Ciderwood: Chapter 3 – Daddy’s Girls

We arrived in the neighboring town of Keystone which is also known as the alpine meadows, early the next morning. A relatively small town like Gander but mostly surrounded by the alpine forest. It has always been an ideal spot for camping in this regional area. With Desmond being of the undead occult of the likeness of Vampirism, I figure we should opt for a cabin this year. Sunlight for his kind drains him, leaving him sluggish and un-entertaining. He usually spend his day in his tent. However Desmond had acquired a new vitamin for vamps that gives them more energy during daylight hours.




He lit up the fire pit while I grabbed a couple of bottles of beer. The kids were out playing in the lake and this gave Desmond and I some time to chat.

“I never felt so alive since taking these pills. And it also feels great to be out here with my boy again. Those were the longest 3 years ever. I promised my boy that I will never go back.”

“Yes but your lack of finding employment will send you back. You had a good thing going with Shilia at Ciderwood. I put in a good word for you.”

“Yeah but she wanted me to be the janitor basically. I was hoping to do something else in the magic shop.”

“What possibly could you do? You have no knowledge of alchemy. You could barely run the register.”

“Well I just didn’t want to clean anymore toilets. I did that shit before prison and while in prison.”

“You cannot be so picky, Desmond; especially with the felony charge. When do you see your P.O.?”

“In 2 weeks. I can’t return without a job. Can you help me again? I promise I will work hard. How about a job at the theater? You got any openings? I know a thing or two about stage lights and stuff.”

“I do not but I can get you a job at the diner. Busboy, you can start there.”

“Busboy? Really man? I still gotta clean after people.”

“You have no work ethic. This is the best I can do. Take it or return to prison.”

“Fine. I’ll do it. Thanks man. I appreciate it.”




I would like to believe Desmond would keep his word, but I know in the back of my mind he will disappoint me. He has never held down a legit job down. I do have an opening at the theater but I know Desmond would take advantage of me and slack off. Perhaps if he proves to me that he is serious about working hard at the diner, then maybe I will hire him on. He changed the subject about daughters, he’s still heart-broken about learning Layne is not his. He believes that I’m lucky since I have 4 daughters. The truth is, I really have 4 headaches.

“This was supposed to be Layne’s first camping trip. It would be nice to teach her how to fish, set up a tent, track wild life in the woods. I dreamed for this day when Pen and I found out the baby is a girl. You’re really lucky to have daughters. Raine and Layne are cousins, I figure she would tag along. They are the best of friends.”

“Raine and Fran tried to convince me to take Layne too. But you know how your ex-wife is, she didn’t trust me to pick up Ender for you. Besides, I felt it would not be best. Layne is getting to know her father and you would just confuse things for me. Plus it would be best for you. I know how hard it is for you to see her.”

“I guess you are right. It kills me when she calls me, Mr. Desmond. Sometimes when she looks at me, it’s like she remembers that I was her dad. I’ve been talking to Nina, trying to work things out with her again. I never stopped loving her. I talked about having another kid and laughs at me saying don’t coming to her for a kid. She said 2 is enough, dealing with Ada and a toddler is all she could handle.”

“Nina is right. Ada alone is enough, look at this shit. My child with yours, they are teens, they can’t be trusted. Ada! Get off of that white boy!”



“Stop it dad! You’re ruining my life! I love him!”

I sighed when I heard the words, “I love him.” No words a father wants to hear from their teenage daughter. I know Ender since he was small and aware he’s an okay kid but still, I don’t trust the boy. I know the minds of teenage boys, I know the one thing they desire and I’m sure in hell not going to allow that to happen. Desmond laughed and mention how cute they are together but I don’t see it. Nothing is cute about this.




“And you want a daughter. As you see, I am ruining her life. Everything I say and do is ruining her life. What life? What life does a 14 year old girl have? I forbid her from having boyfriends. I know what your boy wants.”

“Ha ha ha! You don’t have to worry about Ender. Him and I had the talk. Maybe you should have the talk with Ada. Ender isn’t ready for sex. He loves Ada. He’s harmless.”

“Right. He only say that so you wouldn’t watch him like a hawk. I know they both planned something, I just know it.”

“Nah. I think you’re just being paranoid. The kids aren’t up to anything. Not like they can do much with the little ones here. If they would go sneak off, Raine or Fran would alert us. You also brought your dog, she’ll let us know what’s up.”




“I don’t trust them alone together. I’m watching your boy and you need to watch him too. I’ll be damned to become a young grandfather.”

“Aren’t you in your sixties? Most men your age are grandfathers! Ha ha ha!”

“I am consider young of my kind. Having a grandchild now is not ideal nor will it ever be.”

