Ciderwood: Chapter 5 – Forever Yours

As I lay in bed with my wife, I still think back of the events with Daphne nearly a month ago. I’m riddled with guilt, allowing Daphne to kiss me. I did not make the situation any better later on that evening. Daphne attended my show as my wife did not. To be fairly honest, I was hurt to not find my wife in crowd as she promised to attend this time around. My wife has yet to attend any of my shows, naturally I desire her support. However Daphne was there in Kelly’s place. Instead of being greeting by my loving wife backstage, I was congratulated by Daphne with a dozen of roses. To this day I am unsure what came over me when I saw Daphne; I embraced her with a passionate kiss. And with that, it was started. We’re involved.

It is unusual for someone of my kind to feel any empathy or remorse. As being a shell, we tend to be narcissistic sociopaths. Perhaps my brother’s good nature is starting to rub off on me.   I watched my wife as she slept next to me and figure I should try to make this right. Kelly knows nothing of Daphne, she knew I was meeting with a GDA and nothing more.




What can I do to make this right again? I ponder to myself. I could no longer sleep and removed myself from my bed. It was near dawn and it would be time for me to awake soon. My sister and Shilia were up already, they prepared to start their work in the garden but I suggested they should take a day off. I decided I’ll shall spend this day with my wife and we needed to be alone.

Boragaia and Shilia agreed to take the day off and promised to spend the day in town with others. They didn’t question why I suddenly felt the need to spend time with my wife. And they shouldn’t, a man should be bothered by their wife time to time. Although I enjoy my alone time, I made a commitment to her.




I took a page from my brother’s book. I am always a selfish lover, my needs were most important and it was never about the female. My brother often boast about pleasing his wife and how he reaches an ultimate climax when he knows his wife is enjoying  it as much as he is. Perhaps I could give it a try for once. I’m sure all of my partners were still pleased as I am that damn good in the first place. Daphne was more than pleased herself.  





I couldn’t have my usual sex with Kelly, demanding she address me as Master and man-handing her. I’ve awaken Kelly from her sleep by kissing her on her neck. At first she tried to swat me away but started to giggle and allowed me to continue. I rose from the bed and gently positioned Kelly in the middle of the bed. Without a word, I removed her panties and pulled her from her hips towards the edge bed. “You want it already? Can I at least shower first? You never wanna fuck this damn early.” Kelly said. I performed a genie cleanse on her and knelt down before her.   

I rarely perform oral sex but when I do, it’s usually on her birthday or Christmas. It’s not like I don’t enjoy doing it, as I mention before; I’m a selfish lover. However this is one sexual act that I do on my wife only and no other. Although we have an open marriage, we do have intimate act whom we only perform on each other. I broke one thus why I am doing this one. This wasn’t my first thought to do, it was a suggestion from my brother. His words were, “Taste your wife and everything will alright.” My brother’s logic may be flawed, but he may be right about this.




My wife moaned like she never moaned before. I started to find myself enjoy pleasing her. Do I need to cheat on my wife in order to become a better lover? I cannot allow this to become a habit.

A cry came from the baby monitor. I tried to ignore the cries from our daughter as Kelly did to. Between Kelly’s moans she suggests that I should go check on the baby.

“I thought we were alone.”

“We were supposed to. Why didn’t they take the damn baby?!”

“I dunno but go check on her. She’s not gonna shut up.”

“Why me? You birthed her, you do it. It is your job.”

“I didn’t want to have her! You made me have her. Remember asshole? Besides, I had her all day yesterday while you were out doing whatever and your sister and Shilia was at the shop. I need a damn break.”

“Fine! We’re not done with this.”

“Fuck no we’re not. That shit was feeling good. Hurry up and go make her shut up so you can finished.”

“Do not tell me what to do, bitch.”





Before I enter Desire’s room, I was greeted with a note on her door from my sister. It read: We didn’t want to wake her. And maybe you could spend the day with your wife AND daughter as a family. How often do you do that? Never. Love, Boragaia.

