Ciderwood: Chapter 4 – GDA

It was that one special time of the month. The time where I agree to meet up with one my of GDA’s. And what is a GDA? It means Genie Dick Admirer. It would be seen as a type of fetish or a sexual preference. Basically a GDA is a person who admires the genitals of a male genie. They love the appearance, size, girth, texture, and taste; they see genie dick as the perfect dick. All genies were made in a perfect image, so naturally ones would see the genitals of a genie being perfect and ideal. GDA’s tend to be majority female who are also human or human with a witch status. There is a small number of males, majority gay and a few who are straight. My list of admirers are female. GDA’s don’t feel the same way about non-genie dicks. Many enjoy giving oral, hand jobs or just simply looking at a genie’s dick. Some GDA only prefer to engage in sex with genie males. We release a special essence that gives a female a massive orgasm. My typical admirer is a female who is standoffish towards oral sex but is more than willing to suck me off.

This month I agreed to meet with a witch name Daphne Burkhert, a resident in Richdale. She traveled far to meet me but she didn’t come all this way from the Midwest to meet, she happened to have a friend in Lansing Falls who is getting married.

The timing was perfect since I had a show at the theater. Daphne may be a fan of my dick but she’s also a fan of my music and is excited to finally attend one of my shows. My relationship with Daphne is different from with my other admirers. We often chat outside of the GDA forums and gotten to know each other. I know she’s a married woman with 2 children. She recently gave birth to a baby girl a few months after struggling with fertility issues.  I told Daphne once we meet that I could permanently restore her fertility if she wish to have more children. Like with any other meeting, I gave her the boyfriend treatment, I believe this may be a mistake with Daphne. 




“You’re more beautiful in person than your pictures. Your phone cam gives you no justice.”

“Wait? You thought I was ugly?”

“No, just saying no camera can capture all of your radiant beauty.”

“Awe! That has to be one of the sweetest things I’ve heard all month. I guess getting all dolled up paid off. My friend was getting suspicious as I was getting dressed but I told her for once I wanna look cute. With the baby, I don’t have time for that.”

“Well you look beautiful no matter what.”

“Oh you say that to all of your admirers, do you?”




“Possibly but out of all of the others, I treasure you the most. Truth be told, your body is ideal, flawless, even after child birth. You should really take more body shots.”

“Oh please! I still got some baby fat to lost. You’re just being nice but it’s okay.”

“You really can’t take a compliment, can you? How disappointing.”

“So many guys fed me so many bullshit lines over the years. I’m not sure how did my husband win me over. But if we met at a different time, I think I would marry you. Ha ha ha!”

“Hmm, possibly not. I think you could only enjoy me for a day. I am far from a nice guy.”

“Oh so you’re a bad boy covered with tats, who smokes and ride a bike? You dress too nice.”

“Well actually yes. If you play your cards right, then you shall see my tats.”




“Ha! So anyway Mr. justthetip915, how does these meetings go? Does your wife know about this? My husband doesn’t have a clue and to be honest, I don’t feel right about this but I wanted to meet you at least.”

“You can call me, Cergio. It really depends how the meet and greet goes. With each admirer is different. Sometimes we have lunch and we go to my boat house and let her admire me or we just cut straight to business and fuck all over in my boat house. As for my wife, we have an open marriage. I am allowed to have outside relationships with other women. It’s due to my extremely high sex drive as every Love Genie has. One female is not enough.”

“Open marriage, huh? So she can be with other men while you’re with other females? Yeah I couldn’t do that. The thought of sharing my husband with another woman makes me sick.”

“My wife is only allowed with males of my choice. I do not like other males. She could have sex with my brother or my best friend. They are approved men.”

“That’s kinda unfair, don’t ya think?”

“Not really. Care to order lunch?”

“Sure, what’s good?”

“You should probably have the creamy tuna and celery pasta salad. Or any pasta in general.”

“I dunno. I’m trying to avoid carbs.”

“Trust me, you should have some pasta.”




We had ordered and lunch was a little bit silent. I could tell Daphne was nervous and wasn’t sure that she should be here with me. I know she’s loves her husband and is happy with him but she can’t fight off her GDA status. It’s a part of her and she must fulfill her desire of  being intimate with a genie. I decided to break the ice with some small talk.

