Show Yourself: Chapter 16 – Salty

It’s been a couple of weekends since my surgery. The transfusion was successful and my body was able to self-heal. Today was my first day back at school and mom made my favorite breakfast of mushroom and spinach omelets with turkey bacon and french toast sticks. She wanted me to have a nice breakfast before sending me off to school. We just have a few weeks of school left. I’m a bit behind in my work but mom is gonna make sure I catch up eventually.




I saw Annaliese standing on the balcony at our school. We really haven’t talked since the evening that I completely lost it on her. She did still stop by to check on me at the hospital afterwards but has been a little standoffish. This made me a bit nervous. I thought we was over this but apparently not. She told me that we still needed to talk about that night. 





“Hey, Rai. How are you feeling?”

“I’m okay for the most part. How about you? I missed you.”

“I’ve been good. Ready for your first day back? I gotta warn you that Mr. London is more cranky than his usual. It’s the end of the school year and everyone is restless.”

“I guess so. So how about a little welcome back kiss?”

“We need to talk.”




“Talk about what?”

“You know. That one night at the hospital.”

“Oh. I thought that was in the past. We’re good, right? I said I was sorry.”

“I know but it made me think about things.”

“What things? It was just one fight. Don’t we kiss and make up now?”

“You act like it was no big deal!”

“Well it really wasn’t. I mean all couples fight here and there but they get pass it.”




“You’re a very angry guy and that scares me! When you yelled at me, I was so afraid of you! I never been yelled at like that before! I had an aunt who had a husband who yelled at her like that and he use to beat her! I think we rushed into this relationship and we should had gotten to known each other better. I dunno if I can handle your temper. It scares me and I think we should just take a little break from each other.”




“What? I didn’t mean to yell at you the way that I did. I really didn’t mean to but all you had to do is go and let me be. I just needed some rest. I was very tired and you kept pestering me. And I’m nothing like your aunt’s husband! I would never hit you or hurt you in any way. My mom would beat my ass if I ever hit a female! I take a lot of shit from my sisters!” 




“You didn’t want to tell me why you wanted me to leave. And if you can’t tell me what’s bothering you is gonna be problem. When you’re in a relationship, you gotta tell your girlfriend everything! You shouldn’t keep any secrets.”

“But I was just tired. I told you that!”

“I don’t believe you. I think it was something else. Your reaction about a full moon got me thinking there’s something deeper going on. I just wanted to help.”

“I can’t tell you about that.”


“Cause I just can’t!”

“See, this isn’t gonna work.”

“Annaliese, please. I just can’t right now. But when I’m ready. I’ll tell you.”

“I wish you could share everything with me.”

“There’s somethings I can’t for the moment. I don’t wanna scare you off. I was gonna tell you when I felt you could handle it. So I guess we’re broken up now?”

“No. We just need a break.”

“For how long?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well can I get a good-bye kiss?”

“It’s best if we don’t.”





I was confused of what just happen. We need to take a break? We only been dating for about a month and we need to take a break? Who on earth just presses pause in the relationship? I never got that and now I’m in one of those relationships. We aren’t broken up but we can’t talk or see each other. Does this mean that I can’t see other people or could I? Maybe I should had asked or maybe it’s good that I didn’t. So much for a warm welcome back, I never felt so hurt in my life so far.




“All the flavors in the world but yet you always choose to be salty.”

“Shut up, Jada! Not now, fuck!”

“You’ll catch more flies with honey.”

“Don’t you mean, shit?”

“Touche, brother. Touche.”




“I wouldn’t say that I didn’t see this coming but I did.”

“Uh huh. Here to mock me? I am in no mood for your shit, Jada.”

“I know that, Salty pants. I’m just saying-“

“I know what you are just saying!”

“You gonna let me finish?”




“How am I gonna fix this? Can this be fixed? I told her that I was sorry and we would get over it.”

“Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough. And can you blame her? You berated the poor girl and she was looking after you. You get scary mad when you’re flying off the handle. I told you about your temper. You need to chill and be a little less salty.”

“But can I fix this?”

“Maybe. Tell her the truth. Tell her about the full moon and who you really are.”

“I can’t.”

“Well I guess you’ll have to wait around and hope she’ll forget, which she won’t. She’s a woman. We forget nothing.”

“But if I tell her then we’ll be broken up for sure.”




“That’s a risk that you gotta take. But she is right about one thing.”


