State Of Tigo *4/20/16*

It has been a month since I last posted on here. My family suffered a loss of beloved one last month and I took it pretty hard. It’s still pretty hard but I am returning to my sim writing. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing the chapter of Ciderwood that I previously delayed. As far as Season 2 of Show Yourself, I decided that still won’t start until June of this year. I haven’t been able do any work on it since February and I wanted a good portion of it already written before publishing anything. I hope I can return to my schedule of writing 2-3 chapters per week then I can get back on track. However lately life has been throwing a lot of curve balls at me. So I just gotta do the best I can do for the rest of this week and next month.


Also I wanted to show some pics of a town that I set up called Brightpoint Island. This town will be feature in the second arc in season 2 of Show Yourself. It’s also reasons why I haven’t been able to work on anymore chapters since February. The town is empty and needs to be built up. I built all of the community lots and the townhouses. As for the residential houses, I just downloaded those or took them from so other world and dressed them up. Save building takes time of course and this town took more time that expected. But I love how it looks now.



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