Show Yourself: Chapter 14 – Round 2

It was the beginning of May and the garden was in full bloom. It’s a great thing for Mom, she enjoys garden but it kinda sucks for some of us. Each weekend we take turns weeding and watering the plants. This weekend it was mine turn along with Eli, Saffron and Clarice. Saffron started early in the greenhouse, he doesn’t mind working in the garden, but he’s a fairy and kinda his thing. Clarice was being a diva about it, she just got her nails done and doesn’t want to get dirty. She spent all morning whining about to Dad, hoping he’ll let her out of the chore. Dad probably would but he’s afraid of Mom.

There was something different in the air, a scent that seemed unfamiliar at first. It gave me an uneasy feeling as I felt like I was being watched. I tried to shake the feeling off and thought it was nothing. Every once in a while I would pick up scents. I guess it’s my lycan side, heighten sense of smell and hearing. I tried to ignore that part of me but I’m sometimes reminded of it.




“About time, Princess.”

“Shut up! This is unfair! I wanted to go to the mall today. There’s a sale and all the good stuff is gonna be gone by the time we finished!”

“Oh poor baby. Maybe if you didn’t whine all morning, we could be done already.”

“Ugh! Whatever! I don’t see why we have to do this anyway! My nails are gonna mess up.”

“That’s why you wear gardening gloves. Mom has those ya know.”

“Those things are ugly!”

“Fine. Mess up your nails. I really don’t care.”




My phone buzzed a few times and it was Annaliese. We been dating since Bastian’s birthday 2 weekends ago. She was hoping to catch a movie with me later on this afternoon. I would love to be spending time with her instead of doing chores. I told her I would but really needed back to weeding the plants.

“Just gonna stand there and text on your phone?”

“Nah. Do you smell that?”

“The tomatoes? Kinda I guess but mostly dirt.”

“No, not that Eli. I smell something different but it’s also kinda familiar. I kinda remember smelling it a long time ago.”

“Oh well I really don’t smell anything but dirt. Maybe your wolf nose is smelling something.”

“I guess.”



But I did pick up a familiar scent. One that doesn’t give me the feeling of unease. My ears twitched to the sound of her squeaky voice, another lycan thing my body does.

“Hi Rai! Whatcha doing?” 




I turned around to find my little sister, Isabella. I guess I should finally mention what happen to my biological mother, Clarissa. After her husband, Tyrese put me into a coma for a week they attempted to flee Italy. Word got back to their pack and crimes against a non-lycan is frowned upon. It brings unwanted attention to the pack and it was Tyrese’s last strike. Not to mention Tyrese had stolen a large sum of money from the pack as well. Abducting me was their ticket to remain in the pack. Without me, they could never return to the pack.

Tyrese took the money, to flee to Switzerland leaving Clarissa behind. He only cared about saving his own ass and Clarissa had to find her own way to Switzerland. Clarissa was caught trying to board a flight to Geneva and was arrested and charged with child abuse, child endangerment and attempted kidnapping. During court my parents brought the incidents in Evansdale and Richdale. They felt she was too dangerous to be around us.

As with this being the 5th child abuse case that month, the judge wanted to make an example out of Clarissa by sentencing her to 10 years in prison. However my grandmother, Antonia felt that was too harsh and felt Clarissa needed help more than anything, she was able to persuade the judge to his ruling. Clarissa was re-evaluated and learned she was misdiagnosed. Clarissa was sentenced to 3 years at a mental hospital. Clarissa was pregnant with triplets at the time but only Isabella survived. After sentencing, Clarissa couldn’t have any type of contact with until we were legal age. After Isabella’s birth, Clarissa’s parental rights were taken and my grandparents were granted custody of Isabella. She lives with my grandfather, Muraco most of the time and stays with my grandmother on the weekends and during the summer. Once a month, Isabella stays with us during the weekend.

It’s been 6 years since Clarissa was spent away and after the 3 years, the doctors didn’t think she was well enough to be released. Clarissa was ordered to remain at the hospital until she shows improvement.




“Hey Issy! I didn’t know you were coming this weekend.”

“How can you forget? I wrote it on the calendar! ‘Member Raiden? I wrote it with my glitter marker! It’s my most favoritest!”

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry, Issy. I’ve been kinda been busy lately.”

“That’s okay! Can I have a hug? You owe me 2 hugs!”