“How is the pasta salad?”

“Pretty good. Good recommendation by the way. How is your steak?”

“It is okay. Usually the steak is pretty good but during dinner time. The lunch rush is passable.”

“Wanna try some of my pasta salad?”

“Only if you feed it to me.”





“If I didn’t know better, I’ll say that we are on a date.”


“I know the boyfriend treatment when I see it. Besides, one of your admirers spilled the beans. I think it’s nice. A friendly date, my own husband doesn’t have time to take me out on dates anymore. He works hard and we have a teenage son and a baby. This feels nice.”

“Well yes it’s a date, I will be paying for your meal.”

“You don’t have to. I could pay for my own.”

“But I insist. You already traveled far. Paying for your meal isn’t hurting my wallet.”

“Well thank you.”



“So you never given a male oral before, right?”

“Oy! I almost choked on my food. I wasn’t expecting a question like that. But no, I haven’t. That’s never been my kind of thing. I dated guys who wanted me to that, but they dumped me cause they think I’m a prude. Their dicks looked gross anyway. But yours; wow.”

“You blushed. Perhaps I’ll shall be your first. You will enjoy it.”

“Well I just wanna see it. I know you sent me pics but I wanna see it in person. It wouldn’t be right. I don’t wanna cheat on my husband. Just looking isn’t harmful? Look but don’t touch.”

“Trust me, you will want to do more than just look. My other married admirers said the same thing and was sent home walking funny for a week.”

“I have better willpower than the others.”

“You say that.”




After we finished lunch, we headed over to the dock to aboard my boat house. Made more small talk while on the way. I notice how slow Daphne was moving, the nerves were rattling but I ensure her that everything would be fine. I knew once we aboard my boat house, I would have her, I must have her, there’s something about her that makes me desire her.





“So is that it? It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks, I had it custom made for me.”

“I bet you have wild parities on it. I know I would if I owned one.”

“I do time to time. Maybe I’ll throw one this weekend.”

“That would be cool.”




Daphne followed me to the control room, I suggested we should move the boat house away from the dock. This made Daphne more nervous and I don’t blame her. I could easily murder her and toss her out in the lake but that is not my intention. My true intention is to be inside of her.

“I think this is far enough. We are still fairly close to the dock in case you want to jump out and swim to safety.”

Daphne laughed nervously to my statement, I smiled at her and letting her that she’ll be fine. I won’t hurt her or make her do anything that she doesn’t want to.

“You can have a look around while I get ready for you. Do you want a drink first?”

“A drink? No. I’ll be fine. I shouldn’t drink, ha ha ha!”

“It will calm your nerves. You don’t have to be nervous. I won’t bite unless you want me to.”

“I’m fine. I will be fine. I guess I can have a look around and see what neat stuff you got.”

“Get comfort. Make yourself at home.”

“Geeze, I knew I should have brought my sweat pants. Ha ha ha!”




I called Daphne into my room while I relaxed on the bed. Daphne slowly opened the door, her eyes widen with delight once she gazed upon my body. I smirked a little, I knew at that instance I had her. She was pudding in my cup, her look but don’t touch motto was out the window.

“You’re just wow. The pics. Wow. Just wow.”

“Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

“I got strong willpower. I’m just gonna look.”

“You could do more. I wouldn’t mind. Isn’t it your desire to touch? To caress? To taste my sweet nectar? Why isn’t it? You can give in. It is what you want, what you lust, what you desire. Daphne, my peach; this isn’t a battle which you cannot fight any longer. Give in. Taste me.”




I arose my from bed, motioning Daphne to came towards me. I made myself erect, Daphne drops to her knees; helping me reach full extension.

“Damn your irresistibility.”

She said as she worked her tongue down my shaft. I couldn’t help but smile. For someone who has never done this before, she seemed to know what she is doing.

“I know how you would like it.”

“You do?”

“You want me to look at you. Our eyes meet while I lick you down.”


“Mmm, yeah.”




One thing about GDA’s, they service me better than my wife and previous lovers. GDA’s appreciate and love the cock more than any other female. They embrace it with all of its glory. 




“No. Don’t tease. If you’re going to suck then do so.”

