Show Yourself: Chapter 9 – Without Notice

The summer had ended and the school year was in full swing. Halloween was around the corner and like any other kid, I was eager for sugar fueled holiday. It was the one time I could blend in with other kids while hiding behind a mask. The only time I felt normal. 

I did look forward for school to start back in September. I was hoping Noelle and I would be in the same class, but sadly we weren’t. However Noelle’s class was next to mine and we had the same recess. We saw each often, but jealousy would soon reveal its ugly head. I didn’t like it when Noelle talked to other boys, let alone any other kid. Noelle is very friendly and lots of other kids wanted to be her friend. I made a few scenes and soon regret it when other kids reminded me how I was a freak monster. It wasn’t long before Jada would appear to wave her finger at me. I gotten better and didn’t mind so much if other kids wanted to play with Noelle. I had Montell at least, the school put us in the same class.




Mom always picked up us from school. Even though we lived close to the school, mom still wouldn’t let us walk home. Last year when I was in the first grade, a little boy was taken on his way to school. Since then, Janaya walk with us to school and mom picks us up from school. As soon as we get home, mom checks everyone’s book bag to see if any of us attempted to hide any homework. We always had to do our homework first before we could play or do anything. Mom made education first, she successfully sent her 2 oldest children off to college and both earning degrees. Nicole went into journalism like mom and Jaslyn went into medical like papa. Mom was going to make sure all of us follow their example.

“How is knowing all of the continents and oceans gonna be useful when I grow up? I’m gonna be a famous dancer and singer!”

“Don’t famous dancers and singers travel, Tony? You gotta know where you’re going.”

“Yeah? Won’t my agent have to worry about that? I don’t need to know this, Rai!”

“Dude just shut up and do it. You guys got baby second grad work. Third grade homework is harder, you jerks! I hate fractions!”

The doorbell rang , we all stopped and turned our heads towards the door.


Stella shouts at the top of her lungs.

“You don’t have to yell! Mom isn’t out in her garden, she’s in the kitchen.”

Scoffed Antonio with annoyance in his tone.

“I got it, sweetie.”

Mom said as she sets down the dish towel on the corner.

“Any of you expecting anyone?”

Mom asked as she stepped out of the kitchen and  into the dining room. We all looked at each other and shrugged.

Maybe it’s Raiden’s girlfriend Noooooelleeeee.”

Stella teased. Mom laughed while I stick out my tongue at Stella, she returned a favor.

“Play nice.”

Mom said as she ruffle my hair playfully with her hand.



We heard a familiar voice that we haven’t heard in a long while coming from the foyer. It was Nicole, mom’s first born.

“Just hear me out first, mom. Please don’t make this a big deal but I really need your help.”





“That better be a pillow under your shirt, Nicole Lynn!”

Mom probably had a heart attack when her eyes focused on Nicole’s heavily pregnant frame. We haven’t seen Nicole since last Christmas. She didn’t appear to have a boyfriend or anything and it seemed like her pregnancy was almost over with.

“Mom, please don’t freak out. Let me explain.”




“What happen?! I thought things were going well for you in Storybrook! And you come back here like this? When did this happen? When were you going to tell me?! You always tell me everything, Nicole Lynn!”

“I was gonna but-“

“Who is the dad? Is he even around?! I thought I taught you better than this? Coming home unwed and pregnant and asking for help?! I cannot believe you! You were so responsible! You were supposed to be! Your father and I tried so hard to make sure that you and your sister was heading in the right direction and you come back like this!”

“Mom! Let me explain!”

“Well I am waiting!”



“Things in Storybrook didn’t pan out like we hoped. The radio station got shut down and then this happen. We felt it was best if we came back home. We missed home. I didn’t tell you about my pregnancy cause I knew you was gonna flip but I think you will flip out more on who’s the father. Mom. I’ve been keeping a secret from you since I was 16. The father; you know him. It’s Devin. These babies are Devin’s.”




“Devin?! As in your step brother Devin?!”

“Yes mom. But to be fair, we were together long before you married Borage. We wanted to tell you about us but after you married Borage, we weren’t sure how to explain things.”

