Ciderwood: Chapter 2 – Darling Offspring

Hollywood always portrayed having a daughter is wonderful and great. Adorable when they have princess parties and invite you to their tea party with their dollies. During the early years, it’s sweet but then you realize they will soon grow out of their cuteness and turn into a hormonal monster. No matter what you say or do, you will always be unfair and ruining their life.

My first born Ada turned 14 late spring. After much debate and discussion, I agreed to allow Ada to attend the academy for her high school career. Because of the curse, Ada along with her siblings were home schooled.  But since it is now broken, attending school in town would be okay. However for Ada, attending school outside of home could spell disaster.

Like me, Ada was born a shell, a person without a soul, a person who lack empathy and basic human emotions. An obvious indicator of a shell is having red eyes. Having red eyes is abnormal either as a human or sub-human. If Ada wished to attend school in town, she had to opt to wearing colored contacts. Humans and sub-humans fear shells. Overly religious folks believe shells are the devil’s soldiers. We are no such things and think that’s ridiculous. The academy won’t accept her if they knew she’s a shell. Not even my generous donation would get her in. Ada choose a color that was close to her mother’s. She always thought her mother’s eyes were beautiful. They were. I was sadden when Ada decided to start wearing them once she got them. I always saw myself whenever I looked into her eyes.



On Ada’s 6th birthday, I gave her a horse. One day after watching her favorite cartoon show, she wished for a horse. Naturally I told her no, I simply didn’t want to deal with a horse. Luckily for Ada, Shilia chimed in saying it would be nice to have a horse around. We had the space, Shilia had the time. Giving Ada a horse was the right the decision. As I felt with Ada caring for a horse, it would keep her out of trouble. I knew she would be a teen one day. A teen with a horse is unlikely to make time for a boy. Ada loved nothing more than her horse, Sienna. So I thought.




But if Sienna doesn’t keep Ada busy, then putting her on diaper duty would. Ada doesn’t mind looking after Desire or her younger sibling. And if she didn’t, I don’t care. She will look after them rather she likes it or not. I didn’t have to demand or ask Ada, she doesn’t get along with Kelly and thinks she’s a shitty mother. Ada often say, “Someone gotta take care of her. Your wife is useless.”




Francesca, my second born. She’s only 9 and a half, I still have a few years before she turns into a hormonal monster like Ada. Fran doesn’t show any signs growing up too fast. She’s smaller than most kids her age, dresses younger and behave such. Princess parties are still Fran’s favorite activity. Since allowing Ada to attend school, I have decided to allow Fran to do the same. She’s pretty excited about it and I am too. I can do more work without being bothered when she’s done with her studies for the day. I adore my daughter however I find children very annoying.




On this day I headed over to Regan’s residence. Tomorrow is our annual camping trip. This year Cedric and Raine will be tagging along for the first time. I felt they were old enough to enjoy the camping trips. Every summer, Desmond, his kid Ender, Ada and I go camping for a week ever since Ada and Ender were 7.

The twins are excited about the trip. I use to enjoy the trip when it was just me and Ada. I started taking just Ada since she was 3, later Desmond and Ender joined, now my other kids are joining in. The purpose of the trip was to teach Ada to be less useless. Now I’m teaching everyone to be less useless.




“What are you doing here? Regan isn’t home. You can leave now!”

Penny, the most unpleasant female I ever encountered, always greeted me with her resting bitch face and snarl. She never cared much for me since I impregnated Regan. The feeling is mutual, I never cared much for her either. She’s never in a good mood, especially since her divorce. She only have herself to blame but insists to take out her anger on me. 

“I am aware that Regan is not here. I am here to pick up my demon spawns and yours.”

“For what? My kid or my nephew and niece will not go anywhere with you!”

“Have you forgotten about the camping trip. It is tomorrow. Desmond has told you.”

“Oh that. Yeah they aren’t going.”




“What do you mean, they aren’t going?”

“Oh. Guess Re hasn’t told you yet. Your little brats are grounded. They won’t be going.”

“Grounded? For what? They are ungrounded now.”

“You can’t just waltz in here and undermine my Regan’s authority! This isn’t your house.”

“This isn’t your house either!”

“I know but still. They live with her and what she say goes.  You can go now. Desmond can pick up Ender.”

“I am not leaving without my children! Bring them to me at once, ratchet!”




