Ciderwood: Reintroduction


About almost 2 year ago I started a story called Ciderwood Lane but ended up abandoned it cause 1. I had too many stories going and 2. the secondary save was faulty. I was in no mood redo Moonlight Falls for the 3rd time. I liked the element of the story and felt Cergio was still an important factor in the legacy, I decided to reboot the series and keeping some of the original plots. I don’t want to spend a great amount of detail refreshing memory and new readers wouldn’t have a clue. I just dived into the story, picking up after 8 years where the original story left off.


The Origin

Cergio along with his twin sister Boragaia and Alaula fae guardian Shilia Shiloh lived on a sacred land known as Kamilah Grove; which lies a little outside of a small Northwestern mountain town called Garner. Both Cergio and Boragaia are reincarnated Navox Gods that was reborn from their descendant Zinnia. After birth, Shilia was sent to retrieve Cergio and Boragaia then wiped Zinnia’s memory along with the hospital staff; making them believe Zinnia only gave birth to a set of twins, Borage and Celsia. Shilia was requested to raise Cergio and Boragaia by their father, Kratos.

During their upbringing, it was soon discovered Cergio and Boragaia were born with a curse that tied them to Kamilah Grove. The curse was placed on them by a Kaianite fae, named Raquel during the war on the planet Navoxnia in their first life. When Cergio rejected Raquel’s marriage proposal, Raquel assassinated Boragaia before his eyes then later assassinates Cergio but not before the curse was placed. As children Cergio and Boragaia weren’t allowed to leave the land after sundown or they would turn into their demon form. During a full moon, although when they are on the land they would still turn into their demon form, however the energy from the land keeps their violent nature at bay. If off of the land, they would become unpredictable, violent, showing no mercy if a human happen to come upon them. The curse was set to prevent them from migrating, keeping them in one spot for Raquel to find them easily. Raquel knew one day they would be reborn.

Unknowingly to Raquel, Kratos cloned Cergio and Boragaia from Borage and Celsia, giving them a different appearance and a half god status. Kratos hid Cergio and Boragaia’s true selves within Borage and Celsia making them extraordinary.  However this made Cergio and Boragaia not fully reborn. With Cergio and Boragaia original selves locked with their counterparts, then remain invisible to Raquel or anyone of her kind. If Cergio was to approach to Raquel, he would appear as an average human. The only way to make them visible is by a broken heart.


The curse made Boragaia infertile which meant Cergio would have to procreate, however Cergio isn’t a fan of children. Cergio was directed by Kratos to create a harem of women who would bear his 50 children. Reluctantly, Cergio set out to find 3 women with witch powers to come live with him and be apart of his harem. Since Garner is a fairly small town, he set out for Lansing Falls, a neighboring town just 30 miles away. He first found Nina Simons singing at bar. She was a vocal for a local jazz band and was recently broken up with her long-term boyfriend, Desmond Flake. This made Nina an easy target. Nina soon gave birth to his first child, Ada. Sasha Shaine was the next female. Cergio met Sasha at a coffee house during an open mic night. Sasha plays the guitar and he was impressed. However Sasha was a basic human but mention about converting. She had been studying alchemy which kept Cergio interested. After some time, Sasha successfully converted into a witch and Cergio impregnated her after several attempts.  Sasha gave birth to Cergio’s second child, Francesca. Regan Locke was the final female for Cergio’s harem. Cergio met Regan at a park and Cergio admired Regan’s innocence. However Cergio knew convincing Regan to join wouldn’t be easy. Cergio tricked Regan into believing they were in a relationship soon as she became pregnant.

Where things left off

During Regan’s 8th month of pregnancy, Cergio felt it was time to move Regan in. Once Regan was settled in, Cergio reveled the truth which left her in pieces. Nina and Sasha attempted to comfort Regan and help her adjust to her new living arrangements. Before leaving her sister Penny’s home in Lansing Falls, Penny attempted to convince Regan into  staying. She felt Cergio was no good and believed he was hiding something. Regan had no idea how right her younger sister was. Regan wanted to leave but was told she couldn’t leave until the baby was born due to the family curse. However if Regan choose to leave after birth, she couldn’t take their child and her memory would be erased. This left Regan with a difficult decision. Regan learns she had no say in their son’s name or how the nursery would be set. Cergio chose the name Cedric for their son and his nursery was already set up. Regan was assured she could still see her family since Ada is best friend with her nephew Ender Flake. The first chapter ends with Regan despondent.