“Two? How?”

“‘Cause you didn’t ‘member that I was coming today, silly!”

“Oh well I’m kinda dirty and all.”

“That’s okay! You’re a genie, you can magic clean yourself.”

“Well not yet, Issy but soon.”

“I still want my 2 hugs!”





I told Isabella to wait outside for a bit. I had a surprise for her. Lately she’s been collecting Fairy Bears, it’s one of her favorite cartoon. I’ve been saving some of my money to get her the latest Fairy Bear, Cotton Candie Bean.

“Look what I got for you.”

“Cotton Candie Bean! Papa said I had to wait for my birthday to get her!”

“Well you don’t have to wait any longer.”

“This is so cool! But Abrielle is gonna be so jealous.”




“Maybe you can share with Abrielle. I guess I shoulda gotten her something too.”

“Can I play with her now?”

“Yeah. I gotta finish up my chores.”

“Yay! I’m so happy!”




Isabella was happy with another new Fairy Bear to add to her collection but I do feel a little bad not getting anything for Abrielle. She’s my aunt and is the same age as Isabella. Grandpa Muraco and his wife had 4 more kids since their son Angelo.

It does feel strange having an aunt way younger and an uncle who is the same age as me. But my youngest aunt and uncle are both toddlers. After the birth of the twins, my grandpa said they were done having kids.




I was done and Isabella wanted to talk. She’s getting older and is getting curious about her parents. She does call my parents hers and always had since she was a toddler. Grandma Antonia tried to correct her, telling her they weren’t her parents but she’s attached and wanted them to be.

It’s why Isabella gets to stay with us. We use to get her every weekend but Grandma Antonia felt Isabella was too attached to my parents. She started to have resentment towards my mom and regrets letting her adopt us. She believed if she never allowed it, then none of this would happen. However Grandpa Muraco thinks differently. He felt we were all family and we all should have Isabella.





“So what was mommy like?”

“Well I’m not sure how to answer that.”

“Didn’t you get to meet her?”

“Yeah unfortunately.”

“Was she mean cause grandma said mommy is good person but she’s sick. She’s gonna get better again and then she can be my mommy.”

“Grandma is insane if she thinks that’s a great idea. Clarissa may had been a good person at some point but that person is dead and gone.” 




“But isn’t the hospital going to make her head feel better?”

“Yeah right. They just pump her with meds to turn her into a zombie. The second she stops taking them, which she will. She’s gonna be bat-shit crazy. I hope stays there.”

“I hope not! I wanna meet mommy. I’m sad ’cause you don’t like mommy.”

“I can’t forgive her for the things she has done. If you only knew.”

“What about my daddy? Papa said he’s a bad man. Is that true?”

“Bad? Bad doesn’t begin to describe him. He’s the reason I suffer with migraines. Where ever he is, I hope he rots in hell.”

“Wanna see me do a cart-wheel?”

“Yeah. Think that would be best.”





“Be careful, Issy.”

“I will! I’m a professional at this!”

“Oh you are?”

“Yeah. I take gymnastics and we learned how to do cartwheels.”

“Oh that’s cool.”

“Do you know how to do a cart-wheel?”

“No. I never got the chance to learn.”

“You’re in luck, Rai. I can teach you!”

“Is that so?”




After a while, Isabella got a little tired and rested her head on my lap. It’s been hanging out with her. My phone has been buzzing and I know it’s probably Annaliese. We were supposed to go see a movie in about an hour but I forgot about Isabella coming over. Out of everyone, she likes me the best and I couldn’t just run and leave her. I texted Annaliese to tell her I couldn’t. She understood and decided to go with a friend.

“You’re making me miss out time with my girlfriend.”

“You always have a girlfriend.”

“I know but I really like this one. You’ll like her and she’ll probably like you too.”

“Is she pretty?”

“Yeah. I can show you a picture.”

“Wow, she is pretty. Can I meet her?”

“Yeah, maybe tomorrow.”

“Okay! We should go to the park. Will dad take us?”

“Yeah if you ask him nicely. But hey, I need to go get the clothes off the line. Stay here and don’t try to pick any of the strawberries. Mom said they aren’t ready yet.”

“But I love strawberries! Ah man!”




I could hear Isabella talking and didn’t think much of it. I figure she was talking to Dad or one of our brothers. That’s until the voice I heard made the hair on the back of my neck stood. A voice that I once heard before. The unfamiliar scent in the air was now familiar. To my horror, I saw Isabella talking to Tyrese.




