Show Yourself: Chapter 11 – Irresistible

“Just five more minutes.” I mumbled to my blaring alarm clock. The most annoying song rang through my ears. “I’m gonna kill, Monty.” I growled as I shifted around in my bed. I knew he changed the song that plays when my alarm goes off. It was long before auto-snooze kicked on.

I sighed with relief, hoping to get another 5 minutes of sleep but I knew those 5 minutes would turn into an hour and a half.  I should get up but my bed is so warm and comfy.




A lot has changed in the last 6 years. I’m now a 14 year old finishing up my freshmen year in the great country of Italy. I’m so glad that summer is near. I really don’t like having to wake up at the ass crack of dawn every weekday. We live out in the country side of Canosa, I don’t have much choice since my school is far out.

You’re probably wondering how did I end up here. It’s a bit of a long story but I can gloss over a few bits, other details of how will shortly come to light as I continue to tell my story.  When I was 10, my dad came into owning a winery in Canosa but the details of how this came to be is a bit hazy. My parents were excited about the move from the states to Italy. My mom ran into a runt in her career in Riverview, she could go further in Italy. My dad enjoined making wine which most of us didn’t know he could. Dad was known for mixing drinks that pleased most, so I guess he would be good at wine making. He named the winery, Amore Di Genio; which roughly translate to “Love Genie”.

The move was also great for me, a fresh start, no one would know about my secret. I also received better care from doctors for my condition. When I knocked into a coma when I was 8, one of the Italian doctors was able to bring me out after a week. Luckily for me, she happen to be someone who studies genies. At first I didn’t want to move after the summer we visited our grandparents. My parents assure us that Clarissa is far away and no harm will come to us. I’ll later explain what happen to her.




Fear of facing Clarissa or her husband wasn’t the only thing that made me want to stay. Noelle, I would be leaving her behind, my first and only friend. One the day we left for Italy, Noelle cried like I never seen before. Her eyes were filled with hurt, she begged me to never leave her but it wasn’t my choice to make. My parents promise us they we could chat on the phone, write letters and send email. I attempted to hide in Noelle’s tree house, hoping my parents wouldn’t notice but of course after 10 minutes, I could hear my mom’s voice demanding me to come down.

4 years later, Noelle and I are still close. We chat online, text and Skype each other everyday, I hoping that I can convince my parents into letting Noelle visit here for the summer. She always wanted to see Italy. Man do I miss her.




With the clock showing 5:15 am, I finally got up to get ready for the day. It’s no fun getting up this early and I try to get up before my siblings do. I have one of the bathrooms for my self for the next 35 minutes until everyone else wakes up and fight over 2 available bathrooms. My parents weren’t about to let us mess up theirs.




With everyone being a genie with active powers, fighting over the shower isn’t a big deal. But for me, most of my powers are inactive and I require a shower. The only difference from 7 years til now is I can conjure some food, which is more than I could do when I was a kid. My body is getting stronger, my essence is building up. My grandmother suggested to my parents that it’s time for me to be trained.



Mom was up, cooking breakfast as usual. Even as teens, she still won’t send us off without a hot meal. However we got a little more freedom since we all got scooters. Sometimes we have to head into town for school projects early.

“Coffee again? I know you’re not running off. I’m making your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes.”

“Yeah? I would stay but I’m meeting up with Bast at the bakery.”

“You need some real breakfast. You’re getting skinny.”

“The bakery has some good stuff.”

“Yes dear but it’s nothing compare to your mama’s cooking. Stay Rai, Bast is welcome to have breakfast with us anytime. I know his mama can’t cook. I bet she can’t boil water. Mama said he basically lived at your Uncle Isaac’s house. His mama pawned him off every second she got. She had the nerve to have another baby. Good thing she married that man. He’s too good for her.”

“Ha ha ha. Okay mom, I know you’re not much of a fan of Petra. I’ll be home for dinner with Bast again.”

“I know. Who else is gonna feed him? Keep this in mind but when you’re off to college, you’re gonna wish how you stayed for mama’s breakfast.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Sure mom.”




With the sun coming up, I made my way to the bakery that lies on the boarder of Monte Vista and Canosa. There’s a debate rather the bakery lies in Monte Vista or Canosa. I believe it’s mostly on Monte Vista’s side but honestly it’s hard to tell.