“You weren’t suppose to be dating at 16! I said no boyfriends until you finished school. I shoulda known! You and him were always together! I just thought you both were close friends. Why didn’t I put 2 and 2 together. So where is Devin? Why isn’t he here? You, his mom, him, your step dad and I are gonna have a talk about what we are going to do about this.”

“Do about this? Like break up? No mom. You can’t! Devin and I are married.”

“Married?! Are you kidding?! You didn’t tell me! Did your father know? Does Feather know? You are my first born and you didn’t tell me you were married let alone pregnant. Nicole Lynn! How could you not tell me this!”

“Cause I knew you were gonna get pissed off!”



“Nicole, I’m more hurt than mad. Ever since the day you were born, I dreamed about sending you off to your first day at school, helping you get ready for prom, attending your wedding and help picking out names for your baby. But I was robbed from that and I know sometimes I can over react. But if you and Devin came to us before all of this, Borage and I would give you both our blessing. I adore Devin and I’m glad you with him instead of some stranger that I don’t know. I just wished that you came to me. I thought we were close.”

“We are mom but never take news like this well. Plus you’re always on me about becoming something and telling you that I’m jobless, homeless and pregnant wouldn’t be easy. Devin and I need your help. Everyone’s help really.”

“You are my baby, of course I will help you. But this is a serious thing that you kept from me.”

“I know mom and I’m sorry; we’re sorry. Devin and I knew we couldn’t keep everyone in the dark too long. I decided that we should come back home. We got a place in Richdale, dad found us a place but it isn’t move in ready. Not until next month and the triplets are due in 3 weeks. We need a place to stay at until then. Dad’s place is too small, plus Jaslyn lives with him, I thought staying with mama but she said I need to be closer to you. “You’re gonna want your mother when labor happens.” She said. Can I stay with you?”

“Yes baby but what about Devin?”

“Umm.. he’s staying across the street at his mom’s. Hiding from you.”

“Smart boy, ha ha ha. Are you hungry, baby? I’m about to start dinner.”

“Starving! I’m eating for 4 now, ha ha ha!”




Nicole settled in while Mom made dinner. We were excited to see Nicole again, she can be fun but she also can be a jerk. I was done with my homework and sat down to watch some TV. Nicole soon joined me.

“Whatcha watchin’ kiddo?”

“Adventures of Captain Crunchy. It’s really funny cause bad things always happen to him!”

“Sounds like every other cartoon show.”

“So what are you gonna call your babies?”

“Call? Like name them?”

“No. Devin is your step brother and those are his babies. So are they gonna be called your step nephews/kids?”

“What? Ha ha ha ha! No, kiddo. These are just my kids.”

“Oh. Do other people think it’s weird?”




“Probably but we don’t care. Devin and I are not blood related and was together before mom and your dad. It’s just easier to not mention that our parents married each other. But honestly, this type of thing happens more often than you think.”

“What are you babies gonna be? Disa like your or Navox like Devin?”

“We won’t know until the babies are born but they’ll most likely be a mixed Navox.”

“I hope they won’t be a freak monster like me.”

“Hey. You’re not some freak monster. Don’t listen to those kids, they are just jealous and they are jerks. So tell me about this little girlfriend of yours. I heard she’s cute.”

“Yeah! I think you’ll like her too! Her mom is also having a baby too. Maybe you can be friends with her.”

“Maybe, she’ll see.”




Giana came in the living room and asked us if we wanted to play a video game. Naturally we said yeah and it was on. Dad got us a new racing game which I was already pretty good at. Noelle and I play it yesterday and I wasn’t happy when she kept winning. But I thought today would be my day and I would win.




“That’s no fair! You’re cheating, Nicole!”

“No way, Devin has this game and I watched him play. I know all of the shortcuts.”

“Rai is always such a big baby!”

“Shut up! No I’m not! You just like to cheat!”




After dinner my sisters swarmed Nicole, taking turns on feeling the babies kick. I think everyone got a turn feeling the kicks. Nicole asked me if I wanted to feel, I was surprised that she asked me. People never wanted me near their babies. Passed on her offer, I knew I would feel awkward touching her tummy. Plus I thought it would feel weird having some baby kicking at you. I always wondered if it ever hurts the mother.




