Show Yourself: Chapter 19 – Different

“Welcome to the Bridgeport to Brightpoint Island ferry. Please have your ticket ready when boarding.” said the lady standing behind the booth as my dad, Eli, Bastian and myself prepare to board the ferry-boat that would take us from Bridgeport, NY to Brightpoint Island, NY. Brightpoint Island is a small coastal town that lies 45 miles east of Bridgeport and can only be access via ferry-boat.

I was pretty excited about joining my dad and Eli to their trip to New York. My dad needed to meet with his publisher in Bridgeport about turning his life journal into book. Eli’s grandma relocated to Brightpoint Island after her mother-in-law fell ill before passing away. He usually spend a few weeks with his grandma during the summer. And Bastian is only here because he was supposed to go see his uncle Mason who lives in Bridgeport but Mason had to start filming on a movie a few weeks early. Bastian was bummed out, he was looking forwarded in hanging out with his uncle. He haven’t seen him since the wedding. His sister Nova lives in Brightpoint Island and was okay with letting him stay with her. I tagged along so I could see Noelle. Her family relocated to BPI after the division her dad was running in Riverview shut up. Louis was transferred back to BP but those chose to live on the island instead of the city. I remember Noelle telling me how they wanted to keep her away from the city vampires.




It kinda felt nice to be back in the states again. We usually come during the summer but to the islands in Hawaii to see my other grandma and some family. My parents recently purchased a summer-house and we told we will be spending our summer there after our New York trip.

I pulled out my phone and was texting Noelle, telling her that we were on the ferry-boat and it won’t be long before we’ll be there. I was both excited and nervous to see Noelle. I haven’t seen Noelle since we were both 10. I wonder if things are gonna weird and awkward between us, or will things remain the same.




I was fulled with anxiety the closer we got to BPI. It wasn’t long before we could spot the mainland. There it is. There’s the place where Noelle has been living at. To settled down a bit, I had to remind myself, she’s not the only living there or the only that I’m going to see.

My brother Mordecai, his wife and their son Mateo live there. My dad and I will be staying with them. My brother L2, his wife Selene and their kids also live in BPI. Mordecai’s older children, Mariah and Kimora stay there with their kids and there’s also my brother Cyrus. It’s gonna be fun to spend time with my brothers, nieces and nephews. But I really want to spend time with Noelle.




“What’s on your mind, Rai?”

“What if she think I’m weird?”

“Well you are, so? She knows you since forever.”

“Won’t things kinda be like different now?”


“Cause ya know. She has boobs now.”

“In that context, you say that like it’s a bad thing.”




“Well I don’t know what I’m saying.”

“You never do. Nothing new.”

“Shut up. So is Nova cool with you staying with her? Morde said he has room if not.”

“Yeah. Nova is okay with it. I’m kinda looking forwarded to it honestly. I haven’t seen my sister since the wedding. My mom was reluctant about me coming with you guys. She’s crazy paranoid because of my dad. I gotta call once every 2 hours. No texting, I gotta call so she know it’s me and not someone pretending to be me. This is probably the only time she’s being all motherly since I real little. It’s kinda annoying honestly.”

“I think it’s kinda sweet. You gotta call your mommy. Ha ha ha!”

“Shut up asshole! Don’t you need to call your mommy?”

“No. My dad is on the phone with her. She knows we are okay.”

“Whatever. Well I gotta go call her.”

“Tell her that you love her.”

“I’ll kick your ass!”

“Ha ha ha ha!”




“Nova sent me this pic of Abby. She’s wearing the shirt that her favorite uncle gave her. And when I say favorite uncle, I mean me.”

“Cute but I believe I will be the favorite uncle before this trip is over.”

“Yeah right.”

“You don’t think Abby will think I’m cool?”

“You don’t even like kids.”

“I like kids in small dosages.”

“Well you’re on. The loser has to wear a dress during your parents anniversary dinner.”

“Okay, you better stop eating pie so you can fit into one of my sisters’ sundresses.”




It wouldn’t matter who would lose with our bet about winning the love from our shared niece, Abigail. My mom wasn’t about to let neither one of us waltz into the dinner wearing a fancy dress. Bastian always made ridiculous bets and dares since we were kids and this was one of them.

