Drama Cream – Ice Cream Shop (Remastered)

Drama Cream is back….again! DC has gone through many changes over the past couple of years. I’ve lost count how many times DC has been remastered but I do adore this version most of all. With the help of a mod by Arsil, it’s functions as a legit ice cream shop at last.


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Like in the previous versions, I did make use of the Katy Perry sweet treats crap but it’s not require to have. I did take the time to make some of the KPST Crap base game compatible. However I made the ice cream arcade for Late Night. There’s a few items from that SP that is usable and didn’t think it would right without them. Drama Cream was route tested and played for quite some time. It was often featured in my 100 baby challenge and nearly destroyed by Cergio a few times lol


Lot Size: 20×30

Lot Type: Arcade

Used EPs: Showtime, Supernatural, Late Night, Generations, Ambitions, Seasons, World Adventures, Pets, University Life

Used Sps: KPST, Outdoor Living

Store Items: Deep Fryer, Gumball MachineNectar Barstool & Wong Way Table  from Lucky Palms (Gold), Straight Laced Window from Roaring Heights, Napkin Holder & Door from the Hogan’s Deep-Fried Diner Starter kit

Required Mod: Ice Cream Stand by Arsil (You must have this mod for the shop to function. Although I am using a different ice stand, the mod is still required.)

CC Used: Ice Cream Stand by Sandy (included as package file), Ice Cream Shop items by Mensure (her site is gone, items are included) Drama Cream Decor by me (included)

TOU: No reuploading and claiming as yours

The lot is a package file, place in your library folder.

If from Tumblr, I would love to see DC in your game. Feel free to tag me in your post. You can also use the tag ‘Drama Cream’ or ‘thenay83’


Drama Cream With KPST

Drama Cream With Base Game Compatible KPST

7 thoughts on “Drama Cream – Ice Cream Shop (Remastered)

  1. Another fantastic build! I love the sectional sofa you made to look like Neapolitan ice cream 🙂 And so thoughtful of you to provide alternative versions with so many of your creations – meant to say that about your town houses as well. Happy simming xx

    • Thanks! It’s a pain to make different versions of a lot but I try to cater to all. Whenever I’m house hunting and I come across a really nice house but had too much CC attached to it. I always wished they also had a copy without or with minimal CC. I prefer houses with minimal CC. My mods folders is already gigantic lol So now when I releases houses, I make one with CC and the other without. With Com Lots, I don’t. I don’t think I could make Drama Cream without CC as nice as the one with. Plus I made items for Drama Cream and it would look odd without it. But if someone requests a copy without any CC, I could try at least. There’s always the ice cream machines from the store. But the reason why I didn’t place them in DC due to sim crowding. I once had a couple of them in DC but the routing was bad plus I wanted them to BUY some ice cream at the stand. No freebies, sillies! haha I would love to go to a ice cream shop and have free ice cream too LOL

  2. Nice! I’ve had the other version of Drama Cream in many of my saves, so I can’t wait to try out this version 😀

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