State of Tigo: 6/1/16

It feel like ages since I last post anything on here. Just been busy with background story work and real life stuff. I had some rough patches, late winter/early spring but that finally had passed. Things in my personal life had gotten better and I hope it stays that way for a good while cause I could use a good long break from the rain clouds.

To make things even better, it was best if I move from my current place. I’m having issues with the new management and with my last run in with them confirm that I should go. I thought apartment hunting would be fun this time around but it’s as painful as hunting for perfect home for the sims lol. It’s not like I could just build my own place when I can’t find nothing, which I usually do. But in the real world, you can’t do that :p Things were looking bleak, like there were almost no one bedrooms available in my price range. According to a friend who does background checks, a lot of people were moving in apartments between the months of March & April which probably explains the shortage of one bedrooms. Plenty of 2 bedrooms, oddly when it’s usually those being the shortage but it’s just me, my cat Mosley and my betta fish Eric,  I don’t need a 2 bedroom.

I did eventually find a place, it’s  fairly nice, bit too small for my taste as I don’t have normal furniture all of may not fit, the kitchen is tiny and my cat loves to always follow me everywhere. The kitchen is way too tiny for her to follow me and I’ll end up playing cat soccer :/ However it does have a balcony that faces a duck pond. Nice sounds but I hate ducks lol. At least my cat can enjoy the outdoors once again. She become an indoor cat by choice, so I dunno if she would go out on the balcony. And Eric, I hope I can find him a spotlight spot like in my current apartment, he’s the first thing people will notice when entering. Eric is a diva and must have everyone’s attention lol. For a fish, he’s has a lot of personality lol. He’s also expensive, reasons why I say he’s a diva. Nothing pleases him lol. But he does  likes attention from strangers.


So what does this mean for my blog? My blog will remain active while I am busy moving/settling into my new place later this month. As promised I planned on starting Season 2 of Show Yourself this month. Since it’s been a long while since Season 1 had ended (back in Dec) I’ll write out a refresher and will possibly have it tomorrow. But Season 2 will start June 7.

As far as Ciderwood, I dunno when will the next update will come. Probably after I am settled into my place. Because I have several chapters of Show Yourself written in advance that I will be queuing up in a bit, if I do decide to work on Ciderwood, that story will be release on Thursdays until the SY queue ends, but we shall see until then.

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