Show Yourself: Chapter 12 – Blackberry

What is my preference? What type of girl is truly my type? These were questions that I often ponder since slowly ascend into man hood. In the past month I’ve been involved with 4 different girls since I came into my irresistibility. Of course my dad was proud and thought I was some kind of ladies since I didn’t date them long. My experiences with these girls had been anything but good.

The first girl is cute and she was nice but we didn’t have much in common. I figure if we dated, then I might find something in common with her. But I was unaware that she was just using me to get back at her parents. They refused to let her attend school in Paris, so she dated me to show her parents that I would be the kind of boys she will date if she stays. However when she and her parents learned that I was a well-rounded student on the honor roll at Trinity Parks, they felt I would be good for her. She thought I attended Bella Vista and was a bad boy by the way I appeared. She did try to get me to dye my hair neon colors, get more piercings and a tattoo but I refused. Her parents met me and liked me. She dumped me shortly. I wasn’t edgy enough to piss off her parents. 

The second girl attended Bella Vista and she seemed nice at first. We started to date for a couple of weeks until she dropped the bomb on me. She wanted to have a baby because her best friend was pregnant. They made a ridiculous pack to be pregnant together. I refused and it wasn’t like I could get her pregnant. I had no interest in sex and she thought I was probably gay. Luckily for me, her family was moving to Rome. 




I met another girl who also attended Bella Vista shortly afterwards. She was extremely into me but we had nothing at common but she’s cute. Like a fool, I agreed to be her boyfriend. It made her happy and she bragged about bagging herself a rich boy among her friends. When we spent time together, it was her picking out things on her laptop that I should buy her. Needless to say, she wanted to use me for my family’s wealth.

My parents didn’t toss money at us like other wealthy families. We were taught if we wanted money, we needed to do the work. I wouldn’t give into her gift demands and claimed that I didn’t love her. She often threaten to kill herself if I didn’t show her that I loved her. I didn’t love her, I barely knew her. She made a suicide attempt when I tried to break up with her. But what she did wouldn’t kill her anyway, she swallowed a bottle of baby aspirin. She also tweeted about her suicide attempt. She needed some serious help and lucky for her, the parents took action.




And then there’s Alessandra Giordano, a girl who attends the same school as me. I thought maybe I would have better luck dating a girl who goes to the same school as me. Alessandra and I do have same things in common but she seems to act more like a friend until her ex-boyfriend Royce is around. Suddenly she’s all lovey dovey and at times it’s a bit too much. I’ve been dating Alessandra for almost a month and this has been the longest relationship so far. But to be honest, I do regret agreeing to be her boyfriend.




“My awesome boyfriend! I missed you so much! Did you miss me? You wanna kiss me now?!”

“I can’t breathe!”

“Oh so I take your breath away? Awww how sweet! I’m so glad to have a boyfriend who adores me!”

“No! I seriously can’t breathe! You’re hugging me too tight and I have a condition! Plus Royce isn’t around!”

“Oh. Sorry.”

With that said, she quickly let go of me.




When she’s not heavy with the PDA, she’s constantly talking about all the things her ex did that she didn’t like. It bored me to death and it was obvious that she was just using me to make her ex jealous. I don’t think Royce cared too much and was probably over her.

“And one time Royce didn’t offer any of his fries. It’s so rude! Like I was his girlfriend and he doesn’t offered me any fries. Who does that? You wouldn’t do that would you?”

“No. I’ll give you all of my fries and maybe you’ll stop talking.”

“Ha ha ha! You’re so funny. Royce was never funny. He never laughed at my jokes. I don’t think he likes fun or life at all. He’s all serious and boring!”

“Wanna know what’s boring?”


“This conversation.”

“O. M. G! You are too funny, Raven!”

“Ugh. It’s Raiden!”





As I was about to head to my locker, Alessandra quickly pulls me into a kiss without notice. She notice Royce was near by and needed to show him how happy she was. I don’t mind kissing her but I hate when we only kiss if she happens to see her ex. I figure by now she would actually notice that I’m a pretty good guy.

“Kiss me right now!”


“Now Raven!”




“What the fuck! For the last time, my name is Raiden! I’m suppose to be your boyfriend and you can’t get my name right!”

“I’m sorry Rav-Raiden! They sound alike and plus you’re like a raven. Dark and broody, it’s cute.”