I demanded as I placed my hand on Daphne’s forehead. Pushing her away from my tip. She didn’t say anything but smile before widen her mouth to intake my cock.

“You taste so sweet. It’s true.”

She let out a light moan before giving my cock full service.

“You want more. Stop. Let me service you.”




Daphne promptly rose to her feet. I demanded that she undress which she rapidly did. I quickly turned her, forcing her against the glass door.


I demanded into her ear. She said nothing and did as I said. I could tell from the dampness on my tip that she was more than ready. I slowly guided my cock into her only to quickly slide back out.

“Don’t tease. If you’re gonna fuck me then do it.”

“Do not tell what to do, bitch.”

My tone was cold; she pressed her ass against my groin and whispers please.

“It is please, Master. Say it!”

“Please Master, please!”

I was filled with delight when Daphne moaned please Master as she was begging for it. But course if she wants me to enter, she must beg for it.


“Please Master, fuck me!”

I didn’t hesitant when I forced my cock into her, thrusting rapidly making her moans grow louder. She throws her head back onto my shoulder, moaning ever so loudly.




Without a notice, I ejected from her and commanded that she doesn’t turn around. I grabbed her arms and lead her to the bed before forcing her to lay. Pulling her up from her arms, forcing her onto her knees, I inserted my cock inside of her once more, thrusting more rapidly than I had before. She moaned, calling out my name but I was quick to remind her that it’s master now.

When she didn’t call me by the correct name, I exit from her; causing her to beg and plea for me to reenter. Once my ego is stroked, I enter inside her, fucking her hard than before. But for my pleasure, I often pulled myself off even when she’s been calling me by the correct name. Hearing her beg for the return of my cock excites me. My cock grew harder with each beg. To tease her more, I rubbed the tip of my cock on her damp lips. Pretending to enter in once but refused. This made her beg more for my cock til she almost cried for it.




“I want to look at you.”

I made another demand, forcing her to lay onto her back.

“Look at me! Look!”

She opened her eyes in mid orgasm, locking eyes with me for a brief moment. I commanded that she open her eyes and look at me. When she refused, I eject from her once again.

“You will listen to my commands. When I say look at me, you do it.”

“Sorry Master. I’ll listen.”

I lifted her ass from the bed, giving her a smack before reentering her. She smiled at me and locked eyes with me until I had my final climax. My essence was released inside her, she moaned loudly as she grabbed the sheets. Tears streamed down her cheeks as her orgasm intensifies. Filling her up with every bit of my built up essence, she began to scream with pure joy and satisfaction.





We rested on the bed for moment. I was impressed of how much Daphne could take. I often had to take breaks with my wife and Sasha. I glanced over to the clock and saw that nearly 3 hours had passed. I smiled with glee, I knew she was a keeper.

“Okay I get why pushed me towards ordering a pasta dish.”

“Gotta load up on some carbs. I’m one heck of a workout.”

“And then some. I’ve never been fucked like that before. You fucked me like you didn’t get a fuck about me. Honestly I can say it was nice.”

“Nice? Just nice?”

“No I don’t mean by that. It’s just a nice change of pace. My sex life isn’t as exciting as this. I really needed this even if I’m going to regret it. I didn’t want to cheat but when I saw you, I had to have you.”

“Don’t feel so bad. It’s not cheating if you’re on a trip. The rules of marriage do not apply.”

“Bull fuckin’ shit. It applies, I’m the scum of the earth for doing this. It was so wrong but felt so right. I dunno who I am anymore.”

“Perhaps another round of fucking will improve your mood. Shall we have another go?”

“It’s true about you genies. You can keep on going and going.”




I felt that I should be gentler for this round of fucking. I gave her my all and she was able to handle it like a pro. She requested that I man handle her like during our first round. Without any hesitation, I grabbed the back of her neck and commanded that she ride me until I tell her to stop. “Yes, Master.” She smiled and promptly mounted on top of me. She is very good obedient bitch but I knew deep down inside, I couldn’t keep her.  




We fucked until it was near sundown. The sex was more intense during our second round. I needed a smoke and excused myself from Daphne’s hold.

“Okay that was even better. Oh man wow. I think I might be a little sore.”

“I know. It happens.”

“Aren’t we conceited? Ha ha ha. I think I should plan another trip here later on this year.”

