Just a little announcement….


6 thoughts on “Just a little announcement….

  1. Hi Nay. Its jbfairybird and this will be my new blog address. Nice ending! I’m hoping to finish Liam’s story soon but I lost the save and it was corrupt so I don’t have any of the sims. I think I found most of them but for yours and so I was wondering if you still wanted me to use your sims in Part 2 still or retcon that part of it? Anyways I’m trying to gather everything and reload create his file and start over on part 2 of the story.

    • OMG!!!!! I’ve been wondering what ever happen to you. I’ve been debating on having Liam appear in my current story (Gen 3) but I wasn’t sure cause of timelines and such. My sims had massive makeovers since then. I can send you their updated sim files. I can’t wait to see Liam’s story running again 😀

      • Yeah I went awhile without a computer and then I didn’t have time for awhile to game much. I’d need the files for them with the CC to match how they appeared at the start of Section 2 of his story. The note you put with Borage not being able to reach him actually will work with what I have planned. Can you PM me on the forums and we can chat wo spoiling our stories.

        • I avoid the forums as much as I can :/ I stick around long enough to update my thread and run. Do you still have your tumblr account? There’s now a PM system but they removed comments which was dumb. Or we can chat via email?

          • I don’t have tumblr but I pmed my email to you on the forums so you can get it there. Then we can sync up our notes. Liam’s file it the first one I’m going to try and get up again. I lost all my files to bugs. I think cuz my old comp kept dying mid-play.

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