I got a text from Noelle but my smile quickly erased from my face when I read her text saying she wouldn’t be meeting me at the port. Her parents had to step out for a bit and she needed to stay home to watch her little brother Evan. She said they wouldn’t be gone long and asked me to wait at the shuttle stop in front of The Crossing Crab. It’s where most tourist wait to go on tours or to the hotel. I told her I could possibly could but had to check with my dad.



My dad was okay letting me stay at the shuttle stop. It was probably good because Nova wasn’t there pick up Bastian yet. My dad went with Mordecai to drop Eli off at his grandma’s and to visit other family in town. My dad told me to return to The Crossing Crab at 6 PM so we could have dinner, he’s cool with me spending the rest of the day with Noelle.

“I told her we was gonna be her by noon. It’s almost 10. She’s always late. She’ll probably be late to her own funeral.”

“You know there has been some people who had been?”

“Yeah and she’s gonna be one of them. I might get to see your friend Noelle too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Her aunt is Nova’s roommate. I wonder if she like white boys.”




“Back off.”

“What? Why? Shonda doesn’t?”

“Oh you mean you her. Never mind.”

“I’m not trying to get into your kool-aid or anything. You know I wouldn’t do anything like that. I do wanna meet her if that’s okay?”

“I guess that’s okay but don’t try anything funny cause I know how you are. You got a girlfriend.”

“So do you or did you forget?”




“Touche, Bash. Touche. But that’s if you wanna call my relationship with Anna a relationship. We haven’t talked since before school ended. That’s been a month ago. What about you Vex? She left on a sour note.”

“I dunno. She was pretty upset with me about me pressing you to play nice with that girl so I could get laid. So I just wanna have fun this summer. If Vex comes back for fall semester then I guess we are together if not, then I had one hella summer.”

“So if she comes back after you slept around then you’re gonna feel guilty as hell. You know you care about her. You’re not going to do anything. Just gonna eat pie and play video games all summer.”

“Fuck you. There’s more to me than pie and video games. I can fish, kinda boring but sometimes I do that. Look, I’m just going to have fun with my family and hopefully meet some new friends. If things go right, maybe my mom will start letting me come out here in the summer. I haven’t seen Abby since she was a baby and it’s been forever since I’ve seen my sister.”




During our conversation we were greeted by the familiar voice of Bastian’s older sister Nova. She sounded a bit cheerful and I don’t recall her ever been a very cheery person. Maybe she was just happy to see her kid brother after all these years.

“Hey boys! Whoa, Raiden! Is that you? You almost look like a grown man. You sure you’re not legal? The things I could possibly do to you.”

“Nova. Seriously. You’re already screwing his brother. Someone who you have business doing, with him being married and all.”

“I’m just joking. Chill out baby brother! How was the trip? Which one of you boys joined the mile high club?”




“Nova. What the fuck.”

“You run off the Italy and come out with no sense of humor. All of the pasta soaked up your American humor!”

“No. Your jokes are just lame!”

“I thought they were kinda funny.”

“Not helping, Rai.”



I’m sure this wasn’t the reunion Bastian had hoped for. While they still lived in Richdale, Nova was once involved with my brother Cyrus when they were teens. Although Cyrus had a girlfriend named Sara, that didn’t stop him from being involved with both girls. Both girls ended pregnant 2 months apart from each other. Cyrus married Sara but as Bastian mention, Cyrus is still involved with Nova.

When Cyrus moved to Brightpoint Island, Nova followed along although she couldn’t afford to live in BPI. She got a roommate but that wasn’t enough, their uncle Mason pays her half of the rent and bills. I learned about during our flight from Bastian. His mom said this was another reason why she didn’t want him to come, Nova is irresponsible. She can’t make clear decisions with Cyrus in her sights.

Bastian quickly put two and two together of all Nova shown up all cheery and happy.





“You were with Cyrus! You knew I was coming! Couldn’t that wait? Better yet, how about you do better for yourself and stop sleeping with a married man. He made his choice when he picked Sara. You deserve better than that.”

