Ciderwood: Chapter 6 – Something About You

The first of my 102 hour fast wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. Once I passed the 72 hour mark, things started to take a turn for the worse. As my maglica levels elevate, I began to feel the physical and emotional pain from withdrawing from sex. I was all alone for the most part, which would be best since entering my third day.

My wife along with our daughter went to Sundale to stay with her son Eli. Ada went into town to stay with her mother. Sasha along with Francesca also went into town to stay with her twin brother Joey. My twin and niece remain on their living quarters for the most part.  Boragaia only stays long enough to care for the animals, tend to the garden and prepare my meals. She has kept her distance from me, although I wished her didn’t. I actually miss her. And as for Shilia, like my twin, she attends to the animals and garden.

With all of this time alone, I use it to train and meditate. It is something that helps me keep my mind focus as I continue to be temporary celibate. I often have to fight the temptation to fuck some random woman or jerk off like a 16 year old boy. After phone boning Daphne, I lied to her saying that I was going to be busy with work for the next 5 days. Just hearing her voice will force me to whip out my cock and go to town. It’s been 3 days since I last heard from her. I was hoping she would get weak and call me anyway.  




I guess it wouldn’t be entirely of a lie to Daphne. I did take on more clients for my job and it does keep me fairly busy. However I am not as much busy as I implied that I would be.

Today I have a couple of new clients and not entirely sure if I want to accept. Especially my first client being, Maddox Yager. He is a scientist in Garner who created the flower child for my sister. My father and I don’t approve of Boragaia’s association with Maddox, a human who enjoys playing god. I am not sure how he caught wind of what I do for a living. But he has requested my help.

I am a professional tracker and fixer, I offer both of services on the surface web and deep web. With my tracking services, I am the guy you come to as a last resort when the police or private investigators had failed in finding a missing person. I have a 100% success rate however my services do not come with a cheap price. I use my special abilities to track down people who had gone missing. My client base is mainly wealthy families.

As for my fixer services, I am the guy you go to when you need a bad situation to disappear. I make the most of my money with this service and had built a client list over time. My client base is mostly politicians, other powerful people and mafias. The mayors of Garner and Lansing Falls are my regulars. With so much corruption within the mountain region, I will always be in business.




I was reluctant to meet with Maddox in town. I found it suspicious that he requires my help but yet I was curious. I usually meet with every potential client before accepting their case. I received a call from Maddox suggesting a time and place for the first meeting.

“Okay. I will meet you within the hour.”





We agreed to meet at a coffee shop, I found him sitting outside with a smug look on his face which made me want to knock him out of his chair. Meeting with Maddox in my current state was not ideal as I already didn’t think kindly of him. We had crossed paths more than once and each time did not go well. “Have a seat.” Maddox said as he kindly offered a seat at his table. I said nothing and sat down.

“It is a nice day, isn’t it Cergio?”

“You’ve taken a whole table and not bothered to ordered anything. You could at least attempt to appear as a customer.”

“The new female can’t tell the difference between soy milk and regular milk. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal because I am a male and it is. However if you wish to order a beverage, I can wait.”

“What the fuck do you want, Maddox?”





“Well that didn’t take long.”

“If you’re just wanting to waste my time, you can go fuck off.”

“I actually require your unique services.”

“Oh is that so? The great mighty Maddox needs Cergio’s help. What is that I can do which you cannot?”

“I need for you to locate my wife. She took off a year ago with my kids and she has sent me divorce papers. I was unable to trace back where the papers originated  from but obviously there had to be some kind of mistake. I love and adore Petra as well as our children Nova and Bastian. I need for Petra along with my children to be returned back to me. Especially my son, Bastian.”




“I always want to first meet with a client so I can decide to accept or deny their case. I am denying yours. It is not because I think you’re a piece of shit but it because you gave Petra every fuckin’ reason to run. I know what you are and how you are not from this plane. And you think you can enter my plane to play fuckin’ god, creating these plant abominations. You had the audacity to convince my sister to be apart of your fucked up experiments. With Petra serving you divorce papers in no real surprise. Now what the fuck do you really want? You think I am foolish enough to believe that you wish for me to find your wife? You’re more stupid than I thought.”




“Indeed. It was foolish for me to believe you would be convinced that I needed help in finding my wife. My career requires a lot of my time and with Petra leaving was probably for the best. I’m fully aware she’s residing in the Midwest. She thinks she is so clever, she forgets about our teenage daughter who is addicted to social media. Nova foolishly doesn’t set her profile to private. But anyway, I wanted to speak with you about possibly working with you. You do have some unique set of skills which I could benefit from. I also have a set of unique skills which you could also benefit from. Perhaps it is time to bury the hatchet and call truce.  Do you agree?”




