Show Yourself: Chapter 13 – April 22nd

April 22nd, I will always remember that date. Not only because it’s the day of my best friend’s birthday but that date also had a special meaning to me. The night before, I was having some issue sleeping and figure I could chat with my dad since he was still up. Which that was kinda odd cause my parents always went to bed together. But lately my dad has been spending a lot of time in front of the computer.




“Hey dad, what are you doing? It’s almost 3 AM.”

“Hey, just trying to tweak some things.”

“Like what?”

“A book. A few weeks back, your mom dragged me to one of her boring book club luncheons cause she said I spent too much time at the bar. But they was meeting with a publisher and your mom wanted me to tell her about my old journal that I use to keep. Your mom already told her about it and the publisher thinks my life journal would make a great book.”

“Really? I never thought you would ever be a published writer, dad. Mom, yeah. You, no.”

“I had a pretty great life before you were born.”

“So my birth ruined your life?”

“No! That’s not what I mean!”

“Ha ha ha ha! Anyway, I need to talk. Like advice. I asked Annaliese out on a date and I don’t know the first idea about taking a girl out.”




“I’m glad you asked, my boy as you know your daddy is the master of love.”

“I have 56 siblings; so.”

“Okay, I am the master of making love. But first of all, where are you taking her?”

“I dunno. Lunch downtown and a movie?”


“Is that bad?”

“Pretty average, pretty lame.”





“It’s okay. I can help ya out. She’s probably been there and done that but what you need to do is take her out on an extraordinary date. Something she wouldn’t expect and probably something legal.”

“Like what?”

“The spa. All ladies love going to the spa. I take your mom there and give her the full spa treatment. Oil massages, tub soaks, mud bath, body scrubs, mani-pedis and a steam. She’s always relaxed and a good mood afterwards.”

“I guess the spa would be kinda cool and mom always seem happy afterwards.”

“Yeah and afterwards we have a nice meal at the bistro and drinks back at the winery. The bar isn’t classy enough for my lady. I wish we had a piano lounge here like back in Bridgeport. Your mom loves piano lounges cause she’s a classy ass lady in the street and a freak in the-“

“DAD! Seriously!”

“You get what I’m saying?”

“Yes, unfortunately. But I can’t afford to take her to a spa. Not with the allowance I get.”




“Nah, I gotcha. I got this 2 hour session voucher. You can have it. It doesn’t give ya full access but it’s something.”

“Really? I can have it?”

“Sure, was gonna give it to one of your sisters and make them fight over it but your mom will get mad. Ha ha ha!”

“Thanks dad! I wanna take her out on the best date ever.”

“With my help, every lady will.”

Somehow I seriously doubt that.




Today is going to be a big day, it’s Bastian’s birthday and my first date ever. I had 4 other girlfriends but I never taken them on an actual date. I felt Annaliese deserved to be taken out on a date since I really liked her. Hopefully the spa will help her forget about all of the stupid stuff that I’ll probably say. I wish Jada would come out and help me with getting a filter. But she enjoys watching me embarrass myself. Some help she is.

Naturally I was nervous as I got ready. I could hear Giana bossing everyone around upstairs as the other prepare to get the house ready for Bastian’s party. My dad is throwing him a party so he would like his birthday. Parties, especially birthday parties are important for my kind. Bastian said every birthday he could remember sucked. His dad felt birthday parties were pointless and his mom couldn’t be bothered. His 7th birthday was the worst. He came home after school and was told to pack his things by his mom. They drove across country running away from his dad and was never told why.

Bastian is turning 16 and most people make turning 16 a big deal. When my dad offered to throw him a sweet 16, Bastian was on board. I don’t think I ever seen him that happy before.




I was making my way towards the front door until I was confronted by a displeased Giana. She can be a bit bossy when it comes to setting up things since she’s a freakin’ perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect in her eyes. She really making a big deal about this party which is more than usual. I don’t know what her deal is but I’m not amused.

“And where are you going?”

“I have a date.”

“A date? A date?! Are you serious, Raiden Enrique? You need to be helping! Bastian is YOUR friend?!”

“Yeah? I did some shit for the party last night. I put all of the drinks in the mini frig like mom said! Plus I set up the karaoke machine last night too! I did my part. Mom and Dad said I could go on my date!”




“This party has to be perfect! And everything is WRONG! Dad made the burgers too dry and the coleslaw could need a little more mayo! Stella doesn’t know what she’s doing. Why couldn’t mom make the coleslaw? This party is ruined!”

“No it’s not and why do you care so much if everything is perfect? Not like it’s your party!”