Sometimes it’s fun to argue of which buildings are apart of Monte Vista or Canosa since the boarders are in strange places. This whole region use to Monte Vista many decades ago. It’s especially hilarious to watch our teachers hesitant on telling us which is which. 




My best friend Bastian Yager was late as usual. I always had to wait on him and he doesn’t live that far from the bakery. My stomach is never happy with him, it growls intensely with hunger for sweet pasties. I never thought I would have another best friend other than Noelle.

I first met Bash vaguely at my 7th birthday party. One of my older cousins use to baby sit him all the time and she brought him to the party. I remember saying hi and watching him play a game for a little bit. I didn’t see Bash again until I was 11 during a wedding. My sister Bora Bora married his uncle Mason and we been friends since then. It was pretty cool when his step-dad Landon got a teaching job at the academy where I’m attending. Now we can hang out all the time.

“Seriously dude; you live like less than 2 miles from here! How am I always getting here before you?”

“My mom kept bitching at me. I think she’s on the rag or something cause she’s extra bitchy than usual.”

“That’s why you head out before she wakes up.”

“Please. Lance gets all whiny if I leave early then my mom bitches at me for it. Someone gotta protect him from her rage. Guess it’s gonna be me.”

“You’re such a good bro. Taking the beating ha ha ha! I’m glad that my little brother lives in Riverview.”





Our stomachs were communicating to each and we decided it was time to order our usual pie. Cherry pie but we call it breakfast pie. By the end of the year, Bash would gain 20 pounds. Luckily he has my body image obsessed dad around to whip him back into shape.




“Hey, I have an issue. And I need your help.”

“You always do. Nothing new.”

“Don’t be a smart ass, Rai. But seriously dude, I think I fucked up. I was texting Giana.”

“Why are you texting my sister?!”

“Lemme get to that. I was texting Giana but one of those texts accidentally was sent to Vexille. She thinks that I’m cheating on her with your sister.”

“What exactly did you say?”

“Um something like, “You have a nice smile and any guy is lucky to have you. You’re sexy as fuck with a hot ass.”.”




“Why the fuck did you say that to her? I don’t blame Vexille for thinking something might be going on between you and Gia. You still didn’t explain why were you texting her anyway.”

“I was trying to make her feel better. She was crushing on some dude and he wanna hook up with some other guy. Gia texted me, she was sad.”

“Ha! Dude, she’s playing you. She recently came into her irresistibly and she’s testing her power. She’s not all broken up over that loser. He’ll be falling over once he sees her again.”

“Well it fuckin’ works! Now Vex got me in the dog house.”

“It’s your own damn fault, Sebastian. Ha ha ha!”

“Hey! Don’t call me that! You know I hate that.”

“Don’t text my sister.”

“But she texted me first, asshole! But when you see Vexille, tell her that I’m not cheating her! I was trying to be nice.” 

“Okay but you coulda worded your text better than that. You can also; ya know not check out my sister’s ass too!”

“I’m a guy. I like what I see.”

“I will kill you.”




After breakfast we headed to Bastian’s school first since his start an hour before mine. Bastian attends a normal upper secondary school called Bella Vista, while I attended Trinity Parks, School of Fine Arts along with Giana and Antonio.

Trinity Parks is a school for gifted kids who either excel in art, music, dance or all three. Unlike other Italian schools, Trinity Parks has an American school system with the span of 4 years. Giana and I were accepted into the art program and Antonio was accepted into the dance and music program. The school encourages all students to sign up in all 3 areas but I only signed up in art and music, Antonio just does dance and music and Giana signed up for all 3 cause she’s an overachiever.

The school’s main focus is on the arts but we do have a period were we do regular subjects such as math, science, history, literature, world languages or such. We are require to pick 2 core subjects, I choose literature and Italian language. However they offered a new subject, Occult Studies which is an elective class. I was excited when I found out they offered such a class now. Since I have literature on Mondays and Wednesdays and Italian on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I could take the Occult Studies class on Fridays instead of having a free period. According to Noelle, they offer Occult Studies all over America as of 3 years ago. 




My first class was soon to began but I struggle to open my locker as usual. I asked for a new locker but was denied. It makes me furious when the damn thing doesn’t open. Sometimes I’m almost late to class because of it.

“Locker trouble again?”

