Show Yourself: Chapter 10 – Risveglio *Season 1 Finale*

After the school year ended, we were promised a trip to Italy. My parents felt it was best to get in touch with our Italian roots and to spend more time with our Italian grandparents. The timing was perfect, I had a summer assignment to write a paper about Italy. With me visiting the country over the summer, I knew I would get an A.

Of course I was bummed out that I would be spending the summer without Noelle. Even if I stayed in town, we would still spend the summer apart. Noelle was going to a summer ballet camp, she was pretty excited about it. My brother Antonio was hoping to go to the same camp but was disappointed when he remember the Italy trip. However Antonio was surprised when he learns our grandmother Antonia enrolled Antonio, Giana and Clarice into summer ballet classes.

Italy is known for its superb fine arts and they knew they would learn from the best. Montell and I were enrolled into summer art classes. I was excited about that since I loved to draw and paint. Montell was more into sports than anything else but only looked forwarded to meeting cute girls in the art class.




My parents worked out a deal with our Italian grandparents. We were to only stay with our grandmother Antonia or our grandfather Muraco but never with Clarissa. She was diagnosed with schizophrenia and can only have supervised visits with us. Clarissa couldn’t be left alone with us, especially with me. This was the only arrangement she could have if she wanted to remain in our lives. It wasn’t one that she wanted but it was better than nothing at all.

We stayed with Grandma Antonia since our Grandpa Muraco often worked and his home was smaller. Grandma Antonia was a housewife and sold her produce for income while her much younger husband Josh worked full time. She sold both of her restaurants so she could stay home with her late-in-life set of twins, Corrado and Camilla.




Corrado and Camilla were 3 weeks younger than us but it was kinda cool to have an uncle and aunt that was the same age. They couldn’t boss us around or anything, besides we were a bit older than them. Naturally we got along with each other and always had fun playing with them. They knew what will happen to be during a full moon and didn’t think that I was a freak monster. Corrado told me if he was like me, then everyone would be his friend because everyone would be too scared to be mean to him. I told Corrado that a lot of kids were mean to me because of what I am.

“When they say something mean to you, tell them when you turn, you’ll come and eat them. They’ll be nice.” Corrado had said to me. I never thought about threatening my bullies. Maybe I should try.




During the summer, we often with fishing with Grandpa Muraco. He also had a son that was close to our age but he was spending the summer in France with his mother. Our step-grandma is a chef and was on a cooking tour through out Europe and felt that would be a great experience for our uncle. We haven’t gotten a chance to meet him yet but Grandpa Muraco said we would get a chance before we leave for home.




Grandpa was fun to be around he taught us cool thing but he was also mysterious. He once faked his own death for many years cause he thought it would protect his family. However it did more harm than good. When Clarissa was just a toddler, he fought with his rival and let him believe that he was dead. He watched over Clarissa mostly in wolf form, grandpa is a special breed and can turn against the moon unlike most lycan. Naturally his rival Tyrese Argento would let his guard down if he believes my grandpa wasn’t around.

Unfortunately my grandpa’s hiding spot was found and he was forced to flee the country. This prevented him to take down Tyrese once and for all. He sent his friend Simona to look after Clarissa. Unfortunately Tyrese wormed in and marked Clarissa as his life mate, nothing could be done at this point. My grandpa continued to hide in France until Clarissa’s accident in EC.

I  still wondered how my grandpa hid for all of that time before revealing that he’s still alive 8 years ago. He lives peacefully in the Monte Vista area with his wife Simona and their son. His story of faking his death to protect Clarissa doesn’t seem right the more I think about it. As a child, it made sense but I know my grandpa is not telling us everything. What could he be hiding?




“I’ve been told that you don’t want to be a lycan. Is this true?”

“Yeah. It turns me into a monster and I hate it.”

“You should be proud to have lycan blood.”

“Why? It’s not like I can turn into a wolf. And if I didn’t have lycan blood then I could be a real genie like my parents and my girlfriend Noelle likes genies. Being a genie is much cooler.”

“Raiden, if you spend the summer training with me; you could turn into a full wolf. It will take a lot of time and training. If you train to be a lycan, I’m sure your genie powers will unlock too. You don’t always have to be like this.”





“I don’t wanna. I just want to be a genie. I heard being a lycan is just a curse maybe if the curse was broken then I could be a real genie.”

“Well yes, you are right about the curse thing however you were born with it. Something that you were born with can’t be undone. You are what you are and you just can’t pick one and go with it. Accepting what you are will help with your training.”