Bedtime rolled around quickly, we had a big day tomorrow. The harvest festival at the farm was starting and we planned to spend all Saturday there. I went to check on Nicole in the guest room and tell her goodnight. She was sitting on the bed talking to her belly.

“Can they hear you?”

“Yeah, they love the sound of my voice and Devin’s. I think they are missing daddy, Dev usually talks to them before bed. Wanna talk to them?”

“What do I say to them?”

“Just say hi. I know they can’t wait to meet their cool uncle.”

“I don’t think I’m cool. I’m a fr-“

“No. Don’t you say that. You are not that. C’mere and sit with me.”




“Kids are always gonna say shit to you and you gotta learn to ignore. You are not what they say. If yo believe that then they will keep calling you that.”

“But I can’t even do genie things or wolf things. I don’t even want to do wolf thing anyway. If I could be a real genie then I would be happy.”

“You are a real genie, kiddo. So you can’t do what genies do; yet. No big deal. You will soon, it may take longer. I know how it feels to be on the outside. Being a Disa wasn’t easy at first. I couldn’t fit in with Navox kids nor could I with Hydronia kids. Plus I couldn’t attend Navox union events or Hydronia union events either. Not being able to be apart of a union bites but ya know what? I still got my family, that’s even better than some genie union. Just be happy with the little things you have, kid. It’s better than nothing at all.”

“I’m happy cause I got a girlfriend but I also want a friend who is a boy so we can talk about boy stuff.”

“You got brothers. Y’all can talk about boy stuff, right?”

“Yeah but they have other boy friends to hang out with and I don’t. But I should be happy with just Noelle?”

“Noelle is something but you’ll have a best guy pal one day. You won’t always live in Riverview, kid. Mom, your dad, they are city folks. One day, they’ll want to leave this place.”

“Really? But I don’t wanna leave Noelle.”

“Trust me but it’s probably a long time from now. Maybe after high school. You should head to bed, kiddo.”




I had a feeling that Nicole knew more of what she was saying. I never thought about us ever moving away. Before Noelle, I did but now; I don’t want to leave. I had promised to be Noelle’s boyfriend forever and Jada told me to never break a promise. I left the guest room and saw Mom sitting on the couch. She was sad and appeared to be crying.

“Are you okay, Mom?”

“Yes baby, why aren’t you in bed?”

“I wanted to tell Nicole goodnight first.”

“Okay, go head to bed now. I’ll come tuck you in soon.”

“Don’t be sad Mom. When I marry Noelle, I’ll tell you first.”

“Thanks, baby. Now go.”




The news about becoming a grandmother in almost less than a month was hard on Mom. It would be different if she knew at the beginning. Having your first born showing up without notice during her 8th month of pregnancy is a lot to take in.

“I don’t even look like a grandmother!”





“But you’ll be a sexy grandmother. I’m a sexy granddad and great-granddad.”

“I’m not ready for the grandmother title yet. I look too young to be called “grandma”.”

“They can call you, “sexy mama.”.”

“I’m serious, B. I don’t have much time to prepare. I’m still raising little ones and I’m about to be a grandmother. I thought I would have more time. Nicole is only 24.”

“I became a daddy at 21. Now I’m a sexy papa at 64.”

“Cause you were irresponsible. I had Nicole when I was 37, Jaslyn at 41 and your surprise quads at 43. I allowed time for me to do something with my life before I started to have babies. I was hoping Nicole and Jaslyn would still do the same.” 




“Shit happens, Nala. I’m sure Nicole and Devin weren’t trying to have kids just yet. You forget Devin is mine and that apple didn’t roll too far from the tree.”

“So it’s your fault?”

“If if makes ya feel better?”

“Okay sure. I’ll blame you for making me into a grandmother before I’m ready. Ha ha ha ha!”

“There’s that sexy laugh that I wanted to hear, Nala.”




“Mmm, Nala. I know. That’s what the triplets can call me.”

