Hello, hello….

Hey guys. I know my blog has been a bit quiet as of late but I am still around! Currently season 2 of Show Yourself is in the works. I’ve decided to hold off releasing chapters until I’m finished writing the whole season. Why? Mainly because setting up a the main save for Season 2 nearly took a month. I felt if I write out the whole season and queue it, that will give me time to set up saves for Season 3.

Unfortunately this means it could be a few months before I’m done writing Season 2. I’m trying to keep a strict schedule of writing 2 chapters per week but failed last week with only writing out 1 chapter. Life likes to throw in random things. I will try to squeeze out a couple more chapters of Ciderwood when I need a break from Show Yourself. But I really need to figure what I want to do next with that story before doing so.

I need 2 more saves for Season 2 and with one being in “Sunlit Tides” and realizing that the Montigos in that world haven’t had their lives progressed in 2 years -_- I made some half attempt last June, finally aging up Celsia’s twins to teens when they should be YAs long ago. So I got around to doing so this weekend, updating households and such but only got to do one household this weekend. I guess I will do one household per weekend cause the bulk of Gen 2 live on the islands. With that said, I will be making a post for family of where are their lives now. I won’t get to focus on their lives much but it will give of picture of their current status. One of this first things to do was kill off Finn.



Poor Finn wasn’t ready to die. But I was a bit peeved of the game resetting his life bar once he was towards the end. It happened twice already.  Sorry Finn, but you gotta go. It was long overdue.



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