“Don’t tell me what I deserve! He said once he gets a raise, he’ll leave her and they we will be together!.”

“And you believe that? You gotta be kidding me. He’s never gonna leave his wife. He’s just gonna keep screwing you cause you’re just gonna keep letting him and then you’ll get up with more babies.”

“You don’t know anything! Cyrus loves me and we are gonna be together soon! You’ll see! And if he doesn’t well I got my ways to make that happen.”

“You wouldn’t. Think about Abby’s sister Aimee.”

“Aimee will be fine. I would make a better mother than that ho bag Sara. Her face is so gross. I don’t know what does Cyrus see in her. Have you seen her tits? Can you even call those tits? She has a boy body! But me, I have a body of a woman. A grown woman. Don’t ya agree?”





“Anyway baby brother, I’m now in charge of you and you have to do everything I say. You can start by washing my car. Ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh fuck that! You’re not gonna be the boss of me and I don’t care if you’re older than me!”

“Well my car isn’t wanna wash it’s self.”

“There’s a place called the car wash. You can try using it. I’m not gonna be your little slave boy!”

“That’s no fun! Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready. I guess I’ll see you later, Rai.”

“Yeah man. Have fun. Bye Nova.”

“Bye cutie!”

Bastian and Nova banter more as they tossed his luggage in the back of Nova’s car. I quietly chuckled to myself before watching them driving away. It wasn’t long before the next shuttle bus had stopped at the stop I was waiting at.




One by one, I watched passengers exit the bus. My heart raced as I thought any moment Noelle would be the next passenger exiting. I was confused of why I would be so nervous. We’ve been friends for years and it was silly for me to suddenly be a nervous wreck. I closed my eyes to collect myself and when I opened, there she was.

She’s just so beautiful. 




“Hey sunshine, gonna hi? Or are you just gonna stand there and stare at me with your mouth open? I guess sometimes will never change. Ha ha ha!”




“Uhh; uhh; I uh; I’m might say might say something dumb because I always say dumb things when I’m around really pretty girls and I think you’re really pretty. Well you’re more than pretty. You’re fuckin’ hot to be honest. Your boobs are bigger in person than I thought they were gonna be. Not that I didn’t like how they were small because I still thought they nice if they were small, but your boobs aren’t small and that’s okay if they were but that aren’t. Your dress is also pretty.”



“Okay. You just kinda say whatever without thinking, huh?”

“Yeah. You know me, heh.”

“Ha ha ha! I’m glad you like my dress but don’t you ever perv on me again!”

“Noelle, I can’t make any promises. I’m a guy, it’s kinda our thing.”

“No excuses, Raiden!”

“I guess I can try.”


“So now that I’m here. Whatcha wanna do? My dad said it’s okay if I spend the rest of the day with you. He told me him back here at 6 for dinner.”




“We can go to my favorite hang out spot! It’s not too far from here. We can walk there from here. I hope you’re not too tired from your flight.”

“I’m good. After 2 flights, I’m kinda ready to stretch my legs out a little.”

“That’s good. I think you’ll love it here in Brightpoint. There’s a lot of places that I wanna show up.”

“We’ll be here for 2 weeks. So I can’t wait to see everything.”

“We are gonna have so much fun, Sunshine!”




We made our way to Noelle’s favorite spot. It’s a little fishing dock and it happen to be empty at the moment. Good, there wouldn’t be any outside distractions and it would just be us alone. However maybe that wouldn’t be such a good thing. I already made a fool of myself with my word-vomit and she did seem a little uncomfortable with it. I’m not if she’ll let that slide again.

As we made our way down the steep hill, Noelle grabbed my arm. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I said nothing, I looked at her and smiled. Her petite hands were soft and I didn’t mind her grabbing on her. It was kinda nice feeling the touch of her skin.

“I almost forgot how warm you always were. You would be nice to have around in the winter.”

“I was never a cuddlier but for you I could probably change that.”

Noelle giggled and tightly grabbed my arm. I smiled back at her.

“So this is the place?”

“Yeah. The watchman’s dock. Papa Dade use to take me fishing when I little.”