“I’m nothing like a raven! And why can’t you be my actual girlfriend when Royce isn’t around?! Am I not good enough from you? What the hell do you want from me!”

“I want you to stop yelling at me and kiss me again. You kiss better than Royce.”

“I am so tired of hearing about Royce! How will I ever love and care about you if all you’re gonna do is talk about him?!”




“Oh my gosh! You love and care about me?!”

“That’s not what I said.”

“I knew it! I love you so much too, Raven!”

“But I didn’t say that exactly.”

“Yes you did! You said that you loved me and cared about me and I love and care about you too.”

“You may be cute but you’re not very smart.”

“You’re so funny! You should be a comedian!”

“Dio mio.”




That could had been my moment to dump Alessandra but I learned from my brother that dumping a girl before school started is a bad idea. He told me if I’m ever going to break up with a girl, I should do it once school was over for the day. She can go home and cry instead of causing a scene in the hallways. The rest of the school day would be uncomfortable. Alessandra left and I was alone with my thoughts.

Why do I continue to date girls like her? To be honest, I was 100% attracted to them. They were cute and I thought if I date them, I would eventually find them attractive. I started to wonder if I’m not attracted to white females. They have given me the most grief since I was a kid. 

“You’re just not into white chicks.”

“Hey Jada.”




“In my thoughts again?”

“I know everything that you’re thinking. And when are you gonna stop wasting your time with these crazy girls? You don’t have to date every girl who asks you out. You can say no, especially when she isn’t your type.”

“I thought they were cute at least. And I thought maybe I would like them eventually.”

“I know you, brother. You need to start picking darker berries. I see the way you look at Noelle, Annaliese and any other female of color. Some people date others who have a likeness of their parents. The mother who is raising you is black, very nurturing, who plays the piano, into art and can cook. Naturally you’re attracted to black females who plays the piano, nurturing, is an artist and can cook. That is your type, a female like your mother.” 

“It sounds kinda gross that I wanna be with someone like my mom.”



“Dad is with her cause she has a likeness of his mother. Dad wants to be taken care of and adored like our grandmother is with him. It’s very normal. Deep down inside, you know I’m right. You’re only dating these girls cause you think if you don’t that you’ll be a racist.”

“Wouldn’t I? If I go around saying I don’t date white girls, it would make me look racist.”

“Depends on how you say it. Everyone has a type. Some girls like nerdy boys, some guys like blondes and there’s some people who only date fairies. There’s nothing wrong with it. These girls who you dated were terrible for you, regardless of race. You have nothing in common with.”

“I know but maybe things will get better with Alessandra. I think she’s starting to be into me now. She acted like cause she thinks I love her.”





“Raiden, no. Obviously she’s still all about her ex, plus she isn’t too bright.”

“She’s a great artist and can play the piano well.”

“But are you attracted to her?”

“Not really but I still think she’s cute.”

“Cute. Puppies and kittens are cute, they are likable. You didn’t say she’s sexy or hot. I just proved my point.”

“I guess I can see that now.”



School was close to starting and I headed to my new locker to grab some things for study hall. But I decided to get a drink cause kissing Alessandra always left my mouth.

“Hi Raiden.”

I was in mid sip when I heard the voice of an angel called my name. I felt my heart starting to race and butterflies in my stomach. I was too nervous to look up. I lifted up my head with water drizzling down my bottom lip.





Annaliese smiled and giggled a little as I quickly wiped my mouth. I looked like a drooling baby and was completely embarrassed.

“So what’s up? Are you having a nice morning? It’s really nice out today. I hope we can paint outside today. But the last time we painted outside, a bird pooped on my painting. It was a nice one too so with I went with it but that was kinda gross. I did another painting cause Ms. Jaio would be grossed out. There’s nothing cute about bird poop bit it did blend in with my painting. Ha ha ha.”

“Uh right.”

“I’m sorry. I run off from the mouth and say stupid stuff whenever I talk to a cute girl. Sometimes it’s hard for my to shut up. Ha ha ha.”

“So you think I’m cute?”

“Yeah. Wait; no.”


“No! I mean puppies and kittens are cute and you don’t look like a puppy or a kitten.”

“Um; okay?”

“You’re hot! Totally, super hot. Heh. You probably think I’m an idiot.”



“Ha ha ha! Thanks but no. I think you’re cute well no, you don’t look like a puppy or a kitten either. You’re hot, ha ha ha!”