“Why would you do that?”




“We had a great time. I know I did but did you?”

“Yes I did but you can’t seriously think about returning.”

“Why not? We are friends, right?”

“We are but remember how you wish to not cheat on her husband? You will feel guilt when you return home. I do not want to be the cause of the end of your marriage.”

“I’m going to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone but my husband; I know he’s fooling around.”

“You have any proof of this? Even so, 2 wrongs won’t make a right. You see here, you’re trying to justified fucking me is okay cause you believe your husband is stepping out on you. Am I right?” 




“Yeah but I really think we have a special connection. I miss the raw passion in my marriage. It died when I was told that I couldn’t have kids. Sex became a chore. But today, I enjoyed it for the first time in years.”

“We could continue to have sex but it will turn into more than sex and I cannot allow that.”

“You don’t know that! It will be just sex. Great, awesome, toe curling sex. I need this. You don’t know how bad it is.”

“You’re going to fall in love with me and I cannot return that love. It’s best if we part ways forever after today.”

“Are you serious? Is this what you do with all your admirers? You just fuck them and never see or talk to them again?”

“Yes. It works out better for both of us. They’ll have the memory of a good fucking. But they don’t leave emptied handed. There’s a goodie bag at the end. I have a custom made dildo that was molded from my dick to give. My admirers enjoyed their parting gift.”




“I’m not going to be some girl that you tossed away cause you’re bored! I thought we were friends! I’m not going anywhere! You and I have something and I know you can feel it too. You haven’t seen the last of me!”

“Listen here bitch! You will not tell me what to do! Whatever I say goes, I am the law and you will do what I say! We will not see nor talk to each other after today! Do I make myself clear?! Do I?!”




“Cergio! Stop it! Let go of me! You’re hurting me!”

“I said do I make myself clear, bitch?!”

“Yes! Yes Cergio but please let go! It really hurts!”

I looked into Daphne’s eyes, I could see the fear as tears trickle down her cheeks. I looked down noticing that I was holding firmly of her wrists. I quickly let of her and shouted but not at her. She rubbed her wrists and walked away from me.

“Daphne, wait; don’t go. I’m sorry.”

“That really hurt. I was scared.”




I sat down on the bed and let out a loud sigh. Daphne joined me, lightly caressing my shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you and grabbed you like that.”

“It’s okay.”

“No; it’s not okay. I shouldn’t handle you like that. You see Daphne, you and I could grow into something more and it’s not fair to your husband or my wife. Plus I’m an asshole and dangerous. You saw what I just did to you. I didn’t know I was hurting you let alone what I was doing. Sometimes I just snap. I’m no good for you. I’m just gonna end up hurting you emotionally and physically. I made a promise to my wife, I will not get emotionally involved with another woman whom I’m fucking. In our marriage, that is considered cheating.”

“Well maybe you’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t see each other but I like being around you. I just don’t wanna be cut out of your life. We can just be friends and maybe we should bring someone with us when we meet. It will stop us from screwing each other.”

“But if we continue to chat there’s still that chance of getting emotionally involved. I cannot, will not keep you. I just wish you could see it this way. It is for the best.”

“So this is it?”

“Yeah. We better head back to the dock. My show starts in 2 hours.”




While Daphne got herself cleaned up and dressed, I drove the boat back to the dock. I could hear Daphne sobbing on the deck below me. She didn’t bother coming up once she was done. I felt bad for her but knew this was for the best. Maybe in time she will see it my own and realize this is the best decision.




“Will I still be seeing you at my show tonight?”

“Of course you will. I bought a ticket and you don’t do refunds. Plus my friends are coming out too. They are curious about the naked violinist.”

“They will enjoy the show.”

“I wanna tell you something.”





She caught me off guard, ambushing me with a kiss. Her lips were soft and sweet, without thinking I embraced her with a kiss but not just any average kiss. A kiss with raw passion. The taste of her lips was pure ecstasy. Even I was surprised by my own reaction. I’ve kissed any of my other admirers nor do I with the other females whom I fuck including Sasha. Kissing is an intimate act which I only do with my wife. It was another promise I made to my wife on our wedding. I will never kiss another woman. I leaned in and whispered into Daphne’s ear.

“I must see you again.” 

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