My ears twitched to the sound of the familiar voice of Vexille Knight, Bastian’s girlfriend. She’s one of the American students attending school via a gifted program. She’s an art prodigy and way too smart to be with Bastian. She often makes him look dumb and it’s pretty hilarious.

“Like always. This piece of shit. I dunno why they won’t give me a new locker.”

“Have you asked nicely?”

“Yeah. I guess. I dunno. FUCK!”

I pounded my fist into the locker door with frustration after another fail attempt to open it.




“Calm down, Raiden. You don’t want Mr. London to come out to rag on ya. You just know he’s looking for someone to bitch at for the day.”

“Bring it. I can take him. He’s a little troll anyway.”

“Ha ha ha! Be nice! It’s fair to talk about his shortcomings.”

“I’m not afraid of the half pint. But if I was a midget, I’ll probably be pissed off at the world too.”

“Oh stop it, Raiden! Ha ha ha! You’re so mean.”

“Oh screw this POS! I’ll just borrow some paint from my uncle. He always have extra paint.”




“Have you talked to Bash yet?”

“Yeah, he wants me to tell you that he’s not cheating on you with my sister.”

“Oh I know that. I just like to make him squeal. Don’t tell him that. I’m friends with Giana and I know there’s nothing going on between them.”

“Doesn’t what he said to her bothered you?”

“Well yeah. I guess I should be a bit mad at that too.”

“You should. He should be only be checking out your ass. I mean it’s nice and all.”




“Oh? You think I have a nice butt?”

“Well yeah I guess.”

“You guess?!”

“Uhh. It’s really nice! I like it. I like looking at it!”


Vexille blushed a little and twirl her finger in her hair. I couldn’t believe what I just said but she seemed to like. The more she looked flirtatious at me, the more word-vomit spewed from my mouth.

“Your jeans are well fitted. It shows the nice shape of it. Rounded. Curvy. Your jeans aren’t trying to grab onto imagination like some of the other girls in school. Like there’s so much air in the back of their jeans. With you, your jeans has something. Happy jeans!”




“Ha ha ha! I guess these are happy jeans. My mom sent me these in my care package. I guess my mom has good taste if you think I look good in them.”

“Yeah but can’t say the same about your shirt. It’s a nice shirt but it makes your boobies look lumpy like you stuffed your bra with tissue. But that’s okay if you do cause I know boobs can get all sweaty and gross and having tissue in your bra will help with that. Maybe if you wore a tighter shirt then it make your boobs look nicer but maybe not too tight or we can see the outline of your nipples not like I wouldn’t mind. Nipples are nice.”


“I don’t appreciate your shirt.”




“You think my boobs look lumpy?! You think that I stuffed my bra?! I don’t stuff my bra and I think it’s a nice shirt! My grandma got me this for my birthday! How dare you!”

“Uh. Uh. Uh! I mean, it is a nice shirt! You look nice!”

“That’s not what you just said!”

“I dunno what I meant but I like your boobs! You have nice, not lumpy boobs! Boobs. Sexy!”





“I gotta go!”


With much embarrassment, I attempted to scurry off without paying attention of what I was doing. I ended up bumping into Vexille, knocking her down flat on her ass. I felt like more of a dick now, knocking her down as hard as I did. I could be so stupid when it came to girls, especially in high school. I didn’t know how to talk to girls and I probably got that from my dad. All I could produce was word-vomit when speaking to girls at school.




“I am so sorry Vexille. I didn’t mean to knock you down. Are you hurt? Need some help?”

I extended my arm, half expecting Vexille to slap my arm away but she smiled and reached. I gently lift her up from the ground, continuously apologizing to her.

 “I’m fine Raiden. I have enough booty to land on.”

“Ha ha, right!”

I chuckle nervously as Vexille brushes the dust from her jeans. Turning her back towards me, she continue to brush the dust off, sliding her hands on her ass up and down at a slow pace.



“Am I all clear?”

I quickly turned around, still embarrassed of the ordeal. I didn’t think it was right checking out my best friend’s girlfriend. She seem to like it somewhat but it didn’t feel right.

“Uh yeah.”

“You weren’t looking. You can’t let me walk into class with a dusty booty.”

I turned around to find her back facing me, with her head over her shoulder, she caught a glimpse of me. She smiled and wiggled her hips.

