Ciderwood: Chapter 7 – Face To Face

I hope that my excessive use of force was enough to make Maddox back down. I refuse to be another one of his science projects that he could study. This news causes me concern knowing his connection with my sister. Although we are twins, we do not share the same abilities. However I get the strong sense that he is only interested in mine instead of Boragaia’s. I find it rather odd given Maddox’s interest in botany and my sister’s abilities are heavily focused in that area. Boragaia is a tracker like myself but she can find rare species of plants and animals along with hidden untouched lands, while I can track people. It only makes me believe that Maddox had more sinister plans which I do not want to be apart of.

Maddox was saved by the ring of my phone. It was time for me to meet with yet another new client. I sighed as I loosen my grip on Maddox to answer my phone. It was a referral client, a resident of Lansing Falls but requested to meet in Keystone. I agreed and made my way there.




I always enjoyed the drive from Garner to Keystone on my bike. The air was filled with the scent of the pine trees, more noticeable in Keystone than in Garner. I inhale the air through nose and exhale with my mouth with a smile on face while the my long tresses flew in the wind.

It felt so damn good to ride my bike alone on the open roads in Keystone. That’s the good thing about this tiny mountain town, there isn’t much traffic here and sometimes I just go riding here for fun.





His name is Pablo Martinez, he was referred by one of my loyal regulars. I scoffed when I laid my eyes upon him. “Great, a toddler with a gun.”

“You must be Cergio?”

“I could be or just some stranger with candy.”


“I’m disappointed on Angel not teaching you anything. The town’s park is too public for this type of meeting. Be lucky that hardly anyone is here.”

“Angel said a public place.”

“Yes, but how about a public place away from children and the police station?” 




“I’m kinda new to this but Angel told me to call on you for this. He said you’re the to-go guy for this.”

“Why are you doing this instead of Angel?”

“Well I gotta prove my loyalty. I can pull my weight and I gotta show it.”

“What is the situation?”

“Well Angel is gonna be in some big shit if this guy named Nathan from Keystone starts talking. He saw a huge deal go down and  he got it on audio too. Now the police is trying to get him to talk. If he gets on the stand and say what he saw and play the recording on his phone, Angel is gonna be looking at 15 to 25 years. And since it’s kinda my fault, he told me that I gotta be the one to shut Nathan up for good.”

“Where are the remains relocated and is the location secured?”





“Um; I didn’t kill him yet. I thought you were suppose to help me with that part.”

“What the fuck did Angel tell you what I exactly do? I do not partake in the actual crime, I just make it appear as nothing had happen. You are responsible in taking care of him, not I.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before. I just sell. I don’t kill or anything. I got a wife. This shit can’t come back on me!”





“My clients don’t usually call me until the person is deceased. Not before. Angel should know better to not send a toddler with a gun to do his work.”

“Hey! I’m not that young! I’m 23!”

“23, like I said, a toddler.”

“Look here asshole! I’m not a damn toddler! I’m a grown ass man!”

“It is best if you don’t piss me off. I do not have to help you, I’m sure Angel would appreciate doing 15 to 25 years upstate because you are useless.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry. Will you take my case?”

“Yes. Just don’t bother me until the male is deceased.”


“You have my number.”





I headed towards the lake to meditate as I waited for Pablo’s call. I knew it would be a long while before he would do the deed. I had thoughts about heading homes as I didn’t think he had the stomach the to actually kill another man. I don’t know much about Angel’s men but I can tell Pablo had to be one of his weaker men. He wouldn’t be my first choice to do such an important task but Pablo needed to show his loyalty.

There is more to the story that Pablo isn’t telling me. I could tell by the tone of voice. His voice shook whenever he spoke the would be victim’s name. I had a strong sense Pablo knew him on a personal level, he did mention how it was his fault in a way. Angel has always been careful about his deals, how could he have a witness?




Hours had passed and I gotten deep into my meditation. It felt good once I had complete focus and absorbed energy from the near by trees and plants.  I was at peace, centered, forgetting this celibacy that is driving me mad.





It was near sunset when the buzz from my phone broke my meditation. It was Pablo telling me he was ready for me, however he had gotten lost within the alpine forest and wasn’t sure of his current location. I told him not to worry, I am a tracker and I can pinpoint his location. I took one sniff in the air and quickly picked up the scent of cowardliness, he’s near by. 