“No. That’s my nickname for you. I call you that when I want you to sit on my face.”

“Oh B.! Seriously? Ha ha ha. How can you think about that when we have a situation? Those babies are gonna be your grandkids too.”

“That’s all I ever think about. I got 36 grandbabies and one great-grandbaby. No big deal for me. My dick is hard, I like your outfit but it’s 10 times sexier on the floor. The kids are in bed ; I wanna lick on your clit.”

“Baby, aren’t you a charm.”

“We’re married; so you wanna?”





My parents are so gross.




Breakfast was quick, we were excited about harvest fest. Hay rides, pie eating, face painting, funnel cakes, pumpkin patch, apple bobbing and bonfires. This was our favorite time of the year next to Christmas.




Dad, my brothers and I all bobbed for apples. I wanted to win the stuffed teddy bear for Noelle. She was watching and I needed to win. She cheered me on while I tried to get as many apples as possible.

Mom wasn’t sure if I should do this cause of my lungs. Dad thought it was be okay but I ran out of air quickly. I had to stop and I was disappointed. Mom gave me my inhaler, I felt so defeated that I couldn’t win Noelle a prize. She said it was okay but I don’t think it was.




Afterwards, dad took Noelle, Clarice and I on a hay ride. Noelle was having fun but Clarice wasn’t so much.

“Daddy! Stop! My tummy feels weird!”

Clarice whined. Dad stopped but Clarice changed her mind when she saw a girl from school. She was one of the popular kids and didn’t want her to think that she was a baby. Dad started up the tractor and resume. Clarice tried her hardest not to puke. Noelle and I kinda laughed at her. Her face was hilarious. 




Near sundown. was the last pie eating contest of the day. I was looking forwarded to this. Free pie! I was determined to win a prize for Noelle however Noelle also joined the contest. I was a little torn cause I wanted to win but wanted Noelle to win but didn’t want to lose by Noelle either. I tried to not over think it. I sense Jada near by and I tried to relax.

“This is gonna be so fun!”

Noelle squealed. I smiled back and told myself to have fun.

“You kids have no chance against a pregnant female genie. Ya sure you kids wanna do this?”

Nicole challenged. We laughed and told her that we was gonna beat her.

“Bring it, kiddos!”




The bell rang and we all drove our faces into the berry pies before us. Challenging a pregnant genie was no piece of cake. Without no doubt, Nicole devoured that pie and shown it no mercy to her pregnant fury. Nicole won an overstuffed teddy bear.

“Maybe the babies will like it.”

I said to Nicole, trying to not be a sore loser. I really hated to lose but I was okay with this loss.

“Or your girlfriend will. This would smother the babies.”

“I can give it to her?”

“Yeah. This better be the only thing you give it her.”


“Nothing kiddo. You’re too young to understand.”

Years later, I know what Nicole was saying. Nicole can have such a perverted mind at times.




After I told Noelle that the prize was hers, Nicole let out a sharp yelp before falling onto the ground. I notice a puddle a liquid under Nicole as she grunted while digging her fingers into grass.

“Nicole! Are you okay?!”

“I’m not ready! I’m not ready! I’m not ready! This can’t be happening!”


“Owwwww! Noooo! I’m not ready!”




“Is it the babies?”

“Yes! Raiden; please. Get mom, your dad and Devin so I can kill him.”

“Okay, I will! Are you really gonna kill Devin?”

“Hurry Raiden! Owwww! Please!”




I shouted for my parents and ran while Nicole hollered in pain. I found mom first and told her that I think the babies were trying to come out. Mom dropped her plate of a freshly made funnel cake and asked me where was Nicole.




“Nicole said I need to get Devin so she can kill him. Why she wanna do that? He won’t get to see the babies.”

“Sweetie, sometimes women say things they don’t mean when they are in labor. Find Devin and your father.”

We headed towards Nicole who was now sitting on the ground with her legs opened. It was too late to take Nicole to the hospital, these babies were on their way out now. Mom knelt down and screamed for help as she  quickly removed Nicole’s underwear exposing the crown of the first baby coming out.  As disgusted as I was viewing the miracle of birth, I couldn’t turn away.

