky with Mariah and Kimora because you had family around but now it’s you and me. You have to be a parent, not a friend. I’ll handle the boys while you take the girls come and explains to their parents of what happen. You may be the bad guy but that’s the part of parenting.”




I don’t remember returning to Mordecai’s house. I was sleeping well until the sound of my Dad’s voice shook from my sleep.

“Wake up, Enrique.”

“Dad? What time is it?”

“6:21 AM. Time to get up.”





My head was pounding and the light peeking through the window just made it even worse.

“Now? Why do I gotta up?” 

“If your Mom had it her way, you would be on the first flight back to Italy and would be grounded for a month. But I was able to talk her out of it. But instead you’ll be doing chores with Mateo today.”

“But I don’t feel good! My head is pounding! I barely remember last night. I think there was a man dancing around in a kilt.”

“Hangovers kinda sucks, party pants. But it’s what you gotta do anyway. I was supposed to be spending the day with Mimi and the kids today but I’m here to deal with you. I took the first ferry back to Brightpoint at 5 AM.”

“I didn’t know those drinks had alcohol! It wasn’t my fault! I shouldn’t be in trouble any way.”



“That’s where you’re wrong, Rai. You told me the date was at the Sonata, you said nothing about Club Aquarius. If I knew about that then I would had said no. You kids didn’t need to be at the club. You’re gonna get drunk, call your Mom and I’ll get chewed out for it. Morde had 2 tabs opened, an easy mistake was gonna to happen. I knew it would be a bad idea if I had known.”

“I thought you were suppose to be the “party dad”. I didn’t think this would be a problem with you.”

“I am the Party Dad but I am still a parent and allowing my kid to get drunk at a club isn’t cool. Plus your Mom really doesn’t like it. You’re still a kid and you should still be doing kid stuff and not at the club drinking. Enjoy being a kid while it last. Later you can do this other stuff and party. Yeah I know I got to party when I was your age but I also missed out on being a kid too. I never got to do any of the things you got to do. Your Mom and I want you to enjoy being a kid. No more Party Pants until you’re 21, it can wait.”

“I hope Noelle didn’t get into too much trouble. I bet Louis probably hates me a lot now. Where’s my phone?”

“No phone for a couple of days. And for the rest of the trip, you must have adult supervision all times. That exclude Mordecai for obvious reasons and Cyrus isn’t any better.”

“Seriously? Mom put you up to this?”

“Yeah. Or you can fly back to Italy in 4 hours and be grounded for a month.”

“Fine. I wanted to hang out with Bash on Thursday.”

“You can as long as Nova or Shonda is home. I’ll be checking to be making sure they are. You better get dressed so you can get started on the yard work. Mateo is already up.”




The rest of the day pretty much sucked. We both had hangovers from hell while we attempted to do yard work under the summer hot. The temp rose as the hours passed by. It wasn’t until noon until we was finally done with all of the yard work. We were allowed to have a break indoors with the AC on full blast before cleaning the house.

It would close to 2 before we was finally finished cleaning up. I was dead tired and hoped to finally lied in bed. Any other parent would take this chance to make us do another dreadful chore however given with my medical conditions, my dad knew he couldn’t continue to push me. I was able to rest for the of the day. A lesson was certainly learned for the time being.

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