“Issy! Get away from him!” I yelled as I raced towards them. I couldn’t believe Tyrese had the audacity to appear at my house, let alone return to Italy. I’m pretty sure his pack want his head on a platter. 





“Get away from her!”

“Well, well, well. Look who’s all grown up now.”

“You got 2 seconds to leave.”

“Or what? You’ll gonna hurt me? Remember how well that went for you or did I bash your head in too hard?”

“I’m older now and I take you.”




“Oh how cute. Your balls dropped and now you think you could take me? You are still a weak pup like you were 6 years ago. You should probably run away now. I come for what is mine.”

“Isabella isn’t going anywhere with you! You’ll have to go through me to get her!”

“Now that doesn’t sound like a challenge. I could just blow and it would knock you over. I am not going to waste my time on you. You’re certainly not worth it.”

“Is it because I’m not a child or a woman? Yeah I know about you and what you do. You’re such a fuckin’ coward. And you call me weak.”




“Please guys! Don’t fight!”

“Go inside, Issy.”

“No. Stay, it is time you come with me. It won’t be long. Taking this punk out will be easy.”

“Like I said, you are going no where with Isabella!”




“Look mutt. I’m giving you an out. Take it or leave it, your choice. I’ll make sure to finally end your pathetic life. To be honest, I’m probably doing you a favor.”

“You’re all talk, Tyrese. All talk like other cowards like yourself!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I needed a good laugh. You made my day, mutt.” 




“Go in, Issy!”

“I’m not gonna leave you! What if he hurts you?”

“Don’t worry about me! Go inside, Isabella!”


“No buts! Go!”

I braced myself to take on Tyrese. I was filled with blind rage at this moment, remembering our first meeting. I was more annoyed with Isabella ignoring my demands. I didn’t want her to get hurt nor see any of this. But my request fell on deaf ears.




I took Tyrese from surprise by landing a swift kick into his chest. He was taken back for a second before mocking me once again.

“Oh you got some kick in ya. I would say I’m impressed but you just got lucky.”

I laid a few punches into his face, clearing the smirk from his face. He spits out blood and possible a tooth.

“Now I’m pissed.”

I avoided some of Tyrese’s swings and was able to get in a few more punches and kicks before he lands a hard kick into my chest. I fell to ground and literally knocked the breath out of me. I struggle take a breath and lift myself from the ground. Tyrese kicked me down and proceed to stomp my chest before picking me up from my neck.




Tyrese clamped his forearms tightly against my neck, forcing me to struggle to breath. I was just seconds from blacking out as his grips tightens more.

“You may had been lucky to get a few shots in but I gave you an out. You had the chance to walk away and let me take what is mine. But I think I’ll take your life and take my daughter. It’s shame cause you have potential if you had proper training. I bet you regret training with your pops, huh?”

“Fuck; you.”




“Let him go! Try taking someone your own size for once!”

I heard the voice of my dad demanding Tyrese to un-hand me. However this made his grip even tighter.




“You too? You think some weak ass genie can fight a lycan?”

“Want to find out?”

“You genies have death wishes or something. This one wasn’t much of fight anyone. Bring it on magic man.”




The last I would remember was Tyrese throwing me onto the ground and Isabella crying. I did remember the sounds of my dad and Tyrese grunt before I passed out. What happen next was later told to me.




My dad quickly shown Tyrese that he was no ordinary genie. Dad had his own hidden power, a power that I didn’t think any genie had.  A power that I hope to gain one day.





Tyrese failed to get one shot on Dad. He delivered one blow after the other. I had no idea that my dad could even fight.





Like a coward Tyrese is, he felt the anyway from could possibly take my dad down was to transform. Dad quickly picked Isabella up and got her to safety.





Grandpa Muraco was near. he had been waiting for this moment as he searched nonstop for Tyrese for the last 6 years.








One thought on “Show Yourself: Chapter 14 – Round 2

  1. All that trainin with Cergio came in handy! Fucking Tyrese man, I hope Muraco gets his moment with the bastard. No surprise he came after his daughter though really given what a controlling fuck he is. I really do feel bad for Clarissa, she’s gone through a lot and probably will continue to do so and I’m not sure Rai will ever really understand or trust her.

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