I wasn’t surprised to find Pablo had not killed Nathan yet. I growled as I approached the scene of Pablo holding the poor soul at gun point. It almost seem like it was going on forever. I muttered a few words to show Pablo my displeased, I simply told him to not bother me until the deed was actually done. What do you expect of a toddler with gun? 




“Please, Pablo! Please! We can talk about this!”

“We can’t! I gotta do this! You saw too much! You fucking recorded it on your phone!”

“I won’t say anything! I swear! I swear I won’t say a word! You know this!”

“I’m sorry! I gotta do this! There’s no other way!”





“But I got a wife! I have kids! I told you that I was never was going to tell anyone! She wouldn’t know! I was never going to tell your wife!”


“You know, Pablo! I wasn’t gonna tell your wife about us!”

“What the fuck?! This isn’t about that!” It’s about the fucking drugs!”

“The what?”




Pablo shot point blank in Nathan’s head before he could reveal more of their secret to me. Nathan knew he was going to die and decided to outed Pablo before he met with death. Pablo remained silent as blood poured from Nathan’s head. I knew there was more to the story but I didn’t think it would be something like this. However this made things more interesting.




“So I guess you know.”

“Your lover?”

“Yes. He was my lover.”

“You didn’t need to prove any loyalty didn’t you?”

“No. Angel found out Nathan was also my lover. We were together and I didn’t know Angel was making the deal that night. Nathan saw everything and he didn’t know I’m a drug dealer. We got into a big fight and he tipped off the police. Angel said if I wanted to make things right, I had to killed Nathan.”



“You didn’t have to do this, you know.”

“What else could I do? Run off into the sunset with him and live happily ever after? I have a wife, so does Nathan and he has kids. It wasn’t like we could just go run off. I had to kill him. It was probably for the best. Now I can be normal.”

“There’s nothing with being gay.”

“Try telling my mother that. You don’t seem like the type of guy who would be okay with that lifestyle.”

“I am far from normal. Soon you will get to know me better. Obviously Angel is useless to you. You need my guidance. You’ll be seeing more of me.”

“I will?”





“So is he?”

“Yes. If it is to any comfort, it was instant. He did not suffer.”

“I guess; I guess that’s good. If I never taken him to the warehouse. It was a stupid idea. I dunno why I do that! I’m so fucking stupid! But he just wanted to see me so bad.”

“Love turns us into blind idiots. But taking him to Angel’s warehouse was a stupid idea.”

“If you’re trying to make me feel better, you’re kinda bad at it.”

“I’m not. I am telling you the truth. That was an idiot choice you made, but don’t worry. You have me know, you won’t have anymore boyfriends to kill with me around. Now let’s move him onto the fire pit.”




We both lifted the corpse and placed him on the fire pit. The body needed to burn for a bit before I could perform my ritual of removing all traces of the crime and sending Nathan’s remains into another dimension. Pablo hesitated as he attempted to light the fire pit. His hand began to shake as he struggle with the lighter. He looked at me for help but knew better, he frowned and the lighter finally lit.




We watched Nathan’s remains burned for 45 minutes, I won’t be able to begin my ritual until the remains had burned for at least an hour. Pablo sat down quietly for the most part, I could see he was struggling to fight back his tears. I know this had to be hard on him as his first kill would be his lover. I took out a cigarette and kindly offered him one but he declined.

“I promised my wife I would stop.”

“You had a stressful day, just one wouldn’t hurt.”

“Yeah? Then one turns into 2 packs. Nathan was the one who got me to stop. My wife wants to have a baby and I had to stop smoking. It’s been 6 months and no baby. Sex with my wife haven’t been easy. I had to think about Nathan just to get hard. Now what am I gonna do?”

“Stop living the lie. Divorce your wife. If you think your wife won’t figure out you’re gay, when you’re sadly mistaken. That’s shit you can’t hide from women.”

“I can’t do that. I love my wife. And I hope maybe one day I’ll be straight.”

“Bullshit. But enough with that. Time is near for my part.”





With complete silence, I started my ritual of cleansing the area of all evidences of Pablo’s crime before opening a dimension to transfer Nathan’s remains to. The process only took a matter of a few minutes but I was unaware of nearby visitor.




















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  1. What a disaster that whole situation is heh. Hopefully it doesn’t catch up to Cergio but now he’s got his own kid as witness to shit. >.<

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