“Really? You really think so?”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to you. I notice you haven’t been stalking me lately, ha ha ha.”

“Uh, uh. I wasn’t.”

I totally was.

“I’m kidding! I guess you are more of a lurker. But anyway, my dad wanted me to talk to you. He’s looking for a new wine vendor and since your dad is running a winery, maybe your dad can give my dad some samples? My mom loves your dad’s wine and they want someone new.”

“Sure, I could talk to my dad about it.”

“Cool, wanna walk me to my class?”




“So what’s your first class of the day?”

“Oh like you don’t know. I know you follow me.”

“You do? I thought I was incognito. I was just curious about you. Your dad is kinda famous having a cooking show and all. You seem normal and not like those other stuck up rich kids.”

“Oh are you gonna ask me for a free ticket to watch my dad’s show too?”

“I haven’t thought about it. My sisters Giana and Solar would be more interested in that. I’m not gonna use you or anything. I know the feeling all to well. People here are learning about my dad is the owner of the winery. I was dating a girl who only wanted me cause she knew my family is well off.”

“Right! Some of my friends are my friends cause of my dad’s money. But I made some real friends since attending this school. Less users here. Most who are attending here are pretty wealthy.”

“I would like to be your friend but I probably creep you out a little, don’t I? You’re so pretty and all.”

“Actually you don’t. I thought it was kinda cute. Maybe cause you’re attractive. It would be different if it was some old balding man.”

“Yeah. That wouldn’t be cool but could you blame them?”





“So this is my class. I better get changed and warm up. Thanks for walking me to my class.”

“You’re welcome. I’m willing to help you out whenever. Do you need any help changing into your dance tights? I mean you can already wear them nicely. They fit you perfectly but I don’t mind giving you a helping hand.”


“Oh shit! I can’t believe I just said that. Well actually I can. I say really stupid shit! I am so sorry!”

“I’m flattered but you really need to think before you speak.”




“I guess I ruined things, huh?”

“No. I think the awkward thing is cute.”

“Heh, heh. Really? I’m really trying not to be but I can’t help it. I didn’t get to be social much back in the states. No one wanted to be my friend.”

“That’s crazy! So you got a free period?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Maybe you could watch me warm up, you don’t have to be creepy now. I don’t mind. I like being watched.”

“You dance beautifully. I had to watch. Sorry for creeping on you.”

“It’s fine. We’re friends now.”





I did watch Annaliese warm up before her class started for a bit. I was eventually ran off by the teacher. I didn’t stray too far away and was viewing from through the glass door whenever the teacher wasn’t looking. Annaliese smiled when she saw me. I waved and smile before deciding to head to study hall to work on my paper. I was happy to finally have Annaliese’s attention. I’ve been crushing on her since school started.




It was stir-fry day at lunch and I love stir-fry. It wasn’t any mediocre stuff either like in most school cafeterias back in the states. Trinity Parks bring in different chefs to prepare school lunches. The parents expect their kids should be fed good quality food, especially when paying the high tuition. I had lunch with Vexille while Annaliese had lunch with her friends. I kept eyeing Annaliese but was trying to not be creepy about it. She looked up and smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Just go sit with her. I saw you with her this morning.”

“She with her friends and I might make a fool of myself in front of her friends.”

“You’ll do fine, Rai.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence but maybe I will another time.”




During my literature class, I was surprised that Annaliese decided to sit with me. I tried to focus on my assignment but the sweet smell of Annaliese was a bit distracting.

“Hey some friends and I are gonna chill at the coffee house after school. Wanna join?”

“I was planning on hanging at the Fresno street park with my friend. I usually go there after school.”

“Oh. Okay. I was hoping you would but I guess you can’t leave your friend hanging.”

“You idiot! Say yes! This is your chance, Raiden. Take it or I swear I will slap you!”

Realizing Jada was right, I quickly changed my mind.

“On second thought, I think it will be fun. I always end up being the third wheel anyway.”

“Great! Meet me at my locker after class.”




Once school was over, I quickly made my way to Annaliese’s locker. I almost tripped a couple of times but I was too excited to hang out with her. We made our way to Verona Square where there’s a pizzeria one the first floor and a coffee shop on the second floor. We chatted for bit and she laughed at all of jokes about Mr. London. Although he’s a dwarf, he’s one mean-spirited prick.



“So where’s your friends?”

“I have a confession. I lied. It’s just us. I wanted to hang out with you and thought if I said friends would be here then it would be less pressure on you.”