“So Ada isn’t allowed to have kids ever? Even when she’s grown and married?”

“Never. No boy or man shall entered my daughter or any of my daughters.”

“I don’t think they make chastity belts anymore, ha ha ha! And what about your sons? They won’t be allowed to be with a female?”

“That’s different. My sons are freed to engage with females.”

“Your sons can date but your daughters can’t. That’s a double standard.”

“Boys cannot come home pregnant. Just wait until you have a daughter. Your thinking will change.”




I decided that maybe I should have the talk with Ada like Desmond suggested. It was that time for us to have the talk, something that I dreaded. And to think that I will have to do this 5 more times. I told Ada to board my boat and I took her far from the shore.

“What’s up dad? Where are we going?”

“We need to have the talk.”

“Seriously? Oh please! We are not having this conversation, dad.”

“We are having this conversation and you will like it.”

“So embarrassing dad! Ender is gonna laugh at me.”

“You think I care? I am your father. My job is to embarrass you.”

“Ugh! This sucks ass, dad!”



“You will become a woman on your 15th birthday in Navox nature. But with modern times, you are still a child, however after your 15th birthday you will come into your Navox instincts. Your body will crave the desire of man. You will not give into that desire or ever. If chastity belts was still made, you shall wear one.”

“You gotta be kidding me, dad! One day, I’m gonna have sex and you’re gonna have to deal with that.”

“I forbid you! You will not ever be involved with a male, especially Ender. Who knows what spawns you would create with that boy. He is of witch and vampire, you are of genie. When it comes to the time when I’m ready for you to procreate, I will be choosing your first male. One of Navox descent.”

“You married a human, my mom is a witch but basically  a human with magic and Sasha and Regan are the same. Why is it okay for you to be with a non-Navox descent but I can’t? I don’t see the big deal about Ender. I love him, dad.”

“I am currently on the hunt. To be fairly honest, Kelly and the others are a temporarily fix until I find a Navox family. And just your luck, my brother has acquire a Navox wife. She has family, one day we shall get close to them.”




“So you’re gonna arrange a marriage? That’s unfair! I love Ender and I wanna be with him. Maybe I can do what you’re doing.”

“No. You will not get close to the boy. You must remain perfect for the Navox male. I forbid you from seeing Ender!”

“You can’t do that dad! You can’t keep me away from him!”

“Watch me. Pick up a pole, you shall not be leaving until you catch lunch.”

“Seriously? Fishing takes forever and it’s boring!”

“Exactly. It will keep you away from the boy.”

“So unfair! I hate you, dad! You’re ruining my life!”




Since I was having the talk with my first born, I allowed Desmond to act as a surrogate father to Fran and Raine. He wanted to teach Layne the ways of camping, I figure he could with my younger daughters. I wasn’t looking forwarded in teaching them in the first place. I could use from a break from my younger children, they talk too much.

“Look Desmond! I catch one!”

“That’s great Fran! I knew you could do it.”

“Really? I wish daddy could had see me catch it. Why can’t we couldn’t fish with daddy? I want my daddy.”

“I know but your dad needed to have an important with Ada. Maybe he’ll take you and Raine tomorrow.”





After lunch, my daughters pulled Desmond and I to the lake after much whining. Desmond enjoyed teaching Fran and Raine to fish but didn’t think they had as much fun as he did. They often whined about wanting to fish with me. The bond between a Navox father and their child age daughter is strong.

My daughters prefer me over anyone but the bond loosens once they become a woman. The Mother becomes their preference, however with modern times, it can be either one. For the most part, fathers are the stronger preference. With Navox Mothers and sons, that bond is never loosen. And with my attention on the young girls, I didn’t notice how the bond is becoming looser with my oldest.




“So we are alone.”

“Yeah finally. My dad is trying to forbid me from seeing you. He can’t do that!”

“Right! I thought your dad liked me. We are like best friends.”

“He likes you, he just don’t want you in me. He’s such a jerk. We aren’t ready for that. Are we?”

“Well; um my dad and I had the talk. So I know about sex and stuff. He talk about condoms and if I’m gonna do it then I should have protection. What about you?”

“My dad just had some kind of talk but mainly him trying to ban me from you. I already had the sex chat with my aunt. I’m only 14 and my body isn’t ready yet. Right now I’m not interested in sex only cause my body isn’t baby ready yet. That’s what my aunt said. I won’t be sexually matured until I’m 15. I will be considered a woman cause I can have babies. But if I have sex now, I won’t get pregnant but I also won’t enjoy it. It’s not gonna do much for me, at least that’s what my aunt said.”

“So next year? Ha ha ha! I mean if you’re ready for it.”

“Yeah. Maybe.”