“If you see any dust on me, you can brush it off.”

I was confused of what was going on now. Does she want me to touch her butt? Is she testing me? Is she gonna tell Bastian if I do? She wiggled her hips once, inviting me to wipe off any remaining dust which she had none. Vexille never acted like this towards me. For a moment I felt like I was still dreaming.

“You’re all clear. The booty is fine.”

“Hell yeah it is! Have I ever told ya how cute you look when you’re all embarrassed?”

“Umm no. You think so?”





The 15 minute warning bell rang, reminding us that school will be starting in 15 minutes. This was my out and I quickly told Vexille that I needed to find my uncle Angelo so I could borrow his acrylic paints since my locker refused to open. Luckily Angelo was at his locker near by and I was able to use his set for my morning classes.

As I roamed the halls to my first class of the day, I couldn’t help but notice all the girls were staring at me. This made me nervous, I wondered why were they looking at me. But these stares were different, they didn’t look disgusted or offended, they looked a bit dreamy eyed as they gazed at me. Shy smiles, flirtatious giggles and a few very friendly hellos came my way.

I was basically invisible to most of the females in school and now I was the star of their center. I felt uneasy and blushed at every sudden female greeting. I finally get to class and Vexille had set up next to the easel that I usually used. Vexille usually painted next to Giana and I found it odd that she wanted to be me. I nervously told her “what’s up” before I notice most of the females set up near me. This was totally strange. 




In my music class, things were a bit more milder than in my painting class. Today most of us played on the keyboard. The lesson was to play an old Italian nursery rhyme, something I never heard before and I was sure I was butchering it. I was a bit nervous playing it, fearing that a certain girl in class would take notice how badly I sucked at it. I always thought she was pretty but never had the courage to ever speak to her. 




Her name is Annaliese Ferrari, her father owns the bistro in Monte Vista and she’s one of the richest girls in school. I usually creep on her, watching her work on her paintings, chat with her friends, dance in the studio and hoping that she hasn’t notice.

I don’t think she would be interest in a guy like me, I’m awkward and can’t talk to females. The last I heard was she was dating a football player at Bella Vista. I had to pick up another spread sheet when I notice Annaliese was looking at me. She gave me a shy smile and a wink. Yep. Today is very strange. I must be dreaming, no way Annaliese would ever notice me!




During lunch time, I had lunch with my litter mates. Usually I ate with my friend Claudio and my uncle Angelo but ate in class as they worked more on their class project which was due later in the day. I wasn’t expecting to see Vexille since she usually has a different lunch period than me.

“Can I sit with you all?”






We had our usual chats of whatever is going on. Lunch started to get uncomfortable once Vexille began to play footsie with me. I wasn’t sure what to say so I gave her an odd look on my face. She just giggled and smiled as she stroke her foot against my leg. I quickly jerked my leg away, making the most awkward look on my face. Vexille giggled some more and mouthed the words. “You’re so cute.” What the fuck is going on?




In study hall, I attempted to work on a paper for my literature class. I struggle to get words on my blank notebook page. I couldn’t help be think about all of the weirdness that going on with the girls at and especially with Vexille. She’s suppose to be my best friend’s girlfriend and she’s all flirty with me suddenly. It felt wrong to like the attention from Vexille and I felt like I should talk to her. But I was sure that I would say something stupid or offensive.




“That’s an interesting way to write your paper.”

“Do you have to be in here?”

“Yeah. I have a history paper to write. If one of the teachers catches you napping, you’re gonna be in big trouble.”

“So? You gonna spank me?”

“Maybe but I think you would like it too much. Or maybe I would.”







I chickened out on trying to talk to her about her behavior but suggesting that she should spank me wasn’t helping either. She could see that I was serious about my assignment and let be me. We both worked quietly until the last bell of the day rang.




After school I usually hang out with my friends at the Fresno street park for a while. Vexille tagged along today, she usually have to go to one of her after school clubs but today she was free. I was still bit nervous after how she’s been acting towards me today. Bastian was late and I would hate for him to walk in on Vexille flirting with me.

“Hey Vex. We gotta talk. What’s your deal?”

“What do you mean?”

“You been acting strange all day, flirting with me. I thought you and Bast were all about each other.”