She is right, I never spend a day with just Kelly and our child. When I do spend time with Kelly, it’s usually a six hour sex fest if we stay home. But we still fuck if we are out and about.

“Hello my child, I hope you know you had ruined my day. You’re going to have to make it up to your father. There will be no crying, shitty diapers, spitting up and you will call me, Father today. Do I make myself clear?”






I dressed Desire while Kelly made her breakfast. Afterwards I tossed a blanket on the ground outside and took Desire with me so she could enjoy the outdoors for a while. We sat down with a few moments of awkward silence, I rarely hang out with my youngest child outside of bath time. I wasn’t sure what to do with her. I just wished Kelly would hurry and join us.

“Now you decided to be quiet. This would have been nice if you were quiet when I was with your mother.”


“For fucks sake, Desire. I told you to call me, “Father”. How hard is it for you to say, “Father”?”


“I had high hopes for you Desire but you done nothing but disappoint me. You’re not walking yet and refuse to talk. Saying “da-da”, “mama” and “ba-ba” is not actual talking. You should had been walking and talking by now. You’re 11 months. Your siblings done all of that before the age of 9 months. You are supposed to be more advance than the average human child. If you’re going to keep disappointing me, do you wish to play a game with Father?”


“I assume that means yes.”




“I am going to close my eyes and count to 10. While I am doing that, you go hide and I will try to find you. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.”




“Desire, what the fuck. You are supposed to go hide; not play with your feet!”


“I don’t know what that means but this game is fairly simple. I count to 1o and you go away.”

“Bah bah bah fah!”

“I give up.”


“What? Are you trying to say, “Father”? You are severely saying it wrong.”




She just giggled and smiled at me. Boragaia said that I push Desire too hard and reminds me that Desire’s doctor said she’s in the normal range on her motor skills for her age. She may be in the normal range but she’s no average human child. I guess I could give her credit on attempting to say “Father” for the first time. Sometimes when I look at my child, I get this strange feeling that she’s purposely holding back just to toy with me.

“I’m onto you, Desire Mikelle.”






I have yet to see her fail with her peg box toy. She always places the differently shaped blocks in the correct slot. She does it with ease and no hesitation. However when she notices that I am watching her closely, she would purposely place the block into the incorrect slot. I swear a devilish smirk grows across her face when I express my dismay. The others think it’s all in my head but I know this child is more advance than she’s leading on.





“Stop holding back at once. I command you.”

“Will you give it a break? She’s just a baby and the doctor said-“

“I know what the doctor said and he knows of my kind. This child is holding back and enjoying it just to piss me off.”

“What? She’s not holding any back and especially not trying to piss you off. She’s just a baby. You need to stop pushing her or she gonna resent you.”

“All children resent their parents, but I will not allow that behavior. You hear me, Desire? You shall not resent me, ever. You can resent your mother but you shall not, will not resent your father.”

“Hey! Don’t tell her it’s okay to be a jackass to me but not you. Equal jackassery to us both, Desire!”






Kelly soon joined us on the blanket. We both watched Desire play for a bit before engaging into a conversation about earlier this morning.





“Wanna tell me about this morning? What the fuck, Cergio.”

“I can’t give my wife some good morning loving?”

“You never done it before. Besides you don’t eat me out unless it’s my birthday or Christmas and today was none of those. So what’s your deal? What did you do?”

“I wanted to remind you that I am forever yours and you are forever mine, no matter what happens.”

“Fuck man. How much trouble are you get? Did one of your clients fuck you over? I swear you need to be selective with cases you pick. I am not about to have a jailed husband! Just letting you know that I won’t be waiting when you get out.”

“Bullshit, you will never leave me. We will always be together like my ass cheeks.”

“Things are so romantic when you involve your ass in it. But seriously, Cergio; what’s going on?”

“Nothing my dear, nothing. But if you don’t want me to start eating your pussy more often, I’ll stop.”

“Not like I was complaining. It was nice for a change. It was a lot better than on my birthday. You seemed really into it.”