I turned around to not see Ada nor Ender. I just knew they wandered off to something that I do not approve. I was able to track their scent and found them chatting about sex while fondling each other. I knew I shouldn’t have reacted as badly as I did. I mean by cause Ada isn’t sexually matured and has no interest in sex for the time being. But seeing the boys hands all over daughter infuriated me.

“What in the fuck! Get your hands off of my daughter!”

“Dad! Seriously!”

“If you value your pathetic your sorry life, you got 2 seconds to get away from my daughter!” 




“I’m sorry Cergio! I didn’t mean to do anything!”

“I will end you!”

“Oh my gosh, dad! You are so embarrassing!”

“I forbid you from seeing this boy or any boy!”

“You can’t do that! You’re ruining my life! We love each other!”

“I don’t care! You better run, boy and fast!”

“Oh shit! Sorry Ada! I don’t wanna die!”

“Ender! Come back!”

“You better run, skinny white boy!”




Ender stayed hidden in his tent for the rest of the evening and of course Ada wouldn’t speak to me. I roasted marshmallows with Fran and Raine. I knew Ada was really mad at me cause marshmallows is one of Ada’s faves. I was hurt that she didn’t join us but I did what I believe what was right. I don’t want Ada to get too close to Ender cause one day she won’t be allowed to be with him.

Ada is unaware about the politics in the regional area and lawmakers are trying to change the laws of marriage. They wish to ban inter-species marriages. Humans with humans and subhumans with subhumans of the same occult. With the rise of hybrid births, a new strain of virus was created and infecting hundreds of infants. The virus is becoming more vicious, causing serious birth defects, health conditions and now death.  It won’t be too long before my marriage with Kelly will become illegal.  Until they can find a cure, they want to ban inter-species marriages. I would hate for Ada to learn her relationship is illegal. I rather have Ada think I’m just being a dick than knowing the truth now. I am just trying to protect her. 




By the next morning, Ada and I were in speaking terms. Desmond took the girls and his son for a morning nature walk. I hanged back with Ada and figure it was time to bathe in the lake. I admire the sunrise as I washed my perfect body. With the birds chirping in the trees and the sound of the waterfall in the background, this morning was perfect. Being out in the wild like this is breath taking, I cannot see how my brother prefers the city life. Perhaps we shall go camping one day. 




“Why aren’t you bathing now? The boy is gone, he cannot see you. It is why I made Desmond do the nature walk. The days of you and Ender bathing together in the lake is over.”

“Cause I’m too old to be bathing with my dad. Besides dad; I can cleanse myself with my magic.”

“Okay then why are you looking so salty? You know what I had to do is for the best.”

“I know dad and I know why you’re being a dick. Mama told me what’s going on.”

“You know?”

“I know about the pending law changes. You don’t want me with Ender cause the law will say. You think I’m gonna be all hurt. I know what’s coming and I’m prepared. But then I think, what if I move to another area, where it’s okay. I don’t wanna live in Montana forever. Maybe in Washington or Oregon.”

“If Montana passes the law, it’s sure to spread nationwide. Washington and Oregon are sure to adopt it first before the rest of the country.  It’s better if you and Ender are just friends, nothing more.”



“It’s so unfair dad. We can’t be with who we wanna be with. I guess this is how the Gays felt before they won. Maybe we can fight it? I know there are protests going on. I was wondering dad, if I can join the one next week in Lansing Fall?”

“Only with your aunt. I know she plans to attend but if things get out of hand, you leave at once with your aunt.”

“Really? So you’re okay with me going to the protest?”

“Yes. Only cause I do not agree with the law. Not only will inter-species marriage would be banned, also birthing hybrids will be illegal. You could be jailed and have your child taken away by the state. The child would be put down if he or she carries the virus. Humans don’t see subhumans as people. The race wars are beginning. Forbidding you from Ender is my way of protecting you.”

“You could just tell me the real reason. You didn’t have to be a dick. Ender won’t even look at me.”

“Cause being a dick is more fun. I am your father, it is my job, like it’s your job to be totally unreasonable with everything.”




I had a touching moment with my daughter. She knew of my reasons and understood why. But she is right, the whole thing is unfair. But like teenagers, humans are totally unreasonable. But to leave things on a lighter note, here’s some hot sponge action.




2 thoughts on “Ciderwood: Chapter 3 – Daddy’s Girls

  1. Awww. 😦 Poor kids, they just wanna be together. Nothin’s gonna stop em though, I mean it’s Ender and Ada hahahaaaa. IT’S MEANT TO BE CERGIO AND YOU CAN’T STOP IT!

    • Ya know how Cergio is. Doesn’t like no one messing with his girls, especially if its Ender hahahaha But no matter what, Ada & Ender will always be drawn to each other.

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