“What happen to him?”


“Oh. I’m sorry.”



“It’s okay. He died when I was about 5. But I still have memories of him whenever I come here.”

“I use to go fishing with one of my grandpas when I was kid but now he beats me up.”

“That sounds awful!”

“Nah. I mean he’s training my lycan side of me.”

“Why didn’t you say it like that?”

“Just being dramatic.”

“You jerk! Ha ha ha.”





“I was happy when we came back to the east coast. It was easier when your family moved to Italy first. I miss living out by the coast. The Midwest was nice but I missed the salty air and the sea. My dad knew our stay in Riverview was temporary. How are things in Italy?”

“It’s nice for the most part. A lot different from the states. I got friends and no one is judging me. I think you would love it if you got to visit there one day.”

“So how are things between you and your girlfriend?”


“What? Did something happen?”




“When I was in the hospital I found out it was a night a full moon. Anna doesn’t know my secret and I didn’t want her to find out this way. I was trying to get her and Bastian to leave my room but she was being annoying and wouldn’t leave. So I got mad and yelled at her. She finally left and I later found out that my body was too weak to turn because I had major surgery. That side of me scared Anna and she felt that we rushed things and she wanted to take a break. We haven’t spoken in a month.”

“You can get scary when you get mad. You always had a bad temper and it’s very short. I thought you were working on that.”

“I am but she was being very annoying. I was being patient with her but she was being too pushy. Bastian knew I needed my rest but she just wouldn’t go and let me be.”

“Maybe a break will do you both some good. You both can figure things out.”

“Everyone says that she’s just holding onto me until she finds a better boyfriend and then she’s gonna break up with me. What do you think?”




“I dunno. I think that’s kinda evil if that’s true. I would never do that. If I think the relationship is doomed then I’m just gonna end it right now. Only she knows what she’s up to.”

“I just wish I knew so I know what to expect. I just hate waiting around to know if I have a girlfriend or not.”

“Well Sunshine, have you thought about the relationship too?”

“Me? I’m suppose to be thinking too?”

“Well yeah. Do you wanna work things with Anna? Ya know she doesn’t call all of the shots.”




“I guess I really haven’t thought about that. I do care about her but honestly I don’t know.”

“Maybe you should start thinking about your relationship. It’s not fair that you gotta sit around and wait around on her to come around. If she don’t work things now then you have every right to move on. You’re young and you should be out having fun. It’s the summer!”

“Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t have to be sitting around waiting around on her. I’m young. I should be having fun and that’s what I’m going do! I’m on vacation too!”

“That’s the spirit, Sunshine!”




Noelle slipped her boots off and playfully kicked at the water. I watched her and smiled. She asked me to join her but I told her I didn’t want to step on a random crab or anything like that.




“Oh c’mon! You’re not gonna step on a crab! I thought you were gonna have fun.”

“But I am. I’m watching you have fun. That’s fun for me.”

“That doesn’t count! Take your shoes off and get those toes wet with me. I’ll look silly doing to alone.”

“No you don’t. You look cute. If I stick my toes in the water then I’ll kill all of the fish in the sea.”

“Ha ha ha! Very funny, Sunshine. Stop being silly!”

“What if I toss you in the water?”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Would I?”




“You’ll have to catch me! Ha ha ha!”

“Okay! Fine!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Remember how I was always a fast runner? I’m a faster runner now!”





She headed up the hill at full speed, she was always a fast runner like she mention. I could never run after her as child because of condition but even as teen I really shouldn’t push. It hasn’t been that long since my heart surgery. To my surprise I was able to pick speed and with instinct I pounced on her like some animal. It eerily felt natural to me.

Noelle landed on her stomach and I quickly flipped her on her back. I gazed into her eyes, she looked surprised and was speechless. I quickly snapped out of my primal trance by tickling Noelle senseless. With my lycan training, certain activities trigger my lycan-like mannerism. That’s something that I want to avoid.

“Stop it! I’m gonna pissed myself! Ha ha ha!”

“Say please!”

“Stop it! Ha ha ha! Stop!”

“You didn’t say please!”

“Please stop or I’m gonna pee on you!”