“Bastian deserves the best! And you’re giving 23%! Don’t you care about Bastian? Don’t you think he deserve the best? Do ya? Do ya?!”

“Yeah but you are fuckin’ nuts! Everything is gonna be fine if you just chill.”

“I just want him to have a great party!”

“You act like your his girlfriend! News flash, Vexille is! So relax cause the kitchen on the back of your head sure isn’t!”

“I hate you! My hair is perfect!”

“Yeah? The feeling is mutual!”

Not really but sisters are annoying as hell.




I made my way to Annaliese’s house on my scooter, I didn’t think of how was we going to get around. She could probably fit on the back of my scooter but what if she’s afraid of that. I guess I should have thought about this before. I started to panicked a little bit but maybe it won’t be a big deal.





Finding her house wasn’t hard, she was close to the bistro and I didn’t know she lived across the street from my sisters Janaya and Solar and my brother Orion. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by her brother, Gino Jr. I’m glad it was him instead of her dad.

Of course Annaliese wasn’t ready just yet and was told to sit and wait.





I felt like I was waiting forever on her. The whole I was nervous her dad would come in and 50 question me about my intentions with his daughter. I felt a sight of relief when I heard the sound of her voice.


“Come over here and sit closer to me.”






“I’m glad it’s just him. I was worried your dad will come in and interrogate me at any second.”

“Ha ha ha! No! My dad is doing a taping today. It’s just my brother and I. My mom took my sister to the park.”

“Do they know about the date?”

“My mom, yeah. Dad, nope. Ha ha ha!”

“Oh. I guess I feel half better.”

“So where are we going?”

“I was thinking the spa?”


“Is that bad?”

“No. I like the spa. I live close to it. We can walk to it.”

“Great cause I just have a scooter.”

“Me too!”




We walked to the spa and it happen to be a nice spring day. My hand bumped into hers a few times. She smiled and asked if I was trying to hold her hand. I quickly said no but realizing that I sounded like I was rejecting her, I told her I didn’t mean it that way. She giggled saying how she thought it was cute when I’m nervous. I blushed a little with slight embarrassment. I needed to get it together, I said to myself over and over in my head.




“So we’re here. Whatcha wanna do first? I have this 2 hour voucher. We have access to the hydrotherapy baths, massage chairs and a tub soak.”

“Hmm, hydrotherapy bath! I love those! Especially with aromatherapy. My mom and I usually does those combos.”

“I’m not sure if this voucher covers aromatherapy but you do smell nice.”

“Aww, thanks. It’s okay, spending time with you is good enough.”





I couldn’t stop staring at Annaliese once she dropping her robe. She looked so hot in her swimsuit. I never seen her in one and it was a nice treat for me. She did caught me staring her down, she just smiled and said nothing. I’m glad she’s cool with me being creepy but I wonder how long is her going to put up with it.





“How is your bath?”

“It’s pretty nice. I really needed this after the week I had. I had so many projects due this week. I’m glad it’s all over for now.”

“I bet so. I dunno why they keep giving us gajillion projects to work on at the same time. It’s no easier than regular school.”

“True. But it’s a nice school, it’s gonna help with going to college.”

“What school are you going to go to?”

“The school of design in Rome. Do you plan to go to college too?”

“I dunno. Maybe. My mom is gonna make me so. Education is important for my mom. My dad didn’t finish school so she’s like really hard on us. So you wanna be a designer? Like do fashion or something like that?”

“Interior designer, I would love to makeover homes and buildings. And have my own business too.”





“Oh cool. My sister Janaya is one of those. I bet you’ll be great at it. Maybe you could make my house look fancy or something.”

“Mmm, maybe but I’ll still have to charge ya.”

“Awe, no discount?”

“Well, yeah since our first date was at one of my favorite spots.”





After the bath, we headed to the massage chairs next. I always heard those chairs were nice and I never tried one before. I could see Annaliese was really enjoying herself and I was happy that I was giving her a great time. I guess coming to my dad was a good idea.

“I’ll be honest, Raiden. I wasn’t sure about you. You don’t seem like you had much experience with girls and probably had no idea how to take a girl on a date. But I am really impressed.”

“Oh, yeah. I didn’t take any of my girlfriends on dates. We just kinda hung out somewhere. It was good enough for them I guess. You’re a very sexy lady and thought you deserved a real date.”

“Really? That’s sweet. I’ve been on a few dates but they were nothing like this and that’s a good thing. I think I could get use to you taking me on dates like this.”

“Oh cool. I’m glad you’re liking it.” 




“Now all I could use is a nice mani-pedi.”

“What is that? Sounds like an Asian dish. I’m kinda hungry.”

