Show Yourself: Season One Refresher

In season 1, Raiden starts out being mostly singled out by outside peers after incident during a slumber party when he was much younger. The party fell on the night of a full moon and Raiden transformed into man-wolf causing fear among the other kids. He was later labeled as a freak and a monster, he had no friends.

Raiden overheard his parents talking about something important and later found out his mother, Nakia isn’t his biological mother. Nakia turns out to be his adoptive mother and his biological mother beat the odds and woke from her coma. Nakia assure Raiden that nothing will change and she will remain his mother.



After learning the truth about his mother, Raiden meet a girl name Noelle Sheridan who just moved in next door. Her family was from Bridgeport and she has a fascination with the occult, especially genies since she never met one before. However their meeting didn’t go so great at first due to Raiden’s temperament because he took Noelle’s innocent compliment of his different colored eyes as an insult. When Noelle asks Raiden what is his name, he tells her it’s Raiden but his family calls him “Rai”. Noelle jokingly gave him the nickname “Sunshine” playing on the word “ray/Rai” saying “I see! You’re a ray of sunshine! You’re really grumpy. I think I’ll call you Sunshine.” The nickname stuck. Noelle’s friendly personality overlooked Raiden’s grumpiness and quickly befriended Raiden; making her Raiden’s first friend.



Raiden’s friendship with Noelle was going well without a hitch but their friendship would be put through a test during the night of a full moon. Raiden learns how Noelle likes astronomy and especially love watching the full moon. She invites Raiden to stay for dinner but he declines and his moods turns sours as he got closer to sundown. Raiden tries to return home before the sunsets but Noelle isn’t making it easy for me which makes him snap at her. Noelle lets him go home and Raiden makes it home in the neck of time.

He starts his transformation once he enters the backyard. Once it’s done, he heads into the treehouse. However he later founds out he’s not alone and Noelle is in the backyard, telling him to come down. He tells Noelle to go away but she refuses. Raiden is afraid if she sees what he is she’ll run away. Noelle makes a treat if he doesn’t come down, then she’s come up. Raiden comes down and to his surprise, Noelle doesn’t reject him. She only wished that he told her the truth of what he really is. Noelle promises she won’t tell anyone about his secret.



Raiden travels to his birth town Evansdale County with his father and his siblings to meet their birth mother, Clarissa. As things seem to go well, Clarissa bluntly rejects Raiden in front of everyone, as she didn’t see him as one as her children. Borage needed to speak with Clarissa privately and asked the kids to go play in the play area however Raiden was curious what Borage wanted to talk about with Clarissa. Clarissa demanded they should be a family and he should leave his wife. Clarissa also believe Nakia brainwashed Borage into thinking he loved Nakia when he actually loved her. Borage began furious as there was no way of getting through Clarissa and left to join the kids in th play area. Raiden entered Clarissa only to be rejected once again and be called a demon and he’s the reason why everything went wrong.

Later on Clarissa shown up at the hotel where Raiden and his family had been stay. Clarissa attempted to kidnapped Giana. Raiden ran to his sister’s aid but was attacked by Clarissa before Borage and Alexia shown up. Clarissa begged and pleaded in front of their hotel room for some time. Raiden saw Borage call someone on his phone but it was never clear if he called the police or someone to come get her.



When Raiden and his siblings learned the truth about their mother, they also learned they had 3 other siblings. However those 3 siblings 3 shortly after birth, with one named Jada. During their trip to EC, they got to visit the graveyard of their 3 siblings and Jada appeared before Raiden’s eyes. However only Raiden can Jada because they have a special connection. Jada explains since he visit her grave, she was allowed to exit the light realm, a realm where all the spirits of children without parents go to. Jada also explains they are both part Snow-Caps lycans.

Jada already knows things about Raiden and also was given the gift of great knowledge while in the light realm. She now acts as a guide to Raiden. Although dying as an infant, she will always appear the same age as Raiden. Jada appears to Raiden when he needs his attitude adjusted and she is his voice of reason. Jada does take joy in mocking Raiden time to time, to remind him she’s just a kid too.



