House For Sale: Ebony


I’m not much of a house builder until I see a house that I like and want to attempt building a replica. I recently came across a house that I like and thus Ebony was build. This modern style house was inspired by this house:


Roofs are difficult to set so Ebony just has a likeness but I think it came out pretty nice. This house is empty but has a furbished kitchen & bathroom. It’s perfect for players who enjoy decorating houses with their own style. It’s also perfect for story telling when looking for a new house. This house has 2 or 3 bedrooms, one room could be made into an office. It has 1 bathroom with a stand alone shower and bathtub. A backyard patio or greenhouse, it can be whatever you want. This house has a car garage and a nice size pool with fancy waterfalls, a diving board and a hot tub. The walls and flooring are neutral colored, feel free to change the colors if you like.


House Tour (Outside)

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CC is used in this house but don’t worry, I did have a CC-Free copy of the. This is what that version looks like.



Lot Size: 30×30

EPs: Late Night, IP, Pets, UL, ITF, Showtime, WA, AM

SPs: None I think.

Price: A pretty penny

CC used but not included in the download: Smaller Garage Door / Functional Light Switch / Modern Line Windows / Backless Shower / House For Sale Sign / House Numbers

TOU: Feel free to set up the house to your own desire but do not reupload!

It is a Library file, place it in your Library Folder!


Ebony – CC Version 

Ebony – CC Free Version 

2 thoughts on “House For Sale: Ebony

  1. Lovely! 🙂

    And such a nice idea to do it part-furnished with all the fixtures in place like a real house would have. That way it feels like moving into something very realistic but people can still put their own stamp on it. Happy simming xxx

    • Thanks 🙂 I thought it would be nice to do plus I wanted to be lazy lol Decorating houses was never fun for me haha. I may release a fulled version but that’s way down the line.

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