Penelope Flake revels that she is pregnant with her second child but also revels her husband Desmond Flake is not the father. After having a secret ultrasound, it shown Penny’s pregnancy was further along than she hoped. It confirmed Desmond is not the father however it confirm their neighbor Joey Shaine is the father. Penny attempts to convince her doctor to say the baby was 2 weeks younger when Desmond joins her for the next appointment. Dr. Judd thought Penny’s request was odd but told Penny she could not lie about the baby’s age. Penny confesses to Joey about her pregnancy and told Joey that he would not be the child’s father and how he needs to believe the child is Desmond’s. Joey holds a secret about his sexuality and knows this would be his only shot on being a natural parent. Penny didn’t care about Joey’s opinion or feelings, she told him that he needed to deal.

What happen over the course of 8 years

Regan struggles to settle in but during the final month of her pregnancy, Regan comes to term of how things will be. She decides to stay so she could have a relationship with her son.  Everyone was in for a surprise when Regan gave birth to a set of twins, one being a girl. Cergio was displeased with the surprise and refused to hold any of the babies. This left Regan with the option to name her daughter, Raine.

After the births of the twins, Cergio began to spend more time with his lover, Brielle Yager who is also Regan’s youngest sister. Cergio’s relationship with Brielle tends to be temperamental as Brielle often gets under Cergio’s skin. Brielle has a habit of wanting to make Cergio jealous because she wants their relationship to have a label. Brielle felt if Cergio saw her with other men then it will force him to make things official. However Cergio doesn’t fall for Brielle’s trap which leaves him to question his feelings for Brielle.

When Desmond shares the news about the new baby to his mother Drysda, she decides to make a visit. This make Penny nervous cause her mother-in-law was never a fan of her and she believed she could sense the baby wasn’t Desmond’s. During the visit, Drysda announced that she would be relocating to Garner so she could be closer. This made Penny more uneasy. Penny had lied about her due date however Drysda wasn’t easily fooled. She knew that Penny was hiding something.

As Penny’s true due date was near, Penny becomes more anxious and nervous. To make matter worse, Joey often came over. However Penny’s behavior whenever Joey appears made Drysda more suspicious of Penny. After much debate, Penny decides to induce her labor which would make her baby 4 weeks early. Fortunately for the unborn child, none of Penny’s labor inducing tricks worked. As her due date was just a week away, Penny goes into labor. She gives birth to a daughter who Desmond named, Layne.  However Drysda wasn’t overjoyed of the birth of her “granddaughter”. Penny knew that Drysda could sense something wasn’t right. Layne was born with red hair and was just a witch like Penny. When Regan came to meet her new niece, Penny points out how red hair runs in the family.

Boragaia came to terms of never becoming a mother decades ago, however after befriending a scientist named Maddox Yager. Boragaia learns she could become a mother by creating a Botanian, a plant base child by splicing plant DNA with human DNA. Boragaia studies closely next to Maddox as he attempts to pluperfect his botany formula. She notices how he becomes obsessed with it which started to concern her. Boragaia questions Maddox if she could meet his Botanian child named Ivy. Maddox tends to change the subjects, however Maddox confesses that Ivy had died long ago and its reasons why he has been working hard. Maddox then explains how Ivy was his first creation alone.

He had a partner and together they created the first Botanian child named, Amenia. Maddox explained how they were successful with creating Amenia and she was able to grow into adulthood however in a faster rate than a human child. Amenia grew from an infant to an adult in a span of 2 years. Maddox and his partner couldn’t agree on slowing down the aging process. Maddox believed the formula was perfect and slowing down the aging process would result in premature death of the Botanian. His partner tried to explain how a child growing from an infant to an adult is not ideal for parents with fertile issues. His partner felt they should create a new formula where the child would grow at a normal rate as a human child. However Maddox didn’t care and felt it should be left alone. This caused his partner to split and taking all of his research, including the formula, leaving Maddox with nothing. Maddox attempted to replicate the formula from memory thus creating Ivy. However Ivy didn’t grow as quickly as Amenia did. Ivy appeared to grow at a normal rate as a human. Since Maddox was newly married, bringing home a plant baby wasn’t ideal and entrusted a colleague to care for Ivy outside of the lab. Ivy was close to her second birthday when her health begin to deteriorate. Maddox preformed a mercy kill just 2 days shy of Ivy’s second birthday. He couldn’t stand to see his creation suffer any longer.