“It’s a manicure and a pedicure. It feels nice and looks nice afterwards. I think you would also enjoy it.”

“One of my sisters thought it was funny to paint my nails and toes while I asleep when I was 12. I think I’ll pass on that, ha ha ha!”

“You’ll be missing out.”

“I can live with that. Ha ha ha!”




After our 2 hour session was over, we went to walk around for a bit. I really enjoy talking with Annaliese and getting to know her more. I’m surprised with myself how I haven’t said anything too dumb. I think I’m getting comfortable with her and feel more relaxed.

“Oh when I was about 6, I wanted to be a princess so bad. I use to try my really fancy dresses everyday but my mom wouldn’t let me. I thought I was clever and packed my most favorite dress in my book bag for school. It had rained the day before, mind you. So before class, I changed into my dress and demanded to called “Princess Anna”. I was so full of myself, I even demands to bow to me. So during recess, I wasn’t paying attention and tripped over. I fell face first into a pile of mud. Kids called me “Princess Mud Face” for a week. I was so embarrassed! Ha ha ha ha!”

“Ah man that’s kinda funny! Ha ha ha ha! Princess Mud Face, huh? I bet you still looked cute though.”

“Yeah right! Even my hair was caked with mud. I got into so much trouble when the teacher called my mom. So what about you? Got any embarrassing stories?”

“Well; um.”

I certainly couldn’t tell her about me turning to a man-wolf during a sleepover when I was 5. That’s one part of me that I will never share with her. If my awkwardness doesn’t scare her off, my man-wolf form would.

“I know you got one. I told you one about me. It’s only fair.”

“Okay. I want to make this clear but I was only 4 years at the time. But I use to wear my mom’s bras cause I could carry all of my favorite toys in it. My dad told me how my mom wears bra cause she carries his favorite toys in it. I thought that’s what bras were for.”

“I bet! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Yeah so one day my mom’s sister-in-law, Anastasia came over and mind you I had the biggest crush on her. My mom and Ana caught me leaving my room wearing her bra filled with my action figures and cars. My mom and Ana laughed so hard and took a pic. I was so mortified and hid in the closet. I wouldn’t come out until Ana left.”

“Oh my gosh! I would love to see that pic! I bet you looked so adorable in a bra with your toys! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“I was 4. I didn’t know any better! Ha ha ha ha!”

“I know! So what time is the party?”

“It starts in about 2 hours. So you come with me now?”

“Sure. I would love to see your home.”




We both drove our scooters to my home. I could hear most of the family was outside probably still setting up things. The cat, Magic greeted us and was really friendly with Annaliese. He was never like that with my girlfriends. I guess it’s true about animals, they can sense bullshit.

“Wow, your house is lovely. I bet you got a pool.”

“We do at 3 of our other houses.”


“We 4 houses in America. 2 of them are vacation homes. One in Starlight Bay, California and Konani Tide, Hawaii.”

“That’s pretty cool.”

“Sorry if I’m bragging but my dad can’t stop buying houses.”

“Your dad and mine! We have 3 vacation homes. One in my mom’s hometown in New Orleans, one in Rome and another one in Spain.”

“My dad wants one in Spain but my mom said no.”




Introduced Annaliese to my dad and hoped he won’t say anything embarrassing about me to her. I’m pretty sure my mom told him to watch what he says. But then again, these are my parents. It’s their job to embarrass us.

“Dad, this Annaliese.”

“Hi Annaliese, I’m Dad!”

“Ha ha ha! Um, Hi Dad?”

“Dad; please.”

“Lighten up, kid. You can call me Borage or Party Dad.”

“Borage like in the flower?”


“Oh nice! That’s like my favorite flower.”




“Marry her, Rai.”


“Ha ha ha ha!”

“You kids have fun. It’s getting close to start this party. Bastian is here by the way.”

“Cool, bye Dad.”




“Your dad is funny. I see where you got it from”

“Eh. Sometimes. I got you a drink.”

“What is it?”

“Just  a sprite. Don’t worry, my dad knows better to not serve minors alcohol. But I’m pretty sure most are hoping my dad slips up.”

“My dad sometimes let my brother and I have a glass of wine for special occasions.”

“So does mine but this isn’t one of them. Ha ha ha!”




The party was going well for the most part. Giana was less bossy and finally relaxed. Bastian was having fun of course, dancing with most of the girls. Vexille didn’t seem too happy about that. I hoped no drama would start up but Montell and his girlfriend tried to keep Vexille in good spirits. Some of Annaliese’s friends were invited and she was quickly pulled away. I wasn’t sure to do. I just creepily watched her chat and danced with her friends. I guess the date is over.