“The thing about genie babies, they come without much notice. Nicole sweetie, I had you at the ice cream shop but you are doing great. Just push a little.”

Mom said as the first baby fell into her hands. Help quickly arrived with towels in hand. My Mom asked who was a doctor but one of the people was just a nurse. In a matter of 10 minutes, Mom delivered 4 screaming babies. Nicole almost passed out when Mom told her she wasn’t done after the 3rd baby was delivered.

“Remember Nicole when I was supposed to have triplets? Out came Jordan. Those Montigo men and their surprises, baby.”

Mom laughed as she held the 4th baby. 




Nicole and the babies were taken to the hospital to be checked out. Mom  had left with Devin but the rest of us stayed for the bonfire. I witness the births of my newest nephew and  3 nieces. And also thought it was really gross. Now I knew how babies come out but I was curious how did they get in there and why.

“Dad? How do babies get inside of mommies and why do they come out of vaginas? It’s gross. Did I come out like that too?”

“Ha ha ha ha. Well I’ll tell you this. You didn’t come out that way. Clarissa was in a coma and the doctors originally wanted her to go into labor, hoping the labor would wake her. But Clarissa was having 8 and you guys had to be cut out.”

“Okay but how did we get in there?”

“Well son. We will have this talk when you’re 15.”

“But I wanna know now.”

“I know but I don’t know how to have this type of talk yet. I’ll be ready when you’re 15.”


He was not ready then, ha ha ha.




I got to see the new babies the next day since I had to see my doctor. I got a new inhaler for my lungs and doctor said that I was getting stronger. Mom held the oldest and only boy named Avery. Devin held the second born named Ebony. Nicole held the third born named Ivory and I held the youngest name Evelyn. The occult test came back with the results that Nicole and Devin were eager to know. The quads were all Navox like Nicole predicted.

There was a huge question of what was the next step. Devin and Nicole’s place wasn’t done yet and there was no baby things at our house. Dad called up Fraine asking if she still had the cribs for their quads. Dad recently got them toddler beds. Fraine had the cribs in storage and Nicole was relieved to hear that. Fraine still had tons of baby items although Leda was using some for Lander.

Leda and Topaz offered all clothes that their babies already outgrown, their babies were about 4 months old now. Since Lamar and Jordan stayed with Mama, Nicole could use their room for the cribs until their place was ready. Nicole and Devin were happy that they decided to return to Riverview this weekend instead next.



“I think Evelyn likes me. She held my finger!”

I was excited to know that a baby liked me. I didn’t really get to hold babies and Nicole was okay with me holding Evelyn. Leda was reluctant but she was that way with all kids. Lander was special because she almost lost him. Topaz was okay with kids holding her twins but we could only for a few seconds. But Nicole let me hold her as long as I could. She trusted me and didn’t think I would drop her.

“I think you’re her favorite cool uncle, kiddo.”





It was nice seeing my parents holding Avery. I think dad got a bit of the baby fever.

“You look so hot holding Avery. Even hotter when you got my baby growing inside of you.”

“Don’t get any ideas, B. . We are done having babies. Isn’t 53 kids enough?”

“Yeah but you had the sexiest baby bump in the world. Put Avery down, I know an empty room we can use to make a baby in.”

“Borage no! Ha ha ha! We talked about this. After the quints are move out, you and I are gonna travel the world. Don’t want that?”

“Well yeah but I’m getting so hot thinking about my baby growing inside of you.”

“Baby; that don’t sound right.”

“Well umm; you know what I mean. I love seeing you pregnant. So hot.”

“Find another fetish, baby; one doesn’t involve pregnancy.”




2 thoughts on “Show Yourself: Chapter 9 – Without Notice

  1. LOL man Borage’s turn ons have change. I’m glad Nicole could come and visit with them, she really has a lot of empathy for Raiden which he needs in his life. 😀

    • As many women that he knocked up, can you blame him? LOL He gets turned on by females who are carrying his child. Yeah, Nicole is good people 🙂 I gotta make her come around more.

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