“Do you think I’m fuckin’ stupid? If you think for one second that I would ever work together with you then you are more crazy than Brielle was. I should had known this would be a waste of my damn time but my curiosity got the better of me.”




“Don’t be that way Cergio. After all, don’t you think you owe me?”

“What do you mean?”

“You entered into my plane first. You started this war when you chose to export Brielle from my universe and into yours. You left a breadcrumb trail from mine to yours, naturally I would have to investigate. But I found how things here in this universe were quite interesting. I originally came here to bring her bring even if I find her rather annoying, however I decided I wanted to stay and study this plane.”

“Why do you care  if I took her or not. It wasn’t like she was having a grand time there. You said it your self that you think she’s annoying. In a way, I did you a favor. I owe you nothing.”

“Well I am not a fan of people stealing from my plane for selfish reasons. You went through the trouble of having another copy of Brielle, only to leave her then import her back into our original universe. What was the point of that? With you bringing her in the first place, you nearly destroyed my family tree in this universe and that I don’t take kindly on. You set it to where my mother would be my sister? I am still puzzled by the ways you did things but finally it dawned on me.”

“And that is?”




“You wanted my mother. Brielle wouldn’t be enough, no other female would. You saw the innocence in my mother from my universe. She has an innocence and sweetness that you never encountered before. Being with her would be a breath of fresh air. But of course my mother in this universe was much older than in mine. You made her younger and changed the time before she would had met my father. As you knew you could never wedge yourself between my parents no matter how irresistible you may be.”

“I did what I had to do. I got what I wanted. What is your point?”

“What if I told you I may have similar abilities as you. Changing events, rerouting family ties. As I already removed this universe’s copy of myself so I could exist and made a new life with this universe’s Petra. I even had some of the same children with her. Maybe you should reconsider working with me. Maybe I could return things as they should be. Maybe your precious little twins with my mother would cease to exist.”




“You would not fuckin’ dare!”

I quickly rose to my feet and gripped the sides of the table before throwing the table towards the side. I usually show that I am indifferent towards my children however I don’t take kindly to my children being threaten in any sort.




I raced towards Maddox, gripping my hands around his scrawny little neck. It wouldn’t take much for me to snap it into two if I wanted to.

“If you value your pathetic useless life, you know best not to fuck with me or with my family! Especially my offspring! If you think that I’m going to sit here and let you threaten to ease the existence of my twins, then you are sadly mistaken!”






“You will speak when I say you can! I do not take very kindly to any type of threat and I think it is best if you return back to your origin and never return! Whatever goes on in my plane is really none of your concern and how dare you use this into blackmailing me into working with you! You and I will never be any kind of team for whatever fucked up plan you have cooking up!”

“You really should reconsider it, Cergio. You and I would make a powerful force. With my intelligence and your abilities, we would be unstoppable.”

“What the fuck did I just tell you?! Did I say you could speak?!”

“Well no. But-“

“For a fuckin’ genius, you are a fuckin’ idiot!  And you really think I’m also going to believe you want to work with me? Why the fuck can you just be a man and just tell me what the fuck you really want from me? Now you can speak!”

“I want to study you. I want to learn what you are. What you can do. And possibly clone you to bring back to my universe. That is the honest truth.”




“Come near me again and I swear I will fuckin’ kill you! That isn’t a threat! It’s a damn promise, Maddox James Yager!”

“How did you know my full name?”

“I know every fuckin’ thing about you. I will not hesitant completely erase your existence if you dare cross me! Believe me when I say I have the power to do so! Stay out of my way and I’ll shall stay out out yours! Do we have a deal?”


2 thoughts on “Ciderwood: Chapter 6 – Something About You

  1. Oh yes, I like how this turned out. He can be cowardly when he knows he is at risk but I know he’ll be scheming anyway. 😛 I do like the element of him chasing Petra, he has a strange obsession with her in my verse too as you well know from our chats. 🙂 He picked the wrong time to mess with Cergio though since he’s all hyped up from not getting any.

  2. This is interesting. I’m not quite following everything in this story just yet but Cergio is a colorful character. Maddox is kind of creepy. lol. Oh and I send a couple emails with some questions since I’ll be starting to write some new Quest chapters soon.

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