“You both just kinda rush into this. You both barely know each other. So maybe a break would do you both some good. Or not. To be honest, you guys are probably gonna break up.”


“Facts, brother. But it’s okay.”






“You’ll find another girl who you can be all gross with. “Hi I’m Raiden. I’m kinda weird but I wanna kiss you all over and say things that will offend you. But it’s okay cause I’m a love genie and you won’t care anyway.” “Oh yes you have a cute face but you’re weird. Let’s kiss and be gross.” “I like your boobies!”.”




“You’re not funny!”





I wished Annaliese would have waited to tell me all of this after school. She lays out all of this shit right before class, knowing our first class is together. To add salt to injury, the teacher assigned Annaliese to the keyboard next to me. It was cool before our “break” but it sucks now. I couldn’t help myself from looking at her and hoping she would notice me. She would but she just look away quickly. It made me feel like shit. 




Ms. Jaio didn’t care if it was my first day back at school. I still had to give my oral presentation of the inventor of the cellos. I don’t even know how to play a cello and don’t care much for it. We had to draw subjects from a hat and of course I picked the cello. I was never good on public speaking and giving oral presentations is a nightmare. It definitely doesn’t help with Annaliese and my ex Alessandra both being in my class.




“Andrea Amati was the inventor of the cello. He  was born in Cre-crea-moan-na uhh; Cremona, Italy a really long time ago. I mean in 1505. That was like in the 16th century? Yeah the 16th century.”

The microphone screeched with feedback and it was bad enough that I was stumbling with my words. I struggle to remember what I wrote about as I had forgotten half of my paper. 

“Fuckin’ shit!”

“Raiden Montigo! One more outburst like that and you will be sitting in detention!”

“Sorry, Ms. Jaio.”

The class laughed but was also threatened with detention if they continue to laugh at me. This day just suck more and more for me.




I was happy that I had study hall after lunch. I needed some peace and quiet. It was also nice to finally be away from Annaliese cause it’s hard to be around her when I can’t talk to her. I took this time to read up about lycanthropy and how this came to be. I do remember Eli saying he heard lycanthropy was a curse that came from a witch.  

I  always wonder if lycanthropy is a witch’s curse. If that is true, a curse would be broken. I decided that I would do some digging to find out if this is possible. If this is really a curse then I have it broken. I can finally be a full genie and not turn into a freakish monster during a full moon. And just maybe Annaliese and I would actually be together.




I thought I would hide out in study hall alone but my uncle Angelo eventually found me. I did honestly did try to avoid him because he would remind me that I need to join him after school. Today would be my first day of training and I’m really in no mood for that. Honestly, I don’t want to do it all but I told my grandpa Muraco that I would.

“I hope you didn’t forget. My dad wants us to meet him at Fiore Nascosto park after school.”

“Yeah I know. Why there? That’s kinda out there.”

“Cause no one ever goes there. That’s where we always do our training there. It’s pretty there.”

“I only been there once. I guess I could see why you guys go there.”

“It’s quiet and peaceful.”


“Hey what’s that? Is that a book on lycanthropy?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I didn’t know we had books like that here. You trying to get in touch with your lycan roots, nephew?”





“No! I’m trying to see if I can get rid of it.”

“That’s not possible, nephew. Once you’re born a lycan, you stay a lycan.”

“Isn’t it a curse? Curse can be broken.”

“A curse? Ha! Man, maybe you should read up.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m just saying, there’s no way you can get rid of that part of you. You really hate being a lycan, huh?”

“Hate doesn’t begin to express my feeling about it!”

“A salty wolf doesn’t go far in life.”

“Shut up.”




Angelo and I made our way to Fiore Nascosto park and my grandpa Muraco was already there waiting for us. He was happy to see that I did come with Angelo. It wasn’t like Angelo gave me much of a choice. He made sure that I was going to show up no matter what.




“Okay boys, pair up. Being a lycan can be a stressful as we have more testosterone than any other being. With that said we can be a bit more aggressive. Sometimes we need to do some friendly sparing. Since this is your first time, Raiden I asked Angelo to go a little easy on you.”

“Give me all you, Angelo! No holding back.”

“You’re not ready.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Raiden. You need to ease into this. This is gonna help you with your anger cause you are a fiery one.”