“Will training be hard?”

“It will be at first, but after you get a hang of things, it will get easier. We can start out with the small stuff. With your health condition, we have to tread light.”




“Like what?”

“Well I can teach you to pick up scents and listen from a far distance. With Lycan blood, you have a heighten sense of smell and sound. From here I can hear your sisters talking about their crushes at school.”

“Really? I guess it would be cool to listen to people from far away. I could hear what my mom and dad got me for Christmas!”

“Ha ha ha! No Raiden. You gotta use these senses for good, not evil. This will help you sense danger before it happens.”




I never looked forwarded whenever Clarissa came over for her daily visit. Although she seems more stable than what she was a year ago, I can still sense the hatred that she has towards me. When she comes over, she greets everyone warmly but greets me with a coldness. I usually stay out of her way during the time she’s here. I tuned her out and stay in my own little.




Grandma and Clarissa usually have their afternoon tea time around 2 PM. Usually Grandma makes the tea but Clarissa was more than happy to make the tea this time around. Clarissa was in an unusual great mood today, naturally I grew suspicious. Something didn’t seem right about her on this day.




“You seemed very happy today, Clar. It’s always wonderful to see you in a good mood.”

“Sì Mamma. After you received they news that I got today, you would be in a great mood today too.”

“And what news would that be, Clar?”

“I’m pregnant. Tyrese and I will have a baby.”

“You are with Tyrese? Clarissa, no. After all that he has done to you.”

“It’s okay Mamma. He doesn’t hurt me anymore. And I have to be with him. Lycan law. I am his life mate, we are still married. He forgives me for trying to kill him. We are better Mamma. He changed.”

“A man like that will never change. If you need help getting away from him, you can come stay with me. I will have to talk to Borage and Nakia first-“

“Never you mind him and his whore! You don’t have to speak with them about nothing! Those our my children!”

“Clarissa! I thought you were good with Borage and Nakia now? You made so much good progress.”

“I only play nice so I can see what belongs to me. I don’t care much for him or his whore. I am happy with Tyrese and we are gonna have a family. I like to see him and his whore try to take my baby!”




“Clarissa, they won’t be taking your baby. But speaking of your baby, have you talked to your doctor about your meds?”

“No. I don’t need to. Tyrese said those pills were stopping me from having a baby and he was right. I stop taking my meds and now we have a baby on the way! Are you happy for me?”

“You stop taking your meds?!”

“Yes, how else am I going to have a baby?”

“Cla-Clar; I feel so tired. Gra-grab my call. I gotta call Josh.”

“You should sit down, Mamma. You don’t look so well.”

“Ca-call Jo-Josh. Some-someone has to be here.”








“Mamma? Mamma? Are you okay?”





“I guess I can make a call for you, Mamma.”





“It’s done, baby. Come over.”





“Hey little brother, why don’t you, Monty and the girls all go to the park?”

“But Mamma doesn’t let us go to the park alone.”

“It’s okay Corrado. Mamma said it was okay. She’s taking a nap and said you guys could. Besides it’s just next door.”

“Okay but what about Raiden and Tony?”

“Mamma wanted them to stay. You should go now. I think the gelato lady is there today.”





I thought it was strange when I saw everyone but Antonio and I go to the park without grandma. Soon I looked up to see a male lycan approaching Antonio and Clarissa in the background. I heard Clarissa call him Tyrese, this had to be grandpa’s rival. He had a coldness about him, he had scars  across his left eye from when Clarissa attempted to kill years before. He smirked as his eyes gazed upon me, I felt a cold shiver go up my spine. I knew there was something sinister about to happen on this sunny afternoon.




Antonio also sense something wasn’t right and attempted to run pass Clarissa.

“Where do you think you’re going, you little faggot?! See Tyrese? This right here needs to be fixed. I can’t believe that whore lets this boy walk around in girl clothes and they said she’s a better mother than me? I wouldn’t dare like my son dress like some fag!”

“Please let me go!”

“Not until I fix you! No son of mine will be a twink!”




“But I like to dress like this. It makes me feel pretty.”

“You are a boy and you will dress like a boy! Is that braided pigtails too?! That’s it! You are coming with me, faggot. I’m gonna make you act and look like a boy for now on!”

“You can’t do that!”

“Watch me!”