“I can finish if you wish.”

“Right here, right now?”

“Why not?”

“Um maybe cause our CHILD is right there.”

“It’s not like we haven’t fucked in front of her before.”

“Yeah but she was really small then. I don’t wanna fuck up with mind like my first born. I use to fuck in front of him and he has issues sometimes. I know I’m not the perfect mom but I want a less fucked up child.”

“She’s not going to remember this and I am horny. Let’s fuck and offend our child.”




“If she’s mind fucked then you’re paying for her therapy.”

“You’re more beautiful when your mouth isn’t saying words.”

“No need for the foreplay, asshole. I’m still warmed up from this morning.”

“The sooner you shut your bitch mouth, the sooner I can have my dick inside of you.”

“Baby, I love you.”

“I tolerate you.”




We quickly undressed, forgetting about the presence of our child. It’s been a long while since we engaged in intercourse outdoors on my land.  It is one of my favorite places to fuck at.





All was good until my phone began to buzz continuously. It threw off my concentration as I knew it would be Daphne calling me during her lunch break. I tried to ignored my buzzing phone but Daphne began to cross in my thoughts as I’m thrusting my wife.

“Didn’t you tell your clients that this is your day off?”

“Yes but you know how my clients can be. Just ignore it.”

“I would be sounds like one client isn’t getting the point. Shut your off!”






I quickly pinned Kelly to the ground, gripping wrist tightly and growled.

“Do not tell me what to do.”

“Mmm baby, that’s what I was waiting for.”

“Bitch, do not speak!”

“Whatcha gonna do, Master?”

I grabbed Kelly’s mouth, squeezing her lips close together with a tight grip. I looked directly into her eyes and told her to do not test me. I let go of her mouth and she gave me a cheeky smirk before letting out a moan. I wanted to keep the Master inside today but it was what my wife wanted. She loves the Master and I do enjoy being him. With Daphne now escaped from my thoughts, the Master was able to give Kelly a good fucking.




Today apparently isn’t the day I could be intimate with my wife as we were once again stopped. Shilia had returned home only being gone for a few hours. I could hear her calling for me but I chose to ignore her.

“I know you could hear me, Cergio.”

“I’m busy as you can see.”

“In front of Desire? Seriously?”

“She’s not going to remember.”

“That may be true but it’s not right. However I must speak with you.”

“Can that wait?”

“No. I spoke with your father today.”





I exit from within Kelly and ordered her to take Desire inside while I was still in Master mode. Kelly was annoyed and I don’t blame her as I am annoyed as well. I told Kelly we can continue later on but she wasn’t interest and made a passing comment how we would just be interrupted again. I ignored her remark and spoke with Shilia. 

“What is it?”

“You father said it is time.”

“Time for?”




“Your father believes it is finally time for you and I to procreate. I know there’s always been the question rather I could or not. But the answer is, yes. I have the ability to do. Your father told me that my creator intended to have children with me in order to create a new species of people. However the war happen before he could have a chance. To be honest, I’m glad that never happen. He had me as pet! Your father requested that you refrain from any sexual activities after today. Your maglica levels need to be incredibly high. The higher, the better. The minimum is 72 hours and the maximum is 120 hours without sex. Your father requested you go for the maximum. This also including masturbating.”  





“Five days without sex? Is he trying to kill me?! There is no way I can go without fuckin’ for 5 days let alone for 3!  I never once without no longer than 6 hours! Do you realize how painful this is going be for me, especially if I can’t jerk off either?! You both had gone mad! I do not want any part of this! You can tell me father that I will not partake in creating a new breed! The last thing I want now is another baby. Desire is barely a year and he wants me to have another child?!”





“I know it is a lot to ask for but unfortunately this a request which you cannot disobey. You are still on thin ice with your father since the Brielle incident. If you want to make things 100%, you will do what your father had asked.”

“This is bullshit.”

“I know. But I will do you a favor, I’ll take Desire so you can be alone with Kelly.”

“Like I’m in the mood for that now!” 