Maddox confesses how he hates to admit failure and boasts how Ivy is alive in fact he’s actually referring to his second creation named Aurora. 2 years after Ivy’s death, he created Aurora and he felt the timing was right. Aurora came to life just 2 weeks after the birth of his first child, Nova. However his wife Petra was displeased with now having to care for 2 newborns. Petra also express her displease of Maddox playing god. It was hard for Petra to treat Aurora as her own. Maddox felt it was perfect cause he could compare Aurora’s growth to Nova’s. When both girls were both 3 months old, Petra entered the nursery to find that Aurora advanced to a 6 month baby. Maddox boasts how Aurora is perfect and she’s now 15. Aurora appears to be like most human 15 year olds and hasn’t had a sudden growth spurt since infancy.

Maddox told Boragaia how he wanted to try something different with her. He wanted to use flower DNA instead of a plant, he has been working on a new formula and thought flower DNA would be the better choice. Boragaia was given the choice of what flower to use; she chose her favorite, the azaleas. Before creating the flower child, Boragaia asked Maddox how does his family felt about him spending so much time with her. Maddox confesses how his wife took off with their kids 2 years ago, Petra couldn’t take anymore of his experiments. However Petra only took their human kids but left Aurora. He explained how she never accepted Aurora. He came home to a almost empty house with Aurora crying to herself in a corner. Aurora told Maddox when she, Nova and their brother Bastian came home from school, Petra told Nova and Bastian to go pack their bags. She then tells Aurora to go to the store and buy a few food items. By the time Aurora returned, Petra finished loading up her car and told Aurora that she couldn’t take it anymore and she and the kids will never come back.

Boragaia was finally given the gift to become a mother of the first Rhod-Botanian created who she named, River. However Cergio wasn’t pleased with the creation of his niece and disgusted how Boragaia went along with the plan. Cergio calls River abomination of nature. Kratos shared his dislike with Cergio, telling Boragaia that he was disappointed of her actions of playing god. Kratos then warns Boragaia that no good will come from this. In Boragaia’s eye, River is perfect. River had a different appearance than the previous plant base children. River’s coloring was the same as a pink azalea flower.

Maddox was pleased with River and requested to watch River closely, which this means bring River into the lab for weekly testing. Boragaia wasn’t completely comfortable having River studied so closely but before the creation of River, she had to sign a contract and had agreed to studies. Maddox promised River will live like any other child. All the years, River grew at a normal rate as a human since infancy but had advanced motor skills than an average child. By River’s 5th birthday she has an IQ score of 118. Maddox’s obsession with River began to cause Boragaia some worry and concern. Boragaia is then remind of her father’s warning.

After Cergio shows an act of selflessness and compassion, which will be explained how later, the curse was lifted. Cergio and his family were no longer tied to the land and were able to travel or relocated. Boragaia’s fertility was restored and can have natural children of her own. However she is happy with River and doesn’t have plans to start family for some time. With the curse broken there was no need for his 3 female to stay with him. Cergio gave them the choice to leave or stay. Naturally Regan wanted to return to Lansing Falls but having 2 young children would require a lot of work. Regan needed all the help she needed and decided to stay until the twins were old enough to start school. Nina had thoughts about leaving but Ada told her if she leaves, she won’t be going with her. Ada likes living on the land and has her own horse. Nina didn’t want to leave without her daughter and decided to stay. Sasha made no plans to leave, her obsession of Cergio was strong and thought this would be her chance to be with him officially.

Cergio moves Brielle in which turns out to be a mistake. Cergio could not longer deal with Brielle’s antics and calls off their relationship. Cergio removes Brielle’s memory of living with him but allowed her to keep memory of him to make her suffer. After the break up, Cergio meets an unpleasant female named Kelly Latham during an open mic night at the coffee house in Lansing Falls. Cergio admired how Kelly didn’t fall easily for his pick up lines and called him out. Kelly was a challenge and Cergio was ready to accept it. Over time Cergio discovers Kelly was a teen mom. She grew up poor and had been in and out of fosters homes until she ran away. She kidnapped her son from another foster home when he was 3. Kelly has been homeless since but left her son in the care of her aunt.

