State Of Tigo *12/24/15*

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a good week. I felt it was time to announce a few things. As some of you know I have a 100 baby challenge going on just for fun and I have been reblogging it from my other blog. As of now, I will no longer will be reblogging it on this blog. So if you still want to follow it, please start following my other blog, Montigo Extra. I created that blog specially for my game plays that I do for fun. I felt like my game plays posts were cluttering my legacy blog.

Also I want to mention that I am accepting daddy donors for my BC. CC is fine as long as it is just skin, hair or makeup. Sliders are fine too. Just no berries, aliens or mermaids. Other occults are fine.

I don’t think I ever mention that I have my story, Show Yourself split up in seasons. I did this so I could write up summaries for new readers who come in late in the game. They won’t be so overwhelm with trying to catch up. Also I’m doing this cause there will be some extended breaks between each time, gives me time to set up new saves and taking a break from writing would be nice too haha. Close to the beginning of starting the next season, the summary would gloss over the previous and can be used as a refresher as I also mention, there will be extended breaks. I’ve been working on Season’s 2 save for almost a month, it takes time.

So when will Season 2 start? Honestly I’m not sure. I just finished on making over the community lots and currently working on the house. Here’s a peek of the house.

You can also see the lots that I makeover and built on my facebook page.


I hope that everyone is having a fabulous holiday or whatever you’re into!


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