I ran towards them, shouting at them to leave Antonio alone. My demands fell onto deaf ears. Clarissa grabbed Antonio and dragged him into the house. I could heard him wailing as Clarissa smacked him around and shouting at him. I attempted to run after him but was stopped by Tyrese.




“I don’t think so, little shit. You stay right here. When she’s done with him, we will deal with you too.”

“Stop hurting my brother!”

“She’s not hurting your fag brother. She’s fixing him and he’s being such a little bitch about it. I think it’s pointless and a waste of time. My only interest is you. You’re a rarity. I’m sure you’ll be worth a lot.”




“What are you talking about?!”

“You’re both lycan and genie. I’ve never seen anything like that. My pack master is requesting you however I got other plans in mind.”


“I could earn a fortune off of you in the black market. My pack master is too stupid to see the money you are worth. With the money I will get, I can leave patch and this country for somewhere better. Switzerland is calling my name and you are my ticket there.” 




“I won’t let you take me!”

“Child, please. You think you could take me? You are untrained. I wouldn’t have to lift a finger to put you down.”




I growled and snarled at Tyrese, holding my ground. I wasn’t going to let him take me without fight. The sounds of Antonio’s continuous wailing in the house motivated me more to take on Tyrese. My heart began to race and I could feel my  genie essence converting to lycan blood just like when there’s a full moon. If I could turn into my monstrous form then I would stand a chance against Tyrese.





“I admire your blind ambition but that will be your down fall, boy.”

“I will end you!”




“Show me what you got, boy!”




With all of my might, I charged towards Tyrese at full force. He kicked me in my chest, sending me across the yard. I fell into the ground slightly dazed but more determined. Again I charged towards with full speed, taking him by surprise. He didn’t think I would pick myself up from the blow to the chest. He foolishly turned away from me and I was able to chomp down onto his leg with my fangs. He kicked me away before he violently stomped me until I was unconscious. 




“Tyrese! What did you do?!”

“The mutt bit me!”

“He said to not hurt him. The brat has a health condition. He’s probably dead!”

“He’s still breathing. The little shit isn’t dead.”

“Now what are we going to do? We can’t return without him.”




“We got no choice. We gotta go now!”

“Oh shit!”








“Raiden; what did they do to you?”










One Week Later

“Raiden, it’s your dad. Please son, wake up.”





“Borage. Any change?”

“No. Did you find them?”

“Clarissa was caught, she attempted to board a flight to Geneva.”

“And the piece of shit who did this to my son?”

“Nothing. I am convinced he may be heading to Geneva or alright there. He can’t return to his pack. He’s unlikely to stay in Italy.”

“When you find him, kill him.”




“Are you sure?”

“Of course I am! I thought you would have no problem with that. After all he’s done to your daughter, raped her, beaten her and brainwashed her. You see what’s he’s capable of doing.”

“As much as I want him dead, I can’t do so. Lycan law, even when he’s been adjourned by his pack, they can still hunt me down. This will have to be handled by the law.”

“The law; right. They won’t be able to catch up to him. But we can handle this a different way.”

“How so?”

“I have a brother, Cergio. He has special abilities and he’s been training me. He can help us. We can handle this.”

“Call him.”




“Don’t worry son. Your pops and I will get him.”









“Raiden Enrique.” 




“Raiden, please. I know you can hear me. You gotta get up.”






“Ouch! Why does my head hurt?!”

“You got hurt badly, Raiden.”

“Where am I? Am I dead?”





“Almost? What do you mean?”

“You’re lying in a hospital right now, in a coma. Things aren’t looking good.”

“I’m dying? I thought I couldn’t die!”

“Your heart is lycan and that part of you can die. Your essence alone can’t save you.”




“What if I just die instead. Our birth mother hates me and other people hate me. Clarissa was planning on taking me to her pack master. My life kinda sucks. I’m freak. I have no friends. And I’m always sick. You’re lucky that you’re dead.”

“Being dead isn’t so great. I wish I could be alive and do all the fun things that you do. You got family that loves you and what about Noelle? She would be heart broken if you died. Lots of people would be too. Trust me, Raiden. Things are gonna get better for you.”

“You think so?”

“I know so. You gotta fight. Get strong. You got so much to live for. But can you do me a favor?”

“Like what?”

“Wake up. Our family needs you.”




“What was that?”

“Raiden! You don’t have much time. If you don’t wake up, then you’ll be trapped here forever.”

“What do I do?”

“Wake up!”




“To the well, follow me! You don’t have much time!”

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