I could tell Angelo was holding back on me. I know I can be a bit hot-headed but I ready to take him on. They knew that I wasn’t ready even when I felt I was. I always felt that I always have something to prove. Every since I was a child and I was even bold enough to take on Tyrese when I was only 8 years old. If I was going to get the fight that I wanted, I needed to egg on Angelo a bit.

“This is you holding back? I’m barely breaking a sweat!”

“I know what you’re trying to do! It’s not gonna work!”

“Oh yeah? I know a few 7 year olds who would give more a challenge than this! C’mon, uncle! I’m getting bored with this!”

“You want a challenge?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“You got it then!”




I really wished that I would learn to keep my mouth shut. Angelo delivered swifter and quicker blows which I had a difficult time avoiding. Of course my temper flared up and I wasn’t too happy about getting my ass handed to me.




“What the fuck!”

“What?! You said you wanted a challenge and I gave you one!”

“Bullshit! You’re not even giving me enough time to react!”

“Look you told me to step it up and I did! You can’t get mad cause this is what you asked for!”

“I don’t give a fuck! That was some bullshit that you just did!”

“Man, don’t be such a sore loser!”

“Screw you, prick!”




My grandpa Muraco stepped in and thought we needed a break for while. It was the right call cause I was ready to bury my fist into Angelo’s face.





“You can’t let your temper get the best of you during your training. You’ll lose focus and energy quicker this way. And your temper will cause other to push away from you.”

“I know that I gotta work on my temper but I get so fired up and angry!”

“It’s cause you don’t know how to properly channel your anger into something else.”

“How can I?”

“I’m going to teach you.”




I continued my training with my grandpa while Angelo took a break. For once I tried to listen to my grandpa’s instructions but I was really to do much more than this. At least I thought I was. I can be a bit impatient at times. 

“Pace yourself, Raiden. You’re gonna burn through your energy much quicker.”

“I’m trying, granddad!”

“I don’t think you are, son.”

“I’m trying! I’m really am I swear!”

“I know you can do better than this.”




I paced myself at a steady speed. I could feel my stamina increasing as I kept a rhythm. My grandpa was right and I tried not to feel so big-headed now that I’m getting the hang of things.

“There ya go. I knew you could do it, son.”


“Yep. Keep going, don’t stop.”





“I’m actually impressed, Raiden. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure about you given how reluctant you have been.”

“So I did good?”

“Sì. Maybe we can now work on trying to transform into a full wolf.”

“You think I’m ready for that?”

“Let’s see.”





“You need complete focus and try to not push yourself too hard. Let your body guide you.”


“Don’t strain yourself!”




My body wasn’t doing anything and I certainly didn’t feel anything different happening to me. I thought I could feel my essence converting into blood. I felt hot but nothing was happening at all. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to turn into wolf. I had no idea of what I was doing. The only thing I did feel was confusion.




“Nothing is happening! I did what you said.”

“I know but I needed to show you that you don’t need to get ahead of yourself. It’s going to take time and effort and I know you’re not 100% commitment to this. Your mind, body and sprint need to all connect with each other. I told you that I’m not willing to train you until you are ready. You’re not.”

“I want to train. I wanna try.”

“I need your 100%. You won’t get far. I could tell just now that you didn’t want to turn into a wolf.”

“You could?”

“Son, I can see straight through you.”

“I had a bad day at school. My head is kinda cloudy.”




“You can only train with a clear mind. You gotta learn to leave the drama behind for your training sessions. But I also need for you to accept your lycan bloodline. You can’t bullshit me, I’ll know if you truly accept it”

“But you said I was doing good earlier.”

“You were, getting out some of that aggression but there’s more to it than releasing aggression after having a bad day at school. You got some potential, I can tell you that.”

“So can I still train with you?”

“We can work on the aggression because you seriously need help with that. You’re not going to keep a pretty girl like Anna around long. But as for turning, that’s up to you.”




I thought about what my grandpa Muraco had told me. He was right, I wasn’t 100% and didn’t want to turn. I do want to keep training and work on my anger. I can’t lose Annaliese and I need to get better. I came home and headed to the backyard to train on my own.

My dad got this wooden dummy for his training. He didn’t mind me using it. I got about 20 minutes in before my mom made me stop. She felt I had enough physical activity for the day. I know she’s right, I still need to take things easy. 

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  1. Such a rough day back, they are both kids too so they have time to reconnect. I’m excited to see where his training takes him though (and still curious what Borage and his papa were up to while they were gone).

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