Noelle suggested that we should go to her house. She didn’t live too far from the fishing dock and we could walk from there. It did give her a chance to show me her neighborhood which kinda looked cool.

“So that art school that you go to in Italy. I heard it’s pretty great and pretty hard to get into. How did you manage?”

“Luckily for me I had a sister would went to the sister school in Riverview. But yeah it’s kinda hard to get into the one in Italy. Why do you ask? Aren’t you going to an art school in Bridgeport? I thought you liked it?”

“I do but it’s not as great as the one in Italy. I’ve been trying to get into the one in Italy, the one you go to. But I was denied last year.”

“Oh man. That fuckin’ sucks! I don’t get you didn’t get in. Weren’t you in any of the recommended art programs?”

“Yeah but my work and grades wasn’t good enough.”

That’s insane! What a bunch pasta-eating snobs! That’s fuckin’ bullshit that they wouldn’t let you in!”

“Well I’m trying again. I gave 400% last school year and I hope I will be accepted this time. I’ll find out in 3 weeks.”




“I hope you’ll get in this time or I’ll be piss because you deserve to attend that school. You do better art than most of my classmates honestly.”

“Aww you’re sweet, Sunshine.”

“I’m being honest. I think a lot of them are there because of money.”

“Well if the art program doesn’t get me in, then there’s the dance and music programs. My 400% like I said.”

“You’re gonna get in. I just know it. Your chances are higher if you’re in all 3 programs, even higher if you’re actually good. I know you’re actually good. You can dance, you can play the piano and the painting are awesome. You got this.”

“We’ll find out in 3 weeks.”



The Sheridan home was one the nicest looking houses in the neighborhood. Noelle said it once belonged to her grandparents on her mother’s side. It is also one of the reasons why her family chose to live in Brightpoint rather than the city. Her mother liked the ideal of living in the same house where she once grew up in and thought it would nice for her kids to grow up in that same house.

“Pretty sweet house.”

“Thanks! It was one of the first houses built on the island. It’s also one of the bestest houses too.”

“Well it looks like it.”

“But the only downfall is, the house is next to the grave yard. I guess that’s the price you pay if you want the nicest house in town. Ha ha ha. I can visit my grandparents’ graves anytime I want though.”

“I think living next to a graveyard is kinda cool.”



“You’re weird! Ha ha ha!”




We watched some TV and talked for a bit. Her little brother Evan joined us. This was the first time I officially met him. Noelle’s mom had a difficult pregnancy and delivery, Evan was born with difficulties. Noelle’s parents didn’t want anyone in the house after Evan was born, so I never actually seen him. I caught a few glances of him whenever they were outside getting ready to leave or coming home, but Evan was a very sick baby and didn’t leave the house often. 

“This is my friend, Raiden. He use to live in Riverview too but he lives in Italy now. Say hi, Evan.”

“I don’t wanna watch this. This is boring.”

“Don’t be rude, Evan. Say hi to Raiden.”

“Hi. Can you change the channel?”

“Hi Evan. What do you wanna watch?”

“Don’t change the channel. He’s gotta watch what you gonna watch. You’re the guest. We are watching what Raiden wants to watch. Don’t be rude, Evan or I’m gonna tell mom.”

“But I don’t wanna watch this. I wanna Fairly Oddparents!”

“We can watch that. I kinda like that show. I watch it all the time with little sister.”

“Raiden, don’t give into my bratty brother.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s no big deal, really.”

“I like your friend, Raiden. He’s cool!”




It was almost 6 PM it was almost time for me return to The Crossing Crab. Noelle walked me to the front porch. I stepped off the porch while Noelle remained on it. There was a moment of awkward silence. We stood there staring at each, unsure what to say to each now. I could tell that things between us are certainly different since we are teenagers now. I also could tell Noelle wanted to say something but couldn’t exactly find the words. So we just stood there until she finally broke the ice.





“It was nice hanging out with you today. We can hang out tomorrow after I’m done with my chores and dance class. That’s if you’re gonna be free cause I know you have some family here who you haven’t seen in a while. But just letting you I’ll be available after 2. I guess I better let you back to The Crossing Crab. I can ask my Dad if he can drop off there. I’m sure he won’t mind.”