Cergio offered to allow Kelly to stay with him but declined. Cergio offered his home several times. Kelly gives in after she was robbed at gun point. Kelly struggled to adjust, she wasn’t use to having a bed and meals prepared for her. Kelly refused to sleep in her own room and often sneaks into Cergio’s room and slept in his bed. Cergio had a strict rule of no females were allowed to sleep in his bed. He was annoyed at first but liked how she doesn’t obey him. Cergio began to lock his door at night only for Kelly to pick the lock. Cergio decided to pretend to sleep and catch Kelly attempting to sneak in. Kelly admits she likes sleeping near him cause she felt safe. Cergio reminds Kelly of his rules but ignores him and crawls in bed anyway. Cergio gives up for the night and they slept together. The following day, Cergio was disappointed to find Kelly didn’t sneak in. She remained in her bed all night. The following night, Cergio sneaks into Kelly’s bed and slept. In the morning, Cergio confesses that he likes sleeping next to her. Sasha was dumbfounded when she sees Kelly moving into Cergio’s room. Kelly is aware of Sasha’s obsession and this prompts her to mock her.

Over time a relationship develop between Cergio and Kelly which caused Sasha insanely jealous.  Sasha attempts to make Kelly living there uncomfortable which almost made Cergio evict her. Cergio made things official by marring Kelly. However Kratos was against the marriage, Cergio would still need to have a large number of children and Kelly was just a basic human. Cergio has plans to convert Kelly into a genie, a process that’s never been successful. Kratos warns Cergio the conversion will kill Kelly, Cergio listens to reason but decides to find a way to make her immortal instead.

After the twins with Regan’s 5th birthday, Regan makes arrangements to leave. Over the years, Regan enters a relationship with a much older male named, Bryn Yager. Cergio didn’t fight when Regan told him about moving in with Bryn along with the twins. Cergio knew he was the name Regan was destined to be with, however since remapping her family line, Bryn ended up being Regan’s step father for a brief time so the new Brielle could exist. Bryn owned a lakeside home in Garner and Cergio was okay with the living arrangement.

Nina wanted to return to beauty school after giving birth to another child with Cergio. They had a son named Acario. After their son’s 3rd birthday, Nina moved out taking Acario with her. Ada refused to joined Nina and stayed. Nina got an apartment in Garner so she could stay close to Ada and Acario would be close to Cergio.

Cergio and Kelly eventually had a daughter of their own who they named, Desire. She’s currently a month shy from her first birthday. Desire is mainly looked after Shilia, Boragaia or Ada. Kelly lacks a motherly instinct and never cared for her first child, Eli who is now an adult with 2 kids of his own. Kratos warns Cergio that Kelly wasn’t right as she’s not a good fit to ever be a mother.

Penny and Desmond’s lives were flipped upside down after Desmond was sent to prison. Desmond refused to find legit work and decided to sell a new street drug called  Vit V which was a high demand. Vit V is vampire blood that gives humans and wolves a LSD like trip and unnatural super human strength, temporary. Desmond was caught while trying to sell his own blood to an undercover cop. Desmond was sentenced 3 years.  While Desmond did his time, his mother came to live with Penny and help out. Naturally Penny did not like this idea but she needed the help. It wasn’t long before Drysda discover the truth about Layne. She overheard Penny fighting with Joey when he demanded to see his daughter. He then threaten if Penny doesn’t allow him to spend time with Layne, he’ll tell Drysda. This prompts Drysda to revel that she heard everything, she also tells Penny how she knew Layne was not apart her family. Layne didn’t have their scent and Desmond was too blind to notice. Desmond wanted a daughter and was happy to have one. While visiting Desmond in prison, Drysda delivers the news that Layne is not his. This prompts Desmond to file for divorce. He could no longer trust and blames her how he lost everything for her. He then confesses how he’s still in love with his ex Nina.

Penny loses her home and moves in with Bryn in Garner. Joey and his now boyfriend Amos follows Penny to Garner in hopes to be in Layne’s life. After the divorce, Penny chops her hair off and let Joey be a father to Layne. When Desmond finishes his prison time, he moves in with his mother in Garner. Desmond is heart broken whenever he sees Layne. She calls Joey dad now and calls Desmond, Mr. Desmond. Soon Desmond befriends Cergio and eventually became best friends. With Desmond out on parole, he must get a job. Cergio convinces Shilia to let Desmond help out in her magic shop. However it didn’t work out, Shilia felt Desmond was too lazy. With Desmond’s PO warning him he will face jail, Desmond turns to his ex Nina for help. Question is, will she help him?




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  1. It’s awesome to read how everything panned out, I really like the addition of Petra and kids to the story of course cause ya know I”m partial to my Bash and Maddox’ parts are soooooo him. Boragaia will really need to watch River with him 😦

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