“Honestly I don’t know. When I saw you today, something was different about you. Something that I never notice.  I’m trying to be all weird but I really can’t help myself. You’re so beautiful. Like I must have you but I love Bast. But you are; I am so confused.”

“You and me both! But you know that we could never date. Bast is my boy and I can’t be doing anything with you.”

“Right. But you are so nice to look at now. Oh I really wish I didn’t say that. I hope things won’t get weird now.”




“Why am I’m so attractive to you suddenly? Was it something that I said?”

“I don’t know. I’m thinking it’s because of what you are. You’re a love genie, right? Don’t love genies make girls or guys go all crazy?”


“Please make your genie thing stop. I wanna be friends and not try to get into your pants. Bast wouldn’t like it.”

“I’m not doing anything. I don’t think I’m at the age where I make girls go crazy.”

“Well I know you’re gonna make Annaliese go all crazy too. I heard her talking about you. It was good things.”

“Like what?”

“She thinks you’re hot. Maybe you should talk to her and make her go loco instead of me. Ha ha ha!”

“I can’t talk to her. I’ll just say something stupid.”




Bastian finally shown up, Vexille quickly leaped from the swing and into Bastian’s arms. She was extra lovey-dovey towards him which he thought it was strange for a moment, but then he thought maybe it was her way of making up. After all she had him believe that she was mad about the text he sent to my sister. As usual I was feeling like the third wheel and told them that I was heading. I let them know they were invited for dinner and course Bast was on board. Vexille would come over and she had a curfew. It’s probably best if she didn’t join us.




After dinner I headed to my room to chat with Noelle. I needed to tell her about my crazy day I had. I’m sure she would get a giggle out out it.

“Tell her to show you her tits.”

“Dad! Do you know who am I talking to? I could be chatting with one of my grandmas.”

“Ha ha! Just checking on you. How was your day?”

“It was strange.”

“Wanna talk about it, son?”

“I guess. You won’t leave me alone until I do.”

“I worry about you, kid.”



“What’s going on?”

“Well all of the girls at school was acting all weird. Vexille kept being all flirty with me and other girls were like that too. Yesterday I was invisible to them all. I dunno what changed.”

“You changed.”

“I did? I don’t understand.”

“Son, this is a proud moment. You came into your irresistibility. You’re starting Navox puberty. It won’t be long before you get your first boner and then we gotta talk about the birds and bees but not sure what they have anything to do with love making.”

“Oh please. We cannot have that talk.”

“But we gotta. My dad didn’t have the talk with me and I have 50 plus kids.”

“I’m sure somewhere you heard about condoms, dad.” 




“I always thought condoms were for nerds but those things can come in handy. I don’t need them any way. We got the fruit.”

“Fruit stops you from making babies? C’mon dad, even I know that doesn’t sound legit.”

“No, no Rai. It’s a special Navox fruit, it makes my baby gravy from being active. Your mom makes me eat it but sometimes I forget. Don’t tell her that. She’ll kill me.”

“You should probably keep eating it cause mom will find out when she’s pregnant and all. Mom doesn’t want another baby or 2.”

“Your mom is so hot when she got a baby in her. I get so hard when I think about seeing her all pregnant.”

“Dad! TMI!”

“There’s nothing hotter than a lady carrying your baby. Your mom is about to get some good dick tonight.”




I wish my dad had a filter when it comes to things like that but that’s where I probably got it from. Dad just says whatever without thinking. After we chatted, I returned to the computer to chat with Noelle to tell her about my day. After talking with my dad, now I know why. I wonder if I could control it.







Why did I have to say that?

4 thoughts on “Show Yourself: Chapter 11 – Irresistible

  1. lol. Borage may have matured but he’s still Borage giving advice. Italy huh? Actually, Liam will be living there in Monte Vista at that time. Odd coincidence you moved Borage somewhere close to there too. lol

    • As you may know I treat MV slightly different, splitting the map into 3 towns. I can always show you a map of how I did things. I did thought about having Liam visiting them in Italy but since he would be already living there, I guess he could drop by for a visit time to time.

  2. Buahaha the convo at the end. Really this was hilarious all around, it will be fun seeing poor awkward Raiden deal with his Navox traits through his teens. Uck Teen Bash. lol. What am I talking about Bash is just kind of always perverted.

    • Yeah both Raiden and Bash should been entertaining to see as teens. Raiden is awkward and Bash is pervy lol

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