Raiden celebrated his 7th birthday in the neighboring city, Richdale where his adoptive maternal grandparents reside. During the first part of the day, he time at the park with Noelle and her parents. Weeks earlier Noelle wanted Raiden to her boyfriend however he has rejected her in the past. While playing, Noelle asked Raiden to be her boyfriend and Raiden accepted. With this being Noelle’s first time at this park, Raiden wanted to show her something unique. He knew a special kind of butterfly can be found toward the back of the park. However Noelle thought they might be too far away from her parents. Noelle couldn’t believe what she saw and thought they were beautiful. They sat in the grass and watched the mysteriously butterflies flutter around. Now being an official couple Raiden wasn’t sure what to do and thought maybe it was time to kiss. However Noelle rejected him, telling him it had to special like in the movies. Raiden was confused.

During his birthday party at the bowling alley, things were going well until Clarissa shown up causing a since. Both Noelle and Raiden witness Clarissa lashing out Nakia and Borage. Clarissa accuse Nakia for stealing her family and calling her a whore. Raiden was told to go inside with Noelle. It was obvious that Noelle was distraught from incident. She hugged Raiden calling him to best boyfriend ever because she felt he saved her. They had their first kiss.





Raiden learns where babies come from where his adoptive sister Nicole comes into town shockingly heavily pregnant. And to make the situation even more shocking, her husband Devin is Raiden’s half brother; which makes Nicole and Devin step siblings. Nicole explains to her Nakia that her and Devin had been secretly dating since high school, long before Nakia and Borage were together. Nakia didn’t take the news well at first because she wished that Nicole didn’t hide big things like a marriage and a pregnancy from her.

Raiden attempts to bonds with Nicole and is happy to know he will get to see more of Nicole and Devin because they will be living in Richdale once their house is done but will be staying in Riverview until then. Raiden had some confusion of the status of Nicole’s triplets if they were gonna be her siblings since her and Devin are step siblings. Nicole laughed and told Raiden they are simply her kids.

The following day, they all visited the autumn festival until Nicole went into labor, it was short and Nakia quickly deliver not 3 but 4 of her first set of grandchildren named, Avery, Ebony, Ivory and Evelyn. Raiden witness the birth of the quads but it left him with the question of how do babies get inside of the woman. A question which Borage decided to hold off on answering until due time.



Season one ends with Raiden spending the summer along with his siblings in Canosa, Italy with their maternal grandmother Antonia. Clarissa has also returned to Italy and has supervised visitation and for the most part things had been going well. Unknowingly to the kids, Clarissa poisoned her mother’s cup, causing her to pass out. Clarissa requested her younger brother to go to the park next door but to only go with his twin, Giana, Clarice, and Montell.

The kids left, leaving Raiden and Antonio behind. Tyrese shows up and Clarissa berates Antonio for dressing up like a girl. Raiden attempts to come to Antonio’s aid but is stopped by Tyrese. Clarissa forces Antonio inside of house and Raiden can hear Antonio cry and scream. Raiden thinks Clarissa may be whipping him. As Raiden attempts to save his brother, Tyrese challenges Raiden but not before telling him how his pack master requested to Raiden for unknown reasons. However Tyrese mentions Raiden is worth a lot money in the black market and he has plans to sell. He tells Raiden how he was his ticket to Switzerland. Raiden wasn’t willing to go with Tyrese decided to put up a fight. Tyrese figure he would beat Raiden into submission but was unaware of Raiden’s medical condition. Tyrese savagely beaten Raiden until he was unconscious. Clarissa ran outside and saw what Tyrese had done. She knew they would be in here. They picked a scent of a familiar lycan near by and panic. They both left, leaving Raiden on the ground.

Raiden’s lycan maternal  grandfather, Muraco found Raiden on the ground and picked him. Later Raiden could be seen laying in the hospital in a coma with Borage and Muraco by his side. Muraco reports to Borage that Clarissa has been caught but no sign of Tyrese yet.

Raiden is seen laying on the ground in a mysteriously world and is awaken by Jada. He is pressured by Jada that he needs to returns but Raiden thinks he’s better off dead. Jada reminds him that he family who cares about and his friend Noelle would be hurt if he dies. Jada tells Raiden that he’s running out of time and they rush towards a well.


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