“Oh cool. I had fun hanging out with you too. I’ll probably be free for the most part tomorrow. My dad will be heading to BP for his meeting while my brothers will be at work. I’ll just be at the house with my nephew, were about the same age for now. That’s cool if your Dad can give me a ride, if not then I don’t mind walking back.”




Noelle smiled and stepped down from the porch, making her way towards me. She leaned in, whispering into my ear, “It was really good to see once again.” Placing a tender kiss on cheek. My ear twitched to the sound of her voice, she giggle when she took notice. “They do with pleasing sounds sometimes. It’s a wolf thing.” I said with a smirk. She giggled once more before kissing my cheek once more. The second kiss made blush, if I wasn’t so tanned then I would probably turned beet red after each kiss.




“Are you ready?”

The sound of Noelle’s Dad’s booming voice made my heart skip a few beat. Noelle quickly jerked away and stated it was only a friendly peck on the cheek and nothing more. Louis’ brow buried deep within his forehead while beads of sweat form around my forehead.




I never encounter the father of girl before and although I’ve known Louis since I was a child, I still feared like any other teenage boy would. I cleared my throat and told Louis I was ready. Noelle quickly gave me a hug before Louis told her that was enough. I nervously followed Louis to his car and knew this was gonna be the longest car ride ever.




“I’ve known you since were a kid and always kinda like you and I know how Noelle had always been crazy about you.”

“Yeah I know.”

“Watch yourself, boy. Things are different now. You both are teenagers and there are changes with your bodies and you’re gonna feel things. You’ll want to do things with my daughter. Things you do not dare think about doing with my daughter. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes but you really don’t have to worry about me.”



“Perhaps because you’ll be running off back to Italy but for the time being, I do have to worry about you. You are not to be alone with Noelle. You’re a love genie, I know you love genies are all about sex and my daughter will stay a virgin as long as I say so.”

“I guess you don’t know too much about love genies but young love genies can’t have sex until after their 15th birthday. I’m still 14. I won’t be doing anything with Noelle. Not anything unless she was ready and I have a girlfriend back home. You don’t have to worry about me, Sir. Noelle and I are just friends like we always been since we were kids.”

“That kiss didn’t look friendly. Boys and girls can’t friends when you’re young. Maybe when you’re older and mature but not at your age. There will always be some kind of sexual attraction. I guess I am a little relief you’re not sexuality mature yet but I must also be clear about one other thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Noelle is not allowed to date. So whatever idea you have in your mind, that even think about.”

“But I have a girlfriend.”

“I know but I also saw to way you look at my daughter. I was your age at one point. Don’t even think about it.” 




The rest of the drive was quiet and awkward. I felt relief once we got to the restaurant. I told Louis thanks for the ride and scurried from the car. At first Louis seemed to be the typical overly protective father however I started to get the sense that he had a distaste towards. I never done anything to offend him and Noelle was the one who cheeked me on my cheek twice. But then I ponder if Noelle had told him about my secret of what happens to during the full moon.

Noelle promised she would never tell anyone, not even her parents. I was puzzled of why Louis suddenly didn’t care much for me. Noelle never mention about a no boyfriend rule. I think Louis just doesn’t want Noelle to ever date me. Maybe I’m just reading too much into, maybe Noelle really does have a no boyfriend rule that she hasn’t told me about, or maybe Louis doesn’t want me involved with Noelle because he know what I’m really am.

“Tell your Dad to come over for a drink.”

“Okay. Thanks for the ride.”




“Hey Dad, I’m at The Crossing Crab. Are you guys here yet? Can I have a beer for dinner tonight? I think Noelle’s dad hates me.”

“But your mom will yell at me.”

“Only if you tell Mom that let me have a beer, Dad.”

“Maybe just a hard cider.”

“That’s not a real beer, Dad!”

“Apple juice or hard cider. Take your pick, Enrique.”

“Fine; Dad.”

“Good. We’ll be there in 10 minutes, Rai.”

“Bye Dad.”

“Bye Rai.”

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