“Oh good cause I was really nervous about being around your friends. I might say something dumb.”

“Ha ha ha! I wanna get to know you. I always admired your paintings and drawings. You’re pretty great at it already.”

“Thanks. I had lots of time to work on my skills. As a kid, I have no friends well I had one but still, I was alone a lot.”

“Why didn’t you have any friends? You’re funny and seem nice.”

“Kids felt that I was weird with my mix-match eye and medical condition.”

“What kind of condition? I hope you don’t mind me asking.”

“I have abnormal sized heart and lungs and my activities were severely limited. But as I get older, the better it gets.”

“You’re a genie, right? I thought genies were perfect.”

“Yeah but I was born really early. My biological mother was in a coma during her pregnancy and there was 8 of us. Only 5 of us lived.”

“Biological mother? You’re adopted?”



“Yeah kinda. My dad is my biological father but my mom isn’t. She adopted us when were 4. My biological mother was supposedly in a forever coma so when my mom married my dad, she could legally adopt us thanks to a new law. However my bio-mom woke up to be a total bitch.”

“So it also true about your family, like there’s 10 kids?”

“Just 10? Please. My dad  had over 50 kids.”

“Over 50 kids?! Wow! How the hell did he have so many? I guess your dad had a lot of girlfriends or something.”

“My dad started to have kids at 21 and he’s in his sixties.”

“I’ve seen your dad and he does not look like he’s in his sixties! My dad is starting to push 50 and he looks much other than your dad.”

“We are immortal. We’ll always look young.”

“That’s cool. You gonna answer your phone? It’s been buzzing non-stop.”

“Nah. It’s probably just one of my sisters being annoying.”

“I hear ya! My little sister can be such a brat.”




“Yeah, I have a little sister too. My bio-mom had a daughter and she’s nothing like her. Total sweetheart. I hope she stays that way.”

“They don’t. So your drawings are kinda interesting. It’s something that my brother would probably like. The man who turns into a monster during a full moon would make a great comic book.”

“You think so? That’s so cool cause one day I want to make comic books. But my brother said I would make more money if I did hentai.”

“Ha ha ha! Maybe. I could see you as a comic book artist and writer. I think it would be perfect for you.”

“I’m glad that you think so. You’ll make a great dancer and I don’t mean like a stripper or something but not like you wouldn’t make a great stripper cause you have the perfect body to be one. You have really great moves!”

“Um, thanks.”

“I really wish I worded that differently.”




“It was really nice talking with you but I gotta go. Someone gotta be home to let my sister in. Maybe we can hang out again. I want to get to know you better.”

“Really? Cool. Can I ask you something?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Nope. You?”

“Boyfriend, no unless you count my best friend Bastian. We are always together, ha ha ha!”

” Ha ha ha! Mind if I give you a good-bye hug?”

“Um, sure.”




I was nervous about hugging her cause her nice breast would be pressed against me and it’s something that I’ve been dreaming about. Plus I should be honest with her about my girlfriend Alessandra. However I couldn’t stop thinking about Annaliese’s breast. I knew I was about to say something that I shouldn’t.

“Um, I got a confession.”


“I kinda have a girlfriend but she’s annoying.”


“Yeah but I’m probably going to break up with her.”

“I hope it’s not because of me.”




“I don’t like her and I don’t feel the same way as I do when I look at her tits like how I look at yours. Yours are much nicer and rounder than Alessandra’s. I hope you don’t think that I’m weird but I always fantasize about hugging you. I just really needed to get that off of my chest.”

“Uhhhhh. Okay.”

“You can slap me. I really don’t know how to word things right.”

“No. I won’t slap you. I had a feeling you would be a quirky guy so I kinda half expect this from you.”





Annaliese wasn’t weird out like I expected her to be. After all of the inappropriate things I had said today, I figure she would had run away by now. I guess she really likes me and her hug was as amazing as I thought it would be.





After Annaliese left, there was one thing that I needed to do and it was a long time coming. I grabbed my phone and did something that I should had done weeks ago.






I got online to chat with Noelle to tell her about Annaliese. I was excited to tell her about Annaliese and how I finally broke up with Alessandra.






That was strange. I wonder what was that about?




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  1. Oh man he’s gonna be surrounded by girl trouble in no time hahaha. >.< I love that girl keeps getting his damn name wrong even after her continually corrects her.

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