“Who are you calling a ratchet?! I am far from being a tool!”

“I would call you a hoe but we both know that is inaccurate. Your bitchy attitude act as a dick repellent.”

“You are such an ass! I don’t get what my sister saw in you. Neither do I get of how my sister is your type. My sister is sweet and I met your wife. She’s more bitchier than me and you complain about me?” 

“Kelly doesn’t take anyone’s shit and you are just snarky and miserable. No male wants to be involved with that.”




“Not even you?”


“You think my sister is so hot. What about me? I know about your open marriage.”

“You are insane. Have you been drinking?”

“Just a tad. Am I your type? It’s been so long since a man touched me.”




“You’re seriously hitting me? You have gone mad, woman?”

“Oh so I’m not good enough for you?! You’re such a shallow dick! I bet if I had huge tits like my sister then you would be all over me! Ya know, I could be just as good as her!”

“Why the fuck do you care about my opinion about you? Since when did you have any interest in me? I always been the scum of the Earth in your eyes. You may not be vampire like your son but you are just as thirsty as one.”

“Look Cergio, I just wanna be told that I’m still pretty. I went on a date last week and it was horrible.”

“I will tell you this. You are pretty drunk. Now where are my children?”

I was put off by Penny’s odd behavior but she admitted of being a bit tipsy. But then again, I’m always put off by Penny. I could see the desperation in her eyes, it’s almost dad. With Regan newly engaged and expecting a child, the jealousy within Penny grows. With Penny ogling me, I knew she had hit rock bottom. As much as I enjoy sex, I wasn’t about to be a tool just to make her feel better about herself.




I made my way towards the living room, rebuffing Penny’s advances. I was soon greeted by Regan’s fiance, Bryn Yager.

“Hey Cergio. I heard you with Penny. Sorry about that. I was working on a new drink for the bar and I guess the last one was a bit strong.”

“It is alright. It was a matter of time before she threw herself at me. It is true about children being grounded?”

“Half true, yes one is grounded but not both. Cedric and my son Spencer decided to steal some candy from the store yesterday. They are both grounded. But Raine, she’s not in trouble. She can still go on the camping trip.”

“Stealing candy? My son would do no such thing. He isn’t allowed to consume candy. Cedric and Raine have strict organic diets.”

“Yes I know. I try to not let Spencer have candy around the twins so they wouldn’t feel left out. But kids will be kids.”

“Where is he? I must speak with him.”

“He should be on the back deck.”




I found Cedric sitting out on the deck with Spencer. I commanded Spencer to exit so I could speak with my son. I have to admit that I was not thrilled when the doctor reveled we would have a boy. Regan was excited and felt I would be too since Cedric would be my first son.

With Navox nature, births of males are unpleasing. In my first life, huge celebrations were thrown after the birth of a female. Females are highly respected and was the head of the household. Females are the Alpha while males are the Beta. A lot different from Earth where males are seen as the stronger gender. Beta Navox males are often threatened after a birth of a male. Dominance is threaten and can be overthrown. Before taking the title of the Beta male, the male offspring must challenge and defeat the current Beta male. After the birth of my only child who is male in my first life, I had him sent away.  After Cedric’s birth, it was silly to think my dominance was still threaten. I often have to let him know, that I am still the boss.

“What in the fuck? Stealing candy? You know you are not allowed to consume that artificial junk.”

“But it looked so good. I just wanted to know how it taste like.”

“It taste like shame and disappointment. The feeling that I have now.”

“I’m sorry dad. So I can’t go camping? Can you unground me?”

“I would but I should not undermine your mother. Your aunt has already bitched at me about that. But if you must steal, try not to get caught. No son of mine will be locked up. I will disown you.”




“I promised mom that I won’t steal again.”

“Good cause you suck at thievery. Perhaps if you had employment, you would not have such idle hands.”

“What are you saying, dad?” 

“You’re getting a job. Shilia has a lemonade stand in front of her shop. That will be your employment for the rest of the summer. You shall not spend the summer being useless.”

“But daaaaad! I dunno wanna sell lemonade! It’s so boring and girly!”

“Too bad. Maybe you should have thought about that before trying to life the thug life. It did not choose you.”

“Fine dad.”

“If you do well, then we shall go on a camping trip later. Just you and I.”




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