“You won’t be suffering alone. I have been preparing for this for the last 49 years. I have refrained from sexual activities for the last 49 years for certain levels to increase. You’re not alone in this. Your 5 days is nothing compare to my 49 years.”

“It is different. My kind, what I am needs sex as much as you need food and water. It’s how I survive. It’s how I don’t go bat shit crazy.”

“There will be a great outcome after this. You and I will be pioneering a new species. We’re be creating a Love Fairy.”




I sat in my room for hours thinking about my next task. I knew this was something that my father had planned for years. Back on my home world, Shilia was created by a Navox elder as a pet. She was forced to entertain him by dancing and performing sexual acts. She was kept in a cage and was often lead on a leash in town. My father fell in love with her and intended on rescuing.

My father finally got his wish during the war. He saved Shilia instead of her creator, allowing him to be executed. My father was badly injured with no time to heal. He used the last bit of his force in ordered to save Shilia. My sister and I were already killed and all my father had left was Shilia. Since he couldn’t save us, he saved Shilia by making the ultimate sacrifice by converting into a Spirit in order to transfer Shilia to Earth. By doing this, he could never physically be with her.

On my 15th birthday, my father was allowed to fuse with me. By doing this, it would be the only time he could physically be with Shilia. I lost my virginity to Shilia. It wouldn’t be so bad if this wasn’t the same woman for cared for me since infancy. But since the night of my 15th birthday, Shilia has been special to me with her being the first woman I gave myself to. Not like it was choice but still. I haven’t engaged in sex with Shilia since and I have a feeling my father used my body to trigger something. My 15th birthday was 49 years ago.




These next 120 hours will be pure hell for me. The need for sex is important and without it I will be very unpleasant to be with. I could hear Shilia talking with Kelly, suggesting she should go visit her son for 5 days. She explained things and Kelly wasn’t happy about. Not about the whole making a child with Shilia but not being able to have sex with me.

I could hear dialing her phone and telling son Eli she will be making a trip to see him along with Desire. She sounded annoyed and Eli could probably tell this wasn’t her idea by her tone. Of course this started an argument. She ends the call by telling Eli she was coming anyway.

My phone began to buzz again, looking over at a near clock, Daphne would be home from work. I rose from my position and answered my phone.  




“Yes Daphne, what is it?”

“What is it? Excuse me but someone didn’t answer their phone.”

“I know, I know. I am sorry but I was busy.”

“I thought you had the day off?”

“I do but I do have a wife.”

“Right. I thought she would be at the shop.”

“No, I requested to spend the day with her. That did not go well.”

“Sorry to hear that but I got some news that will cheer you up.”

“And that is?”

“My husband got a job offered in Garner. If all goes well, we will be moving there this fall. We’ll be closer and maybe we can spend more time together. I hope he takes the offer cause that’s more money and all.”





“What?! Am I hearing this right? You’re moving to Garner?”

“Yeah. You don’t sound very excited.”

“That’s cause I am not. We cannot be involved. We can continue to fuck but nothing more.”

“You say that but you still chat with me. I think you want to be involved.”

“I do not. Do not tell me what you think is going on in my mind!”

“Cergio, you don’t have to keep denying what you know is true. You think about me, do you?”

“Yes I do but that means nothing.”

“It means a lot, ha ha. You sound cute when you get flustered.”

“I am not!”

“Ha ha ha!”

“Do not mock me!”

“Oh Cergio, you have no chill. But anyway did you get my pic of me in my new bikini?”




“Yes I have.”


“And what?”

“Whatcha think?”

“What do you think? It gave me an erection. What do you expect?”

“So just a hard on, huh?”

“Well it did make me miss you and your tender lips.”

“I miss you too. Soon we won’t be so far away from each other.”

“Yes, I can hold you and you shall know how hard my erection is.”

“I miss feeling the warmth from your amazing body. I miss the way you kiss me and caress me.”

“Yeah? I miss kissing you, I miss being inside of you, giving you my all. So what are you wearing?” 

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