“Man does Giana look hot today. I like dancing with her. I should go dance with her again.”

“How about you leave my sister alone. Vexille is already annoyed with you dancing and grinding on the other girls.”

“I’m the birthday boy. I should be getting all of the love. Vex is cool now.”

“Will you stop checking out my sister!”

“Dude; I cannot help it.”

“I will kill you.”

“Why are you sitting over and not hangin’ with Anna?”

“She looks like she’s having fun with her friends.”




“Yeah? Wiggle yourself between them. You’re on a date with her.”

“Won’t that be kinda rude?”

“She wants you to. Trust me on this. Show her your moves. The pigeons will take flight.”

“You do know one of those “pigeons” is your girlfriend.”

“Don’t tell her that I said that!”

“I’m gonna remember this when I need something.”

“Whatever. You gonna go over there or do I need to make you and then it will be all awkward but funny for me.”

“You wouldn’t do that.”

“It’s my birthday! The rules don’t apply to me today!”

“Don’t say anything when you get arrested.”

“Ha ha ha ha!”




I took Bastian’s advice and placed myself between Annaliese and her friends. Like Bastian predict, they took flight.

“May I cut in?”

“I was hoping you would cut in.”

“I saw you with your friends and it looked like you were having fun. I didn’t want to be rude.”

“I would have more fun with you.”






“You got some nice moves, Raiden.”

“I do? Would you be disappointed if I tell you that I need a little break?”

“A break? You barely broke a sweat! Ha ha ha ha!”

“I know but the whole tiny heart and lungs thing.”

“Oh my gosh! Right! I am so sorry. I forgot about your condition.”

“It’s okay.”




When my dad decided to start grinding on my mom, that was my cue to go run in shame. Everyone was laughing and cheering my now obviously drunk dad. I was so mortified. I quickly grabbed Annaliese’s hand and lead in her inside away from everyone. Annaliese laughed the whole way, commenting how funny she thought my dad was. I wasn’t amused at first but her smile made me laugh about it too. It’s kinda hilarious now when I think about it.




I took Annaliese downstairs to my room. I wanted to show her a comic that I’ve been working on. But I was pretty sure she wasn’t too interesting in my comic at the moment. I could tell by the way she looked at me.

“You got a nice room. How many rooms does this house have?”

“10 bedrooms and 3 and half bathrooms.”

“So anyone got their own room?”

“Most of us. Two of the rooms are guest rooms and one is empty. My mom has plans for it.”

“So you got me all alone in your room.”


“Your parents won’t be freaked out about this?”




“I gotta tell you something and you’ll probably think I’m a weirdo and I’ll totally understand if you don’t wanna talk to me ever again.”

“Um, okay?”

“I think you’re really sexy and having you alone in my room is probably every guy’s wish at school but nothing is going to happen to us. I don’t mean that in a bad way but not all of my parts work.”

“I’m confused.”

“I’m genie as you know. We go through puberty differently. Even when I think you’re super hot, my part doesn’t exactly get stiff. It just doesn’t work, yet. Us genies aren’t sexually mature until after our 15th birthday. And mine isn’t until July. So I can’t have sex with you until then. If you’re not cool with that then it’s fine. I’m just letting ya know.”




“That’s okay, Raiden. I’m cool with it.”


“Well to be honest, I’m still a virgin too. I’m not exactly ready to hop into bed with someone anytime soon.”

“I feel really awkward now. I thought maybe you had, ya know. You’re so hot and sexy as fuck. I figure. I shouldn’t assume that. I’m a dick.”

“It’s okay. Most guys I’ve dated thought the same. Just cause I’m a pretty girl shouldn’t mean I already spread eagle. I’m only 15 and my parents would kill me if I was out having sex.”




“I still feel like a jerk.”

“Maybe you can make it up to me.”

“I can? How?”

“Hmm. A kiss? Is kissing okay?”

“Well yeah. Kissing feels nice but I bet yours would be wonderful.”

“Oh? Wanna find out?”

“Uh. Uh. Sure!”




I haven’t felt a spark like this since Noelle. And I wonder about Noelle, she’s been acting weird since I told her about Annaliese. I wonder why?

4 thoughts on “Show Yourself: Chapter 13 – April 22nd

  1. Cause she misses you man and feels threatened by you likin’ someone. He doesn’t know that though, he’s just a boy. I love that Borage threw a party for Bash though, he really could have used that kind of love in my verse hah.

    • Rai is oblivious when it comes to girls, so he has no idea what’s going on. And B. being the “Party Dad” it